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Researchers and Genealogists

ANCESTOR: JOHAN GEORGE BECKTELHYMER, THE ELDER (questionable) Direct Descendants: Johan George Becktelhymer (questionable), John Beckelhymer (questionable), John Beckelhymer/Behymer (1754-1812), Martin Behymer (1794-1881), Leroy Elmore Behymer (1832-1901), Mary Elizabeth Behymer(1856-1941)
SALLYE is the granddaughter of Mary Elizabeth Behymer who wrote beautiful stories, never published. At the age of 81 she wrote about her trip, as a young woman with a baby, from Campbell Co., KY to Howell Co., MO by wagon and flat boat down the Ohio River to the Mississippi River. She told about the time the Jesse James group stopped at their camp.
Sallye can be contacted at:
ANCESTOR: JOHAN GEORGE BECHTELHYMER, THE ELDER Direct Descendants: Johan George Bechtelhymer (bef 1712-bef 1790), John Beckelhymer (abt 1732-1801), Joseph Beckelhymer (b.1770-1771-d.1833), Elizabeth Beckelhymer (1806-1859), James Henry Lower (1848-1914)
JOHN TIPPET is the great grandson of James Henry Lower. Family legend (unverified) has it that John Jay Lower, who married Elizabeth Beckelshymer, was a descendant of John Jay, the first Supreme Court Justice of the United States.
John can be contacted at:
ANCESTOR: JOHAN GEORGE BECKELHYMER, THE ELDER Direct Descendants: Elder John Beckelhymer, John Beckelhymer, Sr., Jacob Beckelhymer (abt 1778- ), Elias Beckelhymer/B'Hymer/Behymer (1814-1900), Benjamin T. Behymer (1851-1924), Dorothy Evelyn Behymer (1902-1996)
SUSAN is the granddaughter of Dorothy.
ANCESTOR: JOHAN GEORGE BECHTOLSIMER ? Direct Descendants: Johan George Bechtolsimer?, John Beckleshymer? (m. Elizabeth Rinker), Jacob B'Hymer (b.1777-1778-d.?), Solomon Behymer (1819-1917), Mary Elizabeth Behymer (1854-1918), Ida Myrtle Davis (1876-1942), Eva Manderville (1899-1987)
RICK is the grandson of Eva who once told him that she remembered her mother telling about coming West in a covered wagon as a small girl.
Rick can be contacted at:
ANCESTORS: ABRAHAM BECKTELHEIMER and Christina Direct Descendants: Abraham Becktelheimer, Abraham Becktelheimer (abt 1772-abt 1822)
KENNY believes he is the grgrgrgr-grandson of Abraham, born abt 1772 in Franklin, VA and married to Mary Polly Kingery on Oct. 28, 1790.
ANCESTORS: JACOB PICKLESIMER (1743) and Catherine Kilgary Direct Descendants: Jacob Picklesimer (1743), Henry Picklesimer (1765-1828), Abraham Picklesimer (1787-1861), George Picklesimer (1830-1924), John Wilson Picklesimer (1861-1942), Earl Picklesimer (1900-1966)
ANCESTORS: ABRAHAM ADAM PICKLESIMER (b. 1775) and Elizabeth Prater Direct Descendants: Abraham Adam Picklesimer (b. 1775), John Picklesimer (1807-1860), Nathaniel Picklesimer (1829-1904), John Milton Picklesimer (1854-1929), Edward Jackson Picklesimer (1874-1955), Clancey Ernest Picklesimer (1905-1992)
JOHN WALTER PICKLESIMER has written a book "The Picklesimers of Eastern Kentucky".
John can be contacted at:
ANCESTOR: ABRAHAM ADAM PICKLESIMER Direct Descendants: Abraham Adam Picklesimer, Samuel Picklshimer, Lewis Pickleshimer/Simer (1832), Sara Catherine Simer (b. 1862), Bertie Burks (b. 1888), Carl Self (b. 1907), Genie Ve Orene Self (b. 1926)
David can be contacted at:
ANCESTORS: JONATHAN OR JOHN BEHYMER (1744-1812) and Sarah A. Direct Descendants: Jonathan or John Behymer (1744-1812), Solomon Behymer (1782-1858), William Behymer (1822-1890), Sara Emeline Behymer (1866-1906), Ethel Mae [Corbin] Smith (1889-1982)
TOM is the grandson of Ethel Mae Corbin, the only daughter of Sara Emeline Behymer and Alfred Thomas Corbin. Ethel began teaching piano at age 17 and gave her last lesson two days before she died at age 92. She gave over 75,000 lessons in her lifetime. During that remarkable lifetime, she was never a patient in a hospital.
ANCESTOR: JONATHAN BEHYMER/BECHTELHEIMER (whatever) Direct Descendants: Jonathan Behymer (1744-1812), Nathaniel Behymer, Andrew Jackson Behymer, Sarah Ellen Behymer
WILFRED is the great-grandson of Sarah.
ANCESTORS: NATHANIEL BEHYMER and Anna Magdelaine Direct Descendants: Nathaniel Behymer, John Behymer (m. Jane Meeker), Harriet Jane Behymer (1828-1911) KAY is the grgr-granddaughter of Harriet who died in Sterling, Logan Co., Colorado. She had 12 children, seven boys and five girls.
ANCESTORS: JACOB BECKELHIMER (b. 1761) and Christina Direct Descendants: Jacob Beckelhimer (1761- ), Levi Beckelhimer, Henderson Beckelhimer, Levi Harrison Beckelhimer, Edith Mae Beckelhimer, Shirley Dillon, Deanna Adams
Deanna can be contacted at:
ANCESTORS: JACOB BECKELHYMER (b. 1761) and Christenah Direct Descendants: Jacob Becklehimer (b. 1761), Aaron Beckelhimer (1814-1841), Mary Leola Beckelhimer (1859-1916), Edith Creasman (1883-1952)
DULCA is the granddaughter of Edith. Her great grandparents homesteaded in Oregon between 1883 and 1887.
Dulca can be contacted at:
ANCESTORS: JACOB B'HYMER (b. Abt 1778) and Elizabeth France Direct Descendants: Jacob B'Hymer (abt 1778- ), Solomon Behymer (1819-1917), Mary Elizabeth Behymer(1854-1918), Ida Myrtle Davis(1876-1942), Howard Earl Manderville(1901-1992)
TWILA is the grgr-granddaughter of Mary Elizabeth Behymer who married William T. Davis. Mary died in Toppenish, Washington and is buried in the nearby town of Zillah. A photograph of her, taken in the early 1900s is on her tombstone.
ANCESTORS: SOLOMON BECKELHYMER (1781-1858) and Mary "Polly" Webb. Direct descendants: Solomon (1781-1858), Samuel Behymer (1809-1887), Lewis Behymer (1838-1892), William (1860-1915), Charles Russell Behymer (1895-1978) and Charles Glenn Behymer (1926-1956)
LINDA is the daughter of Charles Glenn. She has found that searching for her ancestors has been difficult as her grandfather's mother, Tillie, died one day after his birth and the children were all sent to be raised by other families.
Linda can be contacted at:
ANCESTORS: ELIJAH BEHYMER (b. 1793) and Elizabeth McKinsay, 2. Susan Direct Descendants: Elijah Behymer (1793-?)--Henry Behymer (1843-1928)--Nora Behymer (1871-1932)--Russell Hardin Graham (1889-1957)--Russell Lee Graham (1912-1949)
ANCESTOR: JAMES BECKELHYMER Direct Descendants: James Beckelhymer (1805-1880), Jackson C. Beckelhymer/Behymer (1842-1901), Walter Behymer, Sr. (1874-1935)
CATHY is the granddaughter of Walter, Sr.
Cathy can be contacted at:
ANCESTOR: BENJAMIN BECKELHYMER Direct Descendants: Benjamin Beckelhymer (b. 1790-1800, d. 1844), Levi Beckelhymer (1823-?), Isaiah Beckelhymer (1860-1889), Joseph Russell Beckelhymer (1898-1984), Gladys E. Beckelhymer
DEB is the granddaughter of Joseph. Her ancestor Benjamin was born in Virginia, moved to Clermont Co., Ohio, then moved to Fountain Co., Indiana. Benjamin and his son Levi planted many of the maple trees that still line the streets of Covington, Indiana.
Deb can be contacted at:
ANCESTOR: IVEN/ISAAC/IVAN EUGENE BEHYMER (1880-1901) Direct Descendants: Iven/Isaac/Ivan Eugene Behymer (1880-1901), Merrill Eugene Behymer (1905-1993), Darrell Eugene Behymer (1929- )
GREG has two genealogy books written on the Behymers, "Deep Roots" by Edith Sipple and "Beckelshymer, Beckelhymer, Behymer Roots" by Mary Johnson Behymer, Greg's step-grandmother. Each book has a different line preceding Iven. One claims Iven's father was Samuel Elliott Behymer and the other claims Thomas Scott Beckelshymer (1848-1898).
Greg can be contacted at:
ANCESTOR: ABRAHAM BECHTELSHEIMER Direct Descendants: Abraham Bechtelsheimer, Daniel Picklesimer/B'Hymer (abt 1763-1826), Jacob B'Hymer (abt 1804-1868), Leonard B'Hymer (1837-1879), David Lucien B'hymer/Behymer (1869-1930), Roy Raymond Behymer (1902-1984).
WILLIAM R. "BILL" BEHYMER is the grandson of Roy Raymond Behymer.
Bill has a genealogy web page at: Billy Bob's Genealogy Home Page
Bill may be contacted at:
ANCESTOR: JOHAN GEORGE BECKTELHYMER, THE ELDER. Direct Descendants. Johan George Becktelhymer (bef 1712-bef 1790) John Beckelhymer 1732, (Sophie Slingluff) John Beckelhymer Jr. 1754-1812, John L. Beckelshymer 1780-1847, Andrew Beckelshymer 1807-1833, Charles L. Beckelshymer 1835-1902, Willard J. Beckelshymer 1867-1950.
Clifford C. Trimble is the grandson of Willard J. Beckelshymer.
Cliff may be contacted at:

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