Index of Marriages

(--?--), (--?--) and (--?--) Emory
(--?--), (--?--) and Aaron Beckelhimer
(--?--), (--?--) and Aaron Starks
(--?--), (--?--) and Abner Hayden
(--?--), (--?--) and Abraham Pickelsimer Jr
(--?--), (--?--) and Alamander Castle
(--?--), (--?--) and Allen James Barnes
(--?--), (--?--) and Alonzo N Williams (m. 1899)
(--?--), (--?--) and Anderson Kimbler
(--?--), (--?--) and Anna Ogle (m. circa 1879)
(--?--), (--?--) and Annie B Henderson
(--?--), (--?--) and Anthony Bernard Kalka Sr
(--?--), (--?--) and August Samuel Kalka
(--?--), (--?--) and Augusta Shermer
(--?--), (--?--) and Ballard Lowell Caudill
(--?--), (--?--) and Bessie Edith France
(--?--), (--?--) and Calvin Moore
(--?--), (--?--) and Cecil Beckelheimer
(--?--), (--?--) and Chapman Archer
(--?--), (--?--) and Charles Beckelhymer (m. circa 1895)
(--?--), (--?--) and Charles E Markland
(--?--), (--?--) and Charles Richards
(--?--), (--?--) and Charles Richards
(--?--), (--?--) and Charles Richards
(--?--), (--?--) and Charles Walter Riggs
(--?--), (--?--) and Christopher Columbus Webb
(--?--), (--?--) and Clarence Lee Mullenix
(--?--), (--?--) and Cora C Nelson
(--?--), (--?--) and Cynthia Rose
(--?--), (--?--) and Cyrena Chockley
(--?--), (--?--) and David Burton Picklesimer
(--?--), (--?--) and David E Kirgan
(--?--), (--?--) and Dee Hanesworth Allen
(--?--), (--?--) and Della Mae (--?--) (m. circa 1901)
(--?--), (--?--) and Desmond Pulinski Hopkins
(--?--), (--?--) and Dr James Clarke Maxey
(--?--), (--?--) and Edward Everett Freed
(--?--), (--?--) and Edward W Williams
(--?--), (--?--) and Elkanah Wolf
(--?--), (--?--) and Elma C Wilson
(--?--), (--?--) and Emmet Dale Adams
(--?--), (--?--) and Ernest Milton Simer (m. circa 1928)
(--?--), (--?--) and Esther E Smith (m. circa 1918)
(--?--), (--?--) and Ethel Swift (m. 16 Dec 1909)
(--?--), (--?--) and Evaline Jennie Key
(--?--), (--?--) and Farmer Blair
(--?--), (--?--) and Frances L Tyler
(--?--), (--?--) and Franklin Pierce Behymer
(--?--), (--?--) and Franklin Witham Ward
(--?--), (--?--) and Fred Edward Behymer
(--?--), (--?--) and Fred Simer
(--?--), (--?--) and Freddie R Elsworth
(--?--), (--?--) and Frederick Stark (m. circa 1906)
(--?--), (--?--) and Garland Winlow Hay
(--?--), (--?--) and General Grant Smith
(--?--), (--?--) and George B McClellan Picklesimer
(--?--), (--?--) and George Charles Sutherland
(--?--), (--?--) and George Dewey Simer
(--?--), (--?--) and George Hay Jr
(--?--), (--?--) and George K G W Lawshe (m. circa 1884)
(--?--), (--?--) and Gilbert R Hay
(--?--), (--?--) and Goldie Picklesimer
(--?--), (--?--) and Harley L Neftzer Sr
(--?--), (--?--) and Hazel Blanche Barnhart
(--?--), (--?--) and Henry C Windsor
(--?--), (--?--) and Henry M Legler
(--?--), (--?--) and Henry Pickelsimer Jr
(--?--), (--?--) and Herbert James Pickelheimer
(--?--), (--?--) and Houston Elmore Williams
(--?--), (--?--) and Howard James Edwin Behymer
(--?--), (--?--) and Howlett A Sammons
(--?--), (--?--) and Ignatious E Behymer
(--?--), (--?--) and Isaac Newton Hockett
(--?--), (--?--) and Isaac William Lykins
(--?--), (--?--) and James Alexander Simer (m. circa 1902)
(--?--), (--?--) and James E Woody
(--?--), (--?--) and James Ernest Picklesimer
(--?--), (--?--) and James Henry Barr
(--?--), (--?--) and James S Key
(--?--), (--?--) and James Spencer Dilts
(--?--), (--?--) and Johan George Bechtelsheimer
(--?--), (--?--) and John David Carter (m. circa 1907)
(--?--), (--?--) and John Elbert Picklesimer
(--?--), (--?--) and John Joseph Behymer
(--?--), (--?--) and John M Davenport
(--?--), (--?--) and John M Gomien
(--?--), (--?--) and John Short Jr
(--?--), (--?--) and John Steven Hay
(--?--), (--?--) and John William Behymer
(--?--), (--?--) and Johnson Elliott Myers
(--?--), (--?--) and Joseph H Sutherland
(--?--), (--?--) and Joseph Harrison Lawshe (m. circa 1897)
(--?--), (--?--) and Joseph L Lawshe
(--?--), (--?--) and Laura F Scott
(--?--), (--?--) and Lavina Pickelheimer
(--?--), (--?--) and Leroy Vance Behymer
(--?--), (--?--) and Leroy William Behymer
(--?--), (--?--) and Lester Valentine Sutherland
(--?--), (--?--) and Malcolm McIntyre
(--?--), (--?--) and Mandy E Long (m. 1895)
(--?--), (--?--) and Martha (--?--)
(--?--), (--?--) and Mary E (--?--) (m. circa 1898)
(--?--), (--?--) and Meredith C Murphy
(--?--), (--?--) and Merle Wayne Hollowell (m. 19 Oct 1934)
(--?--), (--?--) and N E Gardner
(--?--), (--?--) and Nancy J Perry
(--?--), (--?--) and Neva Fern Hostettler (m. 1924)
(--?--), (--?--) and Olive M Pierce
(--?--), (--?--) and Ora K Blanton
(--?--), (--?--) and Owen B Hymer
(--?--), (--?--) and Owen B Utz
(--?--), (--?--) and Ralph S Hull
(--?--), (--?--) and Richard Robert Pue
(--?--), (--?--) and Robert A Elam
(--?--), (--?--) and Robert Lowell Bowman (m. 1947)
(--?--), (--?--) and Robert Todd
(--?--), (--?--) and Samuel L Orr
(--?--), (--?--) and Samuel M Rhoades
(--?--), (--?--) and Samuel T Smith
(--?--), (--?--) and Sanday Jordan
(--?--), (--?--) and Sanford Green Pickleseimer
(--?--), (--?--) and Sarah Smith (m. circa 1893)
(--?--), (--?--) and Scott Carl Wilson
(--?--), (--?--) and Sidney Lee Epperly
(--?--), (--?--) and Silas Strong
(--?--), (--?--) and Vada Hatfield
(--?--), (--?--) and Veva Nell Pickelsimer
(--?--), (--?--) and Vincent Theodore Hobbs
(--?--), (--?--) and Walter Simer
(--?--), (--?--) and Willard Errat Stevens
(--?--), (--?--) and William Becklehimer
(--?--), (--?--) and William Douglas Simer
(--?--), (--?--) and William Frence Skaggs
(--?--), (--?--) and William J Pickelsimer
(--?--), (--?--) and William M Tilt
(--?--), (--?--) and William S Littleton
(--?--), (--?--) and William Sherman Smith
(--?--), (--?--) and William Spencer Hymer
(--?--), Ada and Fred G Beckett
(--?--), Ada F and Wellington W Swearingen (m. 1 Dec 1910)
(--?--), Addrenna and Peter Glasgow
(--?--), Agnes W and Henry Markeley Behymer
(--?--), Alberta and Jesse Pickelsimer
(--?--), Alice and Andrew Jackson Fisher
(--?--), Alice and Andrew P Simer
(--?--), Alice and Ellis E Shive
(--?--), Alice and James Gilbert Hymer
(--?--), Alice and James Sanford Harris (m. circa 1919)
(--?--), Alice and John A Pickelsimer
(--?--), Alice and Wilbur L Behymer Jr
(--?--), Alice L and Winn T Beckelhimer (m. circa 1906)
(--?--), Alie E and General Grant Epperly (m. circa 1909)
(--?--), Alma and Zed Sidney Thompson
(--?--), Almeda and Robert Perry (m. circa 1897)
(--?--), Almira A and Marcellus Smith (m. circa 1897)
(--?--), Ann and Hiram Bickford
(--?--), Anna and (--?--) Hurt
(--?--), Anna and Arthur Perry Beckelhymer (m. Jan 1955)
(--?--), Anna and Daniel Beckelhymer
(--?--), Anna and Joseph G Moore (m. circa 1868)
(--?--), Anna and Orville Guy Bechtelheimer (m. circa 1910)
(--?--), Anna and Walter Lewis Conley
(--?--), Anna Belle and William Mason Behymer
(--?--), Anna D and Robert D Gordon
(--?--), Anna E and Raymond Hymer (m. circa 1920)
(--?--), Anna J and Levi Hymer
(--?--), Anna K and Leland Robert Johnson
(--?--), Anna M and Charles C Gray
(--?--), Anna M and Fredrick S Pond Jr
(--?--), Anna M and Richard Robert Pue
(--?--), Anna M and Thomas Young
(--?--), Anna V and Horace G Picklesimer
(--?--), Anne and John Picklesimer Sr (m. circa 1759)
(--?--), Annie and (--?--) Tucker
(--?--), Annie and Jason Andrew Picklesimer (m. circa 1889)
(--?--), Annie and Samuel K Hardin
(--?--), Arletta and Frank Yadon
(--?--), Arlys and Alva Earl Riggs
(--?--), Audra Minerva and Charles Lovell Robbins (m. 27 Jun 1980)
(--?--), Beatrice J and Raymond Stough
(--?--), Belle and Allen Richard Powers
(--?--), Belle and Charles Wesley Perry (m. circa 1910)
(--?--), Belle and Darius Jackson
(--?--), Belle E and Thomas Matthew Rouse
(--?--), Bernice and Charles Stewart Blades
(--?--), Bernice E and Arthur Howard Williams (m. circa 1926)
(--?--), Bertha and Aaron Smith
(--?--), Bertha and Hansford McKenzie (m. 20 May 1896)
(--?--), Bess and Noel Madison Calhoun
(--?--), Bessie and (--?--) Means
(--?--), Bessie and Roy Tucker (m. 13 Feb 1915)
(--?--), Bessie and Willie Picklesimer (m. 12 May 1976)
(--?--), Bessie C and Charles A Clark
(--?--), Bessie L and William Arthur Pue (m. circa 1916)
(--?--), Betty and Albert H Behymer
(--?--), Betty L and Stanley B Eppert
(--?--), Beulah and Solomon Arnsberger
(--?--), Beulah M and Edgar E Pelley (m. circa 1929)
(--?--), Beulah S and Mark J Ellmore
(--?--), Blanche and James E Suddarth (m. circa 1903)
(--?--), Blanche and Verner Harry Clift
(--?--), Blanche D and Robert Eugene McClure (m. circa 1907)
(--?--), C A and John E Behymer
(--?--), Callie and Jesse Perry Sheppard
(--?--), Caroline and Ezra Blanchard
(--?--), Caroline E and William Lawshe
(--?--), Carra Leona and Samuel B Kennedy
(--?--), Cassander E and John Thomas Carr
(--?--), Catharine and Robert Stapleton
(--?--), Catherine and Harold C Nash
(--?--), Catherine and Johan George Bechtelsheimer (m. 7 Jun 1756)
(--?--), Catherine and John A Moore
(--?--), Catherine C and Arthur W Pierce
(--?--), Charity A and (--?--) Davis
(--?--), Charity A and John Behymer (m. 3 Sep 1891)
(--?--), Charity and Charles Ramey (m. 22 Jul 1835)
(--?--), Charlotte and Isaac Calvin Ellison (m. circa 1871)
(--?--), Christenah and Abraham Picklesimer Sr
(--?--), Christina and Jacob Beckelhimer Jr
(--?--), Chrystal Lorraine and Clyde Hymer Sr
(--?--), Chrystelle H and Floyd Boyd Lower
(--?--), Clara and Harry Chester Simer (m. circa 1922)
(--?--), Clara and William J Bell
(--?--), Clara B and George V Wilson
(--?--), Clara Bell and Abraham P Simer (m. circa 1880)
(--?--), Clara G and Edward F Sporing
(--?--), Clara R and Scott Current
(--?--), Cora and Allen Spitler
(--?--), Cora and Emanuel Nelson (m. circa 1890)
(--?--), Cora Lea and Alvis T Biram (m. circa 1912)
(--?--), Cynthia and James Behymer
(--?--), Daisy and Charles Waits
(--?--), Daisy and Ira A Story
(--?--), Dallas and Henry Herman Reed
(--?--), Dama Lou and William Picklesimer
(--?--), Della and Daniel Otto Dennis
(--?--), Della Mae and (--?--) (--?--) (m. circa 1901)
(--?--), Della Mae and Jesse H Behymer (m. circa 1922)
(--?--), Delphia and Arna Reed
(--?--), Delphia M and (--?--) Brewer
(--?--), Delphia M and William Leroy Hiatt (m. 23 Jan 1915)
(--?--), Diadem and James Luke Dickerson
(--?--), Dianna and Samuel Vancil (m. 13 Aug 1822)
(--?--), Dicia and John Jameson
(--?--), Dollie D and James Lewis Simer (m. circa 1928)
(--?--), Dora A and Harley Evart Monjar
(--?--), Dora A and Harley Evart Monjar
(--?--), Dora Bell and Charles William Bouse (m. circa 1923)
(--?--), Dora May and Joseph A Parsons
(--?--), Dorothy and Ervin Calvin Poole
(--?--), Dorothy and Henry Earl Clark
(--?--), Dorothy and John Arthur Stough
(--?--), Dorothy and Thomas E Pickelheimer
(--?--), Earle Warren Shipman and Mabelle Ludwig (m. 16 Feb 1925)
(--?--), Edith E and John H Franklin (m. circa 1902)
(--?--), Edna and Arthur G Longman (m. 1923)
(--?--), Edna and Benjamin Martin
(--?--), Edna and Winston Thomas Fowlkes
(--?--), Edna E and Morgan C Stapleton
(--?--), Effie and Samuel Joseph Winter
(--?--), Effie Lee and George W Gordon
(--?--), Effie M and Benjamin Franklin Caudill (m. circa 1898)
(--?--), Effie M and Brant Smith (m. circa 1904)
(--?--), Effie M and George Denman Gardner
(--?--), Eliza and Abraham Gaskins
(--?--), Eliza and John Biggs Hymer
(--?--), Eliza J and (--?--) King
(--?--), Eliza J and William Sherman Smith
(--?--), Eliza P and William Lawshe
(--?--), Elizabeth and (--?--) Burrell
(--?--), Elizabeth and (--?--) Easter
(--?--), Elizabeth and Andrew J M Stapleton (m. 10 Aug 1882)
(--?--), Elizabeth and Andrew P Hymer
(--?--), Elizabeth and Harding A Key
(--?--), Elizabeth and Harrison Nathaniel Kimbler
(--?--), Elizabeth and Henry Pickelsimer Sr
(--?--), Elizabeth and Jacob Picklesimer Sr
(--?--), Elizabeth and James Beckelshymer (m. before 1841)
(--?--), Elizabeth and John Biggs Hymer
(--?--), Elizabeth and John D Clark
(--?--), Elizabeth and John France (m. 20 Nov 1884)
(--?--), Elizabeth and John M Roach
(--?--), Elizabeth and John Parks
(--?--), Elizabeth and Joseph W Lawshe
(--?--), Elizabeth and Manford McKenzie
(--?--), Elizabeth and Samuel L Bridges (m. circa 1903)
(--?--), Elizabeth and William Logsdon
(--?--), Elizabeth F and Aaron Henry Behymer
(--?--), Ella and John Galloway Bond
(--?--), Ella and Peter Cavanaugh Woods
(--?--), Ella G and Jesse Blain Flory
(--?--), Ella J and Thomas J Picklesimer (m. circa 1929)
(--?--), Eloise M and Virgil Steele (m. circa 1927)
(--?--), Elsa H and Howard R Ayer
(--?--), Elsa H and Howard R Ayer
(--?--), Elva A and Everett M Powers
(--?--), Elva Mary and Lawrence Hartwell Hunt
(--?--), Emeline and Meacham Curtis
(--?--), Emily L and Robert H Dilts (m. circa 1862)
(--?--), Emily R and Alonzo Robb (m. circa 1875)
(--?--), Emma A and Mason Bernie Moreland
(--?--), Emma and Denton F Billingsley (m. circa 1893)
(--?--), Emma and Edward A Custer
(--?--), Emma and George McKinley Morris (m. circa 1914)
(--?--), Emma and John Bloom
(--?--), Emma and Robert Roy Davis
(--?--), Emma and Sanford Brown
(--?--), Emma H and Willis Battin (m. circa 1897)
(--?--), Emma L and Bonnie B Williams
(--?--), Emma P and William Jasper Hawkins (m. circa 1892)
(--?--), Emma V and Reuben Harvey Fishburn
(--?--), Erma E and William McKinley Silber (m. circa 1927)
(--?--), Ermina and Daniel Clinton Rowland
(--?--), Estell and Icem Pickelsimer
(--?--), Estella R and William Estill Behymer (m. circa 1898)
(--?--), Estelle and Willie Whitfield Hymer
(--?--), Estelle R and Robinson A Gray
(--?--), Ester and Paul Beezley
(--?--), Esther and William Otto Hymer
(--?--), Esther R and Joseph Lemuel Steele Jr
(--?--), Ethel B and Ralph B Arnsberger
(--?--), Ethel E and Ben H Parsons
(--?--), Etta and Joseph A M Hay (m. circa 1897)
(--?--), Eula and David Burton Picklesimer (m. 28 Apr 1946)
(--?--), Eva and Charles S Jones
(--?--), Eva and Walter E Lucas
(--?--), Eva L and Cyrus B Bissey (m. circa 1899)
(--?--), Eva L and William Everett Behymer
(--?--), Evelyn A and Jack Lee Hymer Sr (m. circa 1929)
(--?--), Evelyn M and Emory C Yerkes
(--?--), Fannie and (--?--) Storns
(--?--), Fannie and Charles Beckelhymer (m. 16 Feb 1904)
(--?--), Fay and Thomas Edwin Brose
(--?--), Fern and Carlos O Roye
(--?--), Flora and Daniel Clinton Rowland (m. circa 1904)
(--?--), Flora May and James Madison Hoffman
(--?--), Florence and Arthur Dexter Woody
(--?--), Florence and Harry Spradlin
(--?--), Florence and John Simer
(--?--), Florence and Justus Charles Pickelheimer
(--?--), Florence and Loren Eugene Behymer (m. 14 Sep 1997)
(--?--), Florence E and Thomas S Short
(--?--), Florence L and Leo Minor Graham
(--?--), Flossie and Benjamin H Oglesby
(--?--), Frances and Absalom Day
(--?--), Frances and Absalom Day
(--?--), Frances and Frank C Tucker
(--?--), Frances B and Charles Leslie Daniels
(--?--), Francis and John A Pickelsimer (m. circa 1865)
(--?--), Frank W and Clara Louise Trundy (m. 1894)
(--?--), Fransena and George Lawshe
(--?--), Freda L and Clyde Oscar Beckelhymer (m. circa 1925)
(--?--), Frieda and William Benson Hymer
(--?--), Frieda L and Ira R Suddarth
(--?--), Geneva J and Clarence Lesler Troy
(--?--), Genevieve and Donald Albert Pruett
(--?--), Georgia Fern and Elmer Anderson Key
(--?--), Gertie and William W Clark
(--?--), Gertrude R and Willis R Hymer
(--?--), Gladys and Alva E Clark
(--?--), Gladys and Oris Charles Nash
(--?--), Gladys M and Clyde Rush
(--?--), Grace A and Ivan Behymer
(--?--), Grace and James Jack Bayes
(--?--), Grace and Philip J Williams
(--?--), Grace and Wiley Emmett Hymer
(--?--), Grace E and Craton Pickelsimer
(--?--), Grace W and Fred A Bills
(--?--), Harriet E and Paul E Behymer (m. circa 1927)
(--?--), Hatti and Jacob Myer
(--?--), Hattie and (--?--) Hymer (m. circa 1926)
(--?--), Hattie and Roy Ivron Behymer (m. circa 1900)
(--?--), Hattie D and Willard Henry Gayer
(--?--), Hattie L and Raymond E Brose
(--?--), Hattie N and Noah Edward Pruett
(--?--), Hattie R and George Leonidas Elam (m. circa 1922)
(--?--), Helen and Thomas Clinton Windsor
(--?--), Helen and Walter Shelton
(--?--), Helen and William Frederic Young
(--?--), Helen N and Edward Harris Beckett
(--?--), Helen O and Forney Littleton Behymer
(--?--), Hercilia A and Harvey Hoffman (m. circa 1900)
(--?--), Hulda J and Francis Marion Cox (m. circa 1892)
(--?--), Ida and Horace Moore (m. circa 1881)
(--?--), Ida and William Douglas Simer (m. circa 1910)
(--?--), Ida Jane and Charles Marion Vancil
(--?--), Imogene and Howard Earl Bennett
(--?--), Irene Margaret and Charles Milton Arthur (m. circa 1904)
(--?--), Isabella and William Minor Carter
(--?--), Isabella C and Daniel Leedy (m. 29 May 1879)
(--?--), Isabelle and (--?--) Switser
(--?--), Isabelle and John Lafayette Behymer (m. 1 Mar 1899)
(--?--), Iva Lee and Ira See Kennedy
(--?--), James and Edith Elma Ferree
(--?--), Jane and Asa Alexander Simer
(--?--), Jane and Harry R Swem
(--?--), Jane and Horatio S Hunt
(--?--), Jane and Isaac Becklehimer
(--?--), Jane and James D Middleton
(--?--), Jean E and Nash C Cazel
(--?--), Jennie and Horatio S Hunt (m. 8 Oct 1913)
(--?--), Jessie and Alvin Paul Behymer
(--?--), Jessie and Everett Jackson (m. circa 1909)
(--?--), Jessie P and Parke H Simer (m. circa 1927)
(--?--), Jessie R and Perry Lester Landis
(--?--), Josephine M and Wilson A Streeter (m. circa 1899)
(--?--), Julia A and John D Walters
(--?--), Julia and Joseph Depew (m. circa 1892)
(--?--), Julia and Thomas Buford Robinson
(--?--), Julia and Thomas Jefferson Sheppard
(--?--), Julia E and Edward Preusser (m. circa 1884)
(--?--), Julia E and James Behimer (m. 2 Jan 1907)
(--?--), Julie A and William Robert Johnston (m. circa 1883)
(--?--), Kate and Fred C Lindsey (m. circa 1897)
(--?--), Kate and Levi H Sutphin (m. circa 1908)
(--?--), Katherine A and John Robert Beckelheimer
(--?--), Kathryn and Ralph Wayne Behymer
(--?--), Katie and Billie Jones
(--?--), L Mabel and William J Wiltrout
(--?--), Laura A and John William Sutphin (m. circa 1894)
(--?--), Laura and Charles W Owens (m. circa 1892)
(--?--), Laura and William A Johnston
(--?--), Lavinia Rosa Lee and (--?--) Keasler
(--?--), Lavinia Rosa Lee and Marcus Sampson Pickelsimer (m. circa 1891)
(--?--), Lavinia Rosa Lee and Pink Treat (m. 8 Dec 1934)
(--?--), Lavinia Rosa Lee and Sherman Grant Griffin (m. 27 Apr 1924)
(--?--), Leila G and Joseph Edgar Nibarger (m. circa 1901)
(--?--), Lela M and Edgar N Rose
(--?--), Lelia B and Oscar E Apple (m. circa 1913)
(--?--), Lena and Leon Paul Wilson
(--?--), Lena B and Thomas Edward France (m. circa 1889)
(--?--), Lenora and Richard Hymer
(--?--), Leona F and Arthur Burley Cornell
(--?--), Lesta J and Artie Harlan Behymer
(--?--), Lettie and John Alva Lloyd
(--?--), Lillian and Alfred Letot Picklesimer
(--?--), Lillian and Harold John Woodlief Behymer (m. circa 1929)
(--?--), Lillian and Harrison G Nagel
(--?--), Lillian and Hervey Studdiford Holcomb
(--?--), Lillie and Franklin Hoffman (m. circa 1906)
(--?--), Lilly and Fred Hickok Ellis (m. circa 1899)
(--?--), Lilly and Fred Hickok Ellis (m. circa 1899)
(--?--), Lilly M and Charles H West (m. circa 1914)
(--?--), Lily S and Arthur Frank Burck (m. circa Dec 1920)
(--?--), Linda E and Edward Burkett (m. circa 1901)
(--?--), Lizzie and Allen Casa Riggs
(--?--), Lizzie and Thomas E Maxey (m. circa 1902)
(--?--), Lois and Maurice Hodge Winter (m. circa 1916)
(--?--), Lola Edith and Clarence E Skidmore
(--?--), Lona E and Oscar H Rhoades (m. circa 1926)
(--?--), Lora and Fred Asberry Hull (m. circa 1920)
(--?--), Loreen and William Woodrow Wilson Hymer
(--?--), Lottie and Stephen L Tabor (m. circa 1886)
(--?--), Lottie M and Eldon C Gabbert
(--?--), Lottie May and Cere Harrison Farmer
(--?--), Loubelle and Joseph Harrison Lawshe (m. circa 1909)
(--?--), Louella and Jacob E Bainter
(--?--), Louisa A and Charles E T Beckett
(--?--), Louise and John Wesley Truett
(--?--), Louise B and Eugene Thomas Herron
(--?--), Lovicie and Samuel Gideon Foster
(--?--), Lucie and Oral Williams
(--?--), Lucinda Caroline and Zenos Alexander Jameson (m. circa 1876)
(--?--), Lucy A and Isaac B Hymer (m. circa 1840)
(--?--), Lucy and Andrew Pickelsimer (m. circa 1892)
(--?--), Luda and Enos B Gardner (m. circa 1922)
(--?--), Luella R and Elmore G Carter
(--?--), Luetta and Elmer Frank Behymer (m. 23 Jun 1928)
(--?--), Lula and James Robert Pickelsimer (m. circa 1917)
(--?--), Lulu and Capt William H Woodlief (m. circa 1892)
(--?--), Lulu B and Oliver P Lindsey
(--?--), Lydda and Mavity Brown McKenzie (m. circa 1910)
(--?--), Lydia and James Shelton
(--?--), Lydia D and Jacob Owens (m. 25 Apr 1867)
(--?--), Lydia D and Moses George
(--?--), M and George Washington McKenzie
(--?--), M Elmina and Stephen Isaac Tabor (m. circa 1897)
(--?--), Mabel and Oros H Myer (m. circa 1905)
(--?--), Mabel W and Leonard G Sporing
(--?--), Mae and (--?--) Alexander
(--?--), Mae and Benjamin Franklin Behimer
(--?--), Maggie and Alexander McMillen
(--?--), Mamie and James Lewis Sprague (m. circa 1895)
(--?--), Mamie L and Paris Dola Williams
(--?--), Manda E and Richard P Picklesimer (m. 27 Feb 1930)
(--?--), Margaret A and James P Behymer
(--?--), Margaret and (--?--) Binion
(--?--), Margaret and (--?--) Space
(--?--), Margaret and Charles E Hill
(--?--), Margaret and Emerson Harry Swem
(--?--), Margaret and James Harvey P'Simer (m. 11 Dec 1907)
(--?--), Margaret and Johan George Bechtelsheimer (m. circa 27 Oct 1772)
(--?--), Margaret and William D Hobbs
(--?--), Margaret and William R Pickelheimer
(--?--), Maria L and James Appleton Wilson (m. circa 1888)
(--?--), Mariah and Andrew Eller
(--?--), Marian and Fred Lowell Becklehimer
(--?--), Marie and Harry A Wilson
(--?--), Marie and Ronald J Behymer (m. circa 1926)
(--?--), Marjorie and Rex Ray Hymer (m. 30 Nov 1939)
(--?--), Martha A and Emory V Hay (m. circa 1918)
(--?--), Martha and (--?--) (--?--)
(--?--), Martha and Charles Richards (m. circa 1902)
(--?--), Martha and Glen Archer Behymer
(--?--), Martha E and Arnold Hymer
(--?--), Martha Ellen and Benton Burkett (m. 15 Jul 1879)
(--?--), Martha K and Thomas Gardiner
(--?--), Martha Q and Richard A Draper (m. circa 1884)
(--?--), Martha Q and William R Behymer (m. 29 Aug 1916)
(--?--), Marvin E and Rolla Carl Duncan (m. circa 1921)
(--?--), Mary A and Charles Edward Collins (m. circa 1890)
(--?--), Mary A and John Henderson Beckelheimer
(--?--), Mary and (--?--) Craner
(--?--), Mary and (--?--) Mathews
(--?--), Mary and (--?--) Webb
(--?--), Mary and Albert Dorsey (m. circa 1879)
(--?--), Mary and Elmer E Plackard (m. 25 Jul 1919)
(--?--), Mary and Hannibal Calvert
(--?--), Mary and Isaac Henry Beckelhimer (m. 24 Jan 1906)
(--?--), Mary and James Herrin Barnes
(--?--), Mary and James Singleton East (m. circa 1901)
(--?--), Mary and John Carl Bates
(--?--), Mary and John Workman Picklesimer Jr
(--?--), Mary and Joseph Behymer Windsor (m. 25 Aug 1906)
(--?--), Mary and Roy E Neftzer
(--?--), Mary and Samuel Custer
(--?--), Mary and Samuel K Hardin
(--?--), Mary and Walter Clarence Monroe
(--?--), Mary and William C Lawshe
(--?--), Mary and William Henry Pickelheimer
(--?--), Mary Ann and Orville O Owens
(--?--), Mary C and Amos P Westfall
(--?--), Mary Catherine and George Russell Behymer (m. circa 1928)
(--?--), Mary E and (--?--) (--?--) (m. circa 1898)
(--?--), Mary E and (--?--) Anderson
(--?--), Mary E and (--?--) Carico
(--?--), Mary E and (--?--) Young
(--?--), Mary E and Isaac B Hymer
(--?--), Mary E and Robert Stapleton (m. 4 Jul 1879)
(--?--), Mary E and Watson E Shive (m. circa 1912)
(--?--), Mary E and William Atwood Hoffman
(--?--), Mary E and William Fleming Lemaster
(--?--), Mary E and William M Jameson
(--?--), Mary Ellen and Sherwood Picklesimer
(--?--), Mary H and David Lawshe
(--?--), Mary I and Henry Earl Clark
(--?--), Mary J and George Washington Alexander
(--?--), Mary Jane and Bradley D Keasler
(--?--), Mary L and Charles G Brooks
(--?--), Mary M and George B Pickelsimer (m. circa 1888)
(--?--), Mary M and Glen S Norman (m. circa 1924)
(--?--), Mary M and John Woods (m. circa 1877)
(--?--), Mary M and Rodney H Tomlinson
(--?--), Mary M and Thomas Jefferson Bivens
(--?--), Mary Mae and James Emmett Lawshe
(--?--), Mary P and Charles E Carr (m. circa 1893)
(--?--), Mary R and Isaac Grantham Lawshe
(--?--), Mary Susan and Clarence Jean Gray
(--?--), Mary W and Jonathan Robinson Lawshe
(--?--), Maude H and Isaac N Jones
(--?--), Mausia and Cap L Castle
(--?--), Maxine and Henry Chilton Hymer (m. 28 Dec 1928)
(--?--), May A and Craton Greenlee Pickelsimer
(--?--), May and Walter Clarence Monroe (m. 2 Mar 1905)
(--?--), May M and Bruner Pickelsimer (m. circa 1914)
(--?--), Maybelle and Edward H Longman
(--?--), Melcena and Manford McKenzie (m. circa 1897)
(--?--), Mildred and Daniel Waggoner
(--?--), Mildred E and Earl J Thompson (m. circa 1928)
(--?--), Mildred M and Glenn L Hymer
(--?--), Millie and Sherman W Pierce
(--?--), Minerva and George Thomas Vail
(--?--), Minerva Jane and James Shelton
(--?--), Minnie and Joseph Asberry Custer
(--?--), Minnie and Lewis McMillen (m. circa 1897)
(--?--), Minnie and William H Kimbler (m. circa 1895)
(--?--), Minnie M and James Oscar Bills
(--?--), Minnie M and Roy Elmer Gayer (m. circa 1905)
(--?--), Miriam and James L Winter
(--?--), Missie and (--?--) Connor (m. circa 1899)
(--?--), Missie and Joseph Decatur Pickelsimer
(--?--), Missouri E and Jeremiah M Robbins (m. 21 Jan 1864)
(--?--), Mollie and Albert F Clark (m. circa 1918)
(--?--), Mollie and Joseph Smith
(--?--), Mollie and Samuel E Simer (m. circa 1897)
(--?--), Morgen and Ray Trimble
(--?--), Myrtle and George Everett Pickelsimer
(--?--), Myrtle M and Edgar Roland Herron
(--?--), Nancy and James Warren Hannah
(--?--), Nancy and John Littleton (m. circa 1890)
(--?--), Nancy and Moses S Thompson
(--?--), Nancy and Robert Alexander Behymer (m. circa 1896)
(--?--), Nancy and Robert Stapleton (m. 21 May 1849)
(--?--), Nancy B and William Scott Ernhart (m. 21 May 1900)
(--?--), Nannie and John O Lineberry (m. circa 1902)
(--?--), Nannie and John Solomon Behymer (m. 3 Jan 1946)
(--?--), Nannie J and James Dolphus Pickelsimer (m. circa 1912)
(--?--), Nellie and Amos Kincade
(--?--), Nellie and Edgar N Dickson
(--?--), Nellie and Itlas Fleetwood Shipman
(--?--), Nellie and Ronald Earl Beckett
(--?--), Nellie M and William Sanford
(--?--), Nellie R and Jesse A Neeley (m. circa 1898)
(--?--), Nettie A and Edward P Beckelhymer
(--?--), Nettie and George Leonidas Elam (m. circa 1900)
(--?--), Norvie V and Frank S Sowers
(--?--), Ocie and Alfred Thomas Corbin
(--?--), Odelle W and Richard Louis Sherrick
(--?--), Olive and Kenneth Harold Lindsey
(--?--), Olive R and Emory C Hanson
(--?--), Olive R and Virgil Wright Atteberry
(--?--), Oma and Harvey A Fannin
(--?--), Opal Marie and Vernon Carowin Behymer (m. circa 1920)
(--?--), Pauline and Dwight L Brown
(--?--), Pauline Mary and (--?--) Buckton
(--?--), Pauline Mary and Harry Clifford Daniels (m. 26 Nov 1890)
(--?--), Pearl and Harry Wilson (m. circa 1909)
(--?--), Pearl and James C Maxey
(--?--), Pearl and Roscoe Luther Woody
(--?--), Pearl and Samuel B Ely
(--?--), Pearl E and (--?--) Reardon
(--?--), Pearl E and Guy Elmer Davis
(--?--), Pearl M and Remmel M Rathwick
(--?--), Permelia and William B Smith
(--?--), Phranca and Stephen Douglas Amen Farr
(--?--), Plummie F and Charles Walter Riggs
(--?--), Polly and Anderson Talley
(--?--), Prisa and Thomas J Mitchem
(--?--), Priscilla and (--?--) McNeal
(--?--), Priscilla and Jacob Picklesimer Sr (m. 19 Nov 1822)
(--?--), Rebecca and George McMillen
(--?--), Rebecca and William L Wilson (m. circa 1893)
(--?--), Rebecca E and Albert Chalfant (m. 24 Oct 1878)
(--?--), Rebecca Ellen and John R Dickerson (m. circa 1855)
(--?--), Rena G and Homer Woodrow Atkins
(--?--), Rhoda and Lafayette Hoffman (m. circa 1881)
(--?--), Rosa L and Charles Ellsworth Bigony
(--?--), Rosa L and Manford Roscoe Pelphrey (m. circa 1894)
(--?--), Rose M and David R Lawshe
(--?--), Rosey and William Henry Kimbler
(--?--), Ruby and Hugh Clinton Hymer (m. circa 1903)
(--?--), Ruth and Isaac Wilson
(--?--), Ruth and Roy E Lindsey (m. circa 1929)
(--?--), Ruth H and William Thomas Suddarth (m. circa 1900)
(--?--), Sallie and Charles Sidney Hymer (m. circa 1919)
(--?--), Sallie E and Albert Hoffman (m. circa 1889)
(--?--), Sally and Franklin Brown
(--?--), Samantha and Aaron Lawshe
(--?--), Sarah A and Jacob Willis Fishburn
(--?--), Sarah A and Leander C Burger
(--?--), Sarah and (--?--) Schull
(--?--), Sarah and Martin Van Buren Littleton (m. 13 Apr 1884)
(--?--), Sarah and Maurice P Worley
(--?--), Sarah and Raymond D Young
(--?--), Sarah and William C Lawshe
(--?--), Sarah and William Ellis Logsdon
(--?--), Sarah C and Hiram D Hoppock (m. circa 1886)
(--?--), Sarah C and William Curtis Walters Jr
(--?--), Sarah D and William C Lawshe
(--?--), Sarah E and John T Richards (m. circa 1870)
(--?--), Selma S and William H Schlatter
(--?--), Stella and William Farrah Gordon
(--?--), Sue and Thomas L Blackwell
(--?--), Sunny and Ralph Dale Picklesimer
(--?--), Susan and (--?--) Brown
(--?--), Susan and Daniel Behymer (m. 18 Jul 1850)
(--?--), Susan and Thomas L Young
(--?--), Susanna and William Robb
(--?--), Susannah and John Beckett
(--?--), Susie and Hosea Lindsey
(--?--), Thelma and Henry Ashton Hull (m. circa 1930)
(--?--), Thelma M and Orville G Drake (m. 25 Dec 1924)
(--?--), Tillie G and Clay Alexander Simer
(--?--), Venna M and William Mason Behymer (m. circa 1907)
(--?--), Vera L and Clarence B Eppert
(--?--), Vina and (--?--) Quick
(--?--), Vina and John Plackard (m. 23 Nov 1927)
(--?--), Violet and Earl Donovan Behymer
(--?--), Virginia and Curtis Ray Westfall
(--?--), Wildia and (--?--) Benson
(--?--), Wildia and Luther Pickelsimer
(--?--), Willie and Goldie Beckelhimer
(--?--), Wilma Josephine and Roscoe C Jessup (m. circa 1907)
(--?--), Zelpha and Clyde Mason Songer (m. 18 Jan 1913)
Abadie, (--?--) and Babetta Wendell
Abbott, (--?--) and Mary Rose Beckett
Abbott, Charles Orian and Ida Bauersfeld
Abbott, Charles Orian and Rosa Beckelhimer (m. 2 Jul 1895)
Abbott, Charles Orien and Margaret E Leahey (m. 29 Dec 1927)
Abbott, Donald Algernon and Virginia M Nickley (m. 1 Oct 1924)
Abbott, Elizabeth J and Samuel V Bechtelheimer (m. circa 1873)
Abbott, Ellen Christina and Bernard Earl Backherms (m. 16 Aug 1919)
Abbott, Ellen Christina and Guy Mize (m. 10 Mar 1949)
Abbott, George and Mary C Sells
Abbott, Jessie Lou and George Alvin Barton (m. 22 May 1901)
Abbott, Josephine and Joseph Custer (m. 18 Sep 1881)
Abbott, Laurena and George Washington Behymer (m. 16 May 1867)
Abbott, Paul W and Celesta Ray
Abbott, Rosie Mae and Clarence Leroy Behymer (m. 14 Apr 1920)
Abbott, Rosie Mae and Clarence Leroy Behymer (m. 14 Apr 1920)
Abbott, Rosie Mae and Frank C Fetzer (m. 4 Dec 1910)
Abbott, Rosie Mae and Frank C Fetzer (m. 4 Dec 1910)
Abbott, Thomas Everett and Minnie E Huber (m. 21 Nov 1921)
Abbott, Viola M and Elmer Bruce Hughes (m. 4 Jul 1912)
Abercrombie, Austin and Callie Davis
Abercrombie, John N J and Rebecca Josephine Davis
Abercrombie, Young and Sarah Jane Davis
Abner, (--?--) and Delia Clark
Abner, Mary Evelyn and Lloyd Russell Behymer (m. 10 Feb 1925)
Abrams, (--?--) and Mary Louise Kelly
Abrams, Chester and Oda May Reynolds (m. 19 Feb 1949)
Achenbach, Elizabeth C and Andrew Eller
Ackels, May and Marion Lindsay Behymer (m. 7 Nov 1906)
Ackerman, Margaret and Cordes Allen Myers (m. 22 Jun 1907)
Acocks, Bernice and Donald Rockwood Nulph (m. 3 Feb 1951)
Acree, Moses Franklin and Barbara Ellen Riley (m. 17 Jan 1906)
Adams, (--?--) and Angie Cora Williams (m. circa 1885)
Adams, (--?--) and Opal Stapleton (m. circa 1929)
Adams, Benjamin Scott and Susan Loretta Colston
Adams, Bessie and Harry B Trimble
Adams, Carl A and Laura Belle Hymer
Adams, Cynthia May and George Eugene Hymer (m. 6 Nov 1890)
Adams, Edna and (--?--) Cantrell
Adams, Emmet D and Lily Maude Picklesimer (m. 24 Oct 1910)
Adams, Emmet Dale and (--?--) (--?--)
Adams, Frank and Ollie Stapleton
Adams, Goldie Belle and Frank D Picklesimer (m. 21 Oct 1947)
Adams, Grace and Buster Leo Simer
Adams, James and Viola Jane Clay
Adams, James and Viola Jane Clay
Adams, Jessie and Nancy Jane Maynard (m. 21 Jul 1944)
Adams, Lena and Dorsey Rudd
Adams, Leona and James Manford Pickle (m. 22 Sep 1923)
Adams, Lola and Elmer McConnell
Adams, Lonas and Hattie Picklesimer
Adams, Marion and Ada Payne
Adams, Mary A and Benjamin F West (m. 28 Oct 1862)
Adams, Mary Ann and William Henry Kennedy (m. 27 Nov 1853)
Adams, Mary Catherine and Joseph Parsons
Adams, Mary Catherine and William B Hymer (m. 30 Aug 1886)
Adams, Mary Rosanna and Benson Garfield Pickelsimer (m. 11 Dec 1904)
Adams, Nipper and Emaline Pickelsimer (m. 11 Feb 1894)
Adams, Nipper and Lavinia Jones (m. 20 Nov 1890)
Adams, Sarah and Smith Pelphrey (m. 22 Jan 1912)
Adams, Warren and Esther Williams
Adams, Waverly Jane and Granville Picklesimer (m. circa 1939)
Adams, William Henry and Myrtle I Owens (m. 24 Feb 1897)
Adcock, (--?--) and Ada B Hawkins
Adcock, (--?--) and Ada B Hawkins
Adcock, Cora Gertrude and Mitchell F Simer
Addington, Eugene J and Nona L Honey (m. 31 Oct 1931)
Addington, Henry Drayfus and Amy Ethel Beavers
Addington, Josephus and Alice Adelbert Pickelsimer (m. 24 Mar 1895)
Addington, Josephus and Alice Picklesimer (m. 24 Mar 1895)
Addington, Milton and Mary Lenora Earls (m. 23 Jun 1947)
Addington, Ollie B and (--?--) Kincaid
Addington, Ollie B and Ray Alexander
Addington, Saphrona F and Granville Austin Crain (m. 17 Mar 1923)
Addington, Saphrona F and Robert Black
Addington, Spergeon G and Iler E Buchannan (m. 17 Jun 1917)
Addington, Willie and (--?--) Walker
Addington, Woodrow and Wilma Wilkins (m. 27 Jul 1940)
Aden, Esther Amelia and George Charles Humphries (m. 31 Oct 1930)
Adkins, (--?--) and Naomi Coburn
Adkins, Nancy and Peter Smith (m. 15 May 1859)
Adkins, Sam and Muriel M Atkins
Adkins, Troy Clark and Sophia C Williams (m. 27 Dec 1910)
Adkins, William and Susanna J Kimbler
Adkins, William R and Margaret Ellen Poole
Ahart, Mary and George Young (m. 20 Feb 1902)
Ahl, Max Arthur and Mary Smith
Ahl, Max Arthur and Stella Jane Pickelheimer (m. 9 Mar 1921)
Aiken, Bonnie and Carl Wilson Talley (m. 17 Jun)
Aiken, Thomas J and Elizabeth Leever (m. 28 Mar 1897)
Akers, Agnes Ellen and Francis M Hymer (m. 24 Oct 1870)
Akers, Ann and William R Rice (m. circa 1896)
Akers, Clinton W and Margaret Kaufman (m. 17 Mar 1892)
Akers, Elizabeth J and John Becklehimer (m. 31 Mar 1851)
Akers, Emma D and (--?--) Easter (m. circa 1895)
Akers, Jacob Elliot and Etta Picklesimer (m. 26 May 1911)
Akers, John C and Martha A Becklehimer (m. 28 Feb 1850)
Akins, Della Lovella and James William Burgin (m. 12 Jun 1936)
Akins, Della Lovella and Thomas Hymer (m. 8 Jan 1905)
Albaugh, John and Rebecca Landis (m. 30 Mar 1852)
Alcorn, Harvey and Thelma May Behymer (m. 28 Nov 1923)
Alcorn, Nora and Gordon W Richardson (m. 4 Aug 1913)
Aldridge, Dovie Jane and Elmer Clayton Hooper (m. 12 Sep 1900)
Alexander, (--?--) and Bertha M Felter
Alexander, (--?--) and Mae (--?--)
Alexander, Amy Alice and Charles Lee Weakley
Alexander, Cynthia Ann and Edward Wagner (m. 7 Oct 1875)
Alexander, Elihu and Lucinda Logsdon (m. 5 Nov 1846)
Alexander, George Harold and Arzelia Picklesimer
Alexander, George Washington and Martha Cecelia Annette Hovenden (m. 8 Oct 1885)
Alexander, George Washington and Mary J (--?--)
Alexander, Isabelle Jane and William A Johnston (m. 13 May 1879)
Alexander, Mary Ellen and George Robb (m. 11 Nov 1875)
Alexander, Mary Francis and George Dallas Breiner (m. 29 Oct 1868)
Alexander, Penelope B and Levi Henry (m. 25 Feb 1869)
Alexander, Ray and Ollie B Addington
Alexander, Robert Dale and Pamalee Picklesimer (m. 10 Jun 1950)
Alexander, Warren Sylvester and Gussie Elena Picklesimer
Alexander, William Allen and Mary Caroline Matthews (m. 7 Feb 1876)
Alford, Bertha May and William Jennings Brown (m. 28 Dec 1909)
Alfrey, Amanda Jane and David Franklin Hymer (m. 11 Dec 1870)
Alfrey, Charles E and Ida M Van Gordon (m. circa 1906)
Alfrey, Elizabeth and John D Hymer (m. 22 Mar 1846)
Alfrey, Elizabeth and Zachariah Phelps Cogswell (m. 25 Nov 1860)
Alfrey, Frank V and Ruth Brammer
Alfrey, Ida E and Thomas Barnes (m. 6 Nov 1889)
Alfrey, James Arthur M and Edith Blanche Strait (m. 16 Dec 1910)
Alfrey, James Augustus E and Mary Ann Vail (m. 20 Mar 1868)
Aliff, Cora Lee and Henry Vincent Legg (m. 18 Aug 1937)
Aliff, Cora Lee and James Elbert Beckelhimer (m. 29 Jan 1903)
Aliff, Corda Ellen and Albert John Burton (m. 26 Jul 1912)
Aliff, Nancy Jane and Andrew Johnson Beckelhimer (m. 19 Mar 1907)
Aliff, William Patterson and Mahala Artimissa Beckelhimer (m. 7 Jan 1896)
Allen, (--?--) and Zelma Patton
Allen, Cloetilla and Roy Leland Rogers (m. 21 Apr 1940)
Allen, Daisy and Byrd Taulbee
Allen, Dee Hanesworth and (--?--) (--?--)
Allen, Edna Irene and Harrison George (m. 28 Jun 1908)
Allen, George Monroe and Melvina Ann Picklesimer (m. circa 1879)
Allen, Laura Golda and Albert Leroy Simer (m. 17 Oct 1900)
Allen, Laura Golda and Pleasant Pinkney Alvis
Allen, Margaret Ann and Andrew Newton Beckelshymer
Allen, Nathaniel and Nancy West
Allen, Ova Virgil and Cecil Marie Behymer (m. 24 Dec 1942)
Allen, Rachel and Henry Lawshe (m. 27 Apr 1780)
Allen, Robert and Georgia Ella Behymer
Allen, Tom and Lillie Pelphrey (m. 6 Apr 1940)
Allen, William L and Lucy Angelina Parke (m. 18 Apr 1886)
Allen, Willie E and (--?--) Horne
Allenbaugh, Sarah and Henry Beckelshymer (m. 16 Feb 1854)
Alley, David and Sarah Ann Farley (m. 5 Nov 1896)
Alley, Effie Mae and Henry Benson Picklesimer (m. circa 1898)
Alley, James and Jesse L Mark (m. circa 1910)
Alling, Charles W and Hannah Elizabeth Lawshe (m. 1 Jan 1872)
Allison, (--?--) and Emily E Zugg
Allison, Flora Marion and Newton Wilson Pickelsimer
Allison, George Washington and Martha Jane Kerby (m. 9 Oct 1893)
Allison, Grace Bernice and James Milton Bennett (m. 15 May 1921)
Allison, John and V Bessie Picklesimer
Allison, Pinkney and Nelly Mahalia Picklesimer (m. 25 May 1875)
Allison, Sophia Melissa and John Biggs Hymer (m. 16 Jul 1874)
Almack, Josie May and Jesse Lawrence Landis (m. 28 Sep 1901)
Alpaugh, Elizabeth and George Streeter (m. 15 Jan 1859)
Alston, Nancy E and William J Pickelsimer (m. 9 Feb 1873)
Alumbaugh, Mary Jane and Charles Edward Berry (m. 1880)
Alumbaugh, Mary Jane and Lemuel Beckelhymer (m. 10 Sep 1848)
Alumbaugh, Mary Jane and Rufus Edwin Smith (m. 22 Jan 1899)
Alvis, Ben and Elizabeth Ellen Lawshe
Alvis, Pleasant Pinkney and Laura Golda Allen
Amerson, Matilda and James Alexander Lyon Jr
Anders, Eliza and Pearson Merrill Picklesimer
Anderson, (--?--) and Mary E (--?--)
Anderson, (--?--) and Mary Isabel Harman
Anderson, (--?--) and Maude Patton
Anderson, (--?--) and Perna Lea Rhoades
Anderson, Leota May and John William Jones (m. 2 Jun 1914)
Anderson, William and Nancy Jane Bechtelheimer (m. 24 Jun 1895)
Anderson, William and Rhoda Lawshe (m. 17 Feb 1861)
Anderson, William and Susan Turner (m. 27 Jan 1847)
Anderson, William Harve Leon and Blanche Mary France
Anderwald, Susan Mary and Henry Paul Kalka (m. circa 1913)
Andrers, Edith Myrtle and George Meritt Hymer (m. 25 Feb 1900)
Andrews, Harley Nathan and Mabel Ida Jackson
Andrews, Sarah Lavina and Joseph Milton Bechtelheimer (m. 2 Dec 1877)
Andrews, William D and Martha J Steele (m. 11 Nov 1926)
Angel, Kenneth and Annie Grace Picklesimer
Angle, Silas and Chloe A Tabor (m. 7 Apr 1865)
Annes, Bessie and Leonard A Monjar (m. 26 Aug 1899)
Annis, Chester Holmes and Alta May Suddarth (m. 1 Jun 1910)
Anthoni, Henry and Anna E Swem (m. 12 Sep 1906)
Anthoni, Louis Albert and Mary Louise Swem (m. 4 Jun 1890)
Anthony, Henry George and Susan L Williams (m. 8 Jun 1918)
Anthony, Robert S and Leah Hymer (m. circa 1879)
Apling, Anna Virginia and Francis Marion Behymer (m. 8 May 1867)
Apple, Ermina A and John McGown (m. 29 Mar 1911)
Apple, Evaline and John S Curliss (m. 4 Mar 1891)
Apple, Evaline M and George Thomas Vail (m. 19 Dec 1883)
Apple, John B W and Emma F Williams (m. 4 Jul 1869)
Apple, Mary Elizabeth and Elhanen Devore McCord (m. 17 Oct 1871)
Apple, Oscar E and Lelia B (--?--) (m. circa 1913)
Applegate, Frank and Ida May Pickelheimer (m. 1 Mar 1903)
Appleton, Frances Elizabeth and Stirling Thorton Ayer (m. 18 Sep 1919)
Apsley, Eliza J and John E Ellis (m. 22 Jan 1865)
Archer, Benjamin and Anna E Boyd
Archer, Benjamin and Keziah Sargent (m. 23 Dec 1841)
Archer, Benjamin Tone and Martha Eva Rooney (m. 6 Jun 1906)
Archer, Benjamin Tone and Martha Eva Rooney (m. 6 Jun 1906)
Archer, Chapman and (--?--) (--?--)
Archer, Chapman and Sophia Beckelhymer (m. 18 Jul 1802)
Archer, Chapman C and Mary Alice Witham (m. 21 Nov 1872)
Archer, Charity and Ezekiel Lewis (m. 19 Jul 1821)
Archer, Elizabeth and Alfred West
Archer, James S and Rosella Tone (m. 26 Nov 1874)
Archer, James S and Rosella Tone (m. 26 Nov 1874)
Archer, Lucinda and Edward Morin (m. 30 Dec 1832)
Archer, Mary Ann and Michael Behymer (m. 6 Nov 1835)
Archer, Mary Ann and Michael Behymer (m. 6 Nov 1835)
Archer, Matilda and Richard Ayer (m. 29 Dec 1840)
Archer, Rosanna J and Capt William H Woodlief (m. 11 Feb 1864)
Argabright, Mary A and Abraham Becklehimer (m. 5 May 1861)
Argo, Eliza and John Dyer (m. circa 1890)
Argo, Eliza and Thomas Virgil P Simer (m. 22 Oct 1910)
Argo, Emma J and Francis Marion Vancil (m. 13 Oct 1870)
Armacost, Aaron B and Elizabeth Ann Smith (m. 5 Nov 1863)
Armacost, Bessie L and Alva H Shiveley
Armacost, Charles C and Anna R Canter (m. 13 Jan 1887)
Armacost, Chir Glovenia and William Cann (m. 8 Oct 1871)
Armacost, Effie A and Thurman Hillis Trees (m. 14 May 1891)
Armacost, George Alva and Stella Van Briggle (m. 7 Oct 1900)
Armacost, Isaac Bartlow and Barbara Littleton (m. circa 27 Jul 1860)
Armacost, Isaac Bartlow and Louisa Thompkins
Armacost, James M and Catherine L Plackard (m. 21 Dec 1865)
Armacost, Levi Benton and Rebecca Jane Welch (m. 12 Sep 1865)
Armacost, Louisa J and Isaac B Gifford
Armacost, William and Elizabeth Beckelhimer (m. 6 Nov 1837)
Armacross, Jane and William Robb
Armintrout, Mary M and Isaac Preston (m. 9 Apr 1887)
Arms, Iva Jean and Douglas Picklesimer (m. 23 Feb 1946)
Arms, William D and Robbie Retta Quinn
Armsbury, George H and Frances Van Syckel Lawshe (m. 12 Aug 1858)
Armstead, Muriel L and (--?--) McAlpin
Armstead, Muriel L and Charles S Uchtman (m. 14 Aug 1948)
Armstrong, (--?--) and Margaret Armstrong
Armstrong, Margaret and (--?--) Armstrong
Armstrong, Margaret and Samuel D Beckett (m. 5 Apr 1868)
Armstrong, Mary Hazel and Frank A Stankorb (m. 1 Mar 1908)
Armstrong, Mildred Dorselle and (--?--) Cornwell
Armstrong, Mildred Dorselle and (--?--) Miller
Armstrong, Mildred Dorselle and Richard Lee Beckelhymer (m. 3 Feb 1951)
Armstrong, Motah Meed and Adolphus A Picklesimer (m. circa 1899)
Armstrong, Nancy Jane and John W Cundiff (m. 16 Mar 1852)
Armstrong, Roy and Agnes Teresa Marck (m. 10 Jul 1930)
Armstrong, Tom and Mabel P'Simer (m. 24 Dec 1919)
Arnett, Joseph Warren and Rachel Azelda Clark (m. 4 Jan 1876)
Arnett, Mandy and Miles Robert Hoskins
Arnold, Arthur Terry and Sallie Jane Pickelsimer (m. circa 1907)
Arnold, Emma Agnes and Clyde J Bechtelheimer (m. Nov 1937)
Arnold, Lawrence Earl Sr and Carey Merle Fowlkes (m. 27 Apr 1919)
Arnsberger, Eva and Charles Madeford
Arnsberger, George and Sarah Hannah Bechtelheimer (m. 10 Nov 1879)
Arnsberger, Grace M and Paul D Gifford
Arnsberger, Lee and Fred Haimbaugh
Arnsberger, Ralph B and Ethel B (--?--)
Arnsberger, Solomon and Beulah (--?--)
Arp, Ethel Mary and Ernest Clifford Pickelsimer (m. circa 1918)
Arp, Hettie Ann and Moses Washington Pickelsimer (m. circa 1890)
Arthur, Carrie A and Edward Weil (m. 7 Nov 1889)
Arthur, Charles Milton and Irene Margaret (--?--) (m. circa 1904)
Arthur, Clara May and Ira E Welker (m. 11 Mar 1906)
Arthur, Claude Edwin and Margaret S Hughes (m. 26 Mar 1921)
Arthur, Clovilla Maxine and Roy Everett Hiatt (m. 21 Aug 1934)
Arthur, Corwin Gerrard and Nellie R Bogart (m. 8 Aug 1899)
Arthur, Elizabeth and William Silas Humphries (m. 13 May 1880)
Arthur, Ethelbert Estell and Sarah E Miller (m. circa 1891)
Arthur, Fairie Nell and Paul A Whitaker (m. 16 Sep 1922)
Arthur, Frances Armilda and Cleatus Clinkenbeard
Arthur, Frank Parker and Belva M Jenkins (m. 22 May 1918)
Arthur, George Albert and Clara Irene Barth (m. 8 Jan 1911)
Arthur, George Hoadley and Dora Frances Day
Arthur, George Weller and Frances Elizabeth Parker (m. 6 Sep 1883)
Arthur, Hamer L and Sarah Jane Gerrard
Arthur, Ida B and Charles E Durham (m. 25 Aug 1889)
Arthur, Imogene Castella and Elvin Edgar Beavers (m. 28 Nov 1942)
Arthur, Iva Elsa and John Dewitt Phelps (m. 27 Jun 1897)
Arthur, James B and Samantha Caroline Shelton
Arthur, Joseph and Euphemia Ann Hill (m. 9 Nov 1865)
Arthur, Joseph Lane and Clara Netta Drum (m. 27 Jan 1906)
Arthur, Keziah and Theodore H Bennett (m. 20 Apr 1879)
Arthur, Mabel O and (--?--) Barker
Arthur, Mary Bessie and Joseph Lemuel Steele Jr (m. circa 1900)
Arthur, Mary Malinda and Josephus Alonzo Fisher (m. 2 Aug 1874)
Arthur, Michael Allen and Mary L Harris
Arthur, Russell M and Evelyn M Francis
Arthur, Sarah Ann and Levi Willey (m. 18 Jan 1843)
Arthur, Stella May and Harvey Monroe Young (m. circa 1913)
Arthur, Theodore James and Georgina R Gill (m. 25 Dec 1914)
Arthur, Virginia Elaine and Robert Lee Bang
Arthur, Walter Earl and Daisy T Kornmann (m. 5 Sep 1903)
Arthur, William and Mary Behymer (m. 1 Nov 1838)
Arthur, William Madill and Ida May Bragdon (m. circa 1895)
Arthur, William Madill and Ida May Bragdon (m. circa 1895)
Artman, Townson W and Margaret B Lawshe (m. circa 1880)
Arvine, Albert T and Myrtle Edwards (m. 12 Feb 1913)
Asbridge, Dora and Otto Becklehimer (m. 27 Sep 1910)
Asbury, George Butler and Minnie Elizabeth Landis
Asbury, Nannie and John Williams (m. 9 Aug 1886)
Ash, Martha Naoma and Abraham W Picklesimer (m. circa 1892)
Ash, Martha Naoma and Austin Haywood
Ash, Nettie Mae and Earl Troxell
Ash, Nettie Mae and Jesse Lee Pullam (m. 6 Feb 1927)
Ash, Nettie Mae and Lawrence Allen Behymer (m. 13 Oct 1956)
Ashbaker, Bertha M and Dwight Everett Bates (m. 1926)
Ashbaugh, Anna and George Washington Behymer (m. 3 Oct 1898)
Ashby, Ella and Otto S Hill (m. 11 Jan 1899)
Ashby, Everett M and Elizabeth Vail
Ashcraft, Fanny and Lester Walker (m. circa 19 Mar 1923)
Ashcraft, Fanny and Ralph Lambe Gundy Sr (m. 31 Dec 1925)
Ashcraft, John and Susannah Ann Leach (m. 7 Oct 1847)
Asher, Nannie P and Thomas B Rogers (m. 28 Nov 1888)
Ashley, Ethel and Robert Edward Gundy (m. 2 Feb 1914)
Ashton, (--?--) and Francis Lucille Behymer
Ashton, Edith and Charles Hutchison
Ashton, Harvey and Mary F Johnson (m. 9 Mar 1884)
Ashton, Isaphine and William A Johnson (m. 13 Feb 1889)
Ashton, James Allen and Myrtle Leona Mahaffey (m. 30 Jun 1910)
Ashworth, Harriet Ann and Peter Lee Dent (m. 9 Nov 1871)
Aswell, Louisa L and Charles Marion Vancil (m. 7 Aug 1862)
Atha, Ruby and James Carl Mitchem (m. 29 Feb 1936)
Atham, Oscar and Mary A Plackard (m. circa 1893)
Athey, Harley D and Laura Esther Behymer
Atkins, David and Hannah Clanin (m. 26 Dec 1867)
Atkins, Elizabeth Ann and Charles M Bailey
Atkins, Elizabeth Ann and Mason Monroe Beckleheimer (m. 17 Sep 1934)
Atkins, Glenn D and Alice Christine Williams
Atkins, Homer Woodrow and Rena G (--?--)
Atkins, John Henry and Cora Alice Picklesimer (m. 11 Aug 1905)
Atkins, Malta Fay and (--?--) Simpson
Atkins, Muriel M and Sam Adkins
Atkins, Walter Vincent and Mary Louise Kelly
Atkins, William Howard and Gertie Painter
Atkins, Zela Pearl and Robert Leonard McBride (m. 9 Apr 1938)
Atkinson, Eliza and Lewis Lawshe (m. 7 Dec 1843)
Atteberry, Dorothy Mae and James Vernon Files (m. 9 May 1944)
Atteberry, Imogene and Willis McIntosh
Atteberry, Nancy Catherine and Charles Johnson
Atteberry, Nancy Catherine and Francis Marion Behymer (m. 28 Feb 1911)
Atteberry, Nancy Catherine and William O Staton (m. 15 Apr 1891)
Atteberry, Tavia Della and Arthur P Clow
Atteberry, Tavia Della and John A Clow
Atteberry, Virgil Wright and Olive R (--?--)
Atteberry, William Newton and Mary Anna Behymer (m. 28 Apr 1887)
Atterberry, Mary Ann and Augustus H Johnston (m. 13 Jul 1855)
Atterberry, Mary Elizabeth and James Robert Johnston (m. 12 Feb 1858)
Atterberry, Sarah Ann and William Robert Johnston (m. 28 Nov 1872)
Atwell, L H and Georgia Irene Hockaday
Atwood, (--?--) and Letitia M Lawshe
Atwood, Charles Albert and Minnie S Cundiff (m. 24 May 1891)
Atwood, Ethel Lucille and Mirrel T Bennett
Atwood, Stanley True and Dorothy Ulrich
Ausman, Harrison B and Mary E Richards (m. 28 Jun 1886)
Austin, Albert Lewis and Harriet Catherine Beckett (m. 28 Feb 1899)
Austin, Carrie E and George Elmer Quinlisk (m. circa 1906)
Austin, Martha J and James E Modlin
Austin, Nellie and George P Smith (m. 11 Feb 1891)
Austin, Thomas T and Mary E Tate (m. 26 Oct 1867)
Austin, Walter and Martha Jane Kennedy (m. 15 Nov 1837)
Axton, Mary Elizabeth and James Behymer (m. 6 Dec 1868)
Ayer, Alonzo L and Missouri Jane McClain (m. 9 Jul 1858)
Ayer, Anna and George L Swanson (m. 18 Jul 1888)
Ayer, Anna Belle and John C Philhower (m. 21 Jan 1908)
Ayer, Benjamin F and Carrie Burkhardt (m. 14 Mar 1888)
Ayer, Celia and James Green (m. 1874)
Ayer, Emmit C and Susie M Nichols (m. 30 Mar 1904)
Ayer, Estella Blanche and Russell Oliver Johnson (m. 18 Feb 1911)
Ayer, Florence Mary and Edward T Behymer (m. 26 Jan 1890)
Ayer, Franklin A and Ida B Carr (m. 27 May 1890)
Ayer, Grace Lenore and William J Wilfert (m. 5 Jun 1915)
Ayer, Howard R and Clara Raye Behymer (m. 20 May 1911)
Ayer, Howard R and Clara Raye Behymer (m. 20 May 1911)
Ayer, Howard R and Elsa H (--?--)
Ayer, Howard R and Elsa H (--?--)
Ayer, John and Mary Elizabeth Griffin (m. 12 May 1870)
Ayer, John Jr and Cindy M Johnson (m. 7 May 1904)
Ayer, Marjorie R and Raymond E Ross (m. 7 Oct 1933)
Ayer, Nannie M and Edwin G Hall (m. 23 May 1905)
Ayer, Nellie and John W Reed (m. 22 Feb 1893)
Ayer, Richard and Matilda Archer (m. 29 Dec 1840)
Ayer, Richard L and Ella Newberry (m. 16 Jan 1888)
Ayer, Richard M and Rosanna Waggoner (m. 16 Nov 1875)
Ayer, Roger Sherman and Iva Pearl Strong (m. 18 Oct 1904)
Ayer, Roy N and Elva E Johnson (m. 25 Jun 1913)
Ayer, Sarah Catherine and Benjamin Trimble Behymer (m. 1 Jan 1890)
Ayer, Stirling Thorton and Frances Elizabeth Appleton (m. 18 Sep 1919)
Ayer, Victoria and John C Henderson (m. 28 Dec 1886)
Ayer, Wilbur Cyrus and Mary E Pommert
Aynes, Sarah and Chapman Aimes West (m. 21 Jul 1867)
B'Hymer, Adron and Ada J Northcutt (m. 28 Feb 1878)
B'Hymer, Adron and Hester B Pelly (m. circa 1885)
B'Hymer, Alfred and Ella Mae Cain (m. 11 Apr 1934)
B'Hymer, Barbara Keith and Edwin Burton
B'Hymer, Clifford C and Nellie Wright (m. circa 1927)
B'Hymer, Ellsworth Calvert and Elaine Campbell (m. 8 Mar 1944)
B'Hymer, Esther Joyce and Teddy Warren Groger (m. 31 Dec 1940)
B'Hymer, Homer Ellsworth and Harriet Calvert King (m. circa 1907)
B'Hymer, Joffre McDowell and Hilda M Feebeck
B'Hymer, John and Mary A Eckler (m. circa 1876)
B'Hymer, Lillie Amanda and Edward Harrison England (m. 26 Apr 1905)
B'Hymer, Lucien Mansfield Chandler and Mary Louise Jackson
B'Hymer, Mamie M and Hubert Jesse Knapp (m. 27 Mar 1907)
B'Hymer, Mary Jennie and John W Carter (m. 26 Dec 1883)
B'Hymer, Nathaniel and America Sanders (m. 26 Oct 1853)
B'Hymer, Pearl and Jasper N Williams (m. circa 1899)
B'Hymer, Stattira Marie and John Noble Yoakley Jr (m. 14 Jul 1924)
B'Hymer, Walker and Minnie Mary Rivard (m. 6 Mar 1901)
B'Hymer, Wayne and Emma Johanna Louisa Frye (m. 3 Apr 1912)
Babb, Inez and David L Sutherland (m. 7 May 1921)
Bacher, Pearl M and Harry Louis Gundy (m. 7 Feb 1914)
Bachman, Emma and (--?--) Helvey
Bachman, Emma and Herbert James Pickelheimer (m. 21 Dec 1940)
Bachman, Mary and Calvin D Brougher
Back, J M and Martha Melvina Collins
Back, Sisie and Charles F P'Simer (m. 2 Dec 1926)
Backherms, Bernard Earl and Ellen Christina Abbott (m. 16 Aug 1919)
Backus, Cyrus F and Elizabeth Leedy (m. 16 Apr 1868)
Bacon, Marvin B Sr and Grace Picklesimer
Baer, Rosena E and David W Thompson (m. circa 1893)
Bagby, Marion Francis and Bessie Hughes (m. 22 Aug 1900)
Bagby, Silsby S and Myrtie L Myrick (m. 25 Dec 1901)
Bagwill, Samuel Roscoe and Helen Anna Bowen (m. 6 Aug 1921)
Bailey, (--?--) and Fannie Daniel
Bailey, (--?--) and Viva M Flory
Bailey, Carrol and Opal P'Simer
Bailey, Charles M and Elizabeth Ann Atkins
Bailey, Charlotte H and John Lawshe (m. 23 Oct 1866)
Bailey, Conrad Thurman and Cynthia Jane Fraley
Bailey, Edgar William and Bessie Picklesimer (m. 20 Feb 1912)
Bailey, Elizabeth and Abraham Lawshe (m. 20 Nov 1806)
Bailey, Henry and Stella B Beckelheimer (m. 24 Nov 1912)
Bailey, Julia P and John Lawshe
Bailey, Mae and Ishmael Picklesimer (m. 6 Mar 1948)
Bailey, Maxie and Nelson D Ferguson (m. circa 1913)
Bailey, Paulina and Lewis T Williams
Bailey, Pauline Katherine and Beauman Behymer (m. 22 Dec 1870)
Bailey, William H and Elizabeth Ann McKenzie
Bainter, Carrie Ann and Charles Wright (m. 6 Nov 1889)
Bainter, Jacob E and Ida Mary Beekman (m. 8 Dec 1894)
Bainter, Jacob E and Louella (--?--)
Bainter, Mary L and Andrew J Burgess (m. 3 Feb 1889)
Bainter, Peter and Caroline Beckelshymer (m. 24 Mar 1864)
Bainter, William Lawson and Iva Anita Beckelhymer (m. 27 Sep 1905)
Bainter, William Lawson and Iva Anita Beckelhymer (m. 27 Sep 1905)
Baird, Lillie and George Korah Behymer (m. 2 Jun 1891)
Baker, (--?--) and Margaret True
Baker, (--?--) and Mary Belle Estep
Baker, Alberta and James Virgil Evans (m. 1 Jul 1928)
Baker, Aletha E and Moses S Thompson (m. 24 Nov 1886)
Baker, Anna A and Dwight Emerson Beckelhimer (m. 15 Apr 1947)
Baker, Charles Eugene and Stella Jane Pickelheimer (m. 11 Aug 1906)
Baker, Clara Bell and Frank P Rife
Baker, Clara Bell and James Clinton Lutz (m. 17 Dec 1896)
Baker, Isabell and William Webber Riggs (m. 4 Nov 1882)
Baker, James Seth and Esther Elizabeth Behymer (m. 22 May 1926)
Baker, John W and Ida Bell Pennington
Baker, Joseph and Nellie Burks
Baker, Lizzie and Claude H Hall
Baker, Sarah J and John P Fortune (m. 21 Nov 1858)
Baker, Ursula and Earcel Curly Simer (m. 3 Sep 1932)
Baker, Virginia and Thomas Benjamin Broadway Jr (m. 5 Jul 1932)
Baker, Wesley and Sarah Elizabeth Wells
Baker, William and Arrie Pickelsimer
Baker, William and Dicie Hymer (m. circa 1880)
Baldwin, Bertha W and Roscoe Case (m. 27 Jun 1906)
Baldwin, Bliss W and Florence Mossteller (m. 15 Sep 1923)
Baldwin, Ethel and Thomas Elza Pickelsimer (m. circa 1927)
Baldwin, Harriet and David L Pickelheimer (m. 12 Oct 1843)
Baldwin, Sherman Dencil and Olga Lena Picklesimer (m. 15 Aug 1936)
Baldwin, William Smith and Henrietta Williams
Baldwin, William Wallace and Ida May Jackson (m. 25 Sep 1890)
Bales, (--?--) and Lady Trumble
Ball, Earl Easter and Maude Belle Riggs (m. circa 1905)
Ball, George W and Jane F Cox (m. circa 1889)
Ball, Ida May and Cassius Burkett (m. circa 1889)
Ball, Jennie R and Fremont Burkett (m. 23 Apr 1884)
Ball, Mae and Jesse J Truett
Ballantyne, Emma and Fred Weller (m. 23 May 1913)
Ballantyne, Emma and Fred Weller (m. 23 May 1913)
Ballantyne, Janet and Ernest Bradshaw
Ballantyne, Janet and Ernest Bradshaw
Ballantyne, Jessie Bessie and Sylvester McCarty
Ballantyne, Jessie Bessie and Sylvester McCarty
Ballantyne, John W and Julia Minerva Jump (m. 11 Jun 1880)
Ballantyne, Joseph A and Marzella A Duff (m. 22 Jan 1896)
Ballantyne, Lydia Marinda and Frank Jackson Manchester (m. 7 Mar 1880)
Ballantyne, Rachel and Elsworth Wintermote (m. 28 Sep 1910)
Ballantyne, Rachel and Elsworth Wintermote (m. 28 Sep 1910)
Ballantyne, Robert Royce and Irene Kaysinger
Ballantyne, Robert Royce and Irene Kaysinger
Ballantyne, Robert Thomas and Lydia Malinda Sutherland (m. 28 Dec 1888)
Ballantyne, Robert Thomas and Lydia Malinda Sutherland (m. 28 Dec 1888)
Ballantyne, Robert Thomas and Marinda Minear (m. 29 Dec 1859)
Ballard, Edna R and Clyde Elmore McCord (m. 21 Aug 1900)
Ballback, George and Jennette Delilah Johnson (m. 16 Mar 1907)
Ballinger, George A and Addie Eliza Hoffman
Balser, Alice Rowena and William A Fannin (m. 10 Dec 1958)
Balser, Henry Flava and Rusha Mahala Steward (m. 24 Jan 1900)
Balser, Henry Flava and Sarah Ella Behymer (m. 5 Sep 1909)
Balser, Mabel I and (--?--) Reynolds
Baltimore, Alfred and Sarah Jane Leedy (m. 23 Mar 1865)
Baltimore, John Riley and Frances Adaline Leedy (m. 26 Feb 1871)
Bandy, (--?--) and Virginia Esther Beckelhimer
Bandy, Dora and Jesse Bailey Tabor (m. 2 Dec 1896)
Banford, Maggie M and Thomas Bragdon (m. 12 Sep 1896)
Bang, Robert Lee and Virginia Elaine Arthur
Bangham, Malissa A and Franklin Pierce Behymer (m. 30 Jun 1885)
Bankhead, Elizabeth Jane and Lewis Madison Lawshe (m. 23 Aug 1859)
Bannister, Lucien C and J Etta Bhymer (m. 8 Oct 1895)
Banta, Ruth Carolyn and Paul Tracy Behymer (m. 20 Mar 1937)
Bantz, Albert W and Hannah Maria Littleton
Barber, Edward Q and Treasure Irene Davis (m. circa 1927)
Barber, Hobart and Laura Myrtle Franklin
Barbro, Cora Elizabeth and Bruce Nordyke (m. 9 Nov 1893)
Barbro, Cora Elizabeth and Lee Omer Lindsey (m. 8 Feb 1899)
Barcus, Floyd and Ethel Lucelia DeWitt
Barcus, John William and Nannie Coonfield
Barcus, John William and Roxie Curtis
Barfield, Samuel Grady and Nellie Pickelsimer
Barger, Hannah and Jesse France (m. 14 Jan 1830)
Barker, (--?--) and Mabel O Arthur
Barker, Alonzo H and Mary McKenzie (m. circa 1926)
Barker, Frank and Lydia Jane Clay
Barker, Louraine and John Logan Patton (m. 22 Jan 1886)
Barker, Samuel S and Martha Frances Trail (m. 13 Mar 1888)
Barker, Walter Ray and Goldie Colegrove (m. circa 1924)
Barkley, Ora Alonzo and Hazel Manning (m. 21 Dec 1916)
Barlow, Josephine M and Elijah Grant Behymer
Barnard, Ethel and Isaac Hollingsworth Day (m. 25 Jan 1919)
Barnard, Lynn E and William C Eggert
Barnes, (--?--) and Lela Madeline Goodin
Barnes, Allen James and (--?--) (--?--)
Barnes, Carrie Sue and Dewey Washington Pickelsimer (m. 1 Jan 1929)
Barnes, James Herrin and Mary (--?--)
Barnes, James Herrin and Nancy Pickelsimer (m. 17 Feb 1848)
Barnes, Joseph H and Anna E Swem (m. 22 Aug 1872)
Barnes, Lydia Josephine and Crayton Pickelsimer (m. 24 Jan 1848)
Barnes, Marcus Willard and Laura Jane Clark
Barnes, Martin J and Flora McDowell (m. 25 Oct 1904)
Barnes, Mary Jane and Adolphus Pickelsimer (m. 1 Jan 1857)
Barnes, Mourning Fox and Abraham Pickelsimer (m. 10 Sep 1828)
Barnes, Nancy A and David Pickelsimer Jr (m. circa 1857)
Barnes, Sarah Ann and John P Dodd (m. 9 Mar 1879)
Barnes, Thomas and Ida E Alfrey (m. 6 Nov 1889)
Barnes, Thomas F and Martha Ann Steelman (m. 4 Oct 1842)
Barnett, Alex Sylvester and Maud A Crawford (m. Aug 1906)
Barnett, Charles and Mora J Guthrie (m. 9 Sep 1900)
Barnett, Elias Harvey and Mary Sweat Shearer (m. 1 Jan 1894)
Barnett, Eugene Clinton and Agnes Westerfield (m. 17 Jun 1909)
Barnett, Inez Carol and Benjamin Corey Shearer (m. 1 Jan 1904)
Barnett, James Thomas and Amanda Jane Rudd (m. 29 Nov 1888)
Barnett, John H (Dr) and Harriet S Truitt (m. 23 Nov 1897)
Barnett, LeNora and Jessie Gaston Broadway (m. 15 Jul 1928)
Barnett, Mabel Blanche and Ralph Elbert Hass (m. Jan 1906)
Barnett, Mary and David Picklesimer Jr (m. 10 Oct 1843)
Barnett, Mary Frances and Walter Roanoke Sprinkle (m. 22 Feb 1887)
Barnett, Ned Ray and Rita Woodruff (m. 2 May 1906)
Barnett, Solomon and Anna Elizabeth Owens (m. 13 Jun 1861)
Barnett, Solomon and Eliza Lister (m. 28 Jul 1836)
Barnett, Tera and Elmer S Trimble (m. 26 Jan 1911)
Barnett, Tera and Elmer S Trimble (m. 26 Jan 1911)
Barnett, Walter Clay and Emma Lavery (m. Sep 1904)
Barnhart, Clarence C and Amy Louise Smith
Barnhart, Hazel Blanche and (--?--) (--?--)
Barnhart, Hazel Blanche and (--?--) Kiser
Barnhart, Hazel Blanche and Columbus Picklesimer (m. 2 May 1935)
Barnhart, John Riley and Elizabeth Lavina Beckelhymer (m. 10 Jan 1883)
Barr, (--?--) and Emma E Beckelhymer
Barr, Bertha Blanche and Samuel Elliott Behymer (m. circa 1898)
Barr, Charles Fremont and Alice L Pickelheimer (m. 23 Sep 1883)
Barr, Grace and Victor A Kleiber (m. circa 1909)
Barr, James Henry and (--?--) (--?--)
Barrett, Oliver and Clotine Kimbler (m. 26 Jul 1919)
Barrick, Hilburn and Roberta Louise Picklesimer (m. 17 Feb 1935)
Barringer, Joseph and Wilma J Behymer
Barrington, Mona H and Elwood L Story
Barrington, Mona H and Frank Murray (m. 22 Apr 1907)
Barrow, (--?--) and Clara E Long
Barrow, Hattie M and Francis Archie Clayton Kuntzman (m. 29 Oct 1904)
Barrow, Lyman Kent and Florence Lelah Tone (m. 27 Apr 1910)
Barrow, Lyman Kent and Florence Lelah Tone (m. 27 Apr 1910)
Bartee, Elizabeth and William Farrah Gordon (m. 5 Jan 1893)
Bartelbaugh, Sarah and George Washington Vancil
Barth, Clara Irene and George Albert Arthur (m. 8 Jan 1911)
Bartlett, Alma E and Thomas Beckelheimer (m. 8 Apr 1900)
Bartlett, Mabel and George Arthur Oglesby
Bartlett, Reuben and Rachel Pursley (m. 18 Aug 1844)
Barton, Albert Hayes and Margaret Jennie Greenwood (m. 12 Apr 1901)
Barton, Carrie Belle and Andrew Jackson Shannon (m. 26 Nov 1891)
Barton, Charles M and Elizabeth Stevens (m. 29 Oct 1913)
Barton, Flora M and Edward Shannon (m. 15 Jul 1884)
Barton, George Alvin and Jessie Lou Abbott (m. 22 May 1901)
Barton, George Alvin and Melinda Knabb (m. 20 Feb 1895)
Barton, Matilda G and William Winters
Barton, Theodore Morton and Eliza Harriet Windsor (m. 27 Aug 1861)
Bartram, Thursa and (--?--) Hammond
Bartram, Thursa and James Buchanan Bayes
Basham, Gertrude Celestia and George Benjamin Beckett (m. 28 Mar 1893)
Bashford, Lancelot and Nelle L Wren
Bassett, Abner and Anna Beckelshymer (m. 24 Nov 1852)
Bassett, Emaline H and William Joshua Martin (m. 3 Oct 1852)
Bassett, Walter Charles and Blanche L Stankorb (m. 24 Dec 1903)
Bassett, Walter Charles and Jennie May Young (m. circa 1913)
Bassford, Samuel and Ella Littleton
Bastion, Charles F and Lottie B Neeley (m. circa 1908)
Batchelder, Lee Cornelius and Edith Jane Ellis (m. 15 Jul 1911)
Bates, Colista Jane and (--?--) Webb
Bates, Dwight Everett and Bertha M Ashbaker (m. 1926)
Bates, Everett Charles and Cora B Behymer (m. 29 Oct 1901)
Bates, John Carl and Mary (--?--)
Bates, Lott and Margaret Helen Picklesimer (m. 26 Sep 1882)
Batler, Alonzo and Ann Fleming
Battin, Grace and Edwin H Gaines
Battin, Milton and Eliza Fortune (m. 4 Dec 1864)
Battin, Willis and Emma H (--?--) (m. circa 1897)
Battles, Frank and Leada Bell Ellis
Battles, William and Malinda J France
Baty, James S and Ortha Guthrie (m. 24 Jan 1877)
Baudendistel, Otto and Edith Marie Emmons (m. 30 Dec 1903)
Bauer, Lona I and Samuel Birch Jones (m. 29 Apr 1911)
Bauer, Paul and Ethel Beall (m. 24 Dec 1929)
Bauersfeld, Ida and Charles Orian Abbott
Baugher, John and Armintie Sarah Hawkins (m. 14 Sep 1891)
Baughn, Harry Stark and Myrtle Perry
Baumgardner, Debbie Jane and Frederick S Brose (m. 13 Feb 1873)
Baxter, Edith Pearl and Otha Behymer (m. 9 Mar 1904)
Baxter, Orange Edson and Lea Ednah Chase (m. 15 Jan 1907)
Baxter, Orange Edson and Mae Behymer (m. 18 Jul 1903)
Bayes, (--?--) and Samuel Meade (m. circa 1890)
Bayes, David Sherman and Delilah Ann Tackett (m. circa 1891)
Bayes, David Sherman and Sarah Catherine Rice (m. 25 Dec 1890)
Bayes, David Sherman and Sarah Catherine Rice (m. 25 Dec 1890)
Bayes, Della and Elzie Jack Trimble
Bayes, Della and Elzie Jack Trimble
Bayes, Elijah M and Louisa Jackson (m. 9 Dec 1880)
Bayes, Elijah M and Sarah Elizabeth McKenzie (m. 9 Aug 1868)
Bayes, James B and Temperance Caudill
Bayes, James Buchanan and Amanda Rice (m. 14 Nov 1878)
Bayes, James Buchanan and Thursa Bartram
Bayes, James Jack and Grace (--?--)
Bayes, James Jackson Jr and Elizabeth Shaver (m. 4 Oct 1870)
Bayes, James Jackson Jr and Rachael Emily Picklesimer (m. 6 Nov 1849)
Bayes, James William and Mary Vida Boss (m. circa 1919)
Bayes, John Mc and Miriam Frances McBrayer (m. circa 1873)
Bayes, John W and Malinda Frazier (m. 11 Mar 1869)
Bayes, Leander and Hattie Cooper (m. 15 Sep 1904)
Bayes, Lucy Ann and William M Rice (m. 18 Jan 1879)
Bayes, Martha Jane and Matthew J Ealey
Bayes, Martha Jane and Matthew J Ealey
Bayes, Martha Jane and Matthew J Ealey
Bayes, Martha Malissa and (--?--) Stambaugh
Bayes, Martha Malissa and William Julius Burchett (m. 3 Aug 1900)
Bayes, Mary Caroline and Mantford F Spradlin (m. 8 Feb 1879)
Bayes, Rachael Emaline and Elliot Spradlin (m. 22 Jan 1885)
Bayes, Samuel Nathaniel and Martha Tackett (m. 17 Dec 1885)
Bayes, Samuel T and Mary Ann Picklesimer (m. 3 Jul 1879)
Bayes, Samuel T and Sip Rule (m. 11 Sep 1890)
Bayes, Tallia and Rosslyn Williams
Bayes, William Henry and Sidney M Lewis (m. 23 Nov 1874)
Bayless, Frederick W and Esther Hiatt
Baynum, Mae Reed and Clarence Ellsworth Pickelheimer (m. 12 Jun 1941)
Bays, Catharine H and John Picklesimer Jr (m. 21 Sep 1848)
Bays, Clarinda Ellen and Rowland Green Caudill (m. 30 Nov 1870)
Bays, Eva Sarah Jane and Alfred VanHoose (m. 8 Oct 1906)
Bays, James Monroe and Sarah Manerva Webb (m. 24 Jan 1880)
Bays, Manerva and Francis Marion Picklesimer (m. 2 Feb 1852)
Bays, Mary Ann and James Noah Branham
Bays, Nathaniel Livingston and Louisa Turner (m. 3 May 1882)
Bays, Nathaniel Livingston and Margaret Justice
Bays, Samuel E and Elizabeth Ann Picklesimer (m. 1 Oct 1846)
Bayse, John William and Jessie Agnes Hubbard (m. 1 Sep 1896)
Beach, Gatch Hayward and Hattie Bell Beckelhymer (m. 20 Feb 1915)
Beach, Joel Carl Sr and Anna Margaret Manning (m. 11 Mar 1937)
Beach, Paulina Margaret and Harley Edgar Beckelhymer (m. 5 Dec 1914)
Beach, Stanley George and Bertha Edith Beckelhymer (m. 5 May 1917)
Beadell, Lawrence A and Evelyn Picklesimer (m. 2 Nov 1919)
Beagle, Adonna Lillian and Leandrew Behymer (m. 25 Jun 1902)
Beagle, Lucy and Martin Behymer (m. 5 Dec 1816)
Beale, Myrtle and Henry Luther Hymer (m. 16 May 1920)
Beall, Ethel and Paul Bauer (m. 24 Dec 1929)
Beall, Russell and Rosa Bell Jones
Beaman, Marie Elizabeth and Earl Everett Behymer (m. 15 Jan 1930)
Bean, Edna F and Herbert C Hymer (m. 7 Jan 1924)
Beard, Bertha M and Alvin Carl Morrison (m. 24 Jan 1894)
Beard, Rosa Alice and Charles P Nash (m. 15 Apr 1891)
Bearden, Elmer and Mary Amanda Vancil
Beasley, Anna G and William C Hylton (m. circa 1906)
Beasley, James Herbert and Laura Ann E Becklehimer (m. 7 Feb 1884)
Beaty, John William and Laura Esther Behymer (m. 8 Jan 1883)
Beavers, Amy Ethel and Henry Drayfus Addington
Beavers, Elvin Edgar and Imogene Castella Arthur (m. 28 Nov 1942)
Bechtelheimer, Ada M and Rush Henry Todd
Bechtelheimer, Albert Elvin and Minnie Charlotte Leeper (m. 15 Aug 1908)
Bechtelheimer, Alice Rose and Neville Adolph Elliott (m. circa 1910)
Bechtelheimer, Almeda and Victor Percy Manspeaker
Bechtelheimer, Alonzo and Emily Emma Current (m. 1 Jan 1888)
Bechtelheimer, Alonzo Martin Jr and Ida Corlyn Snyder (m. 25 Dec 1900)
Bechtelheimer, Boyd and Bertha Alice Smith (m. 20 Aug 1908)
Bechtelheimer, Christiana and James Richardson (m. 27 Nov 1851)
Bechtelheimer, Clyde J and Emma Agnes Arnold (m. Nov 1937)
Bechtelheimer, Clyde J and Jennie Idella Berkley (m. 24 Jan 1906)
Bechtelheimer, Cora Gladys and Willis S Leonard (m. circa 1889)
Bechtelheimer, David and Elizabeth Daniels (m. 3 May 1892)
Bechtelheimer, David and Mary Stump (m. 1 Jul 1841)
Bechtelheimer, Delano Victor and Itha Sedina Doub (m. 22 Nov 1899)
Bechtelheimer, Edith B and William Kermit Hayes
Bechtelheimer, Elizabeth and Albert Lee Tucker (m. 4 Mar 1869)
Bechtelheimer, Elizabeth and Frank Condit (m. 14 Nov 1900)
Bechtelheimer, Elizabeth and John Jay Lower (m. 9 Dec 1824)
Bechtelheimer, Elizabeth and Robert Nichols (m. 29 Dec 1880)
Bechtelheimer, Elizabeth and Robertson Watson Keever (m. 19 Apr 1866)
Bechtelheimer, Ernest Edward and Hazel E Kincade (m. 26 May 1915)
Bechtelheimer, Everett M and Hazel Laura Bunker (m. 15 Dec 1912)
Bechtelheimer, Francis H and Gladys Ella Patch
Bechtelheimer, Francis H and Margaret Beatrice Swan (m. 24 Dec 1902)
Bechtelheimer, Frederick Walter and Anna McKenna (m. 6 May 1903)
Bechtelheimer, George W and Jessie L Hayzlett (m. 24 Sep 1884)
Bechtelheimer, Hannah and Thomas S Neeley (m. 1 May 1869)
Bechtelheimer, Harold Earl and Dorothy C Resche (m. 12 Feb 1929)
Bechtelheimer, Harry Allen and Mayme Anne Gorton (m. circa 1903)
Bechtelheimer, Harvey F and Faye Margaret Carpenter (m. 25 Apr 1923)
Bechtelheimer, Hazel L and William T Morgan (m. 25 Dec 1906)
Bechtelheimer, Homer John and Virgie Viola Cashman (m. 28 Sep 1918)
Bechtelheimer, Hulda E and Berry Jefferson Sisk (m. 31 Jan 1878)
Bechtelheimer, Hulda E and William Allen Sietz (m. 1870)
Bechtelheimer, Iva V and Ellis Willard Gresso (m. 9 Jun 1894)
Bechtelheimer, Ivan and Esther E Smith (m. 8 Oct 1923)
Bechtelheimer, Ivan and Neva Fern Hostettler (m. 27 Apr 1918)
Bechtelheimer, Jacob A and Margaret Himes (m. 12 Jan 1873)
Bechtelheimer, Jacob and Catharine Mahoney (m. 28 Aug 1845)
Bechtelheimer, Jesse and Catherine Senseman (m. 10 Jun 1889)
Bechtelheimer, Jesse and Margaret Ann Galyean (m. 1 Apr 1846)
Bechtelheimer, Jesse Cletus and Margaret E Launius (m. circa 1918)
Bechtelheimer, John Bennet and Iona H Freeman (m. 10 Mar 1881)
Bechtelheimer, Joseph and Christina Lazena (m. 21 Mar 1793)
Bechtelheimer, Joseph Milton and Gertrude Studebaker
Bechtelheimer, Joseph Milton and Katharine Sence (m. 22 Feb 1893)
Bechtelheimer, Joseph Milton and Sarah Lavina Andrews (m. 2 Dec 1877)
Bechtelheimer, Lavina and William H Hyres (m. 13 Sep 1860)
Bechtelheimer, Lewis Freeman and Winifred May Racus (m. 19 Aug 1896)
Bechtelheimer, Lewis W and Almyra M Daugherty (m. 12 Nov 1890)
Bechtelheimer, Mabel and William Henry Mead (m. 20 Aug 1901)
Bechtelheimer, Mabel Vern and (--?--) Bromich
Bechtelheimer, Mabel Vern and (--?--) Hill
Bechtelheimer, Malinda and William Bertrand Stillinger (m. 22 Oct 1884)
Bechtelheimer, Malissa and William F Byrd (m. 18 Jun 1868)
Bechtelheimer, Margaret Catharine and Levi Pierce Jeffries (m. 18 Jun 1876)
Bechtelheimer, Martin L and Mary Elizabeth Hildinger
Bechtelheimer, Mary and Edgar Arthur Kitchel (m. 30 Nov 1905)
Bechtelheimer, Mary and Jacob Figert (m. 18 Oct 1866)
Bechtelheimer, Mary and Jacob Holen Swearingen (m. 22 Apr 1841)
Bechtelheimer, Mary Isabel and Louis Ellsworth Shafer (m. 14 Feb 1891)
Bechtelheimer, Minnie and Homer Spinks Chalfant (m. 15 Feb 1890)
Bechtelheimer, Nancy J and William Jackson Current (m. 24 Dec 1868)
Bechtelheimer, Nancy Jane and James Frederick Mollenhour (m. 14 Aug 1858)
Bechtelheimer, Nancy Jane and William Anderson (m. 24 Jun 1895)
Bechtelheimer, Nellie Catherine and Marion L Mullins (m. 26 Jul 1941)
Bechtelheimer, Orville Guy and Anna (--?--) (m. circa 1910)
Bechtelheimer, Orville Guy and Irma Anna Schmidt (m. 8 Sep 1920)
Bechtelheimer, Rachel and Albert Chalfant (m. 20 Jan 1848)
Bechtelheimer, Rachel V and William Arthur Wiltrout (m. 15 Jan 1884)
Bechtelheimer, Ray H and Mamie T Swanson (m. 24 Dec 1917)
Bechtelheimer, Ray H and Velva A McQuaid
Bechtelheimer, Robert Samuel and Ida Sophia Lundberg (m. 25 Jun 1907)
Bechtelheimer, Russell Roy and Birdie Elizabeth Kiistner (m. 6 May 1912)
Bechtelheimer, Samuel C and Elizabeth Losh (m. 28 Dec 1866)
Bechtelheimer, Samuel Housting Jr and Elizabeth E Cripe (m. 16 Sep 1884)
Bechtelheimer, Samuel Housting Jr and Nancy Mahala Jane Mahoney (m. 11 Mar 1858)
Bechtelheimer, Samuel Housting Sr and Elizabeth Dean (m. 1867)
Bechtelheimer, Samuel Housting Sr and Rachel Kessler (m. 30 Oct 1817)
Bechtelheimer, Samuel James and Lusina E Floor (m. 11 Jul 1877)
Bechtelheimer, Samuel James and Rena Hill
Bechtelheimer, Samuel Spurgeon and Florence Olinger (m. 10 Nov 1913)
Bechtelheimer, Samuel Spurgeon and Pearl M Davenport (m. 26 Oct 1909)
Bechtelheimer, Samuel V and Elizabeth J Abbott (m. circa 1873)
Bechtelheimer, Samuel V and Mary Agnes Carson (m. circa 1897)
Bechtelheimer, Sarah Hannah and George Arnsberger (m. 10 Nov 1879)
Bechtelheimer, Sarah Josephine and William Henry Forester (m. 16 Nov 1903)
Bechtelheimer, Serena and Marion W Current (m. 19 Dec 1896)
Bechtelheimer, Simeon and Elizabeth Stump (m. 1 Mar 1838)
Bechtelheimer, Simeon S and Lavina Harris (m. 4 Nov 1869)
Bechtelheimer, Susanna and Oliver Smith (m. 31 Aug 1876)
Bechtelheimer, Susannah and Christian F Snoke (m. 9 Sep 1858)
Bechtelheimer, Vera Mae and Clarence D Kepley (m. circa 1910)
Bechtelheimer, Wayne Ellsworth and Adah R Chambers (m. 28 May 1902)
Bechtelheimer, Wayne Ellsworth and Marian Elise Lamb
Bechtelheimer, William L and Lucinda Hoyle (m. circa 1878)
Bechtelheimer, Zula N and Benjamin D Jontz (m. 1 Dec 1910)
Bechtelsheimer, Johan George and (--?--) (--?--)
Bechtelsheimer, Johan George and Catherine (--?--) (m. 7 Jun 1756)
Bechtelsheimer, Johan George and Elizabeth Becker (m. 29 Jul 1753)
Bechtelsheimer, Johan George and Margaret (--?--) (m. circa 27 Oct 1772)
Bechtelsheimer, Margaret and Abraham Lawshe
Beck, Silas Boyd and Octa J Talley
Beckelheimer, Alfred A and Alma Howery
Beckelheimer, Basil and Laura Hauldren (m. 26 Jan 1916)
Beckelheimer, Callie and Perlie H Plumley (m. 6 Jun 1916)
Beckelheimer, Cecil and (--?--) (--?--)
Beckelheimer, Charles and Lucy Smith (m. circa 1875)
Beckelheimer, Charles Wade and Lucy Edith Mason (m. 11 Dec 1906)
Beckelheimer, Delbert and Carrie Clay (m. 18 Jan 1928)
Beckelheimer, George Augustus and Ethel M Penny (m. 29 Dec 1915)
Beckelheimer, Gloe Manilla and Russell Day Mofford (m. 8 Sep 1917)
Beckelheimer, Henderson and Edna Alice Ramsey (m. 1 Aug 1922)
Beckelheimer, Herman Roy and Glenna Osborne (m. 2 Jul 1925)
Beckelheimer, Homer Edward and Ida Mae Lightfoot (m. 9 Jan 1930)
Beckelheimer, Isaac and Della Perry (m. 15 Dec 1897)
Beckelheimer, Isaac and Mary Belle Martin
Beckelheimer, James Edward and Louisa Lillian Carter (m. 8 Mar 1883)
Beckelheimer, John Harvey and Lydia Jane Clay (m. 28 Aug 1930)
Beckelheimer, John Henderson and Elizabeth Cooper (m. 3 Jan 1895)
Beckelheimer, John Henderson and Mary A (--?--)
Beckelheimer, John Lawrence and Helen Elizabeth Nicely (m. 12 Sep 1933)
Beckelheimer, John Robert and Elsie Alice Tobenskie (m. circa 1923)
Beckelheimer, John Robert and Katherine A (--?--)
Beckelheimer, Kelly Eula and Thelma Marie Biggs (m. 1 Jun 1932)
Beckelheimer, Missouri Jane and James Harvey Poole (m. 24 Mar 1884)
Beckelheimer, Nellie B and John Dixon (m. 30 Sep 1935)
Beckelheimer, Rachel V and Dayton D Pauley (m. 1 Apr 1945)
Beckelheimer, Ray Carter and Margaret Cecelia Hynes (m. 10 Aug 1918)
Beckelheimer, Roy James and Ina Belle Rorrer (m. 2 Aug 1924)
Beckelheimer, Russell Aubry and Minnie K O'Neil (m. 6 Apr 1913)
Beckelheimer, Samuel and Mary C Williams (m. 11 Mar 1886)
Beckelheimer, Sarah Amanda and Robert Luther Prather (m. 4 Sep 1907)
Beckelheimer, Sarah Ann and James Shelton (m. 27 Oct 1835)
Beckelheimer, Stella B and Henry Bailey (m. 24 Nov 1912)
Beckelheimer, Stella B and James D Green (m. 25 Nov 1899)
Beckelheimer, Thomas and Alma E Bartlett (m. 8 Apr 1900)
Beckelheimer, Victoria Essemer and Homer L McCoy (m. 4 Sep 1911)
Beckelheimer, William Madison and Elva Johnson (m. 31 Jul 1915)
Beckelhiemer, Janice and Eldon Brandon (m. 22 Apr 1995)
Beckelhiemer, Roy Elbert and Juanita Stanley (m. 12 Jun 1937)
Beckelhimer, Aaron and (--?--) (--?--)
Beckelhimer, Aaron and Fanny Robb (m. 30 Dec 1817)
Beckelhimer, Aaron and Hester Idlet (m. 11 Feb 1841)
Beckelhimer, Aaron and Mary Downing (m. 10 Jan 1833)
Beckelhimer, Aaron and Nancy Manning (m. 19 Nov 1840)
Beckelhimer, Aaron and Ruth Burgin (m. 11 Dec 1914)
Beckelhimer, Aaron C and Grace A Winn (m. 5 Oct 1875)
Beckelhimer, Algernon and Minnie Buchtmann (m. 24 Sep 1902)
Beckelhimer, Alice and Frank T Hodges (m. 16 Oct 1895)
Beckelhimer, Anderson and Sarah Payne (m. 30 Aug 1860)
Beckelhimer, Anderson Holman and Susie Flinchum (m. circa 1914)
Beckelhimer, Andrew Johnson and Nancy Jane Aliff (m. 19 Mar 1907)
Beckelhimer, Anna Lee and Babe Harrow (m. circa 1904)
Beckelhimer, Annie Hazel and Shirley Ezra Vest
Beckelhimer, Arthur and Edna Juanita Link (m. 18 Oct 1941)
Beckelhimer, Azel and Lucille Cindy Ferguson (m. 2 Dec 1935)
Beckelhimer, Beatrice Mildred and Oliver Ray Keith
Beckelhimer, Bercha and John A Jennings Jr (m. 21 Feb 1909)
Beckelhimer, Bessie and Harvey Colegrove (m. 16 Sep 1932)
Beckelhimer, Blanche and Posey Hubert Turner (m. 15 Aug 1923)
Beckelhimer, Blanchy Belle and Sherman DeKalb Crouch (m. 23 Dec 1896)
Beckelhimer, Blanchy Belle and Sherman DeKalb Crouch (m. 23 Dec 1896)
Beckelhimer, Calvin and Ethel Grace Jones (m. 11 Jun 1910)
Beckelhimer, Calvin Marcellus Jr and Sarah Blanche Monce (m. 2 Jul 1938)
Beckelhimer, Charles F and Catherine Flynn (m. 14 Feb 1900)
Beckelhimer, Charles Grant and Algela Paralee Jennings (m. 27 Dec 1888)
Beckelhimer, Charles Raymond and Kathleen Gill (m. 5 Jul 1945)
Beckelhimer, Charlotte June and Noah Frederick Souder (m. 9 Feb 1939)
Beckelhimer, Cledith A and William M McQuain (m. circa 1908)
Beckelhimer, Clervina S and Richmond L Crossley (m. 12 Apr 1846)
Beckelhimer, Dartha A and George W Burk (m. 26 Feb 1880)
Beckelhimer, Donald Ray and Ruby Garnett
Beckelhimer, Dora and Wayne Joseph Keith (m. Jan 1946)
Beckelhimer, Dwight Emerson and Anna A Baker (m. 15 Apr 1947)
Beckelhimer, Edith Mae and Charles Ray Dillon (m. 29 Oct 1916)
Beckelhimer, Edith Mae and Ocus Wilson Dillon (m. May 1921)
Beckelhimer, Edna and William Ramsey (m. 27 Dec 1932)
Beckelhimer, Edna Maude and Barney Christopher White (m. 2 Oct 1922)
Beckelhimer, Edna Maude and Claude S Williams (m. 11 Nov 1917)
Beckelhimer, Elizabeth and William Armacost (m. 6 Nov 1837)
Beckelhimer, Elizabeth and William Ferdinand Cannady (m. 15 Dec 1853)
Beckelhimer, Elizabeth Jane and Ezra Bradford (m. 2 Nov 1858)
Beckelhimer, Emerson Charles and Katharine Spielman (m. 18 Dec 1937)
Beckelhimer, Emerson Charles and Wallis Walters (m. 6 Dec 1973)
Beckelhimer, Emma Caroline and Sherman DeKalb Crouch (m. 20 Jan 1900)
Beckelhimer, Emma Caroline and Sherman DeKalb Crouch (m. 20 Jan 1900)
Beckelhimer, Ethel Bland and Cary James Gilmer (m. 29 Sep 1928)
Beckelhimer, Evelyn and Louis Henry Rice (m. 30 Nov 1911)
Beckelhimer, Evelyn Imogene and Johnnie R Deibel (m. 11 Jun 1952)
Beckelhimer, Evelyn Imogene and Robert Leo Jones (m. 26 Jul 1940)
Beckelhimer, Focie Marie and Hobert McKinney (m. 17 Nov 1930)
Beckelhimer, Frances and Samuel Oliver Wilson (m. 12 May 1852)
Beckelhimer, George Thomas and Doloreta V Wilson (m. 12 Aug 1944)
Beckelhimer, George W and Margaret Catherine Zaring (m. 15 Sep 1912)
Beckelhimer, George Washington and Elizabeth Ann Sutton (m. 1 Oct 1868)
Beckelhimer, George Washington and Mary Jane Vickeroy (m. 13 Oct 1859)
Beckelhimer, Gladys and Clarence Frazee (m. 24 Feb 1921)
Beckelhimer, Goldie and Willie (--?--)
Beckelhimer, Goldie Lee and Carnie Dotson (m. 9 Oct 1940)
Beckelhimer, Goldie Lee and Ernest Jefferson Cadle (m. 1 Feb 1933)
Beckelhimer, Grace Mae and Gordon Chapman (m. circa 1925)
Beckelhimer, Grace Mae and John Kempton
Beckelhimer, Grace Mae and Joseph Edgar Nibarger (m. 14 Dec 1912)
Beckelhimer, Grace Mae and Sanday Jordan (m. 13 Aug 1934)
Beckelhimer, Gussie Jewel and Henry W Williams (m. 17 Apr 1918)
Beckelhimer, Hallie Lee and Trevor F Brammer (m. 29 Jan 1923)
Beckelhimer, Hannah and Henry Franklin Stultz (m. 9 May 1865)
Beckelhimer, Harry and Ella Buckley (m. 3 Jun 1914)
Beckelhimer, Harry Raymond and Mary Louise Jackson (m. 6 Apr 1940)
Beckelhimer, Henderson Jyles and Barbara Ellen Roop (m. 20 Dec 1898)
Beckelhimer, Henderson Jyles and Sarah Ellen Smith (m. circa 1860)
Beckelhimer, Hester Sara and Ai Lacy Worswick (m. 15 Aug 1906)
Beckelhimer, Hilda Virginia and Eugene Thomas Wilson (m. circa 21 Aug 1929)
Beckelhimer, Hines and Delila Peradine Holdren (m. 13 Jul 1902)
Beckelhimer, Hines and Georgiana Trump
Beckelhimer, Ida Catherine and Jackson Wesley Teague (m. 2 Apr 1895)
Beckelhimer, Isaac and Rachel Vest (m. circa 17 Jun 1843)
Beckelhimer, Isaac and Rosanna Ferguson (m. 1 Apr 1812)
Beckelhimer, Isaac Henry and Mary (--?--) (m. 24 Jan 1906)
Beckelhimer, Jackson C and Josephine Johnson (m. 25 Dec 1861)
Beckelhimer, Jacob Jr and Christina (--?--)
Beckelhimer, James and Margaret Purkiser (m. 9 Oct 1826)
Beckelhimer, James Elbert and Cora Lee Aliff (m. 29 Jan 1903)
Beckelhimer, John William and Judith Ann Porche (m. 24 Apr 1909)
Beckelhimer, Levi and Artimissa Ferguson (m. circa 1832)
Beckelhimer, Levi and Elizabeth Lasley Smith (m. 12 Feb 1884)
Beckelhimer, Levi and Nancy Ann Newman (m. circa 13 Feb 1841)
Beckelhimer, Levi E and Virginia D Tilley (m. 5 Sep 1917)
Beckelhimer, Levi Harrison and Annie Lou Wilson (m. 9 May 1899)
Beckelhimer, Lucy and Albert K Du Feu (m. 14 Aug 1893)
Beckelhimer, Lula Ellen and George Edward Coleman (m. 26 May 1896)
Beckelhimer, Lula Ellen and George Flinchem (m. 23 Dec 1886)
Beckelhimer, Mabel and Homer Basil Holland (m. 11 Dec 1935)
Beckelhimer, Macie Pearl and James Carl Mitchem (m. 20 Jan 1926)
Beckelhimer, Mahala Artimissa and William Patterson Aliff (m. 7 Jan 1896)
Beckelhimer, Margaret Elizabeth and Ervin Roettger (m. 31 Aug 1938)
Beckelhimer, Margaret Elizabeth and Hugh Lavern Tann (m. 4 Mar 1968)
Beckelhimer, Margaret K and John P Dodd (m. 16 Sep 1866)
Beckelhimer, Margaret Lee and John Davis Walters (m. 5 Jul 1910)
Beckelhimer, Marjorie and Dave Lucas (m. 15 Apr 1916)
Beckelhimer, Martha Ann and Daniel Fitzpatrick (m. 19 Jan 1881)
Beckelhimer, Mary Elizabeth and Charles Wesley Perry (m. 10 Feb 1876)
Beckelhimer, Mary Elizabeth and Henderson Preston Sutphin (m. 20 Jan 1859)
Beckelhimer, Mary Elizabeth and Lucien L Davidson Sr (m. 15 Jun 1907)
Beckelhimer, Mary Evaline and George W Manning (m. 21 Mar 1869)
Beckelhimer, Mary Helen and Everett Lee Poe (m. 7 Apr 1928)
Beckelhimer, Mary Henderson and George Fenton Wilson (m. 22 May 1890)
Beckelhimer, Mary Leola and John Coonrod Creasman (m. 4 Dec 1876)
Beckelhimer, Michael and Mary Elizabeth Oxley (m. 14 Apr 1849)
Beckelhimer, Michael and Phoebe Olive Cornwell (m. 2 Aug 1868)
Beckelhimer, Moses Lee and Corilda Bland Spencer (m. 27 Sep 1893)
Beckelhimer, Myrtle and Pierce Harvey Stanley (m. 16 Jul 1924)
Beckelhimer, Noah Green and Virgie Jane Poole (m. 20 May 1925)
Beckelhimer, Noah Green and Virgie Jane Poole (m. 20 May 1925)
Beckelhimer, Octavia and Preston Epperly (m. circa 1868)
Beckelhimer, Opal Lee and Herbert Wesley Carter (m. 24 Dec 1932)
Beckelhimer, Pearl and Alexander Watson (m. 31 Dec 1911)
Beckelhimer, Pearl Elizabeth and Frank Lonzo Nichols (m. 25 Dec 1898)
Beckelhimer, Pearl Juanita and Elmer Rice (m. 26 Sep 1931)
Beckelhimer, Rosa and Charles Orian Abbott (m. 2 Jul 1895)
Beckelhimer, Sarah and Elias Littleton (m. 19 Nov 1840)
Beckelhimer, Sarah and Elias Littleton (m. 19 Nov 1840)
Beckelhimer, Sarah and John King Jr (m. 31 Aug 1815)
Beckelhimer, Sarah Ellen and James McPheeney (m. 7 Jul 1855)
Beckelhimer, Sarah Ellen and John C Day (m. 29 Apr 1851)
Beckelhimer, Snowden Robert and Myrtle Ray Maynor (m. 24 Feb 1930)
Beckelhimer, Stella Elizabeth and Fred Wright (m. 30 Jul 1922)
Beckelhimer, Susan and Charles William Stewart (m. 25 Dec 1892)
Beckelhimer, Susan and William Hosie Conner
Beckelhimer, Violet Gay and Ivan Maynor (m. 24 Dec 1932)
Beckelhimer, Virginia A and James Preston Epperly (m. 6 Sep 1883)
Beckelhimer, Virginia and Edgar Swem (m. circa 1921)
Beckelhimer, Virginia and Edgar Swem (m. circa 1921)
Beckelhimer, Virginia and Edgar Swem (m. circa 1921)
Beckelhimer, Virginia and Simeon O Swem (m. 23 Feb 1896)
Beckelhimer, Virginia and Simeon O Swem (m. 23 Feb 1896)
Beckelhimer, Virginia and Simeon O Swem (m. 23 Feb 1896)
Beckelhimer, Virginia Ann and John Jones Jr (m. 6 Apr 1856)
Beckelhimer, Virginia Esther and (--?--) Bandy
Beckelhimer, Virginia Esther and Kesler Elmer Richardson (m. 13 Aug 1939)
Beckelhimer, William A and Esther A Hollandsworth (m. 9 Jun 1869)
Beckelhimer, William Isaac and Sarah Booth
Beckelhimer, William Jackson and Callie Donia Wickham (m. 7 Mar 1911)
Beckelhimer, William Jackson and Lillian Pettry (m. 19 May 1915)
Beckelhimer, William Jackson Jr and Lillian Mae Butterworth (m. 5 Apr 1952)
Beckelhimer, William M and Ida M Rhoades (m. 1 Feb 1889)
Beckelhimer, Wilson T and Elizabeth Fitzpatrick (m. 9 Jun 1842)
Beckelhimer, Wilson T and Elmira J Day (m. 5 Nov 1844)
Beckelhimer, Winn T and Alice L (--?--) (m. circa 1906)
Beckelhimer, Woodrow Wilson and Billy Jean Childers (m. 13 Jan 1945)
Beckelhymer, (--?--) and (--?--) Lower
Beckelhymer, Adeline Alice and Jefferson W Head (m. 17 Sep 1874)
Beckelhymer, Alexander and Catherine Ruff (m. 6 Aug 1874)
Beckelhymer, Alexander and Sarah Ann Brown (m. 30 May 1849)
Beckelhymer, Alice Irene and Glenn G Gordon (m. 21 Oct 1908)
Beckelhymer, Alvah Lewis and Dorothea Tillie Phelps (m. 23 Nov 1911)
Beckelhymer, Andrew and Eliza Wayman (m. 23 May 1830)
Beckelhymer, Anna America and George W Purkiser (m. 19 Sep 1861)
Beckelhymer, Anna and Stephen Tabor (m. circa 12 Aug 1811)
Beckelhymer, Anna Belle and Charles L Yazell (m. 15 Dec 1883)
Beckelhymer, Anna E and John T McGrew (m. 16 Sep 1868)
Beckelhymer, Anna Ellen and (--?--) Douglass
Beckelhymer, Anne and John Beckett (m. 17 Dec 1788)
Beckelhymer, Annie E and Charles E Leeper (m. 15 Sep 1870)
Beckelhymer, Arthur Perry and Anna (--?--) (m. Jan 1955)
Beckelhymer, Arthur Perry and Pearl Cloa Prentice (m. 5 May 1914)
Beckelhymer, Barbara Ann and James Vincent Neel (m. 5 Aug 1849)
Beckelhymer, Benjamin and Eunice Fitzpatrick (m. 12 Sep 1824)
Beckelhymer, Benjamin and Jane Ferguson (m. 17 Oct 1819)
Beckelhymer, Benjamin F and Babetta Wendell (m. 30 Mar 1921)
Beckelhymer, Benjamin F and Phoebe Elizabeth Keller (m. 20 Dec 1865)
Beckelhymer, Bertha Arminta and Harvey Allen Burns (m. 25 Nov 1907)
Beckelhymer, Bertha Edith and Stanley George Beach (m. 5 May 1917)
Beckelhymer, Carlton Alvin and Anna Bernettine Southwood (m. 25 Sep 1907)
Beckelhymer, Carlton Alvin and Mable Mae Ninegar (m. 28 Aug 1944)
Beckelhymer, Catharine and Christian Custer (m. 24 Dec 1812)
Beckelhymer, Catharine M and John William Wilson (m. 23 Mar 1879)
Beckelhymer, Catherine and James Grey Starks (m. 2 Jan 1855)
Beckelhymer, Charles and (--?--) (--?--) (m. circa 1895)
Beckelhymer, Charles and Fannie (--?--) (m. 16 Feb 1904)
Beckelhymer, Charlotte and Abner E Haines (m. 13 Apr 1851)
Beckelhymer, Christina and Edward P Stewart (m. 22 Jun 1853)
Beckelhymer, Christina and Peter Robb (m. 29 Oct 1818)
Beckelhymer, Christina and Samuel A Rowley (m. 25 Aug 1842)
Beckelhymer, Christina Ann and Jesse Lawson (m. 8 Apr 1866)
Beckelhymer, Christina Ann and Luther Stark (m. 16 Dec 1868)
Beckelhymer, Christina Ann and William Hamilton Corbin (m. 3 Dec 1852)
Beckelhymer, Clyde Oscar and Freda L (--?--) (m. circa 1925)
Beckelhymer, Cyrus Denison and Elvira Susan Brown (m. 19 Jun 1862)
Beckelhymer, Daniel and Anna (--?--)
Beckelhymer, Earl Errett and Corinne Caffrey (m. circa 1918)
Beckelhymer, Edward P and Cecil P Nichols
Beckelhymer, Edward P and Molly Gibson
Beckelhymer, Edward P and Nettie A (--?--)
Beckelhymer, Eliza Ann and Samuel Robbins (m. 27 Feb 1858)
Beckelhymer, Elizabeth and John Henry
Beckelhymer, Elizabeth and William Logsdon (m. 21 May 1807)
Beckelhymer, Elizabeth Jane and William B Hamilton (m. 11 Dec 1854)
Beckelhymer, Elizabeth Lavina and John Riley Barnhart (m. 10 Jan 1883)
Beckelhymer, Emily C and James W Stark (m. 11 Jun 1877)
Beckelhymer, Emma E and (--?--) Barr
Beckelhymer, Emma E and William L Heizenbuttel (m. circa 1901)
Beckelhymer, Enoch and Sarah Kinsey
Beckelhymer, Estella Leona and (--?--) Doyle
Beckelhymer, Eva Lorena and Wardie Blanton (m. 4 Mar 1933)
Beckelhymer, Florence N and Homer James Coffing (m. 17 Mar 1911)
Beckelhymer, Gail and Irene Goodrich
Beckelhymer, George Lawrence and Matilda Clay Edmunds (m. circa 1902)
Beckelhymer, George M and Laura Bell McMahan (m. 27 Jun 1880)
Beckelhymer, Granville Samuel and Leatha Jane Johnson (m. 4 May 1894)
Beckelhymer, Harley Edgar and Paulina Margaret Beach (m. 5 Dec 1914)
Beckelhymer, Hattie Bell and Gatch Hayward Beach (m. 20 Feb 1915)
Beckelhymer, Irene and Louis A Nagle (m. 26 Feb 1911)
Beckelhymer, Isaac and Elizabeth Jane Smith (m. 3 Mar 1870)
Beckelhymer, Isaac and Emma E Conger
Beckelhymer, Isaiah and Abi Carman (m. 7 Jan 1844)
Beckelhymer, Isaiah and Anna Eliza Haggart (m. 12 Nov 1889)
Beckelhymer, Iva Anita and William Lawson Bainter (m. 27 Sep 1905)
Beckelhymer, Iva Anita and William Lawson Bainter (m. 27 Sep 1905)
Beckelhymer, James Madison and Sarah Katherine Gravitt (m. 3 Feb 1870)
Beckelhymer, Jesse and Lydia Ann Beckelhymer (m. 6 Feb 1820)
Beckelhymer, Jesse and Lydia Ann Beckelhymer (m. 6 Feb 1820)
Beckelhymer, Jesse and Rebecca Beckelshymer (m. 17 Jan 1841)
Beckelhymer, Jesse L and Edna Kirtly (m. 5 Jul 1924)
Beckelhymer, Jesse L and Verna Marie Saylor (m. 27 Mar 1933)
Beckelhymer, Jesse T and Jennie E Johnson (m. circa 1907)
Beckelhymer, Jessie and Harrison Day Shinkle (m. 15 Sep 1898)
Beckelhymer, John Abraham and Margaret Short (m. 15 Apr 1819)
Beckelhymer, John Abraham and Mary Willard (m. 15 Oct 1870)
Beckelhymer, John Decator and Florence B Steele (m. 30 Jun 1928)
Beckelhymer, John Decator and Lillian May Rolfe (m. 4 Jul 1910)
Beckelhymer, John Leonard and Sarah Jane Brown (m. 13 Nov 1873)
Beckelhymer, Jonathan and Susanna Kinsey
Beckelhymer, Joseph Russel and Beulah Warren (m. 18 Feb 1939)
Beckelhymer, Joseph Russel and Gladys Evangeline Wilkinson (m. 5 Aug 1917)
Beckelhymer, Laura Josephine and Joseph V Travis (m. 26 Sep 1867)
Beckelhymer, Lemuel and Mary Jane Alumbaugh (m. 10 Sep 1848)
Beckelhymer, Levi and Lovina Coleman (m. 7 Sep 1851)
Beckelhymer, Lewis and Martha Etta Hall (m. 10 Sep 1876)
Beckelhymer, Lindsey C and Emma A Hall (m. 20 Sep 1880)
Beckelhymer, Lutitia and William Preston Cass (m. 1 Apr 1850)
Beckelhymer, Lydia Ann and Jesse Beckelhymer (m. 6 Feb 1820)
Beckelhymer, Lydia Ann and Jesse Beckelhymer (m. 6 Feb 1820)
Beckelhymer, Mabel Irene and Gilbert T Sipple (m. 26 May 1928)
Beckelhymer, Margaret and Jacob Eppert (m. 9 Dec 1821)
Beckelhymer, Margaret and Jacob Eppert (m. 9 Dec 1821)
Beckelhymer, Mark H and Marie Morris (m. 12 Feb 1928)
Beckelhymer, Mark H and Mildred E DeAth
Beckelhymer, Mary and Achor Harrison Boor (m. 29 Jul 1847)
Beckelhymer, Mary Leah and Armour Morgan (m. 8 Apr 1917)
Beckelhymer, Minnie and Theodore J Stark
Beckelhymer, Moses and Elizabeth Manning (m. 28 Nov 1838)
Beckelhymer, Moses and Peggy Perkizer (m. 8 Mar 1821)
Beckelhymer, Myron Phelps and Emma A Smity (m. 1 Jan 1878)
Beckelhymer, Nancy and John Short Jr
Beckelhymer, Nelson B and Rachel Della Wrigglesworth (m. 19 Apr 1919)
Beckelhymer, Olive and Huell E Warren
Beckelhymer, Oliver Perry and Margaret Emeline Ward (m. 28 Nov 1883)
Beckelhymer, Paul and Bernice A Duchine (m. 7 Jun 1933)
Beckelhymer, Peter and Minerva Webb (m. 20 Mar 1842)
Beckelhymer, Richard Lee and Mildred Dorselle Armstrong (m. 3 Feb 1951)
Beckelhymer, Roy Leonard and Veronica Britt (m. 19 Sep 1922)
Beckelhymer, Samantha Ellen and Earl Duane Millard
Beckelhymer, Samantha Jane and Ethan Otis Stanley (m. 11 Oct 1888)
Beckelhymer, Samuel and Christina Geisenger (m. 28 Dec 1893)
Beckelhymer, Sarah Ann and Daniel Reece (m. 24 Dec 1823)
Beckelhymer, Sarah Ann and Henry Landis (m. 18 Apr 1830)
Beckelhymer, Sarah Ellen and Alfred Struble (m. 23 Aug 1893)
Beckelhymer, Savilla Estella and Arkley Allen Millard (m. 20 Mar 1904)
Beckelhymer, Smithie and Elsie Viola Peters (m. 16 Apr 1911)
Beckelhymer, Sophia and Chapman Archer (m. 18 Jul 1802)
Beckelhymer, Sophia and Francis Runyon (m. 2 Apr 1848)
Beckelhymer, Stella Maria and Albert Lowell Peters (m. 12 Jan 1929)
Beckelhymer, Susan E and Frank Griffin Stevens (m. 4 Mar 1880)
Beckelhymer, Virgil and Emory C Yerkes (m. 9 Aug 1910)
Beckelhymer, Walter and Della Snyder (m. 3 Oct 1906)
Beckelhymer, William and Ann Eliza Herrell (m. 31 Dec 1873)
Beckelhymer, William and Rachel Pursley (m. 1 May 1823)
Beckelhymer, William Madison and Eva Jane Manning (m. 6 Jul 1918)
Beckelshymer, Alexander and Mary Jones (m. 28 Jan 1872)
Beckelshymer, Andrew and Elizabeth Briney (m. 30 Sep 1830)
Beckelshymer, Andrew Newton and Margaret Ann Allen
Beckelshymer, Andrew Newton and Nancy Jane Terrell
Beckelshymer, Anna and Abner Bassett (m. 24 Nov 1852)
Beckelshymer, Armada and Elias Rattling Gourd (m. 22 Dec 1895)
Beckelshymer, Benjamin W and Mary Ann Holmes (m. 14 Jan 1838)
Beckelshymer, Caroline and Peter Bainter (m. 24 Mar 1864)
Beckelshymer, Catherine and Samuel Guthrie (m. 13 Aug 1829)
Beckelshymer, Charles and Ann Briney (m. 27 Apr 1831)
Beckelshymer, Charles R and Rachel Lavina Holmes (m. 16 Feb 1860)
Beckelshymer, Charlotte and Fulton Riley Litton (m. 10 Aug 1851)
Beckelshymer, Diantha and Ezekiel F Clark (m. 19 Dec 1849)
Beckelshymer, Eva Jane and (--?--) Trainer
Beckelshymer, Eva Jane and Emmet P Icenogle
Beckelshymer, Eva Jane and Fred Hoerner (m. 11 Mar 1920)
Beckelshymer, Eva Jane and Hiram Pinnell (m. 8 Jun 1891)
Beckelshymer, Henry and Elizabeth Myers (m. 4 Feb 1835)
Beckelshymer, Henry and Nancy Jane Blair (m. 23 Sep 1858)
Beckelshymer, Henry and Sarah Allenbaugh (m. 16 Feb 1854)
Beckelshymer, James and Elizabeth (--?--) (m. before 1841)
Beckelshymer, John III and Anna Henry (m. 12 Aug 1806)
Beckelshymer, John III and Charity Harger (m. 8 Sep 1803)
Beckelshymer, Lizzie Jane and Albert I Green (m. circa 1899)
Beckelshymer, Lizzie Jane and John Reuben Leach
Beckelshymer, Lizzie Jane and Nathaniel Richard Martin (m. 13 May 1895)
Beckelshymer, Lizzie Jane and Otto Sherman Miles
Beckelshymer, Lizzie Jane and Thomas Deveauo
Beckelshymer, Matilda Agnes and Abraham Lincoln Reneau (m. 20 Dec 1883)
Beckelshymer, Rebecca and Jesse Beckelhymer (m. 17 Jan 1841)
Beckelshymer, Rosetta Estella and George W Stoops (m. 28 Sep 1898)
Beckelshymer, Serilda C and David Overfelt (m. 12 Aug 1866)
Beckelshymer, Serilda C and John W Yowell (m. 10 Nov 1872)
Beckelshymer, Serilda C and Robert Taylor McKee (m. 28 Jul 1881)
Beckelshymer, Thomas and Mary J Leonard (m. 11 Sep 1884)
Beckelshymer, Thomas and Ortha Webb (m. 12 Jul 1846)
Beckelshymer, Willard Justin and Nancy C Martin (m. 20 May 1892)
Becker, Elizabeth and Jacob Stump (m. circa 1745)
Becker, Elizabeth and Johan George Bechtelsheimer (m. 29 Jul 1753)
Becker, Thelma and Francis Marion Picklesimer Sr (m. 28 Jun 1925)
Beckett, Albert Wilson and Lelia Agnes Martin (m. 10 Apr 1921)
Beckett, Alice Mildred and William F Koeppen (m. 14 Apr 1926)
Beckett, Andrew Jackson and Minnie Evaline Williams (m. 11 Oct 1892)
Beckett, Ann E and Francis P Furlong (m. 31 Aug 1873)
Beckett, Anna and William Curtis Walters Jr (m. circa 17 Dec 1830)
Beckett, Benjamin and Mary Robb (m. 31 Dec 1866)
Beckett, Benjamin B and Sarah Elizabeth Sarver (m. 23 Nov 1848)
Beckett, Bertha E and Paul Tiedtke (m. 16 Jun 1901)
Beckett, Blanche M and Earl G Pence
Beckett, Blanche M and James Blaine Johnson (m. 20 May 1908)
Beckett, Carrie Lucinda and William P Welch (m. 24 Aug 1871)
Beckett, Charles E T and Louisa A (--?--)
Beckett, Charles Fred and Olive M Holliday (m. 9 Sep 1903)
Beckett, Charles William and Ida Lavenia Deakins
Beckett, Charles William and Martha Emmaline Story (m. 19 Feb 1895)
Beckett, Cora Belle and John L Moore (m. 18 Mar 1877)
Beckett, Daniel and Lydia Wade (m. circa 24 Jul 1816)
Beckett, Edward Clinton and Prudence A Miller
Beckett, Edward Everet and Jennie Sierveld (m. 26 Apr 1893)
Beckett, Edward Harris and Helen N (--?--)
Beckett, Eli R and Martha Blevins (m. 18 Feb 1888)
Beckett, Elizabeth and Elyias Terry
Beckett, Elizabeth May and Andrew Jackson Oxley
Beckett, Emily Albertine and Jacob Young (m. 16 Apr 1893)
Beckett, Emily J and Hamer Short (m. 3 Aug 1873)
Beckett, Eunice Mae and Fred G Demmien (m. 8 Feb 1916)
Beckett, Fannie L and John Charles Fitzpatrick (m. 30 Jan 1932)
Beckett, Fred G and Ada (--?--)
Beckett, George Benjamin and Gertrude Celestia Basham (m. 28 Mar 1893)
Beckett, Harmon B and Dora J Nash (m. 1 Jan 1893)
Beckett, Harriet Catherine and Albert Lewis Austin (m. 28 Feb 1899)
Beckett, Harriett and R Wellington Kirgan (m. 29 Apr 1877)
Beckett, Harry Donham and Eliza Jane Duckett (m. 27 Jul 1879)
Beckett, Howard F and Bertha F Davidson
Beckett, Isaac James and Lorene Williams
Beckett, James Alfred and Julia Nora Swanner (m. 20 May 1889)
Beckett, James G and Catharine Stoops
Beckett, James Mordicai and Wilmoth Frances Halloway (m. 18 Dec 1852)
Beckett, Jasper N and Alice Harris (m. circa 1893)
Beckett, Jasper N and Anna E Mattox (m. 20 Sep 1881)
Beckett, John and Anne Beckelhymer (m. 17 Dec 1788)
Beckett, John and Margaret Murphy (m. 28 May 1848)
Beckett, John and Sarah J Burnett (m. 6 Dec 1857)
Beckett, John and Susannah (--?--)
Beckett, John Benjamin and Julia Ann Okes (m. 1 Feb 1866)
Beckett, John Benjamin and Martha Louise Robertson (m. 17 Nov 1853)
Beckett, John H and Rachel Phares (m. 5 Aug 1824)
Beckett, John Tazwell and Ulala Ferguson (m. 10 Jul 1881)
Beckett, Lelia M and Milton Hughes (m. 8 Aug 1915)
Beckett, Louisa V and Charles T Martin (m. 13 May 1880)
Beckett, Lucy Abigail and James Robert Williams (m. 16 Dec 1890)
Beckett, Luthur Kessler and Stella C Starkey (m. 27 Nov 1889)
Beckett, Martha A and Bartley Pach (m. 17 Dec 1883)
Beckett, Mary and Hamilton Harper
Beckett, Mary Ann and Isaiah Reynolds (m. 27 Oct 1864)
Beckett, Mary Magdalene and Frederick Alfred Keaton (m. 19 Mar 1901)
Beckett, Mary Rose and (--?--) Abbott
Beckett, Mary Rose and (--?--) Blanchard
Beckett, Mary Rose and William Espey Griswold (m. 18 Jul 1942)
Beckett, Nancy Ruth and Abner Booth Jr (m. 22 Jun 1844)
Beckett, Nona Estelle and Francis Bert Hartshorn (m. 18 Jun 1890)
Beckett, Octava and Lewis Williams (m. 29 Jul 1852)
Beckett, Robert Orlando and Mary Alice Nordyke (m. 3 Jun 1877)
Beckett, Roena A and Thomas F Price (m. 2 Nov 1874)
Beckett, Ronald Earl and Nellie (--?--)
Beckett, Rosella and Henry B Robb (m. 16 Nov 1865)
Beckett, Rosella and Henry B Robb (m. 16 Nov 1865)
Beckett, Russell and Helen McGarvey (m. 9 Sep 1922)
Beckett, Samuel and Amy Fitzpatrick (m. 12 Jul 1818)
Beckett, Samuel and Emily Rosanna Smith (m. 17 Jan 1875)
Beckett, Samuel and Lucinda Eddy (m. 1853)
Beckett, Samuel D and Margaret Armstrong (m. 5 Apr 1868)
Beckett, Sarah and Thomas L Ward
Beckett, Shirley Ruth and Clark C Frye (m. 22 Dec 1915)
Beckett, Solomon and Emily Ann Johnson (m. 22 Oct 1843)
Beckett, Solomon and Hannah A Burnett (m. 4 Dec 1883)
Beckett, Solomon and Lucretia E Brazier (m. 3 Jul 1864)
Beckett, Thomas F and Sarah E Jones (m. 14 Oct 1841)
Beckett, Thomas James and Laura Stone (m. 16 May 1886)
Beckett, Thomas Mattox and Nettie P Slack (m. 30 Aug 1913)
Beckett, Wilbur Ernest and Ruth N Smith (m. 3 Jul 1884)
Beckett, William Albert and Sarah Martha Perry (m. 22 Mar 1906)
Beckett, William C and Martha P John (m. 26 Sep 1875)
Beckett, William E and Jenniebelle R McRae (m. 23 Mar 1935)
Beckett, William H and V Varilla Whitaker (m. 16 Nov 1881)
Beckett, William H C and Catharine D Callaway (m. 22 May 1841)
Beckett, William H C and Margaret Tracy
Beckett, William Howard and Ida L Boyer (m. 23 Nov 1904)
Beckett, William M and Lucy Lesseur (m. circa 20 Apr 1827)
Beckett, William M and Maude A Ely (m. 13 Dec 1888)
Beckett, William Madison and Ann Varison (m. 25 Dec 1890)
Beckett, Wright A and Effie May Dawson (m. 8 Feb 1908)
Beckleheimer, Elbert M and Maude Wimmer (m. 21 Mar 1942)
Beckleheimer, Elbert M and Nannie B Duncan (m. 25 Mar 1930)
Beckleheimer, Elzie America and Andrew Duncan (m. 21 Sep 1911)
Beckleheimer, Elzie America and Andrew Jackson Pritchard
Beckleheimer, General Washington and Rhoda Elzie Farmer (m. 13 Mar 1890)
Beckleheimer, General Washington and Rhoda Elzie Farmer (m. 13 Mar 1890)
Beckleheimer, Mason Monroe and Elizabeth Ann Atkins (m. 17 Sep 1934)
Beckleheimer, Minnie L and Elbert Sanford Rutledge (m. 27 Jul 1908)
Becklehimer, Abraham and Julina Muirhead (m. 10 Feb 1846)
Becklehimer, Abraham and Mary A Argabright (m. 5 May 1861)
Becklehimer, Abraham and Nancy Graham (m. 10 Sep 1853)
Becklehimer, Abraham Jr and Mary Kingery (m. 28 Oct 1790)
Becklehimer, Adeline and Shockley Johnson
Becklehimer, Armilda Millie and Daniel Marion Dodds (m. 10 Feb 1892)
Becklehimer, Beulah A and Joseph Lee Boswell (m. circa 1915)
Becklehimer, Beulah A and Ross P Wells (m. 15 Jun 1914)
Becklehimer, Cecil Harman and Lula Nichols (m. circa 1907)
Becklehimer, Cecil Harman and Onis May Robertson (m. circa 1919)
Becklehimer, Cordelia and Clare Wyant Ware (m. 28 May 1921)
Becklehimer, Earcie J and Archibald Lincoln Dorsey (m. 3 Mar 1900)
Becklehimer, Eliza and Cordes Allen Myers (m. 3 Dec 1910)
Becklehimer, Elizabeth S and John L Burgep (m. 4 Aug 1870)
Becklehimer, Evelena Sonora and Floyd Harrison Farmer (m. 16 Dec 1897)
Becklehimer, Frances and Elkanah Wolf (m. 23 Apr 1829)
Becklehimer, Fred Lowell and Marian (--?--)
Becklehimer, George D and Alice McGill (m. 30 Nov 1878)
Becklehimer, George D and Florence Bell Miller (m. 20 Mar 1890)
Becklehimer, Halla Melissa and Paul Cottrell (m. 7 Dec 1906)
Becklehimer, Henrietta D and Evan C Keck (m. 24 Dec 1885)
Becklehimer, Henry Allen and Donna K Philpott
Becklehimer, Isaac Allen and Martha E Hogue (m. 6 Jan 1859)
Becklehimer, Isaac and Jane (--?--)
Becklehimer, Isaac and Mahala Brown (m. 1844)
Becklehimer, Isaac R and Olive Scott (m. 29 Jul 1888)
Becklehimer, James and Hulda J Plunkett (m. 28 Oct 1858)
Becklehimer, James and Julia Ann Wright (m. 15 Nov 1846)
Becklehimer, James Harvey and Nancy Anna McDade (m. 15 Oct 1867)
Becklehimer, James William and Elizabeth Oyler (m. 1 Jul 1858)
Becklehimer, John A and Sarah J Nicely (m. 15 Nov 1876)
Becklehimer, John and Catherine B Redpath (m. circa 23 Mar 1822)
Becklehimer, John and Elizabeth J Akers (m. 31 Mar 1851)
Becklehimer, John and Nancy Huts (m. 24 Apr 1835)
Becklehimer, John T and Lelia Pittser (m. 16 Feb 1913)
Becklehimer, John T and Merle G Caldwell (m. Apr 1947)
Becklehimer, John T and Myrtle Cox (m. 27 May 1925)
Becklehimer, Laura Ann E and James Herbert Beasley (m. 7 Feb 1884)
Becklehimer, Leeoder and Virena Hester Pearman (m. 6 Dec 1921)
Becklehimer, Martha A and John C Akers (m. 28 Feb 1850)
Becklehimer, Martha A and Lafayette B Brown (m. 6 Jan 1863)
Becklehimer, Martha A and William M McCallen (m. circa 16 Mar 1893)
Becklehimer, Martha Jane and Andrew Jackson Brown (m. 12 Oct 1882)
Becklehimer, Mary A and Herbert D Boswell (m. 9 Sep 1915)
Becklehimer, Mary and Carey Stephens (m. 18 Mar 1859)
Becklehimer, Mary C and William B Day (m. 19 Feb 1874)
Becklehimer, Mary Etta and Edward B Spohr (m. 14 Mar 1905)
Becklehimer, Mary Jane and Levi Jones (m. 15 Jan 1869)
Becklehimer, Melissa Ann and Abraham Britt (m. 16 Oct 1884)
Becklehimer, Melissa Ann and R L Shelton (m. 22 Feb 1912)
Becklehimer, Nellie and Eugene R Nelson (m. 9 Aug 1913)
Becklehimer, Ora E and Stella M Miles (m. 9 Feb 1897)
Becklehimer, Orvil O and Helena Gahs (m. 11 Jan 1916)
Becklehimer, Otto and Dora Asbridge (m. 27 Sep 1910)
Becklehimer, Rebecca Jane and Benjamin Franklin Lambert (m. 1 Jan 1858)
Becklehimer, Rebecca Jane and John R Blankenship (m. circa 1866)
Becklehimer, Ruby Lenora and Harry Douglas (m. circa 1930)
Becklehimer, Sarah Catharine and Charles May (m. 5 Jan 1882)
Becklehimer, Sarah Eliza and Marion A Dickerson (m. 2 Feb 1893)
Becklehimer, Sarah Jane and Jessie Garrett Plunkett (m. 18 Nov 1869)
Becklehimer, Sarah Jane and Peyton J Brown (m. 21 Mar 1864)
Becklehimer, Sarilda A and Samuel P McDaniel (m. 12 Feb 1874)
Becklehimer, Vurnie Witt and Nellie Cottrell (m. 15 Oct 1913)
Becklehimer, William and (--?--) (--?--)
Becklehimer, William Ennis and Cora Jane Miller (m. 2 May 1896)
Becklehimer, William Harvey and Effie Cornelia Wood (m. 23 Nov 1902)
Becklehimer, William T and Laura L Todd (m. 28 Nov 1897)
Beckmann, Amelia J and Harold John Woodlief Behymer (m. 29 Jun 1936)
Bee, John Douglas Sr and Sarah May Day (m. 5 Mar 1913)
Beekman, Ida Mary and Jacob E Bainter (m. 8 Dec 1894)
Beelle, Mary and John Bloom (m. 14 Oct 1873)
Beeman, Jemima L and Andrew Jackson Behymer (m. 18 Jun 1854)
Beezley, Paul and Catharine Emeline Guthrie (m. 25 Dec 1856)
Beezley, Paul and Ester (--?--)
Beghtol, Margaret and Michael France (m. 10 Mar 1857)
Begley, Nora B and Orvis Hymer (m. 25 Feb 1915)
Beheler, Jane and Henry Waggoner (m. circa 5 Dec 1826)
Behimer, Alfred and Frances A Lemberg (m. 24 Sep 1919)
Behimer, Arthur and Ada Irene Brennen (m. 18 Feb 1914)
Behimer, Benjamin Franklin and Elsie Dodd
Behimer, Benjamin Franklin and Flossie Olive Coon (m. 19 Sep 1909)
Behimer, Benjamin Franklin and Mae (--?--)
Behimer, Bertie Lena and William Thomas Burgess (m. 16 Nov 1905)
Behimer, Carrie Catherine and John Presley Eaton
Behimer, Charles and Katherine Maria Philabaum (m. 20 Sep 1911)
Behimer, Clarence Blaine and Pearl Merrell (m. 3 May 1916)
Behimer, Edith Lillian and Bernard Thomas Johnson (m. Jun 1924)
Behimer, Elma Catherine and Peter H Byer (m. 29 Dec 1877)
Behimer, Elsie and Leward L Mowles (m. May 1911)
Behimer, George Francis and Christina E F Jaeger (m. 9 Mar 1891)
Behimer, Gertrude Emma and Carl Tierney (m. 28 Nov 1917)
Behimer, Gertrude Emma and Charles W Soder (m. 10 Jun 1934)
Behimer, Hannah and John Byer (m. 8 Feb 1879)
Behimer, Hannah Margaret and William Henry Blackford (m. 19 Dec 1906)
Behimer, Harry Oscar and Ruth Wolf (m. 17 May 1924)
Behimer, Ira and Nellie Alberta Moss (m. 14 Feb 1909)
Behimer, James and Julia E (--?--) (m. 2 Jan 1907)
Behimer, James and Lena Christina Byer (m. 6 Jan 1878)
Behimer, Jessie Pearl and Frank Mendel Brennen (m. 15 Feb 1905)
Behimer, Margaret June and Edward A Chandler (m. Aug 1878)
Behimer, Mary Elizabeth and Gustav Danielson (m. 14 Jul 1912)
Behimer, Mary Ellen and Harry Hay Gaines (m. 30 Jun 1915)
Behimer, Mary Jane and Clarence Everett McKinley Sr (m. 16 Nov 1908)
Behimer, Michael Jackson and Sarah Clarinda Peterson (m. 11 Jan 1881)
Behimer, Otto and (--?--) Lorraine
Behimer, Otto and Kathryn Shackelton (m. 16 Sep 1916)
Behimer, Robert Henry and Samantha Ellen Brookbank (m. 1 Sep 1876)
Behrens, Hanna and Charles Harrison Brown
Behymer, Aaron and Asenath Smith (m. 26 May 1864)
Behymer, Aaron and Nancy Ellen Pierce (m. 8 May 1851)
Behymer, Aaron Henry and Elizabeth F (--?--)
Behymer, Aaron Henry and Elva B Williams (m. circa 1905)
Behymer, Aaron Sargent and Charlotte Leach (m. 22 Feb 1855)
Behymer, Ada V and George Wahington West (m. 3 Dec 1901)
Behymer, Ada V and John Newton Dennis (m. 23 Dec 1883)
Behymer, Adaline and Jesse Darlington (m. 11 Mar 1885)
Behymer, Adam and Elizabeth Bennett
Behymer, Adam and Susannah Mattox (m. 18 Jan 1838)
Behymer, Adele Ethyl and Amos G Thompson Jr (m. 8 Nov 1919)
Behymer, Adolph and Christine W Kenker (m. 30 Apr 1913)
Behymer, Adolph and Marguerite Moore (m. 15 Dec 1896)
Behymer, Agnes Jane and Louis William Ware
Behymer, Albert Andrew and Dorothy Marie Elliott
Behymer, Albert H and Betty (--?--)
Behymer, Albert H and Willie L Cooper
Behymer, Albert Thomas and Carrie Adella Harl (m. 29 Nov 1897)
Behymer, Alberta F and Herschel L Copeland
Behymer, Alberta F and James Vernon Files
Behymer, Alfred Robert and Gertrude A Ramsey (m. circa 1893)
Behymer, Alfred Robert and Ida May White (m. 11 Aug 1878)
Behymer, Alfred Theodore and Pansy Louise Mandrell (m. 15 Dec 1915)
Behymer, Alfredia Julia and Vernon R Shepard Sr (m. 1 Sep 1934)
Behymer, Alice and Harry Stopher (m. 8 Jan 1907)
Behymer, Alice Elisebeth and Samuel Coburn DePoy (m. 5 Oct 1898)
Behymer, Alice Jane and Ford B Hinman (m. 1936)
Behymer, Alice Lillian and Charles McKenzie (m. 30 Dec 1914)
Behymer, Alice Mary and James C West
Behymer, Alma and (--?--) Wilks (m. circa 1910)
Behymer, Alma E and Charles S Vancil (m. 17 Sep 1907)
Behymer, Alonzo and Florence Roush (m. 13 Nov 1904)
Behymer, Alta E and Caryle D Burkhalter (m. Jan 1947)
Behymer, Alta E and Herman Leroy Smith
Behymer, Alvin and Jessie Agnes Hubbard (m. 1 Nov 1888)
Behymer, Alvin Paul and Jessie (--?--)
Behymer, Amanda Ellen and James M Wood (m. 4 Mar 1873)
Behymer, Amanda Jennie and Abram Evans Gibson (m. 6 Sep 1884)
Behymer, Amanda May and John Esleman Parker (m. 20 Jan 1909)
Behymer, Amanda May and John Esleman Parker (m. 20 Jan 1909)
Behymer, America and George A Monjar (m. 18 Mar 1869)
Behymer, Amy and George W Rathwick (m. 25 Dec 1902)
Behymer, Andrew Jackson and Elizabeth Catherine Smith (m. 25 Nov 1875)
Behymer, Andrew Jackson and Elizabeth Catherine Smith (m. 25 Nov 1875)
Behymer, Andrew Jackson and Jemima L Beeman (m. 18 Jun 1854)
Behymer, Andrew Jackson and Mary E Thrasher (m. 19 Mar 1874)
Behymer, Andrew Jackson and Samantha Agnes Files (m. 7 Nov 1888)
Behymer, Ann and Robert Gordon (m. 4 Jun 1845)
Behymer, Ann and Samuel Thomas Hambleton
Behymer, Ann Louise and Earl W Lamp Jr (m. 12 Oct 1957)
Behymer, Anna and Clarence E Brown (m. 23 Jun 1923)
Behymer, Anna and James Fitzpatrick (m. 4 Nov 1814)
Behymer, Anna and Pardon Moran Bowen (m. circa 31 Dec 1880)
Behymer, Anna B and Rev Jeremiah David Roach (m. 15 Oct 1896)
Behymer, Anna Belle and Ephraim Morgan Wamsley (m. 21 Jun 1891)
Behymer, Anna E and Charles A Boltz (m. circa 1912)
Behymer, Anna E and Harry Steele (m. 24 Apr 1892)
Behymer, Anna Elizabeth and Edward George Feinthel (m. 14 Feb 1931)
Behymer, Anna Elizabeth and John P Curran (m. 15 Sep 1915)
Behymer, Anna Elwanda and Thomas N Gaby (m. 12 Jan 1938)
Behymer, Anna Etta and John Lewis Medsker (m. circa 1902)
Behymer, Anna Louise and Arthur Newton Dupuy (m. 4 Sep 1937)
Behymer, Anna Louise and Henry Cecil Nelson (m. 9 Oct 1926)
Behymer, Anna R and Edwin A Rouse (m. 3 Dec 1902)
Behymer, Anna R and William Oliver Johnson (m. 28 Jun 1924)
Behymer, Anna S and Corda Malott (m. 3 Oct 1917)
Behymer, Annetta Jane and Joseph Edward Guild (m. 5 May 1864)
Behymer, Arabella and Robert Albert Gosney (m. 23 Sep 1891)
Behymer, Archer and Matilda A Fetzer (m. 3 Aug 1903)
Behymer, Arthur Delmore and Florence Matilda Dysert (m. 3 Sep 1889)
Behymer, Arthur L and Clementine C Hoffman (m. 31 Aug 1893)
Behymer, Arthur L and Mabelle Ludwig (m. 3 Dec 1927)
Behymer, Artie Harlan and Lesta J (--?--)
Behymer, Artie Harlan and Ruth Funkhouser (m. 7 Sep 1924)
Behymer, Arvin and Mary K Robinson (m. 15 Jul 1915)
Behymer, Asa and Prudence Stever (m. 5 Jan 1871)
Behymer, Audrey and James Henry Wilson (m. 7 Jan 1907)
Behymer, Barbara A and Kenneth Richardson
Behymer, Barrington and Sarah Elizabeth McDonald (m. 7 Apr 1866)
Behymer, Beatrice and Jay Webster (m. 29 Dec 1937)
Behymer, Beauman and Pauline Katherine Bailey (m. 22 Dec 1870)
Behymer, Belle and Dr David E Stephan (m. 28 Jun 1899)
Behymer, Benjamin and Nancy C Jacobs (m. 13 Mar 1867)
Behymer, Benjamin and Nancy Nash (m. 8 Apr 1841)
Behymer, Benjamin Burns and Charlotte Hamilton (m. 18 Jun 1891)
Behymer, Benjamin Burns and Emma Duertsche (m. 13 Jun 1918)
Behymer, Benjamin F and Ada Sorrell (m. 16 Feb 1893)
Behymer, Benjamin Franklin and Erma M Koch (m. 12 May 1920)
Behymer, Benjamin Harrison Sr and Hilda Gladys Brining (m. 14 May 1914)
Behymer, Benjamin Trimble and Sarah Catherine Ayer (m. 1 Jan 1890)
Behymer, Bennett Allen and Hazel Clara Laymon (m. Oct 1932)
Behymer, Bennett T and Rose Belle Nash (m. 12 Oct 1887)
Behymer, Bernice Marie and Raymond W Conway (m. 14 Sep 1920)
Behymer, Bertha and Albert Franklin Mosure (m. 31 Jul 1894)
Behymer, Bertha and Raymond Fox (m. 14 Jun 1923)
Behymer, Bertha S and Roy Franklin Wilmot (m. 31 Aug 1908)
Behymer, Bessie and Francis Marion Shipp
Behymer, Bessie Olean and Henry Bryan Worley (m. 7 Nov 1917)
Behymer, Beulah Irene and Thomas Columbus Blackwell (m. 24 Dec 1879)
Behymer, Blanche and John Henry Harpster (m. 2 Aug 1905)
Behymer, Blanche Louise and Amon Burett Miller (m. 17 Oct 1906)
Behymer, Blondena and Charles Martin Gabbert
Behymer, Brooksie E and Wiley E Ross Jr (m. 26 Apr 1934)
Behymer, Burzelius and Martha A Schmurr (m. 8 Jul 1894)
Behymer, Burzelius and Wilhelmina Weigel (m. 25 Nov 1883)
Behymer, Byron Boysel and Margaret P Gay (m. 7 Aug 1923)
Behymer, Caroline and William Martin (m. 27 Nov 1851)
Behymer, Carrie and Luther M Newman (m. 2 Apr 1921)
Behymer, Carrie Beatrice and Edward Castleberry
Behymer, Carrie Beatrice and Edward Castleberry
Behymer, Carrie Beatrice and Edward Leroy Carr (m. 10 Oct 1892)
Behymer, Carrie Beatrice and Edward Leroy Carr (m. 10 Oct 1892)
Behymer, Carrie Bell and George W Pierce (m. 3 Apr 1920)
Behymer, Carrie Delia and Joseph G Schwey (m. 22 Nov 1893)
Behymer, Carrie Sylvia and Harold Davis (m. 15 Nov 1926)
Behymer, Carrie Sylvia and William Henry Roberts (m. 8 Aug 1899)
Behymer, Carrie Viola and Robert Waine Oakes (m. 24 Apr 1907)
Behymer, Carrie Viola and Robert Waine Oakes (m. 24 Apr 1907)
Behymer, Carroll B (Dr) and Edna Bell Vanlandingham (m. 1 Feb 1919)
Behymer, Carroll B (Dr) and Georgiana Calhoun (m. 8 Jun 1898)
Behymer, Carroll B (Dr) and Marian Shaw (m. 15 Jun 1925)
Behymer, Cassander and John R Woodlief (m. 5 Jan 1860)
Behymer, Catharine and Thomas Littleton (m. 23 Mar 1813)
Behymer, Cecil Andrew and Doris Dickinson
Behymer, Cecil Andrew and Geraldine Hoppe
Behymer, Cecil Marie and (--?--) Kearns
Behymer, Cecil Marie and Fred L Harris Jr (m. 4 Jun 1932)
Behymer, Cecil Marie and Ova Virgil Allen (m. 24 Dec 1942)
Behymer, Celia A and George Washington Huntington (m. 7 May 1873)
Behymer, Chapman and Frances Martin (m. 19 Nov 1837)
Behymer, Charity and Isaac Renfro (m. 1 Apr 1841)
Behymer, Charles and Ruth Benson (m. 21 May 1923)
Behymer, Charles Augustus and Della Maude Jordan (m. 27 Oct 1891)
Behymer, Charles Daniel and Mary Janice Hogsdon (m. 12 Aug 1939)
Behymer, Charles Daniel and Ruby Hazel McGee
Behymer, Charles Du Bois and Emily G Young (m. circa 1908)
Behymer, Charles Edward and Elsie C Galbreath (m. 8 Aug 1932)
Behymer, Charles Edward and Hannah Adeline Smith
Behymer, Charles Edward and Helen Isabelle Spayd (m. 12 Jun 1928)
Behymer, Charles Edward and Josephine Morris (m. 30 Nov 1887)
Behymer, Charles Edward and Kate M Eichels (m. 27 Sep 1906)
Behymer, Charles Harley and Marie Sammons (m. 13 Oct 1934)
Behymer, Charles Henry and Martha Alice McBride (m. 16 May 1901)
Behymer, Charles Marion and Lillie May Brownfield (m. 22 Sep 1895)
Behymer, Charles Marion and Lillie May Brownfield (m. 22 Sep 1895)
Behymer, Charles Marion and Maude Leah Steele (m. 3 Jul 1937)
Behymer, Charles Marion and Ruth Imholte (m. 31 Dec 1923)
Behymer, Charles Otis and Emily Mabel Smith (m. 27 Jan 1920)
Behymer, Charles Raymond and Jane Ruth Clark (m. 16 Aug 1923)
Behymer, Charles Raymond and Jane Ruth Clark (m. 16 Aug 1923)
Behymer, Charles Russell and Adele May Daniel (m. 3 Jun 1924)
Behymer, Charles Russell and Hattie Greer (m. Feb 1968)
Behymer, Charles S and Anita Holguin (m. circa 1929)
Behymer, Charles Sherman and Lucy D Miller (m. 8 May 1889)
Behymer, Charles Sherman and Ocie May Frysinger (m. 14 Sep 1904)
Behymer, Christopher and Mary Ellen Jones (m. 1 Sep 1928)
Behymer, Christopher Robert and Elizabeth J McKinney (m. 29 Aug 1889)
Behymer, Christopher Robert and Rosa A Pinkerman (m. 26 Dec 1882)
Behymer, Clara Belle and Eli Ingram (m. 14 Nov 1888)
Behymer, Clara Raye and Howard R Ayer (m. 20 May 1911)
Behymer, Clara Raye and Howard R Ayer (m. 20 May 1911)
Behymer, Clara Robertha and Roscoe Payne (m. 12 Mar 1912)
Behymer, Clarence Leroy and Rosie Mae Abbott (m. 14 Apr 1920)
Behymer, Clarence Leroy and Rosie Mae Abbott (m. 14 Apr 1920)
Behymer, Clarington and Lavina Warren (m. 17 Jul 1858)
Behymer, Claude Elijah and Annavee Louise Clark (m. 29 Mar 1947)
Behymer, Claude Elijah and Bessie Edith Gillentine
Behymer, Claude Elijah and Bessie Edith Gillentine
Behymer, Claude Elijah and Elizabeth Virginia Stortz (m. 9 Mar 1941)
Behymer, Claude Elijah and Elizabeth Virginia Stortz (m. 9 Mar 1941)
Behymer, Claude Elijah and Maude May John (m. 15 Dec 1904)
Behymer, Claude Elijah and Maude May John (m. 15 Dec 1904)
Behymer, Claude Oscar and Joanna Flint (m. 31 Aug 1899)
Behymer, Claudia O and George W Collipriest (m. 8 Jan 1921)
Behymer, Claudine Isabella and (--?--) Purkey
Behymer, Claudine Isabella and Lee Caulkin (m. circa 1927)
Behymer, Claudouth D and Ulric C Flock (m. 25 Dec 1895)
Behymer, Clemard and Carrie Belle Kepley (m. 26 Dec 1897)
Behymer, Clemard and Lina Shively (m. 16 Nov 1884)
Behymer, Clemard and Sarah E Swihart (m. 13 Nov 1872)
Behymer, Clement Forrest and Carolyn C Krueger (m. 3 Jun 1918)
Behymer, Clement Forrest and Lillian A Coy (m. circa 13 Dec 1896)
Behymer, Cleo and John Jonas (m. 9 Nov 1918)
Behymer, Clifford and Jennette Delilah Johnson (m. 26 Aug 1888)
Behymer, Clyde Marion and Frances C Diffey (m. 16 Sep 1939)
Behymer, Constance Elaine and James Lee Jett
Behymer, Cora B and Everett Charles Bates (m. 29 Oct 1901)
Behymer, Cora L and Ernest Charles Markland (m. 18 Nov 1903)
Behymer, Corrine Adella and Leonard Cunningham (m. 27 Dec 1924)
Behymer, Courtney Haver and Clara L Newman (m. 17 Jan 1930)
Behymer, Courtney Haver and Flora Marie Mark (m. 2 Aug 1941)
Behymer, Daisy and Earl A Bursack (m. circa 1928)
Behymer, Daisy and Harold C Keeney
Behymer, Daniel and Catherine Swem (m. 1 Oct 1845)
Behymer, Daniel and Martha Ann Steelman (m. 13 Apr 1853)
Behymer, Daniel and Mary France
Behymer, Daniel and Mary McKinzie (m. 8 Mar 1853)
Behymer, Daniel and Mary Terrell (m. 2 Apr 1843)
Behymer, Daniel and Nancy Fitzpatrick (m. 29 Oct 1835)
Behymer, Daniel and Rebecca Hanks (m. 15 Jul 1841)
Behymer, Daniel and Sarah A Bowman (m. 3 Aug 1875)
Behymer, Daniel and Sarah Elizabeth De Warr (m. 23 Oct 1862)
Behymer, Daniel and Sarah Seaborn
Behymer, Daniel and Susan (--?--) (m. 18 Jul 1850)
Behymer, Daniel Ernest and Dolores May Hansen
Behymer, David Lucien and Alice May Forward (m. circa 1890)
Behymer, Delilah and Andrew Jackson Curtis (m. 10 Sep 1874)
Behymer, Della D and Edward E Knox (m. 14 Dec 1910)
Behymer, Diadama and Silas S Hockett (m. 14 Nov 1875)
Behymer, Donald Eugene and Golda Irene Cox (m. 16 Nov 1946)
Behymer, Dora and Percy Ward Havermale (m. 1 Mar 1893)
Behymer, Dorothy Evelyn and Nicholas John DeBrunner (m. 2 Aug 1930)
Behymer, Dorothy Evelyn and Nicholas John DeBrunner (m. 9 Aug 1930)
Behymer, Dorothy Louise and Arthur G Turner (m. 7 May 1932)
Behymer, Dorsee James and Gertrude Irene Shepphard (m. 1 Sep 1926)
Behymer, Earl Donovan and Violet (--?--)
Behymer, Earl Everett and Marie Elizabeth Beaman (m. 15 Jan 1930)
Behymer, Earl Everett and Versa Marie Fine (m. 22 Mar 1944)
Behymer, Earl Everett and Versa Marie Fine (m. circa 1929)
Behymer, Eben (Dr) and Aldora Mary Wellman (m. 13 Oct 1872)
Behymer, Eben and Levina F Hancock
Behymer, Edgar Hugh and Jane Stafford McGee (m. 13 Jan 1952)
Behymer, Edgar T (Dr) and Lida Elizabeth Blythe (m. 18 Sep 1883)
Behymer, Edgar Ulysses and Wynona H Wilson (m. 23 Jul 1897)
Behymer, Edith Carrol and Frederick Ernest L Zeal (m. 28 Sep 1904)
Behymer, Edith J and William Sanford
Behymer, Edith Mae and Wilbert Ross Daniel (m. 2 Sep 1908)
Behymer, Edith Mary and Charles W Bomgardner (m. 17 Sep 1890)
Behymer, Edna and (--?--) Padgett
Behymer, Edna and Albert Uyttebroeck
Behymer, Edna and Samuel Joshua Bird (m. 1914)
Behymer, Edna Zuella and Archie Lee Neftzer (m. 11 Apr 1918)
Behymer, Edward Carl and Virginia McElroy (m. 27 Nov 1947)
Behymer, Edward T and Florence Mary Ayer (m. 26 Jan 1890)
Behymer, Edwin (Dr) and Jennie Mary Mattox (m. 24 Feb 1875)
Behymer, Edwin Lyman and Daisy Helen Cole (m. 14 May 1895)
Behymer, Effie Mae and George Hegler King (m. 1 Apr 1919)
Behymer, Eldon Leonard and Dorothy Opal Cambridge (m. 7 Dec 1932)
Behymer, Eleanor Jane and Elam Vining Bentley (m. 12 May 1897)
Behymer, Elias and Eve Plackard (m. 6 Jun 1839)
Behymer, Elijah and Elizabeth McKenzie (m. 18 Oct 1813)
Behymer, Elijah and Mary Amanda Wheeler (m. 2 Feb 1845)
Behymer, Elijah and Sarah Zouella Robb (m. 26 Jul 1879)
Behymer, Elijah and Sarah Zouella Robb (m. 26 Jul 1879)
Behymer, Elijah and Susan Hudson (m. 9 Sep 1835)
Behymer, Elijah Grant and Josephine M Barlow
Behymer, Elijah K and Emily Dunbar (m. 28 Aug 1878)
Behymer, Elisha B and Mary B. Waggoner (m. 1 Apr 1867)
Behymer, Elisha B and Mary B. Waggoner (m. 1 Apr 1867)
Behymer, Eliza Ann and Charles Silber (m. 27 Oct 1878)
Behymer, Eliza Jane and John B Phillips (m. 27 Aug 1863)
Behymer, Elizabeth and Allen Johnson (m. 14 Aug 1859)
Behymer, Elizabeth and Elias Hollingswood McCord (m. 23 Feb 1838)
Behymer, Elizabeth and Elijah Curtis (m. 13 Mar 1823)
Behymer, Elizabeth and Jacob Eppert (m. 25 Oct 1829)
Behymer, Elizabeth and Jacob Eppert (m. 25 Oct 1829)
Behymer, Elizabeth and Jacob Rardin (m. circa 1811)
Behymer, Elizabeth and James Gaskins (m. 1 Jul 1847)
Behymer, Elizabeth and Lancelot L Hobbs (m. 27 Jul 1863)
Behymer, Elizabeth and Rev James Taylor Robb (m. 20 Oct 1836)
Behymer, Elizabeth Ann and Elijah Lindsey (m. 3 Mar 1861)
Behymer, Elizabeth Della and Cassius Adams Hawker
Behymer, Elizabeth Della and Harry Crist (m. 28 Jul 1908)
Behymer, Elizabeth M and Elisha B Eppert (m. 24 Dec 1871)
Behymer, Ella Frances and Noah Edward Pruett (m. 9 Sep 1908)
Behymer, Ellen and Lee F Hill
Behymer, Ellen Mae and Charles L Rothwell (m. 4 Jul 1952)
Behymer, Ellen Mae and Harry Sample Jr (m. 28 May 1949)
Behymer, Elmer Frank and Luetta (--?--) (m. 23 Jun 1928)
Behymer, Elmer Frank and Shirley Stevens
Behymer, Elnora and Charles S Redrow (m. 21 Jul 1881)
Behymer, Elsie Olive and Dr Egbert Earl Moody (m. 9 Dec 1917)
Behymer, Elzada J and Charles Milton Ganson (m. 24 Dec 1895)
Behymer, Elzira and Henry B Maydin (m. circa 1906)
Behymer, Elzira and James F Gallagher
Behymer, Emaline and John Hoskins (m. 1 Nov 1868)
Behymer, Emily and Marcellus Smith (m. 19 Jan 1860)
Behymer, Emma Jane and Andrew J Wilkinson (m. 12 Nov 1872)
Behymer, Emma Jean and (--?--) Cook
Behymer, Emma Jean and Paul McNeely
Behymer, Emma May and Ace Albert Pruett (m. 2 Aug 1909)
Behymer, Emma Virgie and Charles Ernest Willette (m. 8 Jul 1922)
Behymer, Emma Virgie and James G Townsley (m. 28 Oct 1914)
Behymer, Emma Virgie and James Garfield Sammons (m. 13 Oct 1930)
Behymer, Enid E and John Theodore Grittman (m. 12 Jan 1933)
Behymer, Enid Lynn and Dr Roy Malcolm (m. 18 Dec 1911)
Behymer, Enoch Daniel and Nellie Blanche Sparks (m. 9 May 1911)
Behymer, Erasmus Manford and Sarah Elizabeth Ford (m. circa 1894)
Behymer, Erasmus Manford and Vertie Augusta Dowell
Behymer, Ervin Owen and Florence E Hoff (m. 15 Apr 1920)
Behymer, Estella Myrtle and John Bird Zimmerman (m. 10 May 1888)
Behymer, Esther Ann and Phillip Glynn (m. 28 Jun 1919)
Behymer, Esther Elizabeth and James Seth Baker (m. 22 May 1926)
Behymer, Esther Nadine and (--?--) Harbaugh
Behymer, Ethel Hanna and Benjamin Frank Miller (m. 22 Feb 1922)
Behymer, Ethel Lillie and Clarence M McKamey (m. 30 May 1915)
Behymer, Ethel Nancy and Harrison Oliver Sr (m. 26 Jul 1914)
Behymer, Eunice and John W Cundiff (m. 5 Jan 1867)
Behymer, Eva May and Shelby Edward Storts
Behymer, Evaline and James Nash (m. 29 Sep 1850)
Behymer, Evelyn Elsie and George Gilford King (m. 20 Oct 1906)
Behymer, Evelyn Mae and Darwin E Haupt
Behymer, Evelyn Mae and Earl Luther Leazenby (m. 17 Jul 1938)
Behymer, Fannie Agnes and Lowell P Clare (m. 13 Apr 1902)
Behymer, Fannie Almira and George Reatherford (m. 10 Sep 1885)
Behymer, Fay Orr and Florence M Reamy (m. 1 Jul 1903)
Behymer, Fay Orr and Nellie Larimore (m. 15 Oct 1893)
Behymer, Fay Orr and Sadie Geraldine Reamy
Behymer, Faye Medora and Lawrence John Deters (m. 9 Jan 1929)
Behymer, Findley and Susannah Ann Leach (m. 27 Dec 1854)
Behymer, Florence Alma and George Merle Witham (m. 15 Feb 1928)
Behymer, Florence and Ray Leininger (m. 18 May 1935)
Behymer, Florence and William O Files (m. 20 Mar 1898)
Behymer, Florence Edna and Claude C Daniels (m. 30 Sep 1916)
Behymer, Florence Edna and Claude C Daniels (m. 30 Sep 1916)
Behymer, Florence Edna and John M Roye (m. 20 Jun 1906)
Behymer, Florence Edna and John M Roye (m. 20 Jun 1906)
Behymer, Florence J and William Jasper Tone (m. 31 Oct 1876)
Behymer, Florence J and William Jasper Tone (m. 31 Oct 1876)
Behymer, Florence Louisa and George Joseph Uchtman Sr (m. 18 Aug 1909)
Behymer, Forney Littleton and Hallie Moore Hughes (m. 27 Dec 1905)
Behymer, Forney Littleton and Helen O (--?--)
Behymer, Frances B and John Wesley Shideler (m. 25 Sep 1877)
Behymer, Frances Elizabeth and Harvey Seaborn (m. 2 Dec 1855)
Behymer, Frances M and Martin Huber (m. 21 Jun 1906)
Behymer, Francis Albert and Ottilia Wilhelmina Meyer (m. 23 Jun 1891)
Behymer, Francis Lucille and (--?--) Ashton
Behymer, Francis Lucille and Allen Dull (m. 28 Jan 1928)
Behymer, Francis Marion and Amanda Fields (m. circa 1885)
Behymer, Francis Marion and Anna Virginia Apling (m. 8 May 1867)
Behymer, Francis Marion and Anna Wenger (m. 8 Dec 1881)
Behymer, Francis Marion and Lavina Rudesill
Behymer, Francis Marion and Louisa Jane Travis (m. 26 Apr 1874)
Behymer, Francis Marion and Nancy Catherine Atteberry (m. 28 Feb 1911)
Behymer, Francis Marion and Nancy Mariah Orr (m. circa 1866)
Behymer, Francis Marion and Priscilla Johnson (m. 13 Dec 1877)
Behymer, Francis Marion and Sarah Ann Williams (m. 20 Apr 1864)
Behymer, Frank A and Lula M Way (m. 28 Jun 1930)
Behymer, Frank A and Thelma Fern Smith
Behymer, Frank Alvin and Carrie Claudie Will (m. 5 Oct 1897)
Behymer, Frank Leslie and Katharine Plotner (m. 15 Aug 1923)
Behymer, Franklin Carter and Julia Alice Hamilton (m. 10 Oct 1901)
Behymer, Franklin Carter and Myrtle N Ramsey (m. 10 Jul 1894)
Behymer, Franklin P and Ada B Hawkins (m. 23 Oct 1950)
Behymer, Franklin P and Ada B Hawkins (m. 23 Oct 1950)
Behymer, Franklin P and Lucy Jane Sellers (m. 1 Dec 1911)
Behymer, Franklin P and Lucy Jane Sellers (m. 1 Dec 1911)
Behymer, Franklin Pierce and (--?--) (--?--)
Behymer, Franklin Pierce and Malissa A Bangham (m. 30 Jun 1885)
Behymer, Franklin Pierce and Tippie Belinda Harshman (m. 3 Apr 1895)
Behymer, Fred Edward and (--?--) (--?--)
Behymer, Fred Edward and Ellen L Meadows (m. 10 Oct 1925)
Behymer, Fred Edward and Rhoda Jane Sells (m. 13 Jan 1934)
Behymer, Fred L and Doris Tingle (m. 1956)
Behymer, Fred L and Sandra Sue Hayes (m. 1996)
Behymer, Frederick and Nora Lee Johnson (m. 6 Sep 1909)
Behymer, Frederick G and Almeda Minnie Hatfield (m. 3 Oct 1901)
Behymer, Frederick G and Della Spencer (m. 30 Sep 1916)
Behymer, Frederick Lee and Marcia M Warfield (m. circa 1916)
Behymer, Frederick W and Mary Elizabeth Seitz (m. 31 Dec 1939)
Behymer, Freeman and Caroline Bradbury (m. 6 Mar 1847)
Behymer, Freeman and Demaris Townsley (m. 18 Sep 1877)
Behymer, Freeman and Louisa A Snider (m. 4 Jan 1866)
Behymer, Garnet June and Robert Fleming Peck (m. 3 Mar 1948)
Behymer, George and Mary Ann Peters
Behymer, George Charles and Charlotte Maria Trojan (m. 18 Aug 1908)
Behymer, George Crawford and Clara B Taylor (m. 6 Dec 1886)
Behymer, George Franklin and Frances Elizabeth Carroll (m. 15 May 1885)
Behymer, George Franklin and Jenny Belle Marsh (m. 20 Nov 1948)
Behymer, George Harris and Ethel L Southard (m. 25 Apr 1925)
Behymer, George Korah and Lillie Baird (m. 2 Jun 1891)
Behymer, George L and Hess Estella Long (m. 10 Feb 1892)
Behymer, George Russell and Mary Catherine (--?--) (m. circa 1928)
Behymer, George W and Mary Jane Spalding (m. 23 Jul 1868)
Behymer, George Washington and Anna Ashbaugh (m. 3 Oct 1898)
Behymer, George Washington and Cynthia Wait
Behymer, George Washington and Hazel Alma Brown (m. 21 Nov 1925)
Behymer, George Washington and Laurena Abbott (m. 16 May 1867)
Behymer, George Washington and Lenora J Day (m. circa 1889)
Behymer, George Washington and Mary Isabelle Vaughn (m. circa 1876)
Behymer, George Washington and Rhoda Elizabeth Briggs (m. 30 Mar 1900)
Behymer, George Washington and Sarah Belle Rilea (m. 19 Jul 1868)
Behymer, Georgia Ella and Robert Allen
Behymer, Gerald W and Diana J Carter
Behymer, Gerald W and Sharon Lang (m. 23 Apr 1984)
Behymer, Gertrude Belle and Morris A Brissenden (m. 24 Nov 1910)
Behymer, Gilmore Wesley and Florence Pearl Brown (m. 24 Mar 1907)
Behymer, Gladys Evelyn and Raymond V Meredith (m. 26 Jan 1935)
Behymer, Gladys Leona and Harley Ennis Ward (m. 30 Mar 1918)
Behymer, Gladys Leona and Nelson W Mahoney
Behymer, Glen Archer and Martha (--?--)
Behymer, Glenarvon and Frieda Dorothea Rhine (m. circa 1926)
Behymer, Glenarvon and Helen Eaton (m. 12 Apr 1909)
Behymer, Glenarvon and Martha Alvana Bennett (m. 16 Jul 1949)
Behymer, Glenarvon Jr and Francille Ward (m. 16 Jun 1951)
Behymer, Grace Irene and Donald Vernon Wheeler (m. 28 Oct 1908)
Behymer, Grace L and David B Goldnamer (m. 15 Sep 1900)
Behymer, Grant William and Nellie Jaquline Wilkerson (m. circa 1919)
Behymer, Hamer and Cornelia Lustacy Whittaker (m. 23 Apr 1876)
Behymer, Harold Elijah and Mary D Vicario (m. 7 Apr 1951)
Behymer, Harold Elijah and Mildred Genneva McQuitty (m. 5 Nov 1930)
Behymer, Harold John Woodlief and Amelia J Beckmann (m. 29 Jun 1936)
Behymer, Harold John Woodlief and Lillian (--?--) (m. circa 1929)
Behymer, Harold Raymond and Mildred Lucille Brooks (m. circa 1947)
Behymer, Harold Snyder and Alice L Walker (m. 15 Dec 1926)
Behymer, Harriet and Enoch Myrick (m. 2 Jul 1876)
Behymer, Harriet and Francis W Redrow (m. 2 Apr 1890)
Behymer, Harriet C and Burkhard J Keller (m. 8 Apr 1875)
Behymer, Harriet Lillie and Charles Howell Hazlewood (m. 24 Jun 1909)
Behymer, Harriet Olive and Charles E McNutt (m. 8 Nov 1943)
Behymer, Harriet Olive and Dr Homer M Wymer (m. 18 Jun 1919)
Behymer, Harriett Jane and William L Jackson (m. 14 Nov 1846)
Behymer, Harry and Agnes Teresa Marck (m. 31 Aug 1903)
Behymer, Harry and Gussie Dingman (m. 31 Mar 1925)
Behymer, Harry B and Margaret Ford
Behymer, Harry B and Mary A Platt (m. 18 Mar 1920)
Behymer, Harry B and Viola Lightell (m. 15 Sep 1951)
Behymer, Harry Kimber and Maude Myers (m. 7 Jan 1925)
Behymer, Harry Wellman (Dr) and Bessie R Copelen (m. 18 Oct 1904)
Behymer, Hazel and John B Green (m. 15 Feb 1916)
Behymer, Helen Agnes and Clifford A Berkmyer (m. 21 Mar 1911)
Behymer, Helen Ann and William Franklin Troy (m. 4 Nov 1880)
Behymer, Helen Marie and Leo Heiny (m. 27 Aug 1921)
Behymer, Henrietta and George McClure (m. 16 Dec 1869)
Behymer, Henrietta and Thomas Gardiner Travis (m. 27 Dec 1880)
Behymer, Henry and Mary Ellis (m. 30 Apr 1840)
Behymer, Henry Edward and Francis E Sehorn (m. 21 Feb 1881)
Behymer, Henry Edward and Mary Julia Evers (m. 19 Apr 1911)
Behymer, Henry Hardin and Rebecca Jane Logsdon (m. 6 Feb 1871)
Behymer, Henry Markeley and Agnes W (--?--)
Behymer, Henry Markeley and Nancy M Jones (m. 1 May 1859)
Behymer, Henry Markeley and Nancy W Brown (m. 26 Sep 1867)
Behymer, Herbert Eugene and Helen Gertrude Gottschalk (m. 28 Jul 1923)
Behymer, Hester A and John Esleman Parker (m. 18 May 1880)
Behymer, Hester A and John Esleman Parker (m. 18 May 1880)
Behymer, Hester and John Henderson (m. 20 Sep 1851)
Behymer, Hester and John Henderson (m. 20 Sep 1851)
Behymer, Homer C (Dr) and Margaret May Gray (m. 8 Jan 1896)
Behymer, Homer H and Nora Derusha (m. 6 Jun 1933)
Behymer, Homer Robert and Hettie Frost (m. circa 1912)
Behymer, Howard B and Lillian M Davis (m. 16 Jul 1921)
Behymer, Howard James Edwin and (--?--) (--?--)
Behymer, Howard James Edwin and Clemence Mahala Sue Hauldren (m. 8 May 1940)
Behymer, Howard James Edwin and Naomi Lee Hughes (m. 24 Aug 1974)
Behymer, Howard Walker and Irene Helen Nelson (m. 21 Mar 1932)
Behymer, Hulda and Charles O McConnell
Behymer, Ida Belle and David A Smith (m. circa 20 Jan 1885)
Behymer, Ida J and Thomas Truett (m. circa 1898)
Behymer, Ida M and Charles L Hopper (m. 24 Aug 1884)
Behymer, Ida M and John C Spresser (m. 6 Jan 1887)
Behymer, Ida Rose and James Luke Higgins (m. 26 Dec 1886)
Behymer, Ignatious E and (--?--) (--?--)
Behymer, Iona Mae and Andy Lee Davis (m. 10 Jun 1933)
Behymer, Ira A and Cora A Clement (m. 16 Mar 1897)
Behymer, Irene B and Cary Hodson (m. 15 Sep 1920)
Behymer, Isaac Marion and Effie P Opel (m. 6 Sep 1908)
Behymer, Isaac Marion and Ruth Ellen Miles (m. 27 Oct 1895)
Behymer, Isabella and Frederick G Nagelson (m. 28 Jun 1919)
Behymer, Ivan and Elizabeth Anthony Campbell (m. 20 Jul 1904)
Behymer, Ivan and Grace A (--?--)
Behymer, Ivan Douglas and Sarah Francis Jones (m. 30 Apr 1938)
Behymer, Ivan Eugene and Edna Elizabeth King (m. 8 Jun 1904)
Behymer, Jacob and Elizabeth France
Behymer, Jacob M and Harriet L Durham (m. 22 Nov 1860)
Behymer, James and Cynthia (--?--)
Behymer, James and Mary Elizabeth Axton (m. 6 Dec 1868)
Behymer, James E and Millie May Chapman (m. 19 Jul 1902)
Behymer, James Elmer and Charlotte Jane Hatfield (m. 12 Jan 1892)
Behymer, James Elmer and Lillie C Williams (m. 8 Nov 1902)
Behymer, James M and Edith Oswald (m. 6 Sep 1868)
Behymer, James Madison and Amanda Lusina Hulse (m. 4 Jul 1871)
Behymer, James Madison and Celia Jane Wells (m. 18 May 1916)
Behymer, James P and Margaret A (--?--)
Behymer, James P and Mary Ann Bradbury (m. 20 Dec 1845)
Behymer, James P and Rhoda C Boren (m. 10 Mar 1864)
Behymer, Jane and Ezra Blanchard (m. 19 Jul 1855)
Behymer, Jane and Joseph Summerfield (m. 17 Dec 1830)
Behymer, Jennette and James Henderson (m. circa 14 Oct 1845)
Behymer, Jennie Lenora and John Irvin Kimball (m. 4 Apr 1894)
Behymer, Jerome and Anna Elizabeth Sims (m. 26 Aug 1869)
Behymer, Jerome and Mary Perrine (m. circa 30 Oct 1896)
Behymer, Jesse H and Della Mae (--?--) (m. circa 1922)
Behymer, Jesse H and Grace M Hearne (m. circa 3 Jul 1951)
Behymer, Jessie and Orville Grant Sherrick (m. 24 Dec 1895)
Behymer, Jessie I and Clement O Brideweser (m. 11 Mar 1913)
Behymer, Jessie I and Elmer Bridegroom (m. 16 Nov 1940)
Behymer, Jessie Malinda and William M Walsh (m. 27 Jul 1892)
Behymer, Jessie N and Royal Samuel Blackford (m. 6 Sep 1926)
Behymer, Joel and Eve France (m. Sep 1810)
Behymer, Joel and Mary Brunaugh (m. 26 Nov 1840)
Behymer, Joel and Mary H Rice (m. 3 Jun 1851)
Behymer, John 1st and Sarah John (m. 22 Oct 1835)
Behymer, John 2nd and Martha Elizabeth Medaris (m. 14 Oct 1830)
Behymer, John 3rd and Nancy Leach (m. 31 Oct 1830)
Behymer, John and Charity A (--?--) (m. 3 Sep 1891)
Behymer, John and Jane Meeker (m. 10 Sep 1821)
Behymer, John and Margaret E Holmes (m. 15 Nov 1852)
Behymer, John and Sarah H Kincaid (m. 24 Dec 1891)
Behymer, John and Susan Frances Hunley (m. 20 Mar 1880)
Behymer, John Andrew and Zula F York (m. 7 Apr 1928)
Behymer, John Armon and Emma G Foust (m. 2 Mar 1903)
Behymer, John B and Eleanor M Schaffer (m. 25 Feb 1901)
Behymer, John E and C A (--?--)
Behymer, John Joseph and (--?--) (--?--)
Behymer, John Joseph and Nora A McCaffery (m. circa 1900)
Behymer, John Jr and Barbara Weddle (m. circa 1779)
Behymer, John L and Margaret Ann Bilby (m. 11 May 1888)
Behymer, John Lafayette and Isabelle (--?--) (m. 1 Mar 1899)
Behymer, John Lafayette and Leola Miller (m. 26 Sep 1889)
Behymer, John Nelson and Jennie Belle Mattox (m. 11 Jan 1875)
Behymer, John Nelson and Jennie Belle Mattox (m. 11 Jan 1875)
Behymer, John Oliver and Anna Eliza O'Banion (m. 1 Mar 1880)
Behymer, John Riley and Blanche Bernice Simpson (m. 25 Jun 1910)
Behymer, John Riley and Elizabeth Bench (m. 18 Nov 1847)
Behymer, John Riley and Nellie C Rittenhouse (m. 22 Feb 1900)
Behymer, John Solomon and Ida J Blough (m. circa 1890)
Behymer, John Solomon and Nannie (--?--) (m. 3 Jan 1946)
Behymer, John W and Harriet S Truitt (m. 24 Jul 1866)
Behymer, John Walter Sr and Martha Deuell (m. circa 1923)
Behymer, John William and (--?--) (--?--)
Behymer, John William and Della M Robison
Behymer, Joseph and Lucinda Rogers (m. 15 Apr 1866)
Behymer, Joseph B Gatch and Alice Lucinda Skinner (m. circa 1891)
Behymer, Josephine and William Norman Rouse (m. 18 Oct 1892)
Behymer, Juanita B and Cecil V Dryden
Behymer, Juanita Irene and Kenneth Charles Lyon (m. 4 Aug 1921)
Behymer, Judith A and Harry Howell (m. 17 Jun 1899)
Behymer, Judith and James Vail (m. 5 Jan 1832)
Behymer, Julia Mae and Roy Emanuel Haws (m. 15 Jan 1923)
Behymer, Kathryn Sarah and John L S Fetzer (m. 8 May 1909)
Behymer, Kathryn Sarah and John L S Fetzer (m. 8 May 1909)
Behymer, L May and Bucher Hollada (m. 11 Mar 1914)
Behymer, L May and Stephen Turner (m. 7 Sep 1907)
Behymer, Lafayette and Mary Ann Hubble (m. 8 Mar 1882)
Behymer, Lafayette and May A Brown (m. 26 Dec 1912)
Behymer, Laura A and Franklin Peter Cherry (m. 20 Mar 1890)
Behymer, Laura and James T Warren (m. 1 Jul 1869)
Behymer, Laura and John Wesley Bragdon (m. 31 Jan 1861)
Behymer, Laura and Lemuel Price Toombs (m. 11 Sep 1905)
Behymer, Laura Esther and Harley D Athey
Behymer, Laura Esther and John William Beaty (m. 8 Jan 1883)
Behymer, Lawrence Allen and Helen Marie Shaefer (m. circa 1925)
Behymer, Lawrence Allen and Nettie Mae Ash (m. 13 Oct 1956)
Behymer, Leandrew and Adonna Lillian Beagle (m. 25 Jun 1902)
Behymer, Leandrew and Stella Townsley (m. 4 Nov 1895)
Behymer, Lee Isaac and Ada Belle Wilson (m. 16 Dec 1935)
Behymer, Lee Isaac and Lilly Hacker
Behymer, Lee James and Hattie Wood
Behymer, Lena Elvira and William Roland Shoup (m. 3 Jul 1883)
Behymer, Lennie and George A Livingston (m. 29 Dec 1901)
Behymer, Leonard and Sarah Francis Butler (m. 8 Sep 1917)
Behymer, Leonidas K and Cora Jane Hunt (m. 6 Jul 1890)
Behymer, Leroy (Rev) and Sarah Jane Nelson (m. 1 Jun 1854)
Behymer, Leroy Vance and (--?--) (--?--)
Behymer, Leroy Vance and Sarah Ruby Goble
Behymer, Leroy William and (--?--) (--?--)
Behymer, Lester O'Banion and Estelle Hale (m. 16 Jun 1914)
Behymer, Lester O'Banion and Jean Burgett (m. 1943)
Behymer, Levi and Esther France (m. 23 Nov 1812)
Behymer, Levi and Esther France (m. 24 Nov 1812)
Behymer, Levias and Amanda M Willett (m. 6 Jun 1858)
Behymer, Lewis and Delilah Catherine Ann Custer (m. 21 Sep 1869)
Behymer, Lewis and Delilah Catherine Ann Custer (m. 21 Sep 1869)
Behymer, Lewis and Delilah Catherine Ann Custer (m. 21 Sep 1869)
Behymer, Lewis and Hester B Wood (m. 14 Oct 1858)
Behymer, Lewis and Hester B Wood (m. 14 Oct 1858)
Behymer, Lewis B (Dr) and Elizabeth Lytle (m. 2 Apr 1872)
Behymer, Lewis B and Jane Gaskins (m. 29 Aug 1840)
Behymer, Lilly J and James Edward Foster (m. 23 Apr 1904)
Behymer, Linnet Mattox and Daniel E Drake (m. 1 Jan 1898)
Behymer, Lloyd A and Mary Louise Kestle (m. 10 May 1941)
Behymer, Lloyd Perry and Magdaline Schreck (m. 25 Jul 1904)
Behymer, Lloyd Russell and Lera A Powell (m. 11 Aug 1945)
Behymer, Lloyd Russell and Mary Evelyn Abner (m. 10 Feb 1925)
Behymer, Lois Irene and Clarence Dwight Neidigh (m. 1954)
Behymer, Lois Irene and David Greer
Behymer, Lois Juliet and John D Bond
Behymer, Lola E and Alvin F Geverts Jr (m. 17 Oct 1931)
Behymer, Lola Mae and Arnold G Schirmer
Behymer, Lora and Alonzo Duley (m. 15 Jan 1905)
Behymer, Lora and Benjamin F Hatcher (m. 25 Oct 1896)
Behymer, Lora and John H Hanebrink (m. 14 Dec 1929)
Behymer, Lorain J and Lillian May DeGarmo (m. 15 Jun 1898)
Behymer, Lorain J and Mamie Houston (m. 20 Mar 1877)
Behymer, Loren Eugene and Florence (--?--) (m. 14 Sep 1997)
Behymer, Loren Eugene and Mabel Lucille Lyons (m. 4 Jun 1944)
Behymer, Lorene and Otis L Johnson
Behymer, Louella Catherine and Winfield Scott Brown (m. 26 Apr 1883)
Behymer, Louise A and Donald Vere Coffield (m. 10 Dec 1938)
Behymer, Lucien Syress and Emma Ethel Kincheloe (m. 2 Sep 1903)
Behymer, Lucien Taylor and Ary Moore (m. 9 Jun 1913)
Behymer, Lucien Taylor and Esther Ann Clendenen (m. 4 Dec 1877)
Behymer, Lucile and (--?--) Thompson
Behymer, Lucinda Ellen and William Thomas East (m. 23 Sep 1869)
Behymer, Lucinda Nancy and Robert Levi Grover (m. 12 Sep 1895)
Behymer, Lucy and John France (m. 29 Aug 1867)
Behymer, Lucy and John France (m. 29 Aug 1867)
Behymer, Lucy and Thomas Brown (m. 30 Oct 1834)
Behymer, Lucy and Thomas Brown (m. 30 Oct 1834)
Behymer, Lucy O and Zender Laudahn
Behymer, Lucy Z and Arthur M Crowder (m. 9 Sep 1916)
Behymer, Lucy Z and Arthur M Crowder (m. 9 Sep 1916)
Behymer, Luella and Charles Herbert Blair (m. 25 Mar 1916)
Behymer, Luella and Samuel L Hall (m. 1 Nov 1885)
Behymer, Lula Ellen and Oscar Fernand Iles (m. 24 Feb 1920)
Behymer, Lydia and Thomas Herron (m. 15 Feb 1857)
Behymer, Lynden Ellsworth and Dana Wiles (m. 20 Apr 1946)
Behymer, Lynden Ellsworth and Menetta Alma Sparkes (m. 3 Jan 1886)
Behymer, Mabel Gertrude B and Adam Taylor Knowles (m. circa 1915)
Behymer, Mable Florence and William George Eggert (m. 30 Apr 1921)
Behymer, Madge and Robert R Griffith (m. 25 Dec 1910)
Behymer, Mae and Orange Edson Baxter (m. 18 Jul 1903)
Behymer, Mae and Roy Patterson
Behymer, Mae and William M Tilt (m. 18 Jun 1907)
Behymer, Mae Anna and James Merle Syphax (m. 31 Dec 1913)
Behymer, Malinda and Wilson Thompson Gray (m. 12 Oct 1856)
Behymer, Malinda Leanna and George Henry Gayer (m. 19 Sep 1875)
Behymer, Margaret A and Frank J Horan (m. 7 Dec 1921)
Behymer, Margaret Jane and George W Trump (m. 7 Sep 1871)
Behymer, Margaret L and Harry Felix Zind (m. 20 Mar 1911)
Behymer, Marguerite Caecilia and Fred A Krick (m. 10 Nov 1939)
Behymer, Marion Lindsay and May Ackels (m. 7 Nov 1906)
Behymer, Marjory and Steve Combs
Behymer, Martha Ann and Daniel Edgar Sprong (m. 11 Apr 1879)
Behymer, Martha Ellen and Jacob Monroe Hanks (m. 17 Oct 1876)
Behymer, Martha Jane and John A Gomien (m. 20 Apr 1892)
Behymer, Martha Melvina and Leander Jones (m. 1 Jun 1891)
Behymer, Martha S and Joseph Edward Cross (m. 26 Jun 1895)
Behymer, Martin and Elizabeth Lindsey (m. 11 May 1827)
Behymer, Martin and Lucinda Abigail Gross (m. 29 Dec 1870)
Behymer, Martin and Lucy Beagle (m. 5 Dec 1816)
Behymer, Mary Alberta and (--?--) Lorch
Behymer, Mary Alice and Nicholas B Bell (m. 19 Jul 1877)
Behymer, Mary and George Cobble (m. circa 1885)
Behymer, Mary and George Cobble (m. circa 1885)
Behymer, Mary and Greenville Miller (m. 5 Mar 1879)
Behymer, Mary and Greenville Miller (m. 5 Mar 1879)
Behymer, Mary and Jacob O Eppert (m. 3 Feb 1861)
Behymer, Mary and Jacob O Eppert (m. 3 Feb 1861)
Behymer, Mary and Peter Mickel
Behymer, Mary and Peter Mickel
Behymer, Mary and William Arthur (m. 1 Nov 1838)
Behymer, Mary Ann and Aquilla Durham Gwaltney (m. 21 Oct 1897)
Behymer, Mary Ann and Charles H Troy (m. 9 Oct 1881)
Behymer, Mary Ann and Charles H Troy (m. 9 Oct 1881)
Behymer, Mary Ann and Edward Wells Hancock (m. 18 Sep 1854)
Behymer, Mary Ann and Hugh M Sanderson Sr (m. 26 May 1895)
Behymer, Mary Ann and William H Taylor (m. 18 Apr 1861)
Behymer, Mary Anna and William Newton Atteberry (m. 28 Apr 1887)
Behymer, Mary Catherine and Arthur Ross Milner (m. 4 Apr 1931)
Behymer, Mary Cynthia and William B Grant (m. 30 Jul 1935)
Behymer, Mary Elizabeth and George Mallender (m. 19 Jun 1895)
Behymer, Mary Elizabeth and Henry F Gundy (m. 25 Nov 1880)
Behymer, Mary Elizabeth and Henry U Wenger (m. 22 Mar 1882)
Behymer, Mary Elizabeth and James Reed
Behymer, Mary Elizabeth and John B Monjar (m. 24 Apr 1880)
Behymer, Mary Elizabeth and John B Monjar (m. 24 Apr 1880)
Behymer, Mary Elizabeth and William Thomas Davis (m. 5 Mar 1874)
Behymer, Mary Ellen and Arthur Lee Van Pelt Jr (m. 29 Jul 1944)
Behymer, Mary Ellen and John Swift (m. 13 Jun 1858)
Behymer, Mary Esther and Alfred J Walters
Behymer, Mary Jane and Gilbert Carl Miller (m. 22 Jun 1916)
Behymer, Mary Jane and Jacob Hiatt (m. 16 Oct 1870)
Behymer, Mary Jane and Kimber A Morris (m. 24 Jun 1892)
Behymer, Mary Jane and Martin V Grubb (m. 10 Aug 1871)
Behymer, Mary Jane and Shelton McKinley Morris (m. 16 Jan 1904)
Behymer, Mary Jo and (--?--) Nichols
Behymer, Mary Lima and George H Laubernds (m. circa 1921)
Behymer, Mary Louise and Allen Wilberforce Marshall (m. 2 Feb 1934)
Behymer, Mary Louise and Charles Edward Gabler (m. 16 Jul 1938)
Behymer, Mary V and Isaac Newton Hockett (m. circa 1888)
Behymer, Mary W and Donald Cameron Cole (m. 18 Jul 1916)
Behymer, Matthew and Rachel Robinson (m. circa 1913)
Behymer, Maude and Frank A Franz (m. 26 Jul 1913)
Behymer, Maude and Milo Cornelius Stough (m. 12 Jan 1889)
Behymer, Maude Grace and Claude Olen Roberts (m. 2 Dec 1908)
Behymer, Maude Myrtle and Jesse F Scott (m. 5 Oct 1893)
Behymer, Maurice Rennie and Marie Steingruebl (m. circa 1919)
Behymer, Maurice Rennie and Martha Murawski (m. 10 Nov 1918)
Behymer, Maxine Ellen and Joseph Henry Gronewoller (m. 1937)
Behymer, May and Harry E Finch (m. 6 Jan 1914)
Behymer, May Jean and Clare F Wical (m. 14 Jan 1942)
Behymer, Mayme Myrtle and Arthur Creighton
Behymer, Mayme Myrtle and Harry Bidner (m. 16 Nov 1922)
Behymer, Mayme Myrtle and William E Neal (m. 26 Apr 1905)
Behymer, Melinda Eleanor and Jeremiah M Robbins (m. 30 Nov 1843)
Behymer, Melissa and John W Tice (m. 6 Feb 1862)
Behymer, Melissa and Phillip Leach (m. 3 Jul 1859)
Behymer, Merle and Oliver Dozier (m. 14 Oct 1903)
Behymer, Michael and Mary Ann Archer (m. 6 Nov 1835)
Behymer, Michael and Mary Ann Archer (m. 6 Nov 1835)
Behymer, Mildred Elizabeth and Alois P Fussinger
Behymer, Milton Earl and Edith Idelle McMurphy
Behymer, Milton Earl and Estella M Clark (m. circa 1928)
Behymer, Milton Leroy and Goldie Lee Blackburn
Behymer, Milton Leroy and Goldie Lee Blackburn
Behymer, Mina and Samuel H Parvin (m. 1 Feb 1888)
Behymer, Mina and William A Rogers (m. 16 Apr 1895)
Behymer, Minnie and William John Evans (m. 29 Nov 1904)
Behymer, Minnie Eula and William Harvey Cox (m. 18 Nov 1913)
Behymer, Minnie Laura and Edwin Cheney (m. 8 Jun 1924)
Behymer, Minnie Laura and John Adolphus Brittain (m. 9 Feb 1915)
Behymer, Missouri Armina and Clayton Brown Hooper (m. 12 Oct 1865)
Behymer, Morley O and Arminda J Padgett (m. 6 Aug 1890)
Behymer, Myrna B and George B Horde (m. 5 Mar 1925)
Behymer, Nancy and John Fletcher Monjar (m. 13 Jan 1847)
Behymer, Nancy and Joseph Carr (m. 8 Feb 1848)
Behymer, Nancy and William Swem (m. 31 May 1846)
Behymer, Nancy B and John Robb (m. 30 Nov 1843)
Behymer, Nancy Elizabeth and D Graphney McCullough (m. 27 Oct 1892)
Behymer, Nannie and Walter Clarence Monroe (m. 10 Jun 1896)
Behymer, Nathaniel and Anna Magdalena Ferguson
Behymer, Nathaniel and Diadama Manning (m. 3 Apr 1817)
Behymer, Nathaniel and Louisa Evans (m. 1 Sep 1870)
Behymer, Nathaniel and Margaret Christie (m. 24 Dec 1856)
Behymer, Nathaniel and Mary Jane Brooks (m. 18 Feb 1866)
Behymer, Nathaniel and Nancy Gordon (m. 24 Sep 1854)
Behymer, Nathaniel and Sarah Bunting (m. 11 Nov 1841)
Behymer, Nathaniel Bruce and Vera Mae Osborne (m. 3 Sep 1927)
Behymer, Nelle Rae and A S Wilmot (m. circa 1894)
Behymer, Nelle Rae and Andrew Jack Poorman (m. 16 Sep 1901)
Behymer, Nellie Belle and Forrest E Brooks (m. 5 Sep 1914)
Behymer, Nellie Belle and Forrest E Brooks (m. 5 Sep 1914)
Behymer, Nellie Elizabeth and William Asbury Hull (m. 3 Mar 1897)
Behymer, Nettie and Robert Jeffries
Behymer, Nettie and William Herndon Fletcher (m. 3 Sep 1890)
Behymer, Nettie Mae and Fred L Crawford (m. 5 Mar 1907)
Behymer, Newton J and Hannah Platt (m. 4 Feb 1871)
Behymer, Nora May and Thomas Graham (m. 7 Jul 1886)
Behymer, Norman Sylvester and Martha Clotilda Schirmer (m. 10 Oct 1936)
Behymer, Olive Dell and Byrd Collins Rockwell (m. 7 Aug 1901)
Behymer, Olive May and (--?--) Smith
Behymer, Olive Ray and James Polk Duckwall (m. 14 Sep 1887)
Behymer, Olive V and Marion M Patton (m. 17 Jul 1901)
Behymer, Olive V and Perry Wesley Vandervoort
Behymer, Oliver Edmond and Lettice May Pierson (m. 1 Mar 1914)
Behymer, Oliver Perry and Martha Ann Laycock (m. 17 Sep 1848)
Behymer, Oliver Perry and Rose Carolyn Miller (m. 7 Nov 1878)
Behymer, Oliver Perry and Sarah Waggoner (m. 26 Mar 1869)
Behymer, Oliver Perry and Sarah Waggoner (m. 26 Mar 1869)
Behymer, Ollie and Louis A Nichols (m. 27 Sep 1893)
Behymer, Omer T and Rhea Mae Hall (m. 9 Oct 1896)
Behymer, Oral Clarence and Mary Alice Hawkins (m. 21 Sep 1928)
Behymer, Orella C and Frank E Judd (m. 15 Jul 1926)
Behymer, Orella C and Franklin J Bowers (m. 2 Jun 1888)
Behymer, Orville Francis and Ethel Florence Wolfangel (m. 15 Jun 1935)
Behymer, Oscar L and Barbara J Langhauser (m. 22 Aug 1927)
Behymer, Otha and Edith Pearl Baxter (m. 9 Mar 1904)
Behymer, Otto D and Mildred Lee Daum
Behymer, Paul E and Harriet E (--?--) (m. circa 1927)
Behymer, Paul Tracy and Mattie Elizabeth Slinkard (m. 27 Jan 1923)
Behymer, Paul Tracy and Ruth Carolyn Banta (m. 20 Mar 1937)
Behymer, Perry and Julia A Graham (m. 11 Mar 1880)
Behymer, Perry and Mary Elizabeth Legg (m. 24 Mar 1872)
Behymer, Phoebe and Henry B Silver (m. 3 Feb 1858)
Behymer, Phoebe Ann and John Newton Norris (m. 8 Feb 1875)
Behymer, Ralph Edgar and Jessie May Bernard (m. circa 1923)
Behymer, Ralph Lee and Lorraine K Buckley (m. 25 May 1935)
Behymer, Ralph Lee and Marguerite Sheridan Gabriel (m. 15 Oct 1919)
Behymer, Ralph Wayne and Kathryn (--?--)
Behymer, Ralph Wayne and Rosemary Smith (m. 3 Oct 1942)
Behymer, Rankin Benjamin and Anna Katherine Sonney (m. 2 Dec 1899)
Behymer, Ray and Ola McDaniel
Behymer, Raymond Claude Sr and Arlee Matlida Hendricks (m. circa 1915)
Behymer, Raymond Jackson and Cleo Mildred Liggett (m. 5 Apr 1924)
Behymer, Raymond Sylvester and Freda Lucille Tobias (m. 27 Nov 1943)
Behymer, Raymond Sylvester and Mary Catherine Lucas (m. 26 Jun 1925)
Behymer, Raymond W and Ardell Shipp (m. 11 Dec 1943)
Behymer, Raymond W and Selma Janz (m. 28 Aug 1933)
Behymer, Raymond Woodlief and Helen Louise Lawrence (m. 7 Jun 1923)
Behymer, Rebecca Ann and James L Newkirk (m. 10 Sep 1873)
Behymer, Rebecca Esther and John W Brown (m. 4 Feb 1868)
Behymer, Rebecca Esther and John W Brown (m. 4 Feb 1868)
Behymer, Retta Albertie and Albertson Hopkins Wyant (m. 10 Nov 1924)
Behymer, Retta Albertie and James Wellington Jackson (m. 20 Apr 1916)
Behymer, Retta Albertie and John Doddridge (m. circa 1907)
Behymer, Richard Bland and Jessie Louise Crawley (m. 14 Sep 1915)
Behymer, Robert A and Jennie Evans (m. 20 Jul 1884)
Behymer, Robert A and Mora J Guthrie
Behymer, Robert Alexander and Cora Lea Massman (m. circa 1904)
Behymer, Robert Alexander and Katie Hines (m. 20 Feb 1892)
Behymer, Robert Alexander and Nancy (--?--) (m. circa 1896)
Behymer, Robert Dale and Mary Evelyn Griffin (m. 25 Sep 1949)
Behymer, Roma Willard and Sadie M Brown (m. 4 Dec 1920)
Behymer, Ronald J and Marie (--?--) (m. circa 1926)
Behymer, Rosa Evaline and John M McGough (m. 6 Aug 1902)
Behymer, Roscoe C and Mary Francis Summers (m. 7 Mar 1925)
Behymer, Rose Belle and Richard Durrett Simms (m. 29 Oct 1901)
Behymer, Rose C and Curtis A Kinnaman
Behymer, Rosella and Charles H Troy (m. 1 Sep 1878)
Behymer, Rosella and Charles H Troy (m. 1 Sep 1878)
Behymer, Rosella and Delano Mylo Story (m. 24 Dec 1872)
Behymer, Rosetta and Perry Ducker (m. circa 1875)
Behymer, Roy Alfred and Inez Eleanor French (m. 17 Nov 1945)
Behymer, Roy Alfred and Vena Louise Harper (m. 9 Mar 1938)
Behymer, Roy and Mary J Farris
Behymer, Roy and Ruby M Hopperton (m. Apr 1968)
Behymer, Roy B and Etta Marie Robinson (m. 1945)
Behymer, Roy Edward and Daisy Belle Gilbert (m. 25 Dec 1918)
Behymer, Roy Ivron and Hattie (--?--) (m. circa 1900)
Behymer, Roy Raymond and Marie Catherine Moeller (m. 4 Feb 1933)
Behymer, Ruby M and Herbert Dillman (m. 15 Feb 1928)
Behymer, Russell Holten and Maude Pearl McGill (m. 17 Feb 1917)
Behymer, Ruth A and Harold Lee Zerkel (m. 29 Jun 1935)
Behymer, Ruth and Jean Pierre Ulbright
Behymer, Ruth Helen and Henry A Gaskins
Behymer, Ruth Louise and Herbert F Brown (m. 3 Sep 1927)
Behymer, Samantha Jennie and Theodore Sylvanius Test (m. 20 Oct 1870)
Behymer, Samuel A and Sarah A Miller (m. 1 Jan 1896)
Behymer, Samuel and Catharine Logan (m. 20 Mar 1793)
Behymer, Samuel and Ella Hoskins
Behymer, Samuel and Mary Parvin (m. 11 Oct 1818)
Behymer, Samuel Edward and Bertha May Griffin (m. 3 Mar 1906)
Behymer, Samuel Elliott and Bertha Blanche Barr (m. circa 1898)
Behymer, Samuel Enoch and Eliza Jane Wykle (m. 30 Dec 1868)
Behymer, Samuel Enoch and Mary F Campbell (m. 30 Nov 1865)
Behymer, Samuel Enoch and Sarah Allen McVey (m. 13 Jun 1875)
Behymer, Samuel J Tilden and Clara Marck (m. 31 Dec 1903)
Behymer, Samuel Jefferson and Elizabeth Ann Leach (m. 12 Dec 1839)
Behymer, Samuel P and Sarah Ward (m. 1 May 1834)
Behymer, Samuel W and Nellie M Cochran (m. 6 Feb 1895)
Behymer, Sarah and Joseph Windsor (m. 19 Sep 1822)
Behymer, Sarah Ann and Charles Edward Collins (m. before 1882)
Behymer, Sarah Ann and George Washington Miller (m. 1 Apr 1900)
Behymer, Sarah Ann and William Joshua Martin (m. circa 25 May 1839)
Behymer, Sarah Ella and Henry Flava Balser (m. 5 Sep 1909)
Behymer, Sarah Ellen and Archibald Hezekiah Pennington (m. 15 Aug 1878)
Behymer, Sarah Emeline and Alfred Thomas Corbin (m. 1 Oct 1884)
Behymer, Sarah Jane and Archibald T Noe (m. 6 Jan 1863)
Behymer, Sarah Jane and David Osborn Biram (m. 30 Jun 1868)
Behymer, Sarah L and Alexander P Felter (m. 2 Jun 1864)
Behymer, Sarah M and Samuel T Smith (m. 8 Oct 1900)
Behymer, Savella Luella and John R Tyler (m. 1 Jan 1907)
Behymer, Simeon and Cordelia B Stephens (m. 25 Sep 1851)
Behymer, Solomon and Elizabeth Waggoner (m. 14 Nov 1839)
Behymer, Solomon and Elizabeth Waggoner (m. 14 Nov 1839)
Behymer, Solomon and Hester Ann John (m. 22 Jun 1865)
Behymer, Solomon and Hester Ann John (m. 28 Dec 1889)
Behymer, Solomon and Mary B Webb (m. circa Feb 1804)
Behymer, Solomon and Nancy Ann Palmer (m. 5 Dec 1878)
Behymer, Solomon and Nancy Ann Palmer (m. 5 Dec 1878)
Behymer, Susan and Francis M Bricker
Behymer, Susan and Richard H Ulm
Behymer, Susan and William Godby (m. 7 Aug 1863)
Behymer, Susan and William Robb Nash (m. 25 Sep 1842)
Behymer, Susan Clarinda and Frederick S Pond (m. 29 Sep 1889)
Behymer, Susan Jane and John W Brown (m. 9 Feb 1865)
Behymer, Susan Jane and John W Brown (m. 9 Feb 1865)
Behymer, Susan Luella and Henry Logsdon (m. 7 Mar 1893)
Behymer, Sylvester and Mary A Jones (m. 26 Dec 1875)
Behymer, Sylvia G and Harry Stanley Conklin (m. 30 Sep 1916)
Behymer, Sylvia G and Harry Stanley Conklin (m. 30 Sep 1916)
Behymer, Sylvia G and Harry Stanley Conklin (m. 30 Sep 1916)
Behymer, Taylor and Elsie Marie Campbell (m. 16 Sep 1945)
Behymer, Taylor and Irene Parker
Behymer, Taylor and Nellie Myrtle Lawry
Behymer, Thelma May and Harvey Alcorn (m. 28 Nov 1923)
Behymer, Thelma Rosezell and William Franklin Tucker (m. 18 Jun 1938)
Behymer, Thelma Rosezell and Zack L Wood (m. circa 1924)
Behymer, Theodore Elliot and Frances C Jones (m. circa 1929)
Behymer, Thomas and Mary Short (m. 5 Dec 1839)
Behymer, Thomas B and Lorin McClure (m. 9 Jul 1863)
Behymer, Thomas Benton and Luella Brown (m. 13 Sep 1865)
Behymer, Thomas J and Alena Phillips
Behymer, Thomas J and Julia M Sautier (m. 7 May 1895)
Behymer, Thomas Jefferson and Elizabeth Ann Snider (m. 10 Jan 1867)
Behymer, Thomas Jefferson and Mary Elizabeth Betts (m. 18 Sep 1907)
Behymer, Thomas M and Mary De Jernett
Behymer, Thomas M and Matilda Spradlin (m. 1 Aug 1872)
Behymer, Thomas Nathaniel and Hester Clark (m. 9 Feb 1897)
Behymer, Thomas Scott and Mary Elizabeth Rogers (m. 15 Dec 1869)
Behymer, Una Mae and Ralph Israel Carpenter (m. 31 Dec 1919)
Behymer, Velarie M and Joseph E Wenman (m. 26 Nov 1885)
Behymer, Velarie M and Theodore Boye (m. 13 Feb 1872)
Behymer, Velma M and Truman E Smith (m. 6 Feb 1924)
Behymer, Velva Viola and Harvey R Bennett (m. 15 Oct 1882)
Behymer, Vernon Carowin and Opal Marie (--?--) (m. circa 1920)
Behymer, Vernon Skinner and Ruth Davis (m. 3 Jul 1919)
Behymer, Victor K and Virginia Evelyn Clutter (m. circa 1930)
Behymer, Vincent Andrew and Laurene Whitney (m. 7 Jul 1929)
Behymer, Vincent Andrew and Mabel Anna Jordan (m. 13 Oct 1935)
Behymer, Vincent Andrew and Vivian F Reid (m. 11 Nov 1925)
Behymer, Viola and James Jesse Rhoades (m. circa 1898)
Behymer, Virginia Ann and Donald G Small
Behymer, Virginia Lee and (--?--) Matlack (m. 29 Aug 1947)
Behymer, Virginia Lee and (--?--) Mueller
Behymer, Walker R and Cora J Toberg (m. 6 May 1930)
Behymer, Walter Albert and Lacine Almos Blair (m. 31 Oct 1944)
Behymer, Walter and Almira J Day (m. 10 Dec 1862)
Behymer, Walter and Ellen Wright (m. 27 Apr 1871)
Behymer, Warren A and Anna R Nichols (m. 16 Oct 1887)
Behymer, Warren Elmer and Elaine Helen Woods (m. 1941)
Behymer, Warren Elmer and Marjorie McAfee (m. 4 Apr 1977)
Behymer, Warren Elmer and Ruth Elizabeth Moore (m. 19 Sep 1948)
Behymer, Warwick and Hilda E Conn (m. 4 Jun 1927)
Behymer, Weltha May and David Elmer Henry (m. 14 Jan 1891)
Behymer, Weltha May and Edwin James Burns
Behymer, Wilbur L and Mattie Catherine Farquhar (m. 26 Dec 1906)
Behymer, Wilbur L Jr and Alice (--?--)
Behymer, William Allison and Sarah Jane Palmer (m. 14 Aug 1870)
Behymer, William and Martha Littleton (m. 3 Apr 1845)
Behymer, William and Missouri Jane McClain (m. 1 Feb 1891)
Behymer, William and Sarah Belle Warwick (m. 15 Aug 1894)
Behymer, William Arnold and Ruth E Grooms
Behymer, William Estill and Estella R (--?--) (m. circa 1898)
Behymer, William Everett and Ethel Emma Hedderick (m. 15 Dec 1910)
Behymer, William Everett and Eva L (--?--)
Behymer, William Franklin and Dorothy L Green (m. 8 Jan 1950)
Behymer, William Fred and Joy Burrow (m. 1975)
Behymer, William Fred and Joy Burrow (m. 1975)
Behymer, William Fred and Ruby Marie Christian (m. Oct 1947)
Behymer, William Henry and Estella Rosenstiehl (m. 22 Nov 1897)
Behymer, William Henry and Eva Hunnicutt (m. 26 May 1890)
Behymer, William J and Anna L Hatfield (m. 5 Oct 1865)
Behymer, William J and Barbara Stein (m. 29 May 1890)
Behymer, William J and Mary Donham (m. 18 Sep 1823)
Behymer, William Lindsey and Harriet L Kirgan (m. 17 Feb 1860)
Behymer, William Lindsey and Mary Francis Smith (m. circa 23 Jun 1866)
Behymer, William Louis and Mary Kerchner (m. circa 1900)
Behymer, William M and Anna Leach (m. 19 Jun 1845)
Behymer, William M and Emily E Goode (m. 8 Dec 1861)
Behymer, William M and Lucinda Logsdon (m. 21 May 1874)
Behymer, William M and Susan Cole (m. 1868)
Behymer, William Mason and Anna Belle (--?--)
Behymer, William Mason and Venna M (--?--) (m. circa 1907)
Behymer, William Pearl and Edna Pearl Swartz (m. 4 Nov 1936)
Behymer, William Pearl and Fay Alice Rust
Behymer, William R and Julia Ann West (m. 3 Oct 1865)
Behymer, William R and Martha Q (--?--) (m. 29 Aug 1916)
Behymer, William R and Mary Day (m. 2 Aug 1862)
Behymer, William S and Nancy S Woodlief (m. 15 Nov 1857)
Behymer, William Shelton and Mary Jane Pinkston (m. circa 1865)
Behymer, William V and Barbara Ellen Ritt (m. 28 Jul 1889)
Behymer, William W and Matilda Jane Martin (m. 26 Jul 1880)
Behymer, William Wallace and Effie Jane Cole (m. 24 Nov 1910)
Behymer, William Wesley and Doris Gertrude Denney (m. 8 Jul 1935)
Behymer, Wilma J and Joseph Barringer
Belcher, Elbert O and Elva Lucille France
Belcher, Frances E and George W Tabor (m. 7 Apr 1865)
Belcher, James Addison and Frances Mahalia Wolf (m. 7 Jun 1857)
Belcher, Nancy and Abraham Tabor
Belden, Marjorie and Huston J Lindsey (m. 2 Aug 1957)
Bell, Daniel Jackson and Lavina M Linch (m. circa 1884)
Bell, Edith M and Gerald F Sprong
Bell, Edna and Charles Orville Rhoads
Bell, Frederick L and Julia A Carpenter
Bell, Harley and Anna Catherine Waible
Bell, Isaac and Mary Ann Epperson (m. 6 Apr 1876)
Bell, John Wilson and Mary C Sells (m. circa 1873)
Bell, Lynna Elizabeth and Jacob Lawshe
Bell, Mary Amanda and John C Tabor (m. 10 Apr 1879)
Bell, Maude and Joseph H Pickelsimer (m. circa 1904)
Bell, Nancy Jane and John David Carter (m. circa 1884)
Bell, Nathaniel and Mary A Wilson
Bell, Nicholas B and Mary Alice Behymer (m. 19 Jul 1877)
Bell, Robert and Juanita Ethel Picklesimer
Bell, William J and Clara (--?--)
Bellomy, Addie and George Smith (m. circa 1908)
Belser, Herman and Myrtle L Byer (m. 1920)
Bench, Elizabeth and (--?--) Stockins
Bench, Elizabeth and John Riley Behymer (m. 18 Nov 1847)
Benedict, Clarence and Bertha Brown (m. 17 Jun 1916)
Bennett, (--?--) and Mary S Powell
Bennett, Elizabeth and (--?--) Johnson
Bennett, Elizabeth and Adam Behymer
Bennett, Elizabeth Belle and Amos O Swem (m. 17 Apr 1867)
Bennett, Ethel E and John Denison (m. circa 1922)
Bennett, Fred W and Grace P Brunk (m. 22 Jun 1890)
Bennett, George W and Rosetta Mitchell
Bennett, Harry and Grace May Caudill
Bennett, Harvey R and Velva Viola Behymer (m. 15 Oct 1882)
Bennett, Helen and James Gilbert Hymer
Bennett, Howard Earl and Imogene (--?--)
Bennett, James Milton and Grace Bernice Allison (m. 15 May 1921)
Bennett, James Milton and Islea Margaret Hook
Bennett, John William and Clara Gregg Fordyce (m. 15 Aug 1888)
Bennett, Margaret P and Robert Hamilton Lawshe (m. 21 Oct 1852)
Bennett, Martha Alvana and Glenarvon Behymer (m. 16 Jul 1949)
Bennett, Mirrel T and Ethel Lucille Atwood
Bennett, Nellie M and Marion W Lang (m. 12 Aug 1930)
Bennett, Phoebe Ann and Jacob G Lawshe (m. 24 Mar 1853)
Bennett, Samuel and Zarilda Jane Curtis (m. 26 Feb 1846)
Bennett, Sarah M and Gilbert Roy Hutson
Bennett, Theodore H and Keziah Arthur (m. 20 Apr 1879)
Bennett, Weller Raymond and Ruth Annetta Davis (m. circa 1904)
Benoit, Marie Louise and Sardis Summerfield (m. 1910)
Benoit, Marie Louise and Sardis Summerfield (m. 1910)
Benoit, Marie Louise and Trenmore Coffin (m. 4 Jun 1885)
Benoit, Marie Louise and Trenmore Coffin (m. 4 Jun 1885)
Benson, (--?--) and Wildia (--?--)
Benson, Ruth and Charles Behymer (m. 21 May 1923)
Bentley, Elam Vining and Eleanor Jane Behymer (m. 12 May 1897)
Bentley, Elam Vining and Nancy Custis (m. 17 Nov 1859)
Benton, Marvin B and Wanna P Picklesimer
Benz, Ella M and Harry S Brunk
Bercot, Edward L and Gertrude L Powers
Berger, Bertha Frances and Howard Allen Brose (m. 26 Oct 1910)
Bergner, Edna and Robert Aaron Vail
Bergren, Andrew W and Elizabeth Josephine Lawshe (m. 20 Dec 1911)
Berkley, Jennie Idella and Clyde J Bechtelheimer (m. 24 Jan 1906)
Berkmyer, Betty Jane and (--?--) Bruney
Berkmyer, Clifford A and Helen Agnes Behymer (m. 21 Mar 1911)
Bernard, Jessie May and Ralph Edgar Behymer (m. circa 1923)
Bernard, William Leroy and Elva Lucille France (m. 22 Nov 1929)
Bernhardt, (--?--) and Fannie Elizabeth Pruett
Berry, Charles Edward and Mary Jane Alumbaugh (m. 1880)
Berry, Emery C and Alina Fortune (m. circa 1894)
Berry, Mary Oleta and Raymond Picklesimer (m. 17 Sep 1949)
Berry, Rebecca and Milton Picklesimer (m. 30 Aug 1906)
Bertermann, Olga and Paul B Shideler (m. 4 Sep 1909)
Berwanger, (--?--) and Mary R Lucas
Betts, Kathrine and Theodore Thatcher Lawshe Jr
Betts, Mary Elizabeth and Thomas Jefferson Behymer (m. 18 Sep 1907)
Bevell, Luther S and Linnie B Lawshe (m. 18 Aug 1884)
Beyers, William and Hazel C Hymer
Bhymer, Abraham and Mary C Spilman (m. 10 Jul 1841)
Bhymer, Abraham and Ruth Gatton (m. 26 Feb 1821)
Bhymer, Addie M and Lawrence J Heiler (m. 20 Aug 1911)
Bhymer, Alfred and Charlotte Jarrell (m. 20 Dec 1849)
Bhymer, Ann Adelia and Simeon Lloyd Dickson (m. 26 Dec 1858)
Bhymer, Benjamin J and Pandora Dicken (m. 27 Jun 1876)
Bhymer, Beverly and Abbie Kemp (m. 20 Jan 1917)
Bhymer, Columbus and Mary Jane Jarrell (m. 31 Dec 1850)
Bhymer, Dulcena and John Bloom (m. 13 Jan 1886)
Bhymer, Elizabeth and Aaron Kinsey (m. 28 Sep 1847)
Bhymer, Frances and James Morgan Hoffman
Bhymer, Frances and James Morgan Hoffman (m. 16 Apr 1829)
Bhymer, Frank and Emma Strong (m. 5 Jul 1892)
Bhymer, Harriet and William Blades (m. 24 Dec 1860)
Bhymer, Isaac M and Rebecca Phillips (m. 1 Aug 1832)
Bhymer, Isabella and William Tanner (m. 6 Apr 1854)
Bhymer, J Etta and Lucien C Bannister (m. 8 Oct 1895)
Bhymer, Jacob and Julia Ann Gatton (m. 10 Sep 1829)
Bhymer, James and Barbara Ellen Riley (m. 27 Nov 1878)
Bhymer, Joel and Sarah Miller (m. 4 May 1828)
Bhymer, Katie and O Franklin (m. circa 1894)
Bhymer, Lafayette and Carrie Luella Carter (m. circa 1885)
Bhymer, Leonard and Eliza Ellen Lemmon (m. 15 Oct 1863)
Bhymer, Leroy and Maud Eloise Gregory (m. 22 Jul 1907)
Bhymer, Letha J and (--?--) Ryder
Bhymer, Letha J and Fredrick Durkee
Bhymer, Letha J and William Earl Leckrone (m. 12 Jan 1925)
Bhymer, Leucian and Rose Ann Plunkett (m. circa 1870)
Bhymer, Levi A and Augusta Shermer
Bhymer, Lillian M and John M Shine (m. 21 Nov 1885)
Bhymer, Louis Emanuel and Addie May Kleete (m. 9 Sep 1891)
Bhymer, Louisa Jane and Thomas Matthew Rouse (m. 15 Feb 1855)
Bhymer, Lulie Ellen and William F Gosney (m. 22 Feb 1881)
Bhymer, Marietta and Harrison Crockett Hightower (m. circa 1884)
Bhymer, Mary J and Henry Thomas Williams (m. 12 Nov 1877)
Bhymer, Mary J and Joseph W Sheldon (m. 4 Mar 1861)
Bhymer, Mary Jane and Charles Granderson Waller (m. 26 Nov 1846)
Bhymer, Missouri Ann and Oley R Landrum (m. circa 7 Oct 1863)
Bhymer, Myrtle B and Burt Osterman (m. 23 Aug 1913)
Bhymer, Myrtle B and Robert Edward Cloe
Bhymer, Ora and Hezekiah Slone (m. 12 Dec 1908)
Bhymer, Peter Howard and Jennie E Young (m. 20 Jun 1896)
Bhymer, Salina and Robert Barclay Hollis (m. 11 Nov 1867)
Bhymer, Sarah Jane and Hiram Bickford (m. 13 May 1860)
Bhymer, Sarah Jane and Thomas W Crumpacker (m. 24 Dec 1857)
Bhymer, Solomon and Catherine Ribble (m. 30 Apr 1833)
Bhymer, Victoria and Edward F Dooley (m. 7 Jul 1898)
Bhymer, Virginia R and Charles E Ryan (m. 20 Jan 1916)
Bhymer, William Scott and Helen Jane Webster (m. 13 Oct 1870)
Bibb, Matilda and Andrew P Hymer (m. 1 Sep 1834)
Bickel, Hester Josephine and Warren Holden
Bickel, William P and Margaret L Long (m. 10 Sep 1892)
Bickford, Hiram and Ann (--?--)
Bickford, Hiram and Sarah Jane Bhymer (m. 13 May 1860)
Bidner, Harry and Mayme Myrtle Behymer (m. 16 Nov 1922)
Bidwell, Ella Lee and Edgar L Picklesimer (m. 8 Feb 1920)
Bidwell, Ella Lee and William Charles Powers (m. 8 Jun 1979)
Biggerstaff, Frances Cleveland and Harry S Wheeler (m. Feb 1905)
Biggerstaff, Henrietta A and Jesse H Hymer (m. 26 Mar 1868)
Biggs, (--?--) and Elizabeth M Richards (m. circa 1907)
Biggs, Thelma Marie and Kelly Eula Beckelheimer (m. 1 Jun 1932)
Bigony, Charles Ellsworth and Amanda Goss (m. circa 1888)
Bigony, Charles Ellsworth and Elcy A Cass (m. 20 Apr 1919)
Bigony, Charles Ellsworth and Rosa L (--?--)
Bigsby, Mary J and Lewis S Swezy (m. 26 Sep 1882)
Bigsby, Mary J and Robert M Lawshe (m. 9 Jun 1859)
Bilby, (--?--) and Edna Pearl Swartz
Bilby, Margaret Ann and John L Behymer (m. 11 May 1888)
Bilderbock, John and Elsie Hile (m. circa 1908)
Billingsley, Adalaide A and Theodore A Randall
Billingsley, Denton F and Emma (--?--) (m. circa 1893)
Billingsley, James Henry and Nellie Hutchings (m. 29 Dec 1886)
Billingsley, John James Warren and Elizabeth E Hymer (m. 23 Dec 1852)
Bills, Daniel F and Mary E Wilson
Bills, Ernest Benjamin and Elise Montgomery (m. circa 1906)
Bills, Fred A and Grace W (--?--)
Bills, James Oscar and Aramintha Clementine Vail (m. 9 Mar 1875)
Bills, James Oscar and Minnie M (--?--)
Bills, Minnie May and Joseph Wilbert Hill (m. 25 Dec 1897)
Bills, Otis and Rose McArtie (m. circa 1905)
Bills, Rosetta Evaline and Nelson Bradley Gaskins (m. 6 Nov 1879)
Billups, Zachary Taylor and Lora Picklesimer (m. 6 Mar 1912)
Binion, (--?--) and Margaret (--?--)
Biram, Alvis T and Cora Lea (--?--) (m. circa 1912)
Biram, Alvis W and Leoma Gertrude Waller
Biram, Cecil Harold and Euna E Sample (m. 22 Dec 1931)
Biram, Clara and Frank Delaney
Biram, Corinth and Harvey S Edmonds
Biram, David Osborn and Prudence Pickerman (m. 14 Nov 1850)
Biram, David Osborn and Sarah Jane Behymer (m. 30 Jun 1868)
Biram, Elizabeth I and Charles E Jackson (m. 1958)
Biram, Elizabeth I and Clarence Capples Moorman (m. 1 Jan 1904)
Biram, Frankie F and Fred Joseph Wilson (m. circa Feb 1910)
Biram, James C and Naomi Ruth Willis (m. 3 Sep 1934)
Biram, John C and Samantha Jane York (m. 28 May 1902)
Biram, Louis Leroy and Madeline Wilma Willis (m. 24 Oct 1936)
Biram, Mary Ann and Dallas Masteon
Biram, Mindy J and Jess Jeffries
Biram, Ruby Emaline and Stona Bolding (m. 27 Jun 1923)
Biram, Victor Hugo and Violet Glosson (m. 20 Jun 1927)
Biram, William Sherman and Rosa V Newell (m. circa 1892)
Biram, Zelda Viola and Jasper William Mace
Birchenough, George and Iona Dell Rogers (m. circa 1922)
Bird, Alma and Elsworth E Lacy
Bird, Erie and Celina Swearingen (m. 12 Nov 1863)
Bird, Franklin Jacob and Winifred Blount (m. 28 Feb 1905)
Bird, John Wesley A and Mary I Inizley
Bird, Rachel and Samuel Van Swearingen (m. 29 Oct 1868)
Bird, Samuel Joshua and Edna Behymer (m. 1914)
Bird, Tolleda and Volney N Jordan
Birdsall, Ruby Lenore and Deon Lower Tippet (m. 3 Mar 1934)
Birks, Lulu J and John Clayton Owens (m. 29 Jul 1902)
Bishop, Annabelle and John F Mathes (m. 15 Aug 1899)
Bishop, Annabelle and Lacy Holbrook
Bishop, David and Matilda Lester (m. 1889)
Bishop, George W and Angelina Dee Smith (m. 11 Nov 1875)
Bishop, John and Martha Ann Smith (m. 26 Jan 1869)
Bishop, Sarah Alafair and Ralph B Lester (m. 25 Sep 1880)
Bishop, Wiley Thomas and Mellie Pickelsimer
Bissey, Cyrus B and Eva L (--?--) (m. circa 1899)
Bissey, John Milnor and Verda A Rogers
Bissey, Reuben Taylor and Harriet A Vandolah (m. 6 Jan 1870)
Bitner, John J and Permelia G McBride
Bivens, Grace and Leonard C Pickelsimer (m. circa 1913)
Bivens, Thomas Jefferson and Emma Clementine Pickelsimer
Bivens, Thomas Jefferson and Mary M (--?--)
Bixler, Adam and Ella May Starks (m. circa 1898)
Bixler, Mary Ann and Earley Marcellus Starks (m. 21 Apr 1885)
Black, Ada Delphine and Joseph Harvey Wilson Milner (m. 18 Nov 1880)
Black, Ada Delphine and William I Wolfe (m. 27 Jan 1892)
Black, Charles and Ethel Luella Jones (m. 20 Feb 1932)
Black, Eunice C and Benjamin F Plackard
Black, Isaac C and Myra Hester Simpson (m. 8 Jul 1858)
Black, John H and Telitha Parke (m. 18 Apr 1862)
Black, Mary and Simeon Vancil (m. 16 Mar 1826)
Black, Miles Edgar and Mary A Plackard (m. 7 Apr 1884)
Black, Robert and Saphrona F Addington
Blackburn, Earl A and Dora Maude Vail
Blackburn, Ethel and Arnold Gerlig
Blackburn, Ethel and Herman Follow (m. 13 Dec 1924)
Blackburn, Goldie Lee and Milton Leroy Behymer
Blackburn, Goldie Lee and Milton Leroy Behymer
Blackburn, Tillie M and John H Boots
Blackburn, William and Rosa Lee Pickelheimer (m. 23 Sep 1897)
Blackford, Royal Samuel and Jessie N Behymer (m. 6 Sep 1926)
Blackford, Willa Belle and Marion M Patton
Blackford, William Henry and Hannah Margaret Behimer (m. 19 Dec 1906)
Blacksleger, Herbert and Lela Mae Picklesimer (m. 1943)
Blackwell, Julia Alice and Brook Sterling Johnston (m. circa 1891)
Blackwell, Lois R and J Bee Wilson
Blackwell, Solomon Holcombe and Rachel Green Vandolah (m. Apr 1865)
Blackwell, Thomas Columbus and Beulah Irene Behymer (m. 24 Dec 1879)
Blackwell, Thomas L and Sue (--?--)
Blade, Mable and Emmett D Eastes
Blades, Charles Stewart and Bernice (--?--)
Blades, Helen Irene and Robert John Ley Jr
Blades, John Walter and Margaret M Kaliher
Blades, Margaret K and William Charles Clark
Blades, Vernita and Chester Krell
Blades, Vernita and Harry C Kegg
Blades, Vernita and James Sidney Holabird (m. circa 1894)
Blades, Vernita and Madiera Millard Long
Blades, Vernita and Thomas E Pritchett
Blades, William and Harriet Bhymer (m. 24 Dec 1860)
Blades, William Elmer and Joannah Downer Wager
Blair, Alexander Z and Araminta C Picklesimer (m. 29 May 1905)
Blair, Bertha and James B Picklesimer (m. 17 Dec 1914)
Blair, Bertha and James B Picklesimer (m. 17 Dec 1914)
Blair, Callahan and Claire L Thompson (m. circa 1917)
Blair, Charles Herbert and Helen Irene Emrich (m. 1 Feb 1947)
Blair, Charles Herbert and Luella Behymer (m. 25 Mar 1916)
Blair, Delphia and William Green Harmon
Blair, Delphia and William Green Harmon
Blair, Dona Jane and Bert Larn McKenzie (m. 21 Feb 1918)
Blair, Doshia Ann and Conroy Trimble (m. 21 Oct 1916)
Blair, Farmer and (--?--) (--?--)
Blair, John Wiley and Hattie George (m. 1 Nov 1901)
Blair, John Wiley and Laura Jane Caudill (m. 10 Nov 1897)
Blair, John Wiley and Mary Angeline Trimble (m. 7 Dec 1878)
Blair, John William and Alice Burton
Blair, John William and Hannah E Johnson (m. 13 Aug 1882)
Blair, John William and Nancy A Martin (m. 16 Jun 1898)
Blair, Lacine Almos and Walter Albert Behymer (m. 31 Oct 1944)
Blair, Leonard and Dessie Picklesimer (m. 12 Apr 1900)
Blair, Leonard and Dessie Picklesimer (m. 12 Apr 1900)
Blair, Marian Franklin and Phoebe Ann Picklesimer (m. 26 Feb 1891)
Blair, Mary and John Harvey Picklesimer (m. 9 Jul 1903)
Blair, Mary and John Harvey Picklesimer (m. 9 Jul 1903)
Blair, Mary Mae and Herman Picklesimer
Blair, Mitchell and Nola C Colvin (m. 14 Sep 1926)
Blair, Nancy Jane and Henry Beckelshymer (m. 23 Sep 1858)
Blair, Nancy Jane and James Trotter (m. 20 Aug 1861)
Blair, Nancy Jane and William F Stotz
Blair, Nora A and Milton Ora Psimer (m. 23 Dec 1905)
Blair, Sarah E and William M Rice (m. 1 Aug 1881)
Blair, Virgie Lou and Ralph A Picklesimer (m. 28 Jun 1909)
Blake, Fred and Carrie Cornelia McReynolds
Blake, Ruby Esther and James Levi Wilson (m. 11 Mar 1907)
Blakeley, James Malcolm and Oleta Belle Fowlkes
Blanchard, (--?--) and Mary Rose Beckett
Blanchard, Amos and Carrie Lawshe (m. 1 Mar 1891)
Blanchard, Ezra and Caroline (--?--)
Blanchard, Ezra and Jane Behymer (m. 19 Jul 1855)
Blanchard, Ira Elmer and Ada Gill Suddarth (m. 1 Sep 1910)
Bland, George Hester and Barbara Ann Leedy (m. 15 Mar 1862)
Bland, George Hester and Clara Mellissa Powell (m. 4 Jan 1866)
Blankenship, (--?--) and Sarah May
Blankenship, James G and Mary E Hymer (m. 14 Feb 1902)
Blankenship, John R and Rebecca Jane Becklehimer (m. circa 1866)
Blankenship, Nicholas Leonidas and Mayme A Suddarth
Blankenship, Walter and Elva F P'Simer (m. circa 1920)
Blanton, Hezekiah and Adda M Cass (m. circa 1906)
Blanton, John Elliot and Sarah Alice Williams (m. 24 Dec 1880)
Blanton, Lola and Paris Green Picklesimer (m. 10 May 1943)
Blanton, Ora K and (--?--) (--?--)
Blanton, Oscar and Dorothy Louise Picklesimer (m. 18 Dec 1927)
Blanton, Wardie and Eva Lorena Beckelhymer (m. 4 Mar 1933)
Blessing, Fannie and John N Robinson (m. 14 Sep 1895)
Blevins, Dessie and Jesse Hitchcock (m. 12 Feb 1914)
Blevins, Grace and Clayton Thomas Webb (m. 14 Sep 1913)
Blevins, Grace and Clayton Thomas Webb (m. 14 Sep 1913)
Blevins, James Lewis and Rebecca Catherine Caudill (m. 7 Sep 1883)
Blevins, Laura and Martin L McKenzie (m. 11 Apr 1909)
Blevins, Martha and Eli R Beckett (m. 18 Feb 1888)
Blevins, Sarah Ellen and John Workman Picklesimer (m. 31 Aug 1878)
Blind, Rosa M and Joseph G Schwey
Bloom, John and Dulcena Bhymer (m. 13 Jan 1886)
Bloom, John and Emma (--?--)
Bloom, John and Mary Beelle (m. 14 Oct 1873)
Blore, Roxie I and Marshall Wiley Jones (m. 27 Aug 1928)
Blose, Abraham and Sarah Jane Frazee (m. 17 Apr 1856)
Blough, Ida J and John Solomon Behymer (m. circa 1890)
Blount, Winifred and Franklin Jacob Bird (m. 28 Feb 1905)
Blume, Julius Oscar and Burleigh Miranda Simer (m. 19 Jul 1927)
Bly, Charles Ernest and Etta Daniels
Bly, Charles Ernest and Gertrude Alice Lower (m. 1930)
Blystone, Dora Lea and Horatio Strain (m. 6 Apr 1911)
Blystone, Henry L and Eula Blanche Leech
Blystone, Lloyd E and Maude H Suhr
Blystone, Mahlon R and Sarah Ann Jackson (m. 16 Dec 1876)
Blystone, Olive F and John Kramer (m. 22 Dec 1908)
Blythe, Alice and Allen Richard Powers (m. 24 Apr 1893)
Blythe, Alice and Charles H Heitman (m. 2 Jun 1927)
Blythe, Alice and John H Mullen (m. 7 May 1919)
Blythe, Lida Elizabeth and Dr Edgar T Behymer (m. 18 Sep 1883)
Bochkar, Alma and Frank J Horan
Bockstiegel, Herman and Mabel R Boys
Bodine, Isaac and Elizabeth E Lawshe (m. 1 Feb 1838)
Bogard, Albert and Margaret Eve Haines (m. 30 Aug 1874)
Bogart, Margaret and Samuel G Lunger (m. 1867)
Bogart, Nellie R and Corwin Gerrard Arthur (m. 8 Aug 1899)
Boggess, Georgia E and James William Wilson (m. 31 Dec 1881)
Boggs, David and Sarah Alice Williams (m. 4 Aug 1903)
Boggs, Letha and Ephriam M Tackett (m. 9 Apr 1919)
Boggs, Zalmon Samuel and Mahala Catherine Brown (m. circa 1891)
Bohi, Frieda Christine and Richard James Oglesby (m. 6 Oct 1915)
Boland, James F and Hazel M Wheeler (m. 13 Nov 1906)
Bolding, Stona and Ruby Emaline Biram (m. 27 Jun 1923)
Boley, Ethel and Elias M Owens (m. 30 Sep 1906)
Bolton, Jennie F and Charles B Robinson (m. 15 Jul 1889)
Boltz, Charles A and Anna E Behymer (m. circa 1912)
Bomgardner, Charles W and Edith Mary Behymer (m. 17 Sep 1890)
Bomgardner, Florence Elizabeth and Robert J Sevitz (m. circa 1921)
Bonar, Maud Lenora and Harry Raymond Ducker
Bond, Anna F and Andrew Soderberg (m. circa Mar 1910)
Bond, Austin and Anna Wilson (m. 19 Oct 1835)
Bond, Austin and Sarah Girton (m. 3 Feb 1852)
Bond, David Starkey and Mary Elizabeth Butler (m. 22 Mar 1869)
Bond, John D and Lois Juliet Behymer
Bond, John Galloway and Arrinda Jane Wright (m. 14 Dec 1861)
Bond, John Galloway and Ella (--?--)
Bond, Mary Jane and Benjamin F Wright (m. 8 Dec 1860)
Bond, Sarah and (--?--) Chadwick
Bonge, Maude Mae and Charles Hamer Lutz (m. Apr 1903)
Boniface, (--?--) and Maude M Oglesby
Bonny, (--?--) and Diadama Manning
Bonza, J G and Viola Jane Clay (m. 10 Nov 1914)
Bonza, J G and Viola Jane Clay (m. 10 Nov 1914)
Boone, Mary Louise Harriett and James Addison Fishburn (m. 13 Sep 1864)
Boone, Robert Emmet and Katherine Young (m. 11 May 1904)
Boor, Achor Harrison and Mary Beckelhymer (m. 29 Jul 1847)
Boor, Achor Harrison and Rachel Hannah Devore (m. 1828)
Boor, Ada Irene and Jesse William Russell (m. 12 Nov 1911)
Boor, Ann Eliza and John Carlyle Yadon (m. 7 Jul 1881)
Boor, Charles Edgar and Edith Mabel Melcher (m. 3 Jan 1906)
Boor, Charles Grant and Ida Belle Rinehart (m. 9 Jan 1893)
Boor, Florence Cecgis and (--?--) Hortle
Boor, Florence Cecgis and William Dodson Clark (m. circa 1892)
Boor, Florence Isabel and Laurel Earle Wells (m. 2 Jul 1913)
Boor, George Allen and Caroline Lockner
Boor, John Wesley and Mary Elizabeth Slocum (m. 24 Sep 1872)
Boor, Laverna and Calvin S Rush (m. 2 Sep 1878)
Boor, Mariah Jane and Samuel S Newell (m. circa 1880)
Boor, Mary Ethel and Frank B Russell (m. 24 Apr 1915)
Boor, Sarah Ann and Charles Robert Lockner (m. 31 Jan 1901)
Boor, Sarah Catherine and Ira Henderson Smith (m. circa 1873)
Booth, Abner Jr and Nancy Ruth Beckett (m. 22 Jun 1844)
Booth, Sarah and Joseph Charles Settle (m. 4 Oct 1869)
Booth, Sarah and William Isaac Beckelhimer
Boots, John H and Tillie M Blackburn
Borders, Archibald Jr and Mary Jane Preston (m. 17 Oct 1880)
Borders, Clarence and Cora E Daniels (m. 27 Aug 1911)
Borders, Fred M and Dorothy May Picklesimer (m. 20 Aug 1931)
Borders, Wilburn and Flossie Elma Picklesimer (m. 26 May 1927)
Boren, Rhoda C and James P Behymer (m. 10 Mar 1864)
Boren, Rhoda C and John Phillips (m. 25 Nov 1855)
Borowy, Rose and Raleigh T Cummings
Borwick, Mary and Joseph A Pickelheimer (m. 22 Apr 1915)
Boss, Mary Vida and James William Bayes (m. circa 1919)
Boswell, Herbert D and Mary A Becklehimer (m. 9 Sep 1915)
Boswell, Joseph Lee and Beulah A Becklehimer (m. circa 1915)
Boswick, Charles and Frances Rose Simer (m. 29 Oct 1910)
Botts, Albert Theron and Ollie Alvada Riggs (m. 7 Feb 1888)
Botts, Orville D and Josephine Henderson (m. circa 1879)
Botts, Orville Myrl and Jane Kyle
Botts, Thomas Mentor and Lottie Morgan
Boucher, James and Matilda J West (m. 18 Jan 1865)
Bouse, Charles William and Dora Bell (--?--) (m. circa 1923)
Bouse, Etta Mae and Charles Morman Edwards
Bouse, Job Lloyd and Mary Elizabeth Hamilton (m. 18 Jan 1886)
Bowden, Ethel Lee and Clifford James Hymer (m. circa 1916)
Bowdish, Minerva M and Fred G Hymer (m. circa 1900)
Bowen, Anne Henrietta and (--?--) Whitesell
Bowen, Anne Henrietta and Edward Everett Freed (m. 2 Jun 1956)
Bowen, Anne Henrietta and Leonard Henry Haake (m. 10 Oct 1943)
Bowen, Benjamin Thomas and (--?--) Watts
Bowen, Benjamin Thomas and Olga Charlotte Peterson
Bowen, Chase Pardon and Ella Lorraine Campbell
Bowen, Emma S and (--?--) Hurtienne
Bowen, Ethel C and Elmo Pearl Fisher (m. 30 Jun 1921)
Bowen, Ethel C and Harry Emerson Russell (m. 3 Aug 1910)
Bowen, Helen Anna and Martin Cullum McDonnell (m. 29 Sep 1933)
Bowen, Helen Anna and Samuel Roscoe Bagwill (m. 6 Aug 1921)
Bowen, Ira R and Edith Laurence (m. 24 Feb 1900)
Bowen, Pardon Moran and Anna Behymer (m. circa 31 Dec 1880)
Bower, Kate and Hiram Witter
Bowers, Franklin J and Orella C Behymer (m. 2 Jun 1888)
Bowers, Rosabell and George Landon Pickelsimer
Bowling, Carl L and Lettie Picklesimer (m. 27 Dec 1919)
Bowman, Clifford R and Neva Garnet Current (m. 21 Jan 1919)
Bowman, Estil Franklin and Charlotte Mae Logan
Bowman, Robert Lowell and (--?--) (--?--) (m. 1947)
Bowman, Robert Lowell and Dorothy Lockman
Bowman, Ruth Odetta and Charles Ross
Bowman, Ruth Odetta and Lawrence Coon
Bowman, Sarah A and Daniel Behymer (m. 3 Aug 1875)
Bowman, Sarah A and Peter P Peters (m. 2 Jan 1862)
Bowman, Tobias D and Samantha Caroline Shelton
Bowman, Virgil Edgar and Floreta Kirkpatrick (m. 24 Nov 1939)
Bowman, Walter Franklin and Frances Cleveland Sprong (m. 1 Nov 1905)
Bowser, Eliza and David Bright (m. 24 Jul 1846)
Boyd, Anna E and Benjamin Archer
Boyd, Francis Hanson and Nancy Jane Vail (m. 29 Jul 1883)
Boyd, Jane and James Manford Pickle (m. 3 Nov 1910)
Boyd, Julia Ann and Stephen Anderson Preston (m. 4 Mar 1882)
Boyd, Lessie and William Edward Lower (m. 28 Nov 1907)
Boyd, William Edington and Frances Danta Robbins
Boye, Ernest Roland and Marion E Reynolds (m. 17 Jun 1896)
Boye, Theodore and Velarie M Behymer (m. 13 Feb 1872)
Boyer, (--?--) and Nellie Custer
Boyer, Ida L and William Howard Beckett (m. 23 Nov 1904)
Boyers, Arthur and Lillian H Sporing
Boyers, Mary Hester and Raymond Woodford Brown (m. 25 Dec 1910)
Boyles, Clara and James Eliga Starks (m. 4 Oct 1888)
Boys, Clarence M and Jessie Brunell (m. 16 Oct 1901)
Boys, John R and Sarah E Wilson (m. 29 Dec 1874)
Boys, Leona Pearl and Elmer C Fosher (m. 11 Oct 1916)
Boys, Letha Jane and William Cann (m. 30 Dec 1867)
Boys, Lulu Blanche and Foster Oatley (m. 23 Apr 1902)
Boys, Mabel R and Herman Bockstiegel
Boys, Roy Dale and Alma Rhae Houdeschell (m. 29 Oct 1912)
Braatz, Werner R and Elizabeth Louise Sprong
Brackett, Laura A and Harley Wilborn Pickelsimer (m. circa 1915)
Brackett, Mary and James Dolph Pickelsimer (m. 20 Feb 1915)
Bradbury, Bert Byron and Elizabeth E Parvin (m. 13 Mar 1895)
Bradbury, Caroline and Freeman Behymer (m. 6 Mar 1847)
Bradbury, George and Elizabeth Parke (m. 14 Dec 1894)
Bradbury, George and Elizabeth Parke (m. 14 Dec 1894)
Bradbury, James Houlton and Harriet Leona Wilson (m. 18 Feb 1920)
Bradbury, Joseph H and Ruie E Kinner
Bradbury, Mary Ann and James P Behymer (m. 20 Dec 1845)
Bradbury, Mary L and Ernest Nash (m. 16 Sep 1900)
Bradbury, Samuel Edward and Martha Ellen Logsdon (m. 30 Sep 1887)
Bradbury, Sarah and Raymond Charles Stankorb Sr
Bradford, Ezra and Elizabeth Jane Beckelhimer (m. 2 Nov 1858)
Bradford, Orson and Maud Sophia Sutherland
Bradford, Purlia Cordelia and Isaac Perkins Womack (m. 1 Aug 1877)
Bradley, Annabelle and Lewis Martin Picklesimer (m. 16 Dec 1894)
Bradshaw, Ernest and Janet Ballantyne
Bradshaw, Ernest and Janet Ballantyne
Bradshaw, Mary Helen and William A Smith (m. 20 Oct 1867)
Brady, Daisy D and Charles Day (m. 21 Oct 1906)
Bragdon, Bessie and John David Mottice
Bragdon, Ida May and William Madill Arthur (m. circa 1895)
Bragdon, Ida May and William Madill Arthur (m. circa 1895)
Bragdon, John Wesley and Laura Behymer (m. 31 Jan 1861)
Bragdon, Nathan and Sibby Jane Mattox (m. 23 Jul 1835)
Bragdon, Thomas and Izetta Nash (m. 6 Nov 1872)
Bragdon, Thomas and Maggie M Banford (m. 12 Sep 1896)
Braley, Nathan Virgil and Emma Jane Sutherland (m. 1930)
Braly, Robert Louis and Mabel Anna Jordan (m. 4 Nov 1927)
Brammer, Ruth and Frank V Alfrey
Brammer, Trevor F and Hallie Lee Beckelhimer (m. 29 Jan 1923)
Brandenburg, (--?--) and Lena Dameral
Brandon, Delilah J and Michael Harvey McMillen (m. 21 Mar 1900)
Brandon, Eldon and Janice Beckelhiemer (m. 22 Apr 1995)
Brandon, Lynn George and Gayle Nell Lower (m. 3 Jan 1904)
Brandon, Lynn George and Minnie Viola Greenig (m. circa 1914)
Branham, Brade E and Edna Belle Tone (m. 24 Dec 1905)
Branham, James Noah and Mary Ann Bays
Branson, Luella and John Pierce Martin Sr
Branson, Sarah M and James William Elias Owens (m. 30 Jan 1874)
Brasket, George and Hilda Gladys Brining
Brater, Carl F and Frances J Gomien (m. 9 Jun 1917)
Brattain, Amos and Millia Edith Hiatt (m. 24 Feb 1900)
Braughton, Elery and Florence Dunham (m. 27 Oct 1895)
Brault, Leora A and Gordon A Flock (m. 30 Aug 1924)
Brazier, Lucretia E and Solomon Beckett (m. 3 Jul 1864)
Breadon, Martha A and Marion C Simer (m. 3 May 1886)
Breeden, Cora Lee and Harry Eugene Nash (m. 5 Oct 1919)
Breeden, Cora Lee and Raymond A Hall
Breedlove, Margaret G and John Rollins Silver (m. 25 Jun 1910)
Breedlove, Margaret G and William W Turner (m. 19 Sep 1894)
Breiner, George Dallas and Mary Francis Alexander (m. 29 Oct 1868)
Breneman, C Gideon and Anna Rebeka Quiggle
Brennen, Ada Irene and Arthur Behimer (m. 18 Feb 1914)
Brennen, Frank Mendel and Jessie Pearl Behimer (m. 15 Feb 1905)
Brethorst, LaVerne A and Clifford E Johnson
Brewer, (--?--) and Delphia M (--?--)
Brewer, (--?--) and Verla E Plackard
Brewer, Edward M and Laura M Hymer (m. 8 May 1878)
Brewer, Edward M and Mary E Gainey (m. 16 Aug 1870)
Brewer, Edward M and Nancy M Ridge (m. 25 Oct 1866)
Brewer, Glenn Marilyn and George Gilford King (m. 30 Sep 1961)
Brewer, Jennette I and James Ellis Hoskins
Brewer, Mary Elizabeth Emaline and Willis M Stevens (m. 15 Mar 1916)
Brewer, Thomas Rush and Edna M Gomien (m. 8 Jul 1924)
Brewer, William Henry and Ellen Mae Cornell
Brewer, Zelma and John Wesley Truett
Brewster, Lou Erie and Augustus Spotts Tabor (m. 25 Dec 1901)
Brewster, Mahaley Augusta and James Charles Tabor (m. 30 May 1894)
Brewster, William Lavada and Alvina A Pickelsimer (m. 27 Sep 1880)
Briant, Pocahontas and William Harvey Picklesimer (m. 12 Jun 1892)
Brick, George Washington and Mary Ann Clanin (m. 7 Nov 1867)
Bricker, Francis M and Susan Behymer
Bricker, Lucinda Jane and Edward Evans (m. circa 1916)
Bricker, Lucinda Jane and Henry Hudson Taylor (m. 23 Dec 1900)
Bricker, Margaret Catherine and Narvin Raymond Jackson (m. 12 Dec 1917)
Brickley, Victoria Ann and James Benjamin Harper (m. 6 May 1884)
Bridegroom, Elmer and Jessie I Behymer (m. 16 Nov 1940)
Brideweser, Clement O and Jessie I Behymer (m. 11 Mar 1913)
Bridgeman, Rebecca and Frank L Pickle (m. 8 Mar 1923)
Bridges, Charles B and Alma J Hymer (m. 31 Mar 1875)
Bridges, Nellie W and Alonzo McGaughey (m. 29 Dec 1897)
Bridges, Samuel L and Elizabeth (--?--) (m. circa 1903)
Briggs, Rhoda Elizabeth and George Washington Behymer (m. 30 Mar 1900)
Bright, David and Eliza Ann Custer (m. 8 Apr 1879)
Bright, David and Eliza Bowser (m. 24 Jul 1846)
Brimm, Martha Alice and Joseph Riley Landis (m. 18 Feb 1888)
Briney, Ann and Charles Beckelshymer (m. 27 Apr 1831)
Briney, Ann and James Litton (m. 22 Nov 1835)
Briney, Elizabeth and Andrew Beckelshymer (m. 30 Sep 1830)
Briney, Elizabeth and Reuben Hurt (m. 1 Feb 1844)
Brining, Hilda Gladys and Benjamin Harrison Behymer Sr (m. 14 May 1914)
Brining, Hilda Gladys and George Brasket
Brisco, Madge and Ralph Lambe Gundy Sr
Briscoe, Doris and George Newcomb
Briscoe, Earl G and Edna Elva Robbins (m. 8 Aug 1914)
Briscoe, Gladys and Leslie Ryan
Briscoe, John Henry and Amanda W Carr (m. circa 3 Feb 1890)
Briscoe, Lola E and Oscar Cannon
Briscoe, Marian Ethel and Grover Wagoner
Briscoe, Thomas and Rhoda Gillman
Briscoe, Whitelaw Franzel and Alice Mary Thompson (m. circa 1913)
Brissenden, Morris A and Gertrude Belle Behymer (m. 24 Nov 1910)
Bristol, June and Harold Todd Powers (m. 13 Mar 1949)
Britt, Abraham and Mary Emma Stone (m. 22 Dec 1869)
Britt, Abraham and Melissa Ann Becklehimer (m. 16 Oct 1884)
Britt, Stella Mae and Allen J Martin
Britt, Stella Mae and Elmer Luther Picklesimer (m. 30 Oct 1937)
Britt, Veronica and Roy Leonard Beckelhymer (m. 19 Sep 1922)
Brittain, Elmer and Nettie Roach
Brittain, John Adolphus and Minnie Laura Behymer (m. 9 Feb 1915)
Britton, Bernice Gertrude and Robert Lee Lykins
Britton, Julia Ann and Abraham Moore (m. 7 Feb 1835)
Britts, Thomas D and Carrie Darnall (m. 8 Mar 1894)
Broadway, Dorothy Manning and Norman Otto Miller (m. 30 Aug 1929)
Broadway, Fred Cramton and Eleanor Kendrick Hood (m. 14 Jun 1933)
Broadway, Helen Elizabeth and Charles Norman Putnam (m. 8 Aug 1926)
Broadway, Jessie Gaston and LeNora Barnett (m. 15 Jul 1928)
Broadway, Thomas and Elizabeth Francis Manning (m. 12 Jun 1900)
Broadway, Thomas Benjamin Jr and Gladys Wineham (m. 1925)
Broadway, Thomas Benjamin Jr and Mildred Miller
Broadway, Thomas Benjamin Jr and Virginia Baker (m. 5 Jul 1932)
Brockman, Frances Ellen and Amon Harvey Vancil (m. 21 Aug 1864)
Brockman, John T and Dovie Marcenia Patterson (m. 19 Apr 1903)
Brodet, William H and Kate M Eichels (m. 15 Nov 1883)
Bromich, (--?--) and Mabel Vern Bechtelheimer
Brondhaver, Eva Catherine and Clement Leslie Gaskins (m. 16 Aug 1896)
Brondhaver, William M and Rosa A Green (m. 7 Sep 1900)
Brondhaver, Wilson L and Charlotte J Rinehardt
Brookbank, Samantha Ellen and Robert Henry Behimer (m. 1 Sep 1876)
Brooks, Alice Hawthorne and George James Farnsworth (m. 21 Dec 1896)
Brooks, Charles G and Mary L (--?--)
Brooks, Charles Thomas and Almetta E Picklesimer
Brooks, Delbert Calvin and Martha Graybill
Brooks, Edith Gordon and Henry Blakesley Collins (m. 25 Jan 1902)
Brooks, Emily Jane and John Henry Jackson (m. 17 Mar 1876)
Brooks, Forrest E and Nellie Belle Behymer (m. 5 Sep 1914)
Brooks, Forrest E and Nellie Belle Behymer (m. 5 Sep 1914)
Brooks, George A and Mildred Spencer
Brooks, George and Della Mae Robb (m. 26 Aug 1893)
Brooks, Helen and Alden Lindsey Gaskins
Brooks, James Gordon Carter and Rose Ann Hambleton (m. 16 Jan 1867)
Brooks, James M and Lela Ann Meece (m. circa 1928)
Brooks, Janet and Roy Lynden Malcolm
Brooks, John Hardy and Pinkie E Simer (m. 6 Oct 1906)
Brooks, Levi Hasseltine and Laura Ann Tone (m. 17 May 1866)
Brooks, Lillie Belle and George Joseph Schaufler (m. circa 1920)
Brooks, Mary Jane and Nathaniel Behymer (m. 18 Feb 1866)
Brooks, Mildred Lucille and Harold Raymond Behymer (m. circa 1947)
Brooks, Roscoe and Luella McCord (m. 17 Oct 1905)
Brooks, Roy and Harriett May Simons (m. 21 Apr 1917)
Brooks, Sophia E and Perry Durham (m. 14 Jul 1886)
Brookshire, William Asberry and Morning Sylvania Jane Pickelsimer (m. 17 May 1882)
Brose, Emma Jane and Peter Lowell Smith (m. 24 Dec 1917)
Brose, Frederick S and Clara E Long (m. 23 May 1885)
Brose, Frederick S and Debbie Jane Baumgardner (m. 13 Feb 1873)
Brose, Henry J and Amy Watts Thompson (m. 23 Aug 1924)
Brose, Howard Allen and Bertha Frances Berger (m. 26 Oct 1910)
Brose, Raymond E and Esther Marie Riley
Brose, Raymond E and Frances Carroll (m. 24 Dec 1919)
Brose, Raymond E and Hattie L (--?--)
Brose, Thomas Edwin and Fay (--?--)
Brose, Thomas Edwin and Minnie E Davison (m. 17 Oct 1909)
Brothers, Asa Ammon and Dora Ellen Hymer (m. circa 1899)
Brothers, Lee Roy and Mary Dorothy Skelton (m. 15 Nov 1945)
Brothers, Vernie M and (--?--) Sandberg
Brougher, Calvin D and Mary Bachman
Brougher, Calvin D and Rosella Phillips (m. 22 Dec 1886)
Brower, Cantrille J and Thomas Edwin Long (m. 14 Dec 1879)
Brower, Lydia R and Joseph Oscar Windsor (m. 6 Sep 1879)
Brown, (--?--) and Amy Parker
Brown, (--?--) and Ida B Stephens
Brown, (--?--) and Susan (--?--)
Brown, Albert Leslie and Alice Howell (m. 1911)
Brown, Alberta and Harry Orgilva Wilson
Brown, Alexander Jan and Augusta Amanda Jones (m. 17 Mar 1892)
Brown, Alexander M and Rebecca Jane France (m. 21 Dec 1848)
Brown, Almina and James Orr Graham (m. 6 Nov 1881)
Brown, Alta May and Paul Campbell (m. circa 1906)
Brown, Andrew Jackson and Martha Jane Becklehimer (m. 12 Oct 1882)
Brown, Arthur and Winifred M David (m. 2 Jan 1898)
Brown, Bertha and Clarence Benedict (m. 17 Jun 1916)
Brown, Bertha and James Hall (m. 27 Sep 1952)
Brown, Bertha and Trulin Spencer (m. 2 Aug 1963)
Brown, Bessie M and Amzi Lincoln English
Brown, Catherine and David E Chalfant
Brown, Charles Edgar (Rev) and Bertha McCormick (m. 2 Feb 1910)
Brown, Charles Harrison and Hanna Behrens
Brown, Charles Woodward and Leila Eleanor Skelton (m. 10 Jan 1894)
Brown, Chloe and Chapman Aimes West (m. 11 Jan 1857)
Brown, Chloe Marie and George Ebbert (m. 12 Oct 1912)
Brown, Clarence E and Anna Behymer (m. 23 Jun 1923)
Brown, Clarence Edgar and Mary Read Kinney (m. 14 Sep 1932)
Brown, Daisy May and La Salle France (m. 10 Nov 1897)
Brown, Daniel D and Minerva W Minnie Malott (m. circa 1885)
Brown, Della M and Walter A Sheely (m. circa 1908)
Brown, Dwight L and Pauline (--?--)
Brown, Electa and Robert Ellis Smith
Brown, Electa and William Camel Smith
Brown, Elizabeth and Jacob Holen Swearingen (m. 8 Jan 1880)
Brown, Elizabeth and James M Preston (m. 17 Jan 1884)
Brown, Elvira Susan and Cyrus Denison Beckelhymer (m. 19 Jun 1862)
Brown, Ervin and Lucille Picklesimer (m. 28 Nov 1916)
Brown, Ethel and James Edward Simer (m. 10 Feb 1941)
Brown, Ethie Ruth and Lee Oliver Silver (m. 22 Sep 1919)
Brown, Eva Jane and Daniel Wise (m. 15 Aug 1886)
Brown, Florence Pearl and Gilmore Wesley Behymer (m. 24 Mar 1907)
Brown, Floyd and Edith Kathleen Woods
Brown, Franklin and Julietta Matilda Jameson
Brown, Franklin and Mary Louise Kelley
Brown, Franklin and Sally (--?--)
Brown, Fred A and Grace B Burkett (m. circa 1910)
Brown, Frederick Appel and Stella Carpenter (m. 26 Apr 1906)
Brown, G Blanche and John Thomas East
Brown, George A and Grace E George
Brown, Gladstone E and Nina Deane Kelley (m. 25 Aug 1930)
Brown, Hazel Alma and George Washington Behymer (m. 21 Nov 1925)
Brown, Helen Dorothy and Arthur Harland Short
Brown, Herbert F and Ruth Louise Behymer (m. 3 Sep 1927)
Brown, Ilda and Frederick A Droege (m. 16 Apr 1938)
Brown, Ina and Benjamin Franklin Lykins (m. May 1936)
Brown, Inez and Charles Edward Parr (m. 10 May 1891)
Brown, Iva L and Galen Glen Picklesimer (m. 2 Jan 1934)
Brown, Iva L and Galen Glen Picklesimer (m. 2 Jan 1934)
Brown, Jehu Montgomery and Nancy J Kitchens
Brown, John and Mary Elizabeth Morrow
Brown, John W and Rebecca Esther Behymer (m. 4 Feb 1868)
Brown, John W and Rebecca Esther Behymer (m. 4 Feb 1868)
Brown, John W and Susan Jane Behymer (m. 9 Feb 1865)
Brown, John W and Susan Jane Behymer (m. 9 Feb 1865)
Brown, John Wesley and Edna E Forrester
Brown, Juda and Hosea M France (m. 2 Jun 1864)
Brown, Juda and Hosea M France (m. 2 Jun 1864)
Brown, Juda and Hosea M France (m. 2 Jun 1864)
Brown, Juda and William Riley France
Brown, Juda and William Riley France
Brown, Juda and William Riley France
Brown, Lafayette B and Martha A Becklehimer (m. 6 Jan 1863)
Brown, Luella and Thomas Benton Behymer (m. 13 Sep 1865)
Brown, Mahala and Archibald McGraw (m. 6 Jun 1830)
Brown, Mahala and Isaac Becklehimer (m. 1844)
Brown, Mahala Catherine and Zalmon Samuel Boggs (m. circa 1891)
Brown, Marion and Mary E Ramey
Brown, Mary Margaret and David Moss
Brown, May A and (--?--) Sharp
Brown, May A and Lafayette Behymer (m. 26 Dec 1912)
Brown, Mildred L and John Ebbert (m. 10 Feb 1935)
Brown, Minnie and (--?--) Morris
Brown, Minnie and Charles Roy Duncan (m. 5 Feb 1907)
Brown, Mollie and Carlos Buell Reed
Brown, Nancy W and Henry Markeley Behymer (m. 26 Sep 1867)
Brown, Oliver Wendell (Dr) and Louetta McGill
Brown, Peyton J and Sarah Jane Becklehimer (m. 21 Mar 1864)
Brown, Raymond Woodford and Mary Hester Boyers (m. 25 Dec 1910)
Brown, Robert and Helen Henderson (m. 1873)
Brown, Robert Ezra and Mary Susanna Littleton (m. 7 Jan 1849)
Brown, Robert Homer and Irma Demaris
Brown, Robert Homer and Martha C Custer (m. 1908)
Brown, Robert M and Elizabeth Christ
Brown, Sadie M and Roma Willard Behymer (m. 4 Dec 1920)
Brown, Samuel Hereford and Adaline Littleton (m. 19 Apr 1846)
Brown, Sanford and Emma (--?--)
Brown, Sarah Ann and Alexander Beckelhymer (m. 30 May 1849)
Brown, Sarah Jane and James Lindsey (m. 21 Jun 1867)
Brown, Sarah Jane and James Lindsey (m. 21 Jun 1867)
Brown, Sarah Jane and John Leonard Beckelhymer (m. 13 Nov 1873)
Brown, Sarah Jane and Thomas Jefferson Clanin (m. 6 Jun 1858)
Brown, Sarah Matilda and James Tabor (m. 12 Jan 1837)
Brown, Sarepta and Daniel Dean Smith
Brown, Thomas and Lucy Behymer (m. 30 Oct 1834)
Brown, Thomas and Lucy Behymer (m. 30 Oct 1834)
Brown, Waldo Grant and Gertrude F Marks
Brown, Wallace and Mary Emily Picklesimer (m. 18 Mar 1874)
Brown, Wesley E and Treasure L Simer (m. circa 1929)
Brown, William and Nancy Emily Hellyer (m. 27 Feb 1866)
Brown, William Jennings and Bertha May Alford (m. 28 Dec 1909)
Brown, William Thomas and Frances Mildred Saunders
Brown, Wilmer and Mary Parr (m. 8 Feb 1894)
Brown, Wilmer and Myrtle Ione Sanburn
Brown, Winfield Scott and Louella Catherine Behymer (m. 26 Apr 1883)
Brownfield, Lillie May and Alonzo White Leake (m. 7 Dec 1918)
Brownfield, Lillie May and Alonzo White Leake (m. 7 Dec 1918)
Brownfield, Lillie May and Charles Marion Behymer (m. 22 Sep 1895)
Brownfield, Lillie May and Charles Marion Behymer (m. 22 Sep 1895)
Browning, Robert and Dorothy Kimbler (m. 21 Jan 1960)
Brubaker, Joseph and Mary Jane Wilson (m. 19 Aug 1875)
Brumagem, Celia A and Dr Joseph A Windsor (m. 3 Oct 1878)
Brumagem, Charles W and Lida May Eppert (m. 28 Jun 1908)
Brumagem, Charles W and Stella Scott (m. 9 May 1921)
Brumfield, Malinda E and William B Smith
Brummet, James R and Ethel Cleo Robinson (m. 6 Aug 1910)
Brummett, John W and Jewell M Gordon
Brunaugh, Mary and Joel Behymer (m. 26 Nov 1840)
Brunell, Jessie and Clarence M Boys (m. 16 Oct 1901)
Bruner, William B and Mary Ann Morin (m. 31 Mar 1852)
Bruney, (--?--) and Betty Jane Berkmyer
Brunk, Anna Belle and Charles G Lucas (m. 20 Oct 1898)
Brunk, Charles W and Lulu Robbins (m. 25 Dec 1898)
Brunk, Clifford Martin and Celia Monjar
Brunk, Clifford Martin and Celia Monjar
Brunk, David T and Melvina Windsor (m. 5 Feb 1871)
Brunk, Grace P and Arthur D Ponder (m. 14 Apr 1908)
Brunk, Grace P and Fred W Bennett (m. 22 Jun 1890)
Brunk, Harry S and Ella M Benz
Brunk, Harry S and Eudora Lee Valentine (m. circa 1898)
Brunk, Thomas L and Mary C Windsor (m. 16 Jan 1876)
Brunk, Thomas L and Mary C Windsor (m. 16 Jan 1876)
Bryan, Bessie and Jesse B Hoffman
Bryan, Lillian M and William Bryan Custer
Bryan, Lusetta E and Charles H Lawshe (m. 6 Aug 1889)
Bryan, Marion M and Oliver P Lawshe (m. 4 Jul 1889)
Bryan, Nora A and Arthur G Lawshe (m. 5 Dec 1898)
Bryant, (--?--) and Jewell Van Horne
Bryant, Ethel and David J Ealey (m. 26 Feb 1930)
Bryant, Ethel and David J Ealey (m. 26 Feb 1930)
Bryant, Jay and Odella Merle Picklesimer (m. 14 Feb 1929)
Bryant, Lucinda Pearl and Clifford Reed (m. 24 Dec 1891)
Bryson, (--?--) and Ellen Elvira Leatherwood
Bryson, Oscar and Maude Ivron Flock (m. 4 Mar 1925)
Buchanan, Elizabeth C and John Garrison Lawshe (m. 20 May 1849)
Buchanan, Elizabeth C and William J Kuhl (m. 23 Nov 1859)
Buchanan, Mark and Maud Sowers
Buchannan, Iler E and Spergeon G Addington (m. 17 Jun 1917)
Buchtmann, Minnie and Algernon Beckelhimer (m. 24 Sep 1902)
Buchtmann, Minnie and Harry H Hermes (m. 24 Jun 1911)
Buck, Thomas Wiley and Sue Ann Jones (m. 8 Aug 1936)
Buckelew, Arthur Pope and Martha Davis
Buckles, Lucy Addison and Walla Walla Creasman (m. 29 Sep 1918)
Buckley, Ella and Harry Beckelhimer (m. 3 Jun 1914)
Buckley, Lorraine K and Ralph Lee Behymer (m. 25 May 1935)
Bucklin, George and Clara Louise Trundy (m. 24 May 1900)
Buckloo, Langley and Orville H France
Buckton, (--?--) and Pauline Mary (--?--)
Buel, Henry Newton and Edna Middleton Corbin (m. 25 Dec 1900)
Buffington, Mary G and McClellan Grant Psimer (m. 8 Jan 1888)
Bufkin, (--?--) and Ruth M Dodd
Bulgar, Josephine and Dewey Edmond Nulph
Bullard, Victoria Antoinette and Oscar Arthur Martin Rowland (m. circa 1929)
Bunce, Hilda Esther and Henry K Lawshe (m. 9 Apr 1878)
Bunker, Hazel Laura and Earl Wesley Hurlbert (m. 25 Aug 1944)
Bunker, Hazel Laura and Everett M Bechtelheimer (m. 15 Dec 1912)
Bunker, Hazel Laura and Ralph Nathaniel Post (m. 29 Mar 1937)
Bunting, Sarah and Nathaniel Behymer (m. 11 Nov 1841)
Bunyard, Elizabeth Susan and Chandler Williams (m. circa 1899)
Bunyard, John T and Elizabeth Jane Webb (m. 3 Sep 1866)
Burbank, John N and Emma A Girton (m. 13 Nov 1884)
Burbank, Sarah Anne and Samuel Shield Owens (m. 27 Apr 1879)
Burbeck, Edmund and Mary E Orork (m. 16 Dec 1879)
Burch, Artemissa and Stephen Kitchens
Burch, Artemissa and Tilmon Patterson Wilson
Burchett, Ella Gladys and Clyde P'Simer (m. 1 Nov 1924)
Burchett, William Julius and Martha Malissa Bayes (m. 3 Aug 1900)
Burck, Arthur Frank and Katharine Reed (m. 14 May 1903)
Burck, Arthur Frank and Lily S (--?--) (m. circa Dec 1920)
Burd, Frank E and Florence Parks (m. 24 Dec 1914)
Burdsal, Hester Jane and Thomas R Hawkins (m. 11 Feb 1847)
Burford, (--?--) and Caroline Eaton
Burgep, John L and Elizabeth S Becklehimer (m. 4 Aug 1870)
Burger, Hugh Laird and Virgie Alma Epperly
Burger, Leander C and Lucy N Pickelsimer (m. circa 1872)
Burger, Leander C and Sarah A (--?--)
Burges, Ora Frances and (--?--) Henson
Burges, Ora Frances and Owen W Pickelsimer (m. 16 Nov 1924)
Burgess, Andrew J and Mary L Bainter (m. 3 Feb 1889)
Burgess, Blanche and Ernest Ellsworth Cary (m. 26 Oct 1909)
Burgess, Leona M and Herman E Cary (m. 10 Mar 1906)
Burgess, William Thomas and Bertie Lena Behimer (m. 16 Nov 1905)
Burgett, Jean and Lester O'Banion Behymer (m. 1943)
Burgett, Jean and Paul Curry (m. Dec 1907)
Burgin, James William and Della Lovella Akins (m. 12 Jun 1936)
Burgin, Ruth and Aaron Beckelhimer (m. 11 Dec 1914)
Burk, George W and Dartha A Beckelhimer (m. 26 Feb 1880)
Burke, Anna Marie and Earl Picklesimer (m. 5 Apr 1946)
Burke, Clara and Jacob Snidow (m. 30 Jan 1790)
Burke, Leora and Johnston Beauregard Snidow (m. circa 1903)
Burke, Walter and Harriett Zarelda Day (m. 12 Jun 1920)
Burkert, Richard and Hester Ann Richmond (m. 26 Dec 1837)
Burkett, Alice and David Tyner (m. 4 Jul 1877)
Burkett, Asa and Eliza Catherine Turner (m. 28 Sep 1882)
Burkett, Asa and Ella Wilson (m. 10 Aug 1873)
Burkett, Barsina A and Joseph A Smith (m. circa 1887)
Burkett, Benton and Martha Ellen (--?--) (m. 15 Jul 1879)
Burkett, Cassius and Ida May Ball (m. circa 1889)
Burkett, Edward and Linda E (--?--) (m. circa 1901)
Burkett, Fred Claudius and Nora Drusella Kelley (m. circa 1897)
Burkett, Fremont and Jennie R Ball (m. 23 Apr 1884)
Burkett, Grace B and Fred A Brown (m. circa 1910)
Burkett, Henry and Mary Ann Short (m. 1842)
Burkett, Lorraine B and William F Smiley (m. circa 1921)
Burkett, Ransom and Florence Ellen Switzer (m. 27 Mar 1879)
Burkhalter, Caryle D and Alta E Behymer (m. Jan 1947)
Burkhardt, Carrie and Benjamin F Ayer (m. 14 Mar 1888)
Burks, Bertie and Clarence E Self (m. 6 Oct 1905)
Burks, Nellie and Joseph Baker
Burks, Seldon Edward and Iva Sue Murdock
Burks, Thomas and Sarah Catherine Simer (m. 29 Nov 1883)
Burks, Thomas Peter and Jewell Johnson
Burnett, Estella C and John Milton Picklesimer (m. 26 Feb 1900)
Burnett, Hannah A and Solomon Beckett (m. 4 Dec 1883)
Burnett, May and Rolandus Smith (m. 25 Apr 1914)
Burnett, Sarah J and Charles T Burnside (m. 13 Feb 1871)
Burnett, Sarah J and John Beckett (m. 6 Dec 1857)
Burns, Edwin James and Weltha May Behymer
Burns, Harvey Allen and Bertha Arminta Beckelhymer (m. 25 Nov 1907)
Burnside, Charles T and Sarah J Burnett (m. 13 Feb 1871)
Burnside, Emma M and Charles R Epperly (m. circa 1894)
Burnside, Ida and Benjamin Franklin Epperly
Burrell, (--?--) and Elizabeth (--?--)
Burrell, Mae and Monroe Crawford
Burrell, Oberia and William Taft Crawford
Burress, Robert Ray and Margaret Christina Tabor (m. 12 Sep 1895)
Burrow, Joy and William Fred Behymer (m. 1975)
Burrow, Joy and William Fred Behymer (m. 1975)
Burrows, (--?--) and Erma V Hoskins
Burrows, (--?--) and Lavone A Lindsey
Bursack, Earl A and Daisy Behymer (m. circa 1928)
Burton, Albert John and Corda Ellen Aliff (m. 26 Jul 1912)
Burton, Alice and John William Blair
Burton, Anna R and William P Oglesby (m. 18 Oct 1883)
Burton, Edwin and Barbara Keith B'Hymer
Burton, Henry J and Ida Jane Sturgill (m. 26 Dec 1900)
Burton, Mary E and Brook Sterling Johnston (m. circa 1904)
Busby, Charles and Daphne Mamie Jones (m. 2 Jul 1917)
Bush, Alice and James McCare Vancil (m. 30 Aug 1872)
Bush, Anna Belle and Andrew Monroe Phillips (m. 2 Dec 1886)
Bush, Arthur Mercer and Stella Sharp
Bush, Birdie May and Perry Bradley Noland (m. 1 Dec 1897)
Bush, Nellie and Pearl Phillips (m. 1 Jun 1900)
Bush, Taylor and Sarah Ann Suddarth (m. 6 Jun 1869)
Bussard, Caroline and Henry Lantz (m. 8 Apr 1841)
Bussard, Caroline and Isaac B Hymer (m. 18 Dec 1866)
Butcher, Sheridan C and Ninus Martin (m. circa 1919)
Butler, Albert C and Caroline Matilda Day (m. circa 1875)
Butler, Alfred and Catherine Fleming
Butler, Annie Eliza and Darius Welch (m. 1 Jan 1882)
Butler, Benjamin J and Lydia M Landis (m. 26 Feb 1857)
Butler, Charles A and Flora A Macy (m. 5 Jun 1881)
Butler, Everett and Myrtle Roach
Butler, James M and Arinda Clanin (m. 17 Feb 1875)
Butler, John A and Melissa E Gephart (m. 4 Oct 1883)
Butler, Mary Ann and Michael Littleton (m. 27 Apr 1843)
Butler, Mary Christina and Robert Noah Wright (m. 14 Feb 1884)
Butler, Mary Elizabeth and David Starkey Bond (m. 22 Mar 1869)
Butler, Sarah Francis and Leonard Behymer (m. 8 Sep 1917)
Butner, Eula C and Horace G Picklesimer (m. 18 Oct 1905)
Butner, William and Mary Isabelle Johnston (m. 29 Jan 1880)
Butterfield, Frances and Harry Proctor Fishburn
Butterworth, Lillian Mae and William Jackson Beckelhimer Jr (m. 5 Apr 1952)
Buzan, Margaret Isabel and Samuel F Picklesimer
Buzan, Margaret Isabel and Samuel F Picklesimer (m. 16 Oct 1894)
Byer, John and Hannah Behimer (m. 8 Feb 1879)
Byer, Lena Christina and James Behimer (m. 6 Jan 1878)
Byer, Minnie Florence and Henry Anthony Silva (m. 11 Jan 1905)
Byer, Myrtle L and Herman Belser (m. 1920)
Byer, Peter H and Elma Catherine Behimer (m. 29 Dec 1877)
Byers, Sarah Elizabeth and Perry Logsdon (m. 5 Sep 1867)
Byrd, Ora and Joseph D Northcutt (m. 12 Oct 1909)
Byrd, Theodore W and Violet Rardin (m. circa 1883)
Byrd, William F and Malissa Bechtelheimer (m. 18 Jun 1868)
Byrum, Barbara Alice and Richard P Picklesimer (m. 10 Sep 1875)
Cable, Henry Harry and Birdie Pickelsimer
Cabral, Marie Trinity and John William Tippet (m. 10 Jul 1943)
Cadle, Ernest Jefferson and Goldie Lee Beckelhimer (m. 1 Feb 1933)
Caffrey, Corinne and Earl Errett Beckelhymer (m. circa 1918)
Cahill, Martha B and Delbert Houston Fisher (m. 6 Feb 1906)
Cain, Ella Mae and Alfred B'Hymer (m. 11 Apr 1934)
Cain, George and Minerva Logsdon
Cain, James A and Stella Lee Richardson (m. circa 1899)
Caldwell, Jason W and Maude Isabelle Simers
Caldwell, Maggie and (--?--) May
Caldwell, Maggie and Charles E Harmon
Caldwell, Merle G and John T Becklehimer (m. Apr 1947)
Calhoun, Georgiana and Dr Carroll B Behymer (m. 8 Jun 1898)
Calhoun, Henry H and Mary Elizabeth Robbins (m. 29 Apr 1896)
Calhoun, Noel Madison and Bess (--?--)
Calico, Sara Belle and Burgess Kennedy (m. 16 Jun 1884)
Callaway, Catharine D and William H C Beckett (m. 22 May 1841)
Callup, Theodore and Ruth Vivian Hudson
Calvert, Hannibal and Mary (--?--)
Calvert, John James and Lydia Rardin (m. 27 Nov 1836)
Cambridge, Dorothy Opal and Eldon Leonard Behymer (m. 7 Dec 1932)
Cameron, Luvina Virginia and James Tabor (m. 28 Mar 1873)
Campbell, Bessie and Russell L Frazier
Campbell, Carrie and Erastus Henry Day (m. 6 Jan 1876)
Campbell, Edith and Nash Clell Cazel (m. 4 Apr 1918)
Campbell, Edna Francis and Winfield Bertrand Stillinger (m. 5 Jun 1907)
Campbell, Elaine and Ellsworth Calvert B'Hymer (m. 8 Mar 1944)
Campbell, Elizabeth Anthony and Ivan Behymer (m. 20 Jul 1904)
Campbell, Ella Lorraine and Chase Pardon Bowen
Campbell, Ella Margaret and William Thomas East (m. 26 Dec 1908)
Campbell, Ella Margaret and William Watt Newfarmer
Campbell, Elsie Marie and Taylor Behymer (m. 16 Sep 1945)
Campbell, Gladys and Fanon Fred Suddarth (m. 24 Apr 1920)
Campbell, Kathryn and Frank Kemper Westfall (m. 10 May 1919)
Campbell, Margaret and James A Hymer
Campbell, Margaret and James French (m. 15 Mar 1875)
Campbell, Margaret and James French (m. 15 Mar 1875)
Campbell, Mary F and John Harvey Travis (m. 4 Apr 1870)
Campbell, Mary F and Samuel Enoch Behymer (m. 30 Nov 1865)
Campbell, Paul and Alta May Brown (m. circa 1906)
Cann, Elizabeth Almira and B Frank Jones (m. 20 Feb 1890)
Cann, William and Chir Glovenia Armacost (m. 8 Oct 1871)
Cann, William and Letha Jane Boys (m. 30 Dec 1867)
Cannady, Esther May and Chalmer Dewey Day (m. 27 Nov 1917)
Cannady, George W and Isabel Lett (m. 25 May 1881)
Cannady, Georgia and Frank J Kuhn
Cannady, James Monroe and Malissa Ritchie
Cannady, Jolena and William Henry Harrison Emory (m. circa 1877)
Cannady, Julia Eva and Edward Martin Shover
Cannady, Tabitha and William G Estep (m. circa 1877)
Cannady, William Ferdinand and Elizabeth Beckelhimer (m. 15 Dec 1853)
Cannon, Oscar and Lola E Briscoe
Canote, Martin and Nancy Jane Lower (m. 14 Nov 1860)
Canter, Anna R and Charles C Armacost (m. 13 Jan 1887)
Canter, Clarence Edd and Florence May McPheeney (m. 24 Feb 1887)
Canter, Elsie Lee and Virgil Lee Case (m. 3 Apr 1915)
Cantley, Mary Harriet and Leonard Chapman Harper (m. 10 Aug 1881)
Cantley, Winnie and French Wikle
Cantrell, (--?--) and Edna Adams
Cantrell, Addie and Henry Edward Picklesimer (m. 4 Dec 1917)
Cantrell, Addie and Roy Hitchcock
Cantrell, Anna Bolin and Elexious Ogden Conley
Cantrell, Julia and John Stanley Talley (m. 10 Mar 1896)
Cantrell, Kate and Fred Simer
Cantrell, Mary and Alba Rado Stambaugh
Cantrell, Mary and Harry B Gullett
Cantrell, Rebecca Jane and William James Picklesimer (m. 28 Oct 1901)
Cantwell, (--?--) and Nellie Jones
Capelle, Ina B and Franklin Witham Ward (m. circa 8 Feb 1946)
Caplinger, Chancy and Laura Jane Clark (m. 14 Jun 1890)
Carberry, George Bennett and Gertrude Henderson
Carder, John T and Nancy Pickelsimer (m. 28 Jan 1897)
Carey, Otis Sylvester and Maude Annette Pittenger
Carico, (--?--) and Mary E (--?--)
Carlin, Louis T and Mary Hortense Salles (m. 11 Sep 1883)
Carlton, Edna and Edward Hughes (m. 18 May 1932)
Carlton, Ethel and Ben E Dovey
Carlton, Florence and (--?--) Hathaway
Carlton, Harmon Cecil and Lillian Thompson (m. 5 Jan 1932)
Carlton, Harmon Cecil and Marion Catherine Stutzman (m. 20 Aug 1947)
Carlton, James Blake and Mary Alice Simer (m. circa 1893)
Carlton, John Preston and Rose Anne O'Shaughnessy (m. 24 Oct 1921)
Carlton, Lydia Elizabeth and John Milton Simer (m. 23 Dec 1896)
Carmack, Mary Jane and George Washington Henderson (m. circa 1875)
Carman, Abi and Isaiah Beckelhymer (m. 7 Jan 1844)
Carmen, George H and Loleta C Wilson
Carnahan, Alice and Eugene Elijah Kennedy
Caro, Caughman and Demercie Jane Pickelsimer (m. 9 Nov 1876)
Carothers, Jerome Lee and Nellie Myrtle Lawry (m. circa 18 Oct 1938)
Carpenter, Elizabeth J and (--?--) Turner
Carpenter, Elizabeth J and John B Monjar (m. 8 Dec 1903)
Carpenter, Elizabeth J and John B Monjar (m. 8 Dec 1903)
Carpenter, Fairbank and Marion Farnsworth
Carpenter, Faye Margaret and Harvey F Bechtelheimer (m. 25 Apr 1923)
Carpenter, Julia A and Frederick L Bell
Carpenter, Levi and Etta A Hill (m. 20 Jan 1897)
Carpenter, Lillian A and Robert Roy Davis (m. circa 1918)
Carpenter, Mary Viola and Ernest Perry Wilson (m. 25 Dec 1911)
Carpenter, Ralph Israel and Una Mae Behymer (m. 31 Dec 1919)
Carpenter, Stella and Frederick Appel Brown (m. 26 Apr 1906)
Carpenter, Thomas B and Ruth Fields (m. 15 Dec 1859)
Carr, Amanda W and John Henry Briscoe (m. circa 3 Feb 1890)
Carr, Charles E and Mary P (--?--) (m. circa 1893)
Carr, Charley Clinton and Susie Anna Wood (m. 26 Oct 1907)
Carr, Edward F and Anna L Fox (m. 2 Oct 1896)
Carr, Edward Leroy and Carrie Beatrice Behymer (m. 10 Oct 1892)
Carr, Edward Leroy and Carrie Beatrice Behymer (m. 10 Oct 1892)
Carr, Eva and Clifford McQuitty (m. 22 Dec 1928)
Carr, Ida B and Franklin A Ayer (m. 27 May 1890)
Carr, Jacob and Jane Jackson (m. 13 Dec 1827)
Carr, John Thomas and Cassander E (--?--)
Carr, John Thomas and Hester Anna Walker (m. 25 Apr 1883)
Carr, Joseph and Nancy Behymer (m. 8 Feb 1848)
Carr, Joseph Henry and Minnie Owens (m. 1 Jan 1896)
Carr, Louis and Frances Picklesimer
Carr, Maley W and Harriet A Pickelheimer (m. 26 Dec 1875)
Carr, Mary Ann and Daniel B Wilson
Carr, Walter R and Grace Cole
Carr, Walter R and Grace Cole
Carr, William Overton and Mary Louvinia Davidson (m. 26 Dec 1878)
Carr, William R and Mary S Grossnickle (m. 13 Dec 1899)
Carroll, Elizabeth M and Edward F Wilson
Carroll, Frances and Paul R Schuman
Carroll, Frances and Raymond E Brose (m. 24 Dec 1919)
Carroll, Frances Elizabeth and George Franklin Behymer (m. 15 May 1885)
Carroll, Mary Jane and John Hymer (m. 4 Jul 1882)
Carson, Marion and Maude B Summerfield (m. circa 1903)
Carson, Marion and Maude B Summerfield (m. circa 1903)
Carson, Mary Agnes and Samuel V Bechtelheimer (m. circa 1897)
Carson, Nadine M and George A Grimstead
Carson, Vista Mae and Daniel Bayless Newkirk (m. 5 Nov 1899)
Carter, Anna Lee and Elmer Lee Quinn (m. 14 Feb 1914)
Carter, Carrie Luella and Lafayette Bhymer (m. circa 1885)
Carter, Clara Mae and Scarlet Colifax Damron
Carter, Diana J and Gerald W Behymer
Carter, Elmore G and Luella R (--?--)
Carter, Herbert Wesley and Opal Lee Beckelhimer (m. 24 Dec 1932)
Carter, Jennings William and Mary Eleanor Douglas (m. 13 Jul 1913)
Carter, Jennings William and Mary Eleanor Douglas (m. 13 Jul 1913)
Carter, John David and (--?--) (--?--) (m. circa 1907)
Carter, John David and Nancy Jane Bell (m. circa 1884)
Carter, John W and Mary Jennie B'Hymer (m. 26 Dec 1883)
Carter, Louisa Lillian and James Edward Beckelheimer (m. 8 Mar 1883)
Carter, Olen Milton and Grace Erwin (m. 28 Sep 1914)
Carter, Sarah Hoff and Henry Lawshe
Carter, Thomas A and Frances Jackson (m. 22 Sep 1909)
Carter, Virgil R and Ola McDaniel (m. 24 May 1915)
Carter, William M and Harriet A Windsor (m. 14 Mar 1872)
Carter, William Minor and Isabella (--?--)
Carver, George F and Alma J Hymer (m. 15 Oct 1912)
Carver, Helen Jennet and William Otis Johnston
Carver, William Marion and Nora E Martin (m. 3 Jul 1900)
Cary, Ernest Ellsworth and Blanche Burgess (m. 26 Oct 1909)
Cary, Herman E and Grace Corello Lucas (m. 22 Dec 1946)
Cary, Herman E and Leona M Burgess (m. 10 Mar 1906)
Cary, Marion E and Christina Chalfant (m. 24 Dec 1877)
Cary, Minnie Leona and Charles L Johnson (m. 28 Feb 1914)
Case, James Oscar and Catherine Current (m. 3 May 1905)
Case, James T and Rose Ella Doyle (m. 26 Nov 1889)
Case, Roscoe and Bertha W Baldwin (m. 27 Jun 1906)
Case, Virgil Lee and Elsie Lee Canter (m. 3 Apr 1915)
Casey, Wayman S and Anne L Hiatt (m. 17 Apr 1939)
Cashman, Virgie Viola and Homer John Bechtelheimer (m. 28 Sep 1918)
Caskey, Glen and Elizabeth Fannin (m. 29 Dec 1935)
Caskey, Miles and Alwilda Day (m. circa 1897)
Cass, Adda M and Hezekiah Blanton (m. circa 1906)
Cass, Edward Perry and Alice A Hinds (m. 8 Dec 1884)
Cass, Elcy A and Charles Ellsworth Bigony (m. 20 Apr 1919)
Cass, Elcy A and Frank Mohr
Cass, Elcy A and John Henry Scott (m. 2 May 1882)
Cass, Jeremiah Jesse and Jennie Marie Gackler (m. Sep 1888)
Cass, John A and Margaret B Hall (m. circa Mar 1892)
Cass, Louvinia E and James Albert Williamson (m. 14 Apr 1873)
Cass, Lydia E and George Pauli (m. 20 Feb 1873)
Cass, Mary L and Lorenzo Dumont Dodd (m. 1 Dec 1901)
Cass, William Preston and Lutitia Beckelhymer (m. 1 Apr 1850)
Cassidy, Sarah Elizabeth and James Hymer (m. 5 Sep 1844)
Castile, Newton and Dora Pickelsimer (m. circa 1904)
Castle, Alamander and (--?--) (--?--)
Castle, Alamander and Julia Ann Picklesimer (m. 11 Nov 1880)
Castle, Burley and Clarinda Fletcher (m. 1 Jul 1921)
Castle, Cap L and Atha Esta Caudill (m. circa 1927)
Castle, Cap L and Bessie Picklesimer
Castle, Cap L and Mausia (--?--)
Castle, Irene and Aubrey R Kirby
Castle, Jay and Lorraine Walters
Castle, Levina and Noah Kendrick Williams (m. 30 Nov 1871)
Castle, Lloyd and Ora Lee Picklesimer (m. 13 Aug 1909)
Castle, Lloyd and Ora Lee Picklesimer (m. 13 Aug 1909)
Castle, Teresa Susan and Christopher Columbus Webb (m. 31 Oct 1876)
Castle, Teresa Susan and John W Lavender (m. 24 Jun 1883)
Castleberry, Edward and Carrie Beatrice Behymer
Castleberry, Edward and Carrie Beatrice Behymer
Castor, Ira and Mary Morgan (m. 21 Jan 1918)
Cates, Dorothy Delores and Alvie A High (m. 9 Oct 1993)
Cates, Dorothy Delores and William Garrett Howard Jr (m. 27 Apr 1946)
Cates, Harvel and Angela Mackiewicz
Cates, Louise and (--?--) King
Cates, Martha and Clarence Davan Jr (m. 1952)
Cates, Mary Eleanor and Thomas W Salts (m. 3 Jan 1942)
Cates, Schuyler LaTourette and Mary Alice Robb (m. 4 Oct 1913)
Cathey, Jane and Watson Pickelsimer (m. 16 Jul 1839)
Caton, Sarah S and John Riley Gordon (m. 12 Dec 1883)
Caudell, Frank and Laura Florence Franklin
Caudill, Abraham P'Simer and Amanda Jane Spradlin (m. 2 Mar 1876)
Caudill, Abraham P'Simer and Amanda Jane Spradlin (m. 2 Mar 1876)
Caudill, Ada and Alfred Lee Stanley (m. 8 Oct 1896)
Caudill, Amanda Emeline and Gilbert Franklin Coldiron (m. 8 Jan 1880)
Caudill, Atha Esta and Cap L Castle (m. circa 1927)
Caudill, Ballard and Anna Luna Picklesimer (m. 11 Dec 1915)
Caudill, Ballard Lowell and (--?--) (--?--)
Caudill, Benjamin Franklin and Effie M (--?--) (m. circa 1898)
Caudill, Benjamin Franklin and Effie Richardson (m. circa 1907)
Caudill, Ellis Ross and Maude Picklesimer (m. 11 Jun 1906)
Caudill, Ellis Ross and Paulina Sturgill (m. 12 Oct 1914)
Caudill, Ellis Ross and Paulina Sturgill (m. 12 Oct 1914)
Caudill, Ernest W and Goldie Picklesimer
Caudill, Florence Ida and Joseph Harmon Trimble (m. 27 Oct 1894)
Caudill, Florence Ida and Joseph Harmon Trimble (m. 27 Oct 1894)
Caudill, Grace May and Harry Bennett
Caudill, Howard F and (--?--) Mary (m. circa 1923)
Caudill, John Henry and Celia Ethel Reeder (m. 6 Jan 1910)
Caudill, Laura Jane and John Wiley Blair (m. 10 Nov 1897)
Caudill, Leroy and Aurora Picklesimer (m. 13 Sep 1902)
Caudill, Leroy and Virgie Conley
Caudill, Martha Ann and Robert Carl Johnson
Caudill, Mary Belle and William Short Thompson (m. circa 1915)
Caudill, Mary Evelyn and (--?--) Yeager
Caudill, Mary Frances and David Mitchell
Caudill, Matthew James and Elizabeth Keaton (m. circa 1887)
Caudill, Matthew James and Nancy J Picklesimer (m. 15 Apr 1854)
Caudill, Matthew James and Temperance Hitchcock (m. Aug 1842)
Caudill, Mildred and Payne Jay Picklesimer (m. 14 Jul 1946)
Caudill, Millard Filmore and Osie M Hays (m. circa 1910)
Caudill, Minneapolis and Manford Phillip Stambaugh (m. 30 Oct 1898)
Caudill, Minneapolis and Manford Phillip Stambaugh (m. 30 Oct 1898)
Caudill, Missouri and Bozier Trimble (m. 10 Jan 1907)
Caudill, Rebecca Catherine and James Lewis Blevins (m. 7 Sep 1883)
Caudill, Rowland Green and Clarinda Ellen Bays (m. 30 Nov 1870)
Caudill, Samuel and Lydia Margaret Picklesimer (m. circa 1871)
Caudill, Samuel and Quintina Christian (m. circa 1864)
Caudill, Sarah Caroline and William Henry Ealey (m. 9 Mar 1883)
Caudill, Sarah Caroline and William Henry Ealey (m. 9 Mar 1883)
Caudill, Temperance and James B Bayes
Caudill, William Bristo and Ada May Stevens (m. 16 Mar 1908)
Caudill, Wilma and (--?--) Davidson
Caudill, Wilma and Duane Kemberling
Caudill, Wilma and Norvill Walker (m. 18 Oct 1944)
Caudill, Winfield Scott and Pearl Hazel Dean (m. circa 1906)
Cauldwell, (--?--) and Eva Lutz
Caulkin, Lee and Claudine Isabella Behymer (m. circa 1927)
Cavender, Emma and John Gordon Pickelsimer (m. circa 1905)
Cavender, Emma and Leonidus Landis Ferguson (m. 20 Oct 1930)
Cavender, George W and Eliza Jane Pickelsimer (m. 8 Nov 1888)
Cavender, Susan D and Lafayette Pickelsimer (m. circa 1889)
Cazel, Austin Brother and Helen L Voltz
Cazel, Ernest Clyde and Alice Martha Meissner
Cazel, Ernest Clyde and Apollonia Petrie
Cazel, Ernest Clyde and Zoe Ann Gaffner (m. 31 Dec 1906)
Cazel, Helen A and (--?--) McLaughlin
Cazel, Homer George and Mabel Shantz
Cazel, Maria Elmira and Charles H West (m. 25 Jul 1894)
Cazel, Nash C and Jean E (--?--)
Cazel, Nash Clell and Edith Campbell (m. 4 Apr 1918)
Cazel, Raymond Earl and Mae A Richie (m. circa 1925)
Cazel, Robert E and Dorothy Virginia Wilson (m. circa 1929)
Cazel, Robert Morris and Lydia Alice Nash (m. 11 Jan 1872)
Cazel, William David and Ida Mae West (m. 19 Jan 1902)
Cazel, William P and Louise Kresse
Centers, Bertha and Carroll G Trimble (m. circa 1927)
Chadwick, (--?--) and Sarah Bond
Chadwick, Nell and William Thomas Davis (m. 1921)
Chadwick, Samuel and Sarah Ellen Wright (m. 10 Nov 1886)
Chalfant, Albert and Rachel Bechtelheimer (m. 20 Jan 1848)
Chalfant, Albert and Rebecca E (--?--) (m. 24 Oct 1878)
Chalfant, Christina and Marion E Cary (m. 24 Dec 1877)
Chalfant, David E and Catherine Brown
Chalfant, Emily P and (--?--) Friend
Chalfant, Ester A and William Moveland (m. 18 Jul 1882)
Chalfant, Ezekial R and Lillie M Rector (m. 19 Oct 1879)
Chalfant, Homer Spinks and Minnie Bechtelheimer (m. 15 Feb 1890)
Chalfant, Isabel L and John M Roach (m. circa 1885)
Chalfant, Jesse Lawrence and Sarah Catherine Southard
Chalfant, Louella and William E Vance
Chalfant, Lydia E and Joseph Clevenger (m. 25 Nov 1880)
Chalfant, Mary and Samuel C Linville (m. 1 Feb 1906)
Chalfant, Mary and Thomas M Oxley (m. 29 Jun 1872)
Chalfant, Ocie Edna and Clayton McCreary (m. 10 Feb 1903)
Chalfant, Opha A and John Arthur Mullin
Chalfant, Phebe Jane and Walter M Collins (m. 5 Mar 1878)
Chalfant, Rachel Elizabeth and Marion James Collins (m. 10 Feb 1876)
Chalfant, Samuel Jesse and Stella Ann Mittendorff (m. circa Apr 1900)
Chamberlain, James and Martha Ellen Lower (m. 20 Nov 1845)
Chamberlain, Marcellus L and Laura B Palmer (m. circa 1887)
Chamberlain, Mary Ella and Robert Y Hunter (m. 28 Feb 1878)
Chamberlain, Penelope and John Lawshe (m. 3 Sep 1779)
Chambers, Adah R and Wayne Ellsworth Bechtelheimer (m. 28 May 1902)
Chamness, Isabel and Zimri Hanson
Chance, Verly Osroe and Ora Daisy Newhouse (m. 31 Dec 1896)
Chandler, Edward A and Margaret June Behimer (m. Aug 1878)
Chandler, Sarah Leona and David Burton Picklesimer (m. 3 Mar 1907)
Channell, George M and Ruth May Jones
Chapman, Edgar F and Eugenia Picklesimer (m. 16 Dec 1905)
Chapman, Gordon and Grace Mae Beckelhimer (m. circa 1925)
Chapman, Loran Edmon and Bertha G Duncan
Chapman, McClellan C and Agnes G Debo
Chapman, McClellan C and Catharine Picklesimer (m. 29 Dec 1915)
Chapman, Millie May and James E Behymer (m. 19 Jul 1902)
Chapman, Millie May and Leander Hick Fowler (m. 21 Feb 1897)
Charles, Bessie M and Clyde Gosney
Charles, Fred and Elizabeth H Trout
Charles, Samuel F and Thelma Warman (m. 10 Aug 1939)
Chase, Lea Ednah and Orange Edson Baxter (m. 15 Jan 1907)
Chase, William A K and Lucy Mendenhall
Chasen, Sara and Rodney L McQuary (m. 1963)
Chastain, Ezekiel Franklin and Martha Elizabeth Picklesimer
Chastain, Julius and Amanda Sarah Twiggs
Chatfield, (--?--) and Grace D Conley
Chatfield, Estella and Ellis Calahan Conley (m. 1940)
Chatterton, George W and Lou Anna Westfall (m. 15 Jan 1891)
Chatterton, Georgia L and Henry Deck
Chauncey, William Arthur and Anna Clara Showalter (m. 5 Nov 1890)
Cheairs, William H and Nora Mae Jackson (m. circa 1896)
Chedister, Edith and James Samuel Oldham (m. 6 Nov 1902)
Cheney, Edwin and Minnie Laura Behymer (m. 8 Jun 1924)
Chennault, Florence Virginia and James Alexander Simer (m. circa 1910)
Cherry, Franklin Peter and Laura A Behymer (m. 20 Mar 1890)
Chesbrough, Henry C and Amy Alberta Windsor (m. 14 Dec 1902)
Child, Frederick Chase and Lulu Bell Modlin (m. 12 Aug 1891)
Child, Louis Napoleon and Pauline Kennedy Rhoads
Childers, Billy Jean and Woodrow Wilson Beckelhimer (m. 13 Jan 1945)
Childers, Millus Foy and Margaret Catheryne Simer (m. 22 Dec 1872)
Childers, Millus Foy and Sarah Caroline Whiteside (m. 24 May 1860)
Childress, David Phillip and Opal Lee Picklesimer (m. 30 Dec 1923)
Childress, Nellie B and Edward A Richardson (m. 30 Sep 1902)
Chiodo, Russel and Eva Coleman (m. 7 Mar 1918)
Chisholm, Josephine Elizabeth and Charles Lovell Robbins (m. 16 Nov 1927)
Chisom, Delores and Eugene Franklin Fowlkes Sr (m. 12 Sep 1925)
Chittick, Carnie Grace and James Otis Lane
Chittick, Carnie Grace and William Adelbert Oglesby
Chitwood, Charles Franklin and Dora Lee Suddarth (m. 23 Jul 1894)
Chockley, Cyrena and (--?--) (--?--)
Chockley, Cyrena and William S Wilson (m. circa 1891)
Christ, Elizabeth and Robert M Brown
Christ, Ellen and (--?--) Shoup
Christ, John and Rebecca B Lawshe (m. 8 Mar 1838)
Christensen, Charles O and Blanche Pickelheimer (m. 24 Dec 1926)
Christensen, Charles O and Blanche Pickelheimer (m. 24 Dec 1926)
Christensen, Charles O and Mabel Pickelheimer (m. 15 Jun 1918)
Christensen, Charles O and Mabel Pickelheimer (m. 15 Jun 1918)
Christian, Quintina and Samuel Caudill (m. circa 1864)
Christian, Ruby Marie and William Fred Behymer (m. Oct 1947)
Christian, William S and Alice Mary Gaskins (m. 26 Sep 1886)
Christie, Margaret and Nathaniel Behymer (m. 24 Dec 1856)
Christie, May and Cecil Alsie Hill (m. 23 Dec 1903)
Chronister, (--?--) and Elizabeth Josephine Lawshe
Chronister, Henry Paul and Ida Noe (m. 13 Nov 1921)
Church, Alfred and Lottie Marie Kazee (m. 24 Dec 1916)
Church, Pansy M and Lewis Terry Starks (m. 20 Nov 1926)
Church, William Basil and Viola Theodosa Picklesimer (m. circa 1910)
Churchill, Mary Celesta and Alonzo F Gray (m. 6 Jan 1886)
Cisco, Alonso Fran and Oney May Williams (m. circa 1903)
Cisco, Sadie Jane and Hilliard C Holloway
Clanin, Alfred and Ada Stoops
Clanin, Alfred and Leyannor Littleton (m. 22 Dec 1844)
Clanin, Almeda and Wesley Shafer (m. 20 Feb 1889)
Clanin, Amaziah and Emma Easterm (m. 12 Sep 1906)
Clanin, Angeline and Patterson Weese (m. 17 Feb 1870)
Clanin, Arinda and James M Butler (m. 17 Feb 1875)
Clanin, Charity and N C Krogh (m. 12 May 1882)
Clanin, Delmer Blanchard and Lydia Summers (m. 25 Jan 1885)
Clanin, Dora May and Charles L Hartford (m. 9 Oct 1887)
Clanin, Eva and Leroy Parrish (m. 4 Mar 1891)
Clanin, Flora Derose and Albin Eugene King (m. 28 Feb 1877)
Clanin, Hannah and David Atkins (m. 26 Dec 1867)
Clanin, Isaac Beckley and Elizabeth Ann Littleton (m. 16 Dec 1841)
Clanin, James Monroe and Julia Francis Freeland (m. 5 Nov 1876)
Clanin, Lafayette Gray and Evaline Miranda Seavers (m. 1 Jan 1878)
Clanin, Laura Alice and Morris R Tidrick (m. 22 May 1873)
Clanin, Laura Alice and Morris R Tidrick (m. 22 May 1873)
Clanin, Lavinia and John Lee France (m. 4 Sep 1856)
Clanin, Lina and Perry Stewart (m. 27 Nov 1879)
Clanin, Mary Ann and George Washington Brick (m. 7 Nov 1867)
Clanin, Mary S and George W Snider (m. 15 Jun 1892)
Clanin, Melvin Benjamin and Adgie Caroline Holden (m. 30 Jul 1885)
Clanin, Minda and George Rowe (m. 21 Dec 1892)
Clanin, Oliver Perry and Martha Alma Settles (m. 24 Jun 1891)
Clanin, Susan Jane and Morris R Tidrick (m. 24 Apr 1870)
Clanin, Susan Jane and Morris R Tidrick (m. 24 Apr 1870)
Clanin, Thomas Jefferson and Sarah Jane Brown (m. 6 Jun 1858)
Clapesettle, (--?--) and Florence Olinger
Clapp, William R and Mabel Lilly Robbins
Clare, Bernice and Charles Greer (m. 9 May 1941)
Clare, Lowell P and Fannie Agnes Behymer (m. 13 Apr 1902)
Clare, Willard L and Thelma M Crawford (m. 7 Jun 1924)
Clark, (--?--) and Henrietta Modlin
Clark, (--?--) and Ruby I Phelps
Clark, Albert F and Martha M Hubble (m. 28 Feb 1930)
Clark, Albert F and Mollie (--?--) (m. circa 1918)
Clark, Alva E and Gladys (--?--)
Clark, Annavee Louise and Claude Elijah Behymer (m. 29 Mar 1947)
Clark, Arthur and Nancy Dennis (m. 20 Apr 1917)
Clark, Bessie Mae and (--?--) Fields
Clark, Charles A and Bessie C (--?--)
Clark, Charles Howard and Anna Harper (m. 30 Sep 1890)
Clark, Charles Malten and Fannie Daniel (m. 23 Dec 1916)
Clark, Delia and (--?--) Abner
Clark, Delia and LeRoy Maxwell Jones (m. 18 Nov 1950)
Clark, Elizabeth and William Logsdon (m. 7 Feb 1884)
Clark, Ellen J and Edmond C Lindsey (m. 1 May 1919)
Clark, Emory W and Emily Guthrie (m. 29 Jul 1869)
Clark, Estella M and Milton Earl Behymer (m. circa 1928)
Clark, Ezekiel F and Diantha Beckelshymer (m. 19 Dec 1849)
Clark, George and Sarah May (m. 25 Dec 1916)
Clark, Harry Newton and Grace May Trissler (m. 28 Mar 1904)
Clark, Hattie Rebecca and Pearson Merrill Picklesimer (m. circa 1908)
Clark, Hattie Rebecca and William Henry McCall
Clark, Henry Earl and Dorothy (--?--)
Clark, Henry Earl and Mary I (--?--)
Clark, Henry Harrison and Elizabeth Hanner Gifford (m. circa 1880)
Clark, Hester and Thomas Nathaniel Behymer (m. 9 Feb 1897)
Clark, Ida M and Andrew Jack McKenzie (m. 3 Jul 1917)
Clark, Ina G and William Lewis Estes (m. 22 Dec 1887)
Clark, Jane Ruth and Charles Raymond Behymer (m. 16 Aug 1923)
Clark, Jane Ruth and Charles Raymond Behymer (m. 16 Aug 1923)
Clark, John D and Elizabeth (--?--)
Clark, Joseph Franklin and Lela Orpha Troy (m. 23 Nov 1902)
Clark, Kizzie and Jackson Taylor Kimbler (m. circa 1904)
Clark, Laura Belle and William H Smith (m. 5 Jan 1886)
Clark, Laura Jane and Chancy Caplinger (m. 14 Jun 1890)
Clark, Laura Jane and Marcus Willard Barnes
Clark, Mary Elizabeth and Edward Everett Wrenchy (m. circa 1880)
Clark, Mary Margaret and Abraham J Picklesimer (m. 31 Jul 1853)
Clark, Nancy and (--?--) Waldec
Clark, Rachel Azelda and Joseph Warren Arnett (m. 4 Jan 1876)
Clark, Rosa A and Joseph Asberry Custer (m. circa 1898)
Clark, Sarah Ellen and William H Hyres (m. 9 Oct 1866)
Clark, Stephen D and Elizabeth M Scalf (m. 24 Feb 1896)
Clark, Vernie E and Lottie Monjar (m. circa 1917)
Clark, William Charles and Amanda Harrison Hymer (m. 4 Feb 1854)
Clark, William Charles and Margaret K Blades
Clark, William Charles and Pamelia Ellen Warde (m. 12 Feb 1868)
Clark, William Dodson and Florence Cecgis Boor (m. circa 1892)
Clark, William Dodson and Martha Jane Davis
Clark, William Dodson and Nancy Irene Riddle
Clark, William Douglas and Susan Matilda Delong (m. 20 Jan 1880)
Clark, William W and Gertie (--?--)
Clark, William Wesley and Mary Caroline Picklesimer (m. 21 Sep 1886)
Clarke, Hannah and Samuel Custer (m. circa 27 Nov 1843)
Clausen, Emanuel M and Mary E Sheridan (m. 19 Sep 1880)
Clausen, Emanuel M and Susan C Hambleton (m. circa 1896)
Clay, Bert and Anna Ida Moon
Clay, Carrie and Delbert Beckelheimer (m. 18 Jan 1928)
Clay, Jane and Kendrick Erastus Picklesimer (m. 28 Oct 1900)
Clay, Lloyd and Grace Vanhoose (m. circa 1910)
Clay, Lydia Jane and Frank Barker
Clay, Lydia Jane and John Harvey Beckelheimer (m. 28 Aug 1930)
Clay, Thomas M and Margaret H Picklesimer
Clay, Thomas M and Margaret H Picklesimer
Clay, Viola Jane and J G Bonza (m. 10 Nov 1914)
Clay, Viola Jane and J G Bonza (m. 10 Nov 1914)
Clay, Viola Jane and James Adams
Clay, Viola Jane and James Adams
Clay, Viola Jane and Jessie P'Simer (m. 5 May 1904)
Clay, Viola Jane and Jessie P'Simer (m. 5 May 1904)
Clay, Viola Jane and Thomas Albert Courts (m. 22 Dec 1925)
Clay, Viola Jane and Thomas Albert Courts (m. 22 Dec 1925)
Cleary, Margaret W and Orville H France (m. 22 Feb 1855)
Clem, Leroy and Belle Cochran (m. 14 Oct 1877)
Clement, (--?--) and Addie Roxanna Thomas
Clement, Cora A and Ira A Behymer (m. 16 Mar 1897)
Clement, Ethel and Johnson Wyatt Summerfield Jr (m. 12 Oct 1917)
Clements, (--?--) and Lillian McGrew
Clements, John E and Alice Picklesimer
Clements, Joseph S and Arminda Josephine Pickelsimer (m. 6 Jun 1897)
Clements, Mollie and John F Pickelsimer (m. circa 1892)
Clemmens, Millie A and Louis E Pickelsimer (m. circa 1894)
Clemmons, Millard L and Alta M Stark (m. circa 1908)
Clendenen, Esther Ann and Lucien Taylor Behymer (m. 4 Dec 1877)
Clendenen, Esther Ann and William S Hearl (m. 1 Mar 1864)
Clevenger, Joseph and Lydia E Chalfant (m. 25 Nov 1880)
Clevenger, Reba L and O D Rader
Clift, Augusta and William F Shanks (m. circa 1907)
Clift, Benjamin W and Florence Henderson (m. circa 1867)
Clift, Genetta and John Breckenridge Field
Clift, Jesse Grace and Douglas Wiley Henderson (m. circa 1889)
Clift, Mildred Augusta and John Henderson
Clift, Mildred Augusta and John Henderson
Clift, Nancy Lucinda and William Grant Henderson (m. circa 1886)
Clift, Pearl and John Morgan Hall
Clift, Perry Calvin and Ida Ione Johnson
Clift, Verner Harry and Blanche (--?--)
Clift, Walter Scott and Chloe Ester Cornell (m. 12 May 1909)
Clifton, Sarah and Caleb Hymer (m. 4 Jan 1872)
Cline, Almeda Webb and Leonard Chapman Harper
Cline, Caroline and Ephriam M Tackett (m. 31 Oct 1909)
Cline, Sarah E and James Madison Tabor (m. circa 1864)
Clinefelter, Mary J and Andrew J Wilkinson (m. 24 Oct 1876)
Clinger, Harold and Faye Lucille Hymer
Clingerman, (--?--) and Florance Eloise Poorman
Clingner, Thomas and Gay Hancock
Clinkenbeard, Cleatus and Frances Armilda Arthur
Clinkenbeard, Cora M and John Abe Johnson
Clinkenbeard, Samuel Thomas and Martha A Robbins (m. 28 Mar 1871)
Clippinger, Paul R and Mabelle Ludwig (m. 17 Sep 1918)
Cloe, Robert Edward and Myrtle B Bhymer
Clow, Arthur P and Tavia Della Atteberry
Clow, John A and Tavia Della Atteberry
Clowers, Fannie and Henry Evan McReynolds
Clute, Margaret and John B Monjar (m. circa 1900)
Clute, Margaret and John B Monjar (m. circa 1900)
Clutter, Virginia Evelyn and Victor K Behymer (m. circa 1930)
Coakley, Lucinda and George W Sherwood (m. 3 Jan 1868)
Coakley, Lucinda and Thomas Henry H France (m. 4 Jan 1849)
Coates, Reece and Grace Ellen Richardson (m. 2 Aug 1919)
Coats, Abner Gedaniel and Sarah Jane Gordon (m. 24 Mar 1878)
Coats, Anmary and Charles Fremont Jackson (m. 7 Jan 1897)
Coats, John Bussey and Jeffersonia Elizabeth Davidson (m. 6 Jun 1887)
Cobb, Georgie and Virgie Hicks
Cobb, Mable Nora and Clarence Smith
Cobble, George and Mary Behymer (m. circa 1885)
Cobble, George and Mary Behymer (m. circa 1885)
Coburn, Naomi and (--?--) Adkins
Coburn, Naomi and Lonnie Picklesimer (m. 2 Feb 1933)
Cochram, Thomas W and Helen Eaton (m. 25 Jul 1926)
Cochran, Belle and John A Shaw Powers (m. 6 Nov 1884)
Cochran, Belle and Leroy Clem (m. 14 Oct 1877)
Cochran, Levi Lowell and Ethel Reid
Cochran, Nellie M and Samuel W Behymer (m. 6 Feb 1895)
Cochran, Thomas Jefferson and Clara Lucina Hymer (m. 18 Sep 1912)
Cockran, Howard and Frances Wilson
Cockrell, Nellie M and James Clarence Fritzlen (m. 7 Jun 1911)
Coclasure, Jasper and Lou Ella May Oglesby
Coffield, Donald Vere and Louise A Behymer (m. 10 Dec 1938)
Coffin, Trenmore and Marie Louise Benoit (m. 4 Jun 1885)
Coffin, Trenmore and Marie Louise Benoit (m. 4 Jun 1885)
Coffin, Viola M and James Robert Pickelsimer (m. circa 1926)
Coffing, Homer James and Florence N Beckelhymer (m. 17 Mar 1911)
Cogan, Nina M and Clarence Hymer
Cogswell, Zachariah Phelps and Elizabeth Alfrey (m. 25 Nov 1860)
Colbert, William and Ethel Viotta Tucker (m. 2 Feb 1926)
Colbert, William and Gertrude Alice Lower
Colbert, William and Jennie M Johnson (m. circa 1889)
Coldiron, Gilbert Franklin and Amanda Emeline Caudill (m. 8 Jan 1880)
Coldwell, Louise and Charles Dillard Picklesimer
Coldwell, Louise and Charles Dillard Picklesimer
Cole, Daisy Helen and Edwin Lyman Behymer (m. 14 May 1895)
Cole, Donald Cameron and Mary W Behymer (m. 18 Jul 1916)
Cole, Effie Jane and William Wallace Behymer (m. 24 Nov 1910)
Cole, Grace and Walter R Carr
Cole, Grace and Walter R Carr
Cole, Susan and Samuel Ely (m. 15 Mar 1883)
Cole, Susan and William M Behymer (m. 1868)
Cole, Willie and Carrie D Picklesimer (m. 26 Oct 1937)
Colegrove, Bessie and Ulysses S Picklesimer (m. 27 Apr 1939)
Colegrove, Goldie and Martin Picklesimer (m. 27 Jan 1938)
Colegrove, Goldie and Walter Ray Barker (m. circa 1924)
Colegrove, Harvey and Bessie Beckelhimer (m. 16 Sep 1932)
Coleman, Elizabeth J and Roy Blake Jones
Coleman, Eva and Russel Chiodo (m. 7 Mar 1918)
Coleman, George Edward and Lula Ellen Beckelhimer (m. 26 May 1896)
Coleman, James Andrew Wyatt and Emma Jane Sutherland (m. 17 Jan 1884)
Coleman, James Spencer and Margaret Pickelsimer (m. circa 1894)
Coleman, Jeanie and Homer Picklesimer (m. 24 Feb 1934)
Coleman, Jewell and Roy Whitehead (m. 7 Mar 1918)
Coleman, Jimmie Elva and Elbert Edward Fine (m. 16 Sep 1922)
Coleman, Kizzie and Robert Garfield Picklesimer (m. 8 Sep 1933)
Coleman, Lorena F and Sydney S Hilton (m. 8 Sep 1915)
Coleman, Lovina and Levi Beckelhymer (m. 7 Sep 1851)
Coleman, Marine Atlas and Lillie Josephine Pickelsimer
Coleman, Millie Ann and Thomas McGraw (m. 20 Sep 1913)
Coleman, Rosa E and Sam G Jones (m. circa 1914)
Coleman, Russel and Delany Clerindea Pickelsimer
Coleman, Ruth and Creed Whitehead (m. 3 May 1920)
Coleman, Virginia and Charles T Decker (m. 14 Feb 1919)
Coleman, Virginia and Robert M Ford (m. 3 Aug 1909)
Coleman, William Lorenzo and Delany Clerindea Pickelsimer (m. 27 Jan 1898)
Collier, John and Arretta Hile
Collingsworth, Frances and Lafayette Moore (m. 5 Jul 1883)
Collins, (--?--) and Carrie Smith
Collins, (--?--) and Mary E Durbin
Collins, (--?--) and Osie M Hays
Collins, Bertha Jane and Bruce Franklin Picklesimer (m. circa 1913)
Collins, Charles Edward and Mary A (--?--) (m. circa 1890)
Collins, Charles Edward and Sarah Ann Behymer (m. before 1882)
Collins, Henry Blakesley and Edith Gordon Brooks (m. 25 Jan 1902)
Collins, James H and Lydia J Logsdon
Collins, Laura Margaret and William Culbertson Martin (m. 4 Jul 1903)
Collins, Lorena America and Robert Luther Hymer (m. 7 Mar 1900)
Collins, Marion James and Rachel Elizabeth Chalfant (m. 10 Feb 1876)
Collins, Martha Melvina and J M Back
Collins, Martha Melvina and Nathaniel Green Kimbler (m. 1 Jan 1907)
Collins, Martha Melvina and Nathaniel Green Kimbler (m. 1 May 1869)
Collins, Martin Van Buren and Cassandra McCord (m. 8 Apr 1891)
Collins, Martin Van Buren and Cecelia Wright
Collins, Milly F and John Francis Hymer (m. 7 Sep 1907)
Collins, Walter M and Phebe Jane Chalfant (m. 5 Mar 1878)
Collinsworth, Tassie and Charles H Picklesimer (m. 2 Aug 1917)
Collinsworth, Tassie and Noah B Dills (m. circa 1924)
Collipriest, George W and Claudia O Behymer (m. 8 Jan 1921)
Collver, Clark W and Estella Jenettie Hawkins (m. 7 Jun 1919)
Colston, Arva John and Edith May Fields
Colston, Jarvis E and Laura Hymer (m. circa 1892)
Colston, John William and Margaret Jane Hymer
Colston, John William and Margaret Jane Hymer
Colston, Rosa Mae and Sherman Roberts
Colston, Susan Loretta and Benjamin Scott Adams
Colston, Susan Loretta and Lester Holbert Wood
Colston, Susan Loretta and Louis B Epperson
Colston, William Walker and Gabriella Petty
Coltrite, Mary and Daniel Waggoner (m. circa 12 Jan 1821)
Colvin, Henry J and Celia Jane Picklesimer (m. 28 Jul 1886)
Colvin, Louisa and Shanklin Salyer (m. circa 1902)
Colvin, Lydia F and Amos Myers (m. 14 Sep 1876)
Colvin, Nola C and Mitchell Blair (m. 14 Sep 1926)
Colvin, Ollie and Henry Ward Beecher Stapleton
Combs, (--?--) and Nellie Wilson
Combs, Blanche Gladys and Thomas H Pickelsimer (m. circa 1925)
Combs, Eliza Jane and James Harvey McKenzie (m. 11 Jun 1868)
Combs, Irvin and Thelma Emma Picklesimer (m. 19 Dec 1951)
Combs, Lydia Jane and Donald Millard Hoskins (m. 3 Apr 1948)
Combs, Steve and Marjory Behymer
Compton, Alice O and Levi Tabor (m. 20 Feb 1893)
Compton, Hiram Burton and Cora F Picklesimer (m. 9 Sep 1897)
Compton, Ida May and Robert Benton Wilson (m. 20 Dec 1887)
Condit, Frank and Elizabeth Bechtelheimer (m. 14 Nov 1900)
Condon, Julia Ann and Cecil Simer (m. circa 1915)
Conger, Emma E and Isaac Beckelhymer
Conklin, Charles S and Jennie Smith (m. 31 May 1885)
Conklin, Harry Stanley and Sylvia G Behymer (m. 30 Sep 1916)
Conklin, Harry Stanley and Sylvia G Behymer (m. 30 Sep 1916)
Conklin, Harry Stanley and Sylvia G Behymer (m. 30 Sep 1916)
Conklin, Josie S and James S Conley (m. 7 Aug 1895)
Conley, Addie Bell and John Henry Picklesimer (m. circa 1906)
Conley, Alvah and (--?--) Craft (m. circa 1917)
Conley, Amanda Jane and Isaac Jackson Picklesimer (m. 8 Apr 1884)
Conley, Ben and Nancy Jane Fannin (m. 17 May 1915)
Conley, Bessie and William Clarence Fannin (m. 6 May 1924)
Conley, Elexious Ogden and Allie Miller Cooper (m. 16 Apr 1910)
Conley, Elexious Ogden and Anna Bolin Cantrell
Conley, Elexious Ogden and Esther Roebuck
Conley, Ellis Calahan and Estella Chatfield (m. 1940)
Conley, Elmer and Minnie E Fannin (m. 4 Apr 1919)
Conley, Ethel and Homer Daulton Picklesimer (m. 19 Jun 1909)
Conley, Forest Tecumseh Sr and Clausie Picklesimer (m. 4 Jun 1908)
Conley, George Leslie and Laura Virgie Fannin
Conley, Grace D and (--?--) Chatfield
Conley, Hazel and Emerson Picklesimer (m. 25 Jun 1914)
Conley, Hazel and Linzie S Conley (m. 2 Jul 1919)
Conley, Hazel and Rodney H Picklesimer (m. 25 Nov 1922)
Conley, Henry J and Laura Mildred Fannin
Conley, Hubert and Fynettie Fannin (m. 5 Feb 1919)
Conley, James S and Josie S Conklin (m. 7 Aug 1895)
Conley, John Dempsey and Ida Flynt (m. circa 1910)
Conley, Josie and Redmond Wayne Picklesimer (m. 13 Jan 1893)
Conley, Juanita Lois and Charles Douglas Ramey (m. 25 Aug 1932)
Conley, Leona Belle and (--?--) Hale
Conley, Lewis Power and Sarah Picklesimer (m. 14 Jun 1866)
Conley, Linzie S and Hazel Conley (m. 2 Jul 1919)
Conley, Mahala and Nathaniel Picklesimer Jr (m. 25 Aug 1873)
Conley, Mahala and William Spradlin (m. 5 Mar 1857)
Conley, Mary Elizabeth and William Sherman Gullett (m. circa 1893)
Conley, Mason and Claudia Ethel Long
Conley, Ollie P and Edward P Hill Sr
Conley, Ollie P and Thomas Hill (m. circa 1912)
Conley, Ora Mae and Franklin Pierce Picklesimer (m. 26 Sep 1919)
Conley, Samuel Clark and Sarah Ellen Picklesimer (m. 31 Aug 1882)
Conley, Virgie and Leroy Caudill
Conley, Walter Lewis and Anna (--?--)
Conley, Walter Lewis and Lillie Montgomery (m. 14 Mar 1909)
Conley, William L and Ella Webb (m. 19 Jun 1901)
Conn, Edgar C and Emma Frances Stevens (m. 6 Mar 1892)
Conn, Hilda E and Warwick Behymer (m. 4 Jun 1927)
Connally, Mary Annie Rowena and John Ralph Oglesby (m. 25 May 1918)
Connelly, Edward B and Ethel L Williams
Conner, Roy and Fern A Richardson (m. 3 Jul 1914)
Conner, William Hosie and Susan Beckelhimer
Connor, (--?--) and Missie (--?--) (m. circa 1899)
Conover, Charles and Marietta Windsor (m. 21 Jun 1896)
Conroy, Maude B and (--?--) Eckenrode
Conroy, Nettie Lou and James M Etter (m. circa 1899)
Conroy, Thomas and Emma S Riggs (m. circa 1880)
Conway, Raymond W and Bernice Marie Behymer (m. 14 Sep 1920)
Conyers, Frank P and Jennie Mae Humphries (m. 7 Jul 1926)
Conyers, Mary and Joseph H Wilson (m. 9 Jul 1893)
Cook, (--?--) and Belle Nichols
Cook, (--?--) and Emma Jean Behymer
Cook, Alphonso M and Luella Lydia Pease (m. 22 Nov 1877)
Cook, Catherine and Franklin L Riggs (m. circa 1888)
Cook, Gordon and Demercy Payne
Cook, Helen June and Virgil Dennis Picklesimer Jr (m. 23 Aug 1952)
Cook, Henrietta P and Richard Taylor Dawson (m. 6 Jun 1906)
Cook, James Ernest and Ada Marie France (m. 10 Mar 1927)
Cook, Jessie C and Charles H Troy (m. 13 Nov 1910)
Cook, Jessie C and Charles H Troy (m. 13 Nov 1910)
Cook, Julia A and David Cicero Pickelsimer (m. 4 Jul 1903)
Cook, Martha and Gene Payne
Cook, Mary Emma and Elijah Dean Pickelsimer (m. 28 Feb 1892)
Cook, Verna Beryl and William Rufus Landis (m. 10 Oct 1907)
Cook, William Andrew and Alice N Pickelsimer
Coon, Flossie Olive and Benjamin Franklin Behimer (m. 19 Sep 1909)
Coon, Lawrence and Ruth Odetta Bowman
Coonfield, Nannie and John William Barcus
Cooper, (--?--) and Florence B Steele
Cooper, Allie Miller and Elexious Ogden Conley (m. 16 Apr 1910)
Cooper, Archibald Prater and Arizona Davis (m. circa 1898)
Cooper, Archibald Prater and Manerva Belle Picklesimer (m. 8 Dec 1892)
Cooper, Archibald Prater and Mary M Litteral
Cooper, Caroline and Harley Furlong (m. 1 Mar 1917)
Cooper, David and Lillian Zella Kenworthy
Cooper, David and Martha Jane Picklesimer
Cooper, Dora and Warren Milton Long
Cooper, Edward and Anna France
Cooper, Elizabeth and Benjamin Franklin Donahoe (m. 12 Mar 1922)
Cooper, Elizabeth and John Henderson Beckelheimer (m. 3 Jan 1895)
Cooper, Elmyra and Charles Wesley Simers (m. 28 Dec 1902)
Cooper, Hattie and Leander Bayes (m. 15 Sep 1904)
Cooper, James T and Ora Verda Long
Cooper, Jefferson Davis and Florence Edna Wright
Cooper, Jefferson Davis and Mary Elizabeth Sutherland (m. 24 Jul 1899)
Cooper, John Milton and Mary Elizabeth King (m. 19 Sep 1894)
Cooper, Josephine and Jefferson King
Cooper, Lou and Alfred Lee Stanley (m. 21 Jun 1890)
Cooper, Marcellus T and Artha Idris Littleton (m. 28 Oct 1869)
Cooper, Margaret Lucille and Lloyd Daniel Sprong (m. 10 Oct 1934)
Cooper, Samuel and Martha Picklesimer
Cooper, Sarah E and Thomas E Pickelheimer (m. 26 Jul 1918)
Cooper, Willie L and Albert H Behymer
Copeland, Herschel L and Alberta F Behymer
Copelen, Bessie R and Dr Harry Wellman Behymer (m. 18 Oct 1904)
Corbin, Alfred Thomas and Ocie (--?--)
Corbin, Alfred Thomas and Sarah Emeline Behymer (m. 1 Oct 1884)
Corbin, Edna Middleton and Henry Newton Buel (m. 25 Dec 1900)
Corbin, Edna Middleton and Royal James Thompson (m. 10 Sep 1920)
Corbin, Ethel Mae and Frederick Laurin Smith (m. 30 Jun 1909)
Corbin, Howard Ellsworth and Mary C Dawson
Corbin, Jesse Alfred and Mary E Hapner (m. 24 Jan 1927)
Corbin, Mary and Earl Reid (m. 2 Jan 1975)
Corbin, William Hamilton and Christina Ann Beckelhymer (m. 3 Dec 1852)
Corbin, William Jasper and Anna F Koester (m. 9 Jan 1887)
Corbin, William Jasper and Lena Johnson (m. 16 Apr 1914)
Corbin, William Jasper and Martha Christina Stites (m. 14 May 1882)
Cordell, Bessie and Grover Cleveland Picklesimer (m. circa 1910)
Cordrey, Jesse and Ethel M Ward (m. 2 May 1904)
Corman, Anna P and James Lewis Suddarth (m. circa 1877)
Cornelison, Alvietta and Francis Marion Gordon (m. 19 Jan 1888)
Cornell, Alonzo B and Lillie Mae Eppert (m. 29 Sep 1881)
Cornell, Arthur Burley and Leona F (--?--)
Cornell, Chloe Ester and Walter Scott Clift (m. 12 May 1909)
Cornell, Doris and Paul Eugene Slade (m. 29 Nov 1924)
Cornell, Ellen Mae and Joseph B Wood
Cornell, Ellen Mae and William Henry Brewer
Cornell, Ernest W and Fanny Marie Van Harlingen
Cornell, Nancy Ellen and William Bertrand Stillinger (m. 19 Jan 1869)
Cornell, Raymond Harvey and Alma Bell Light
Cornell, Walter C and Vada Heiler
Cornette, J M and Emma Rice (m. 8 Dec 1919)
Cornwell, (--?--) and Mildred Dorselle Armstrong
Cornwell, Clarinda and Earl Edgar Jones (m. 14 Apr 1923)
Cornwell, Phoebe Olive and Michael Beckelhimer (m. 2 Aug 1868)
Cory, John D and Huldah L Gaskins (m. 31 Mar 1869)
Cotton, Elizabeth and Levias Hancock (m. 6 May 1884)
Cotton, Julia Ann and Peter Freeland Lawshe (m. 23 Mar 1851)
Cottrell, Nellie and Vurnie Witt Becklehimer (m. 15 Oct 1913)
Cottrell, Paul and Halla Melissa Becklehimer (m. 7 Dec 1906)
Counce, Edna Irene and Theodore R Wiltrout
Courtney, Margaret J and David Willis (m. 12 Oct 1843)
Courts, Thomas Albert and Viola Jane Clay (m. 22 Dec 1925)
Courts, Thomas Albert and Viola Jane Clay (m. 22 Dec 1925)
Couvillon, Pearl Marie and Thomas Nicholas Plunkett (m. 2 Oct 1912)
Cox, Ann and (--?--) Reynolds
Cox, Ann and William B Hymer (m. 1 Sep 1849)
Cox, Charlie and Eliza J Edwards (m. 16 Apr 1910)
Cox, Edith M and Charles Hill
Cox, Eleanor Ruth and Charles Herbert Pickelheimer Jr
Cox, Eleanor Ruth and James Newal Dudley (m. 23 Mar 1946)
Cox, Elihu and Lucinda Hymer (m. Jun 1870)
Cox, Etha Ann and Augustus Elmo Pence (m. 23 Nov 1904)
Cox, Francis Marion and Hulda J (--?--) (m. circa 1892)
Cox, George W and Alice Henderson (m. 17 Oct 1912)
Cox, Golda Irene and Donald Eugene Behymer (m. 16 Nov 1946)
Cox, Grace and Charles Logsdon (m. 18 Feb 1903)
Cox, Jane F and (--?--) Webb
Cox, Jane F and George W Ball (m. circa 1889)
Cox, John David and Catherine Fannin
Cox, Lydia Jane and Corna E Picklesimer (m. 14 Nov 1903)
Cox, Maude and George Otis Rose
Cox, Myrtle and John T Becklehimer (m. 27 May 1925)
Cox, Retha and Owen B Hymer (m. circa 1919)
Cox, Victor and Nellie M Jackson
Cox, Walter Charlie and Burleigh Miranda Simer (m. 27 Oct 1921)
Cox, William Harvey and Minnie Eula Behymer (m. 18 Nov 1913)
Coy, Lillian A and Clement Forrest Behymer (m. circa 13 Dec 1896)
Coy, Lillian A and William South
Coyle, Almeda and John Hymer (m. 14 Apr 1892)
Coyle, Nathaniel L and Edith May Ellison (m. 11 Jan 1888)
Crable, Dow M and Margaret A France (m. 12 Aug 1883)
Crabtree, Martha J and John Henry Simers
Crabtree, Noah and Edna Gudgen (m. 2 Jan 1918)
Craft, (--?--) and Alvah Conley (m. circa 1917)
Craft, Lula F and Kearney S Hoskins (m. 27 Nov 1900)
Craig, William Harrison and Elizabeth Von Cannon (m. 13 Mar 1862)
Craigo, Malinda and John France (m. 24 Jun 1827)
Craigo, Malinda and John France (m. 24 Jun 1827)
Crain, Alice M and Fred R Wilson (m. 26 Nov 1908)
Crain, Granville Austin and Saphrona F Addington (m. 17 Mar 1923)
Crain, Lucinda and Elisha A Thompson
Crain, Thomas Warren and Lydia Emily Pickelsimer (m. 11 Mar 1875)
Cram, Madison and Minerva Frances Hoffman
Cramer, Isaac and Mary Elizabeth Lawshe (m. 19 Sep 1852)
Crandel, Jonathan E and Emaline Myer (m. 19 Jun 1859)
Crandel, Laura Ellen and M H Williams (m. 7 Feb 1878)
Crane, (--?--) and Mattie Mary Picklesimer
Crane, Floyd R and Lola Syville Hymer
Crane, Harry L and Besie May Hunt (m. 30 Jun 1898)
Craner, (--?--) and Mary (--?--)
Crank, Manerva and Hamilton Picklesimer (m. 9 Sep 1924)
Crawford, Bessie and Wesley Odom
Crawford, Charles and Cleo Mildred Liggett (m. 25 Aug 1951)
Crawford, Charles and Lottie May France
Crawford, Corbit A and Jessie Heathly
Crawford, Ellise and Charles Fredrick Picklesimer (m. 7 Jun 1911)
Crawford, Ellise and William R Fuller
Crawford, Fannie and Walter Kindall
Crawford, Fred L and Nettie Mae Behymer (m. 5 Mar 1907)
Crawford, Garland Grover and (--?--) Norris
Crawford, Iver and Wilburn F Pickelsimer (m. circa 1926)
Crawford, James Burt and Mary Odom
Crawford, Laura A and Henry B Farmer
Crawford, Lawson L and Polly C Pickelsimer (m. 13 Dec 1891)
Crawford, Mark and Misouria Bell Walker
Crawford, Maud A and Alex Sylvester Barnett (m. Aug 1906)
Crawford, Monroe and Mae Burrell
Crawford, Stella and Wayne King
Crawford, Thelma M and Willard L Clare (m. 7 Jun 1924)
Crawford, William Taft and Oberia Burrell
Crawley, Jessie Louise and Richard Bland Behymer (m. 14 Sep 1915)
Cray, George W and Margaret J Vancil (m. 12 May 1868)
Creasman, Edith and Benjamin Franklin Steele (m. 3 May 1903)
Creasman, John and Maud Marguerite Hunter (m. 8 Feb 1919)
Creasman, John Coonrod and Mary Leola Beckelhimer (m. 4 Dec 1876)
Creasman, Walla Walla and Lucy Addison Buckles (m. 29 Sep 1918)
Creason, Floyd Merle and Ruth Gladys Good (m. 5 Nov 1918)
Cree, Annie B and Robert Stout Lawshe (m. 28 Sep 1876)
Cregor, Edgar and Bertha Holcomb
Creighton, Arthur and Mayme Myrtle Behymer
Cremeans, Hannah and Jacob Francis Marion Smith (m. 19 Mar 1891)
Cribbet, Robert Driver and Mary Louise Jackson (m. circa 3 Dec 1942)
Crider, Laura and Galen Alvis Picklesimer Sr (m. 7 Jul 1909)
Cripe, Elizabeth E and James Ephraim Myers Parkins (m. 22 May 1865)
Cripe, Elizabeth E and Leopold Eckerly (m. 14 Aug 1894)
Cripe, Elizabeth E and Samuel Housting Bechtelheimer Jr (m. 16 Sep 1884)
Crisp, Edward F and Henrietta Cherokee Lawshe
Crisp, Icy I and George E Payne (m. 31 Oct 1915)
Crist, Harry and Elizabeth Della Behymer (m. 28 Jul 1908)
Croft, (--?--) and Rachel Lawshe
Crofts, Hobart Brainard and Cherokee Margaret Lawshe (m. 14 Feb 1860)
Croisdale, Morris A and Ola Hay
Crooks, Alonzo Martin and Della Ernhart
Crope, (--?--) and Susan Kennedy
Cropenbaker, Paul Taylor and Violet B Short
Croshaw, Margaret and William Earl Pickelheimer (m. 19 Aug 1911)
Crosier, Bert and Mary Belle Young (m. 28 Sep 1918)
Crosno, Russel John and Bessie A Simer (m. 23 Dec 1923)
Cross, Francis Lester and Catherine Elizabeth Masters
Cross, Francis Marion and Emily E Hayden (m. 16 Nov 1870)
Cross, Helen and Frederick Newkirk (m. 23 Sep 1933)
Cross, Joseph Edward and Martha S Behymer (m. 26 Jun 1895)
Cross, Mary Belle and William Henry Monjar (m. 14 May 1873)
Crossley, Richmond L and Clervina S Beckelhimer (m. 12 Apr 1846)
Crouch, (--?--) and Florence Bell Miller
Crouch, Ada Marie and Antonio Mascari
Crouch, Ada Marie and George Elsworth Mitchell (m. 15 Nov 1919)
Crouch, Amanda Melinda and Charles H Razor (m. 30 Dec 1869)
Crouch, Annabelle and Andrew Hockstok
Crouch, Curtis R and Caroline P Hymer (m. 5 Apr 1843)
Crouch, Emma Gail and Charlie Ryan (m. 23 Aug 1922)
Crouch, Emma Gail and Laren Harvey (m. 12 Aug 1948)
Crouch, Martha Catharine and Elijah Moore (m. 16 Jan 1872)
Crouch, Mary Louise and Ewell J Pike (m. 19 Oct 1928)
Crouch, Sherman D H and Marie Lynn (m. 29 Sep 1951)
Crouch, Sherman DeKalb and Anna Rachel Emmons (m. 24 Jan 1885)
Crouch, Sherman DeKalb and Anna Rachel Emmons (m. 24 Jan 1885)
Crouch, Sherman DeKalb and Blanchy Belle Beckelhimer (m. 23 Dec 1896)
Crouch, Sherman DeKalb and Blanchy Belle Beckelhimer (m. 23 Dec 1896)
Crouch, Sherman DeKalb and Emma Caroline Beckelhimer (m. 20 Jan 1900)
Crouch, Sherman DeKalb and Emma Caroline Beckelhimer (m. 20 Jan 1900)
Crouse, Verla May and Robert Edward Pruett
Crow, Daisy Marie and John Oscar Gundy (m. 11 Feb 1922)
Crow, Dave and Anna Ava Gundy (m. 1 Jan 1907)
Crow, James and Eliza Eunice Gundy (m. 30 Dec 1908)
Crow, Louisa M and Ira A Story (m. 23 Jun 1897)
Crowder, Arthur M and Lucy Z Behymer (m. 9 Sep 1916)
Crowder, Arthur M and Lucy Z Behymer (m. 9 Sep 1916)
Crowder, Mary Bell and Lewis Wesley Mickel (m. 21 Mar 1894)
Crowder, William R and Rachel R Girton (m. 5 Apr 1893)
Crowe, Ute and Sallie Anne Pickelsimer
Crowe, Will R and Carrie Starks (m. 11 Jun 1917)
Crowley, Timothy and Hattie Leah Pickelsimer (m. 5 Aug 1915)
Cruise, James E and Nancy J Hayden (m. 26 Mar 1865)
Crum, Elizabeth and Benjamin Franklin Picklesimer
Crum, Noah and Effie Picklesimer (m. 5 Aug 1919)
Crumpacker, Thomas W and Sarah Jane Bhymer (m. 24 Dec 1857)
Cruse, Lois and Harvey Allen Pickelsimer (m. circa 1922)
Cryer, Bertha Mae and Robert J Gosney
Cude, (--?--) and Flora A Macy
Cue, Gordon and Edna Mae Pruett
Culberson, James Arch and Dovie Marcenia Patterson
Cullum, Bessie and Ohlsen D Sutherland
Cummings, Daniel Thomas and Mabel Gertrude East (m. circa 1906)
Cummings, George and Clara Ida May Pickelheimer (m. 13 Sep 1920)
Cummings, Raleigh T and Rose Borowy
Cundiff, Bird Byron and Rose Swem (m. circa 1899)
Cundiff, Bird Byron and Rose Swem (m. circa 1899)
Cundiff, Eloise and Carl Glenard R Mox
Cundiff, Eloise and Carl Glenard R Mox
Cundiff, John W and Eunice Behymer (m. 5 Jan 1867)
Cundiff, John W and Nancy Jane Armstrong (m. 16 Mar 1852)
Cundiff, Minnie S and Charles Albert Atwood (m. 24 May 1891)
Cunningham, Bessie and Parnell W Picklesimer
Cunningham, George W Sr and Angeline Porter
Cunningham, Jacob and Nancy Ann Palmer (m. 11 Feb 1845)
Cunningham, Leonard and Corrine Adella Behymer (m. 27 Dec 1924)
Cunningham, Margaret A and William Stapleton (m. 1 May 1859)
Cup, George and Armarinda Hymer (m. 18 May 1845)
Cureton, John Harrison and Ruby A Simer
Curliss, John S and Evaline Apple (m. 4 Mar 1891)
Curnutte, Clyde W and Maude Ellen Picklesimer
Curran, John P and Anna Elizabeth Behymer (m. 15 Sep 1915)
Current, Catherine and James Oscar Case (m. 3 May 1905)
Current, Emily Emma and Alonzo Bechtelheimer (m. 1 Jan 1888)
Current, Marion W and Serena Bechtelheimer (m. 19 Dec 1896)
Current, Milo Jay and Anna Inhofer
Current, Neva Garnet and Clifford R Bowman (m. 21 Jan 1919)
Current, Scott and Clara R (--?--)
Current, William Jackson and Nancy J Bechtelheimer (m. 24 Dec 1868)
Curry, Anna May and Charles H Ludlow (m. 31 May 1885)
Curry, Paul and Jean Burgett (m. Dec 1907)
Curtis, Allie Mae and Ray B Ring (m. 6 Sep 1911)
Curtis, Andrew Jackson and Delilah Behymer (m. 10 Sep 1874)
Curtis, Elijah and Elizabeth Behymer (m. 13 Mar 1823)
Curtis, Eliza Armazinda and Thomas Jefferson Sheppard (m. circa 1874)
Curtis, Everett W and Elsie May Rhoads (m. 25 Dec 1906)
Curtis, George C and Clara Katherine Pickelheimer
Curtis, Lydia Corona and William Alfred Sheppard (m. 20 Mar 1871)
Curtis, Meacham and Emeline (--?--)
Curtis, Meacham and Lydia Picklehimer
Curtis, Meacham and Mary Howley
Curtis, Myrtie Alice and James P Yowell (m. circa 1907)
Curtis, Roxie and John William Barcus
Curtis, Zarilda Jane and Samuel Bennett (m. 26 Feb 1846)
Custer, Christian and Catharine Beckelhymer (m. 24 Dec 1812)
Custer, Christiana and Aaron Smith (m. 11 Apr 1846)
Custer, Clarence Edgar and Myrtle Irma Sellers (m. 17 Aug 1897)
Custer, Clifton M and Helen M Paynter
Custer, Delilah Catherine Ann and John Welch (m. 28 Mar 1895)
Custer, Delilah Catherine Ann and John Welch (m. 28 Mar 1895)
Custer, Delilah Catherine Ann and John Welch (m. 28 Mar 1895)
Custer, Delilah Catherine Ann and Lewis Behymer (m. 21 Sep 1869)
Custer, Delilah Catherine Ann and Lewis Behymer (m. 21 Sep 1869)
Custer, Delilah Catherine Ann and Lewis Behymer (m. 21 Sep 1869)
Custer, Delilah Catherine Ann and William Robb (m. 21 Aug 1860)
Custer, Delilah Catherine Ann and William Robb (m. 21 Aug 1860)
Custer, Delilah Catherine Ann and William Robb (m. 21 Aug 1860)
Custer, Edward A and Emma (--?--)
Custer, Eliza Ann and Alexander Robinson (m. 26 Dec 1850)
Custer, Eliza Ann and Andrew Eller (m. 12 Jun 1890)
Custer, Eliza Ann and David Bright (m. 8 Apr 1879)
Custer, James Edward and Dora D Hays (m. circa 1885)
Custer, Joseph and Josephine Abbott (m. 18 Sep 1881)
Custer, Joseph Asberry and Minnie (--?--)
Custer, Joseph Asberry and Rosa A Clark (m. circa 1898)
Custer, Lucy Elizabeth and William H Nendick (m. 28 Jan 1886)
Custer, Mahala Ann and Nehemiah Ward (m. 18 Apr 1854)
Custer, Margaret Ann and Elijah M Short (m. 15 Mar 1854)
Custer, Margaret Ann and William A Sheppard (m. 5 Mar 1870)
Custer, Martha C and Robert Homer Brown (m. 1908)
Custer, Mary Ann and James N Sprague (m. 11 Mar 1869)
Custer, Mary Ann and John Kirgan (m. 10 Nov 1853)
Custer, Nellie and (--?--) Boyer
Custer, Paul and Emaline Dalbey Johnson (m. 4 Nov 1856)
Custer, Samuel and Hannah Clarke (m. circa 27 Nov 1843)
Custer, Samuel and Mary (--?--)
Custer, Viola and Charles R Ulrey (m. 30 Sep 1888)
Custer, Walter S and Ida Belle Myers (m. 4 Feb 1891)
Custer, William Bryan and Lillian M Bryan
Custis, Nancy and Elam Vining Bentley (m. 17 Nov 1859)
Cutler, W R and Charlotte J Rinehardt
Cutler, W R and Charlotte J Rinehardt
Cutler, W R and Charlotte J Rinehardt
Cyrus, Bertha Mae and John Tilford Picklesimer (m. 31 May 1950)
Cyrus, Bertha Mae and Kenny Watts
Cyrus, Okey and John Tilford Picklesimer
Daab, Otis and Alice L Grover
Dagley, Leo J and Mary Louise Lawshe (m. 9 Apr 1919)
Dailey, John and Clarinda Indiana Kitchens (m. 12 Oct 1884)
Dailey, Sarah Catherine and Samuel Arfaxed Key (m. 14 Jan 1887)
Dakan, Pearl E and Thomas C Doyle (m. 27 Sep 1906)
Dakins, Martha E and Wellington W Swearingen (m. 24 Oct 1894)
Dale, Lucille M and Lewis Clark Hymer (m. circa 1928)
Dalrymple, Martha A and Joseph W Lawshe (m. circa 1873)
Dalton, Johanna Leona and (--?--) Goodman
Dalton, Johanna Leona and Charles S Jones (m. 10 Oct 1910)
Dameral, Lena and (--?--) Brandenburg
Dameral, Lena and LeRoy Maxwell Jones (m. 17 Oct 1936)
Dameron, Ila F and John Morgan Pruett
Dameron, Marie and Fred Simer (m. 29 Dec 1943)
Damron, Maria and Newton McKenzie
Damron, Mary and Will Urelie
Damron, Polly Ann and Robert Garfield Picklesimer (m. 14 Jul 1915)
Damron, Scarlet Colifax and Clara Mae Carter
Damron, Spurlock Rice and Lucy Ann Picklesimer (m. 3 Apr 1872)
Damron, Susannah and Thomas Abraham Kimbler
Daniel, Adele May and Charles Russell Behymer (m. 3 Jun 1924)
Daniel, Fannie and (--?--) Bailey
Daniel, Fannie and Charles Malten Clark (m. 23 Dec 1916)
Daniel, Jesse and Eliza Harper (m. 17 Apr 1873)
Daniel, Mary Jane and Samuel Meade (m. 28 Mar 1872)
Daniel, Peter and Cynthia Fannin (m. 18 May 1906)
Daniel, Wilbert Ross and Edith Mae Behymer (m. 2 Sep 1908)
Daniels, Adam H and Matilda Windsor (m. 14 May 1865)
Daniels, Charles Leslie and Frances B (--?--)
Daniels, Claude C and Florence Edna Behymer (m. 30 Sep 1916)
Daniels, Claude C and Florence Edna Behymer (m. 30 Sep 1916)
Daniels, Cora E and Clarence Borders (m. 27 Aug 1911)
Daniels, Edgar G and Stella Irene Hancock (m. 28 Jun 1914)
Daniels, Elizabeth and David Bechtelheimer (m. 3 May 1892)
Daniels, Elizabeth and Samuel Hoover (m. 30 Nov 1854)
Daniels, Etta and Charles Ernest Bly
Daniels, George and Clara Belle Jackson (m. circa 1950)
Daniels, Harry Clifford and Pauline Mary (--?--) (m. 26 Nov 1890)
Daniels, Mary Etta and George Lawshe
Daniels, Mary L and William L Waits (m. 2 Feb 1896)
Daniels, Neva Lee and Samuel Randolph Picklesimer (m. 12 May 1937)
Daniels, Sola Mae and William Fredrick Pickle (m. 4 Aug 1934)
Danielson, Gustav and Mary Elizabeth Behimer (m. 14 Jul 1912)
Dannatt, Eugene and Olive Mae Kenyon
Danner, Clyde N and Opal Ruth Oglesby
Danner, Martha Winnie and John Eugene Picklesimer
Danner, Rebecca R and Charles Oscar Lindsey (m. 24 Jun 1890)
Danser, Emma and Franklin Landis (m. 1 Jan 1880)
Darlington, Carolina Belle and (--?--) Heringer
Darlington, Harry O and Velma C Gosney
Darlington, Jesse and Adaline Behymer (m. 11 Mar 1885)
Darlington, Lenora and Bud Weaver
Darlington, Maude A and Jesse T McAtee (m. 19 May 1911)
Darnall, Carrie and Thomas D Britts (m. 8 Mar 1894)
Darnall, Frank T and Ettie E Richardson (m. 24 Nov 1897)
Darnall, Ida May and William L Hathaway (m. 5 Aug 1891)
Darnall, James W and Amanda C Hymer (m. 30 Oct 1856)
Darrah, Sarah A and Jesse A Westfall (m. 20 Apr 1896)
Darting, Barbara Elizabeth and Claiborne Grover Owens (m. 1 Mar 1860)
Darting, Zilpha Ann and James Owens (m. circa 1853)
Daubs, Eleanor C and George Albert McClure (m. 21 Feb 1902)
Daugherty, Almyra M and Lewis W Bechtelheimer (m. 12 Nov 1890)
Daugherty, James Blaine and Myrtle Pickelheimer
Daum, Mildred Lee and Otto D Behymer
Davan, Clarence Jr and Martha Cates (m. 1952)
Davant, Anne and Ernest Boone Fishburn
Davenport, Bennie Estelle and James Vernon Hymer (m. circa 1893)
Davenport, John M and (--?--) (--?--)
Davenport, John M and Cora Kate Short (m. 31 Jul 1892)
Davenport, Pearl M and Samuel Spurgeon Bechtelheimer (m. 26 Oct 1909)
Davenport, Samuel S and Mabel Lilly Robbins
Daves, Alice Abbie and John Landon Pickelsimer (m. 28 Jan 1886)
Daves, George and Lassie Nettie Pickelsimer
David, Winifred M and Arthur Brown (m. 2 Jan 1898)
Davidson, (--?--) and Wilma Caudill
Davidson, Bertha F and Howard F Beckett
Davidson, Cherokee Ruth and Frank Dennison (m. 24 Apr 1889)
Davidson, Harriet Elizabeth and John Charles Metz (m. 19 Nov 1956)
Davidson, Jeffersonia Elizabeth and John Bussey Coats (m. 6 Jun 1887)
Davidson, Lewis Lawshe and Lelia Turpin
Davidson, Lucien L Sr and Mary Elizabeth Beckelhimer (m. 15 Jun 1907)
Davidson, Mary Louvinia and William Overton Carr (m. 26 Dec 1878)
Davidson, Ralph T and Elsie Alice Tobenskie (m. 16 Jan 1943)
Davidson, Richard M and Ruth Smith (m. 19 Nov 1941)
Davidson, Rose Mary and Harry J Spreter
Davidson, Sarah and Samuel Jackson Ely (m. 8 Mar 1897)
Davidson, Sarah and Samuel Jackson Ely (m. 8 Mar 1897)
Davidson, Sarah and William Picklesimer (m. 29 Jul 1900)
Davidson, Sarah and William Picklesimer (m. 29 Jul 1900)
Davidson, Thomas Jefferson and Jeffersonia Elizabeth Lawshe
Davies, Harrold Richard and Juanita Fern Stevens (m. 1 Jul 1925)
Davis, (--?--) and Charity A (--?--)
Davis, Albert J and Cora Kate Short (m. 16 Nov 1880)
Davis, Alice A and John Wilson Pickelsimer (m. circa 1880)
Davis, Alvin Munroe and Ledra Lewis (m. 22 Dec 1919)
Davis, Andy Lee and Iona Mae Behymer (m. 10 Jun 1933)
Davis, Arie Leila and William P Lunsford
Davis, Arie Leila and William P Lunsford
Davis, Arizona and Archibald Prater Cooper (m. circa 1898)
Davis, Beatrice and Howard H Robbins
Davis, Bernice Charlotte and Marcus Ernest Griggs (m. 11 Jul 1929)
Davis, Callie and Austin Abercrombie
Davis, Carrie and Isaac Newton Owens (m. 20 Jun 1888)
Davis, Charles and Mary Belle Johnston (m. 3 Aug 1910)
Davis, Charles C and Clara Ellen Simer (m. 16 Dec 1900)
Davis, Charles C and Inez Jackson
Davis, Charles Douglas and Maud Olga Annice Lavina Milburn (m. 22 Dec 1910)
Davis, Charles W and Hannah Lawshe (m. 27 Mar 1851)
Davis, Charles Washington and Pearl Gilreath
Davis, Clara and Raymond Masten
Davis, Clara and Walter J Wright (m. 4 Jun 1927)
Davis, Clara G and Clarence M Starks (m. 22 Jan 1911)
Davis, David Ralph and Esther Merle Pease (m. 16 Nov 1923)
Davis, Edna M and Harry C Jarrett (m. circa 1908)
Davis, Ernest M and Georgia Manning (m. 27 Mar 1910)
Davis, Ernest Otto and Rena Frances Divers (m. circa 1908)
Davis, Ethel E and Karl Willard Emmons (m. 23 Jan 1913)
Davis, Forest Rosa and Lewis Albert Jones (m. 15 May 1890)
Davis, Geneva and William Richard Gregg (m. 1934)
Davis, George Alonzo and Elise Helena Fisher (m. 24 Sep 1906)
Davis, George Alonzo and Maude Scoville (m. circa Nov 1899)
Davis, Grace Mae and William Elmer Dunbar (m. 24 Oct 1907)
Davis, Guy Elmer and Edith M Finney (m. circa 1905)
Davis, Guy Elmer and Pearl E (--?--)
Davis, Harold and Carrie Sylvia Behymer (m. 15 Nov 1926)
Davis, Henry and Grace Redrow (m. 16 Mar 1906)
Davis, Ida Myrtle and Gordon Lowell Manderville (m. 9 Nov 1893)
Davis, James and Isadora Westfall (m. 25 Dec 1873)
Davis, James Andrew and Sally Thomas
Davis, James Gordon and Minnie Beatrice Hoskins (m. 6 Sep 1903)
Davis, John Monroe and Josie Nelson
Davis, John Wesley and Nancy Caroline Jones (m. 15 Feb 1908)
Davis, John William and Florence Nelson McCollum
Davis, June and Joseph Beckelhimer Rice (m. Aug 1941)
Davis, Laura and George W Truett
Davis, Lillian M and Ansel E Lawless (m. 30 Apr 1910)
Davis, Lillian M and Howard B Behymer (m. 16 Jul 1921)
Davis, Lilly May and Albert Leroy Johnson
Davis, Lincoln and Marietta Lutz (m. 16 Aug 1885)
Davis, Margaret and Thomas Miller
Davis, Margie Marie and Pleasant Truett (m. 18 Dec 1978)
Davis, Margie Marie and Pleasant Truett (m. circa 1929)
Davis, Martha and Arthur Pope Buckelew
Davis, Martha Jane and William Dodson Clark
Davis, Mary Ann and (--?--) Dockery
Davis, Nora and William P Lunsford
Davis, Nora and William P Lunsford
Davis, Otis and Nellie Pickelsimer (m. circa 1920)
Davis, Rebecca C and Charles Robert Key (m. circa 1881)
Davis, Rebecca Josephine and John N J Abercrombie
Davis, Robert Roy and Emma (--?--)
Davis, Robert Roy and Lillian A Carpenter (m. circa 1918)
Davis, Ruby Olive and Arthur John Ivor Homer (m. 4 May 1911)
Davis, Ruth and Vernon Skinner Behymer (m. 3 Jul 1919)
Davis, Ruth Annetta and Weller Raymond Bennett (m. circa 1904)
Davis, Sarah Jane and Charles T Johnson (m. 19 Aug 1917)
Davis, Sarah Jane and Leon O Kellis (m. circa 1895)
Davis, Sarah Jane and Young Abercrombie
Davis, Tennie and Willie Picklesimer (m. 6 Nov 1929)
Davis, Thelma Florence and Robert E Lucas
Davis, Treasure Irene and Edward Q Barber (m. circa 1927)
Davis, William and Nancy Ann Pickelsimer
Davis, William H and Ellen Durham (m. 9 Sep 1869)
Davis, William Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Behymer (m. 5 Mar 1874)
Davis, William Thomas and Nell Chadwick (m. 1921)
Davison, Minnie E and Thomas Edwin Brose (m. 17 Oct 1909)
Davy, Mabel Grace and Ernest Roy Nulph
Dawson, Effie May and Wright A Beckett (m. 8 Feb 1908)
Dawson, Mary C and Howard Ellsworth Corbin
Dawson, Richard Taylor and Henrietta P Cook (m. 6 Jun 1906)
Day, Absalom and Caroline S Willey (m. 21 May 1843)
Day, Absalom and Caroline S Willey (m. 21 May 1843)
Day, Absalom and Catharine E Willey (m. 24 Aug 1853)
Day, Absalom and Catharine E Willey (m. 24 Aug 1853)
Day, Absalom and Frances (--?--)
Day, Absalom and Frances (--?--)
Day, Absalom and Nancy Ann Rhoades (m. 11 Jun 1857)
Day, Absalom and Nancy Ann Rhoades (m. 11 Jun 1857)
Day, Almira J and Walter Behymer (m. 10 Dec 1862)
Day, Alwilda and Harvey A Fannin
Day, Alwilda and Miles Caskey (m. circa 1897)
Day, Carl Edward and Lettie Pickel (m. 16 Jun 1897)
Day, Caroline Matilda and Albert C Butler (m. circa 1875)
Day, Chalmer Dewey and Dorothy Hawley (m. 19 Mar 1954)
Day, Chalmer Dewey and Esther May Cannady (m. 27 Nov 1917)
Day, Charles and Daisy D Brady (m. 21 Oct 1906)
Day, Dora Frances and George Hoadley Arthur
Day, Elmira J and Wilson T Beckelhimer (m. 5 Nov 1844)
Day, Erastus Henry and Carrie Campbell (m. 6 Jan 1876)
Day, Everett T and Agnes May Windsor (m. 27 Aug 1938)
Day, Everett T and Virginia Mae Oliver
Day, Flossie and Robert Faucett Mock (m. 7 Jun 1908)
Day, Francis Marion and Lucinda McCord (m. 4 Feb 1863)
Day, Harriett Zarelda and Walter Burke (m. 12 Jun 1920)
Day, Helen and Voyle David Ecoff
Day, Howard and Buelah Warren
Day, Isaac Hollingsworth and Daisy Ethel Jarrett (m. 25 Dec 1898)
Day, Isaac Hollingsworth and Ethel Barnard (m. 25 Jan 1919)
Day, Isaac Hollingsworth and Flora Bell Thomas (m. 25 Sep 1889)
Day, James Harvey and Emma Florence Purkiser (m. 16 Sep 1886)
Day, James Harvey and Hester R Trees (m. 14 Nov 1877)
Day, Jeanette and David Oscar McCord (m. 10 Jan 1923)
Day, John C and Elizabeth Miller (m. 25 Jul 1833)
Day, John C and Sarah Ellen Beckelhimer (m. 29 Apr 1851)
Day, John Foster and Hattie Lorena Edwards (m. 9 Sep 1915)
Day, Kenneth Wallace and Christine Rice (m. 23 Oct 1934)
Day, Lenora J and George Washington Behymer (m. circa 1889)
Day, Lenora J and Hogan Hacker (m. 1874)
Day, Mary and William R Behymer (m. 2 Aug 1862)
Day, Nelson E and Ora M Pope (m. 13 Feb 1889)
Day, Nelson E and Rosanna McConnell (m. 20 Feb 1894)
Day, Ollie G and Cuba Fern Williams (m. 5 Dec 1893)
Day, Rachel Elizabeth and Alvin Carl Morrison (m. 13 Oct 1886)
Day, Ralph Edwards and Edna Marie Williams (m. 15 Apr 1936)
Day, Sarah May and John Douglas Bee Sr (m. 5 Mar 1913)
Day, Thomas and Mary M Rowland (m. 3 Jul 1901)
Day, Walter Sylvester and Cora M Hartman (m. 25 Nov 1896)
Day, William B and Mary C Becklehimer (m. 19 Feb 1874)
Dayes, Cicero and Arie Addie Rich
De Jernett, Mary and Thomas M Behymer
de Montel, Robert Lee and Maude D Hay
De Moranville, (--?--) and Laura Aurilla France
De Moranville, (--?--) and Laura Aurilla France
De Warr, Sarah Elizabeth and Daniel Behymer (m. 23 Oct 1862)
Deakins, Ida Lavenia and Charles William Beckett
Deal, Joseph Oscar and Fannie Young (m. 10 Jan 1907)
Dean, Elizabeth and Samuel Housting Bechtelheimer Sr (m. 1867)
Dean, Pearl Hazel and Winfield Scott Caudill (m. circa 1906)
DeAth, Mildred E and Charles A Winner (m. 1 Oct 1929)
DeAth, Mildred E and Mark H Beckelhymer
Deaton, Lucinda Obediance and Stephen Harrison Tabor (m. 13 Sep 1853)
Debo, Agnes G and McClellan C Chapman
DeBrunner, Nicholas John and Dorothy Evelyn Behymer (m. 2 Aug 1930)
DeBrunner, Nicholas John and Dorothy Evelyn Behymer (m. 9 Aug 1930)
Deck, Henry and Georgia L Chatterton
Decker, Charles T and Virginia Coleman (m. 14 Feb 1919)
Decker, Frank and Adelle Rhea McKenzie (m. 21 Oct 1902)
Deeter, Martha Belle and Sanford Lewis Harman (m. 15 Jul 1891)
DeGarmo, Lillian May and Lorain J Behymer (m. 15 Jun 1898)
Degonia, Thomas Perry and Clara Lucretia Moon (m. 6 May 1901)
Dehart, (--?--) and Elizabeth H Hutchings
Dehaven, Mary C and James W Dicken (m. 5 Oct 1871)
Deibel, Johnnie R and Evelyn Imogene Beckelhimer (m. 11 Jun 1952)
Delaney, Frank and Clara Biram
Delhanty, Edward A and Florence L Hiatt (m. 23 Jun 1934)
Delle, Peter Willis and Aida M Leeper (m. 24 Mar 1904)
Delong, Susan Matilda and William Douglas Clark (m. 20 Jan 1880)
Delony, Elijah and Artimissa Ferguson (m. circa 23 Jul 1847)
Delzel, Dorcas Ann and Francis Marion Jackson (m. 28 Oct 1875)
Demaris, Byrd Ann and Archie E Manning (m. 17 Jul 1904)
Demaris, Irma and Robert Homer Brown
DeMars, Hiram Marshal and Naomi Gertrude Vail
Demmien, Fred G and Eunice Mae Beckett (m. 8 Feb 1916)
Dempsey, Effie Eliza and Ennis Lee Simer (m. circa 1909)
Dempsey, Robert L and Mary E Robbins (m. 4 Sep 1870)
Denison, John and Ethel E Bennett (m. circa 1922)
Denney, Doris Gertrude and William Wesley Behymer (m. 8 Jul 1935)
Dennis, Daniel Otto and Della (--?--)
Dennis, John Newton and Ada V Behymer (m. 23 Dec 1883)
Dennis, John Newton and Adah Reid (m. 23 Apr 1902)
Dennis, Nancy and Arthur Clark (m. 20 Apr 1917)
Dennison, Frank and Cherokee Ruth Davidson (m. 24 Apr 1889)
Dent, Anna L and Edward Maddox
Dent, Fannie and James P Warren
Dent, James Marshall and Lula Virginia Joyce (m. 29 Nov 1899)
Dent, Joel Blaire and Judith Mary Woody
Dent, Joel Blaire and Judith Mary Woody (m. 14 Jul 1867)
Dent, John Jacob and Malissa Ann Mattox (m. 12 Dec 1868)
Dent, Peter Lee and Harriet Ann Ashworth (m. 9 Nov 1871)
Dent, Thomas Henry and Martha F Scott (m. 9 Dec 1869)
Dent, Wiley Pope and Emily Jane Haynes (m. 15 Nov 1867)
Dent, Wiley Pope and Matilda L Walton (m. 17 Dec 1863)
Dent, William Henry and Elizabeth Fishburn (m. circa 7 Feb 1831)
Dent, William Mitchell and California Moore
Depew, Joseph and Julia (--?--) (m. circa 1892)
Depew, Joseph and Olive M Pierce (m. circa 1901)
DePoy, Samuel Coburn and Alice Elisebeth Behymer (m. 5 Oct 1898)
Derumple, Mary and William Moore (m. 2 Feb 1822)
Derusha, Nora and Homer H Behymer (m. 6 Jun 1933)
Deters, Lawrence John and Faye Medora Behymer (m. 9 Jan 1929)
Deuell, Martha and John Walter Behymer Sr (m. circa 1923)
Deveauo, Thomas and Lizzie Jane Beckelshymer
Deviney, Jane and Perry Rardin (m. circa 16 May 1851)
Devore, Rachel Hannah and Achor Harrison Boor (m. 1828)
Dew, Millard Fillmore and Carrie Belle Kepley (m. 1928)
Dewalde, Maggie E and Harold Jefferson Hymer
Deweese, Cynthia and William Curtis Walters Jr (m. 29 Feb 1840)
DeWeese, Grace M and Delber H Stevens (m. 19 Aug 1899)
DeWitt, Ethel Lucelia and Floyd Barcus
DeWitt, John A and Mina Dunbar (m. 28 May 1891)
Dick, Mary and Grover Leo Manning (m. 9 May 1945)
Dicken, James W and Mary C Dehaven (m. 5 Oct 1871)
Dicken, James W and Sarah Alice Robb (m. 17 Mar 1897)
Dicken, Pandora and Benjamin J Bhymer (m. 27 Jun 1876)
Dicken, Pandora and William Walker Eddins (m. 22 Mar 1882)
Dickerson, Frances H and Dennis G Doyle (m. 7 Feb 1883)
Dickerson, Harry D and Charlotte Rosinski (m. 6 Feb 1934)
Dickerson, James Luke and Diadem (--?--)
Dickerson, Joann and Oliver D Williams (m. 11 Oct 1874)
Dickerson, John R and Rebecca Ellen (--?--) (m. circa 1855)
Dickerson, Lillie M and John H Wilkinson (m. 22 Mar 1888)
Dickerson, Marion A and Sarah Eliza Becklehimer (m. 2 Feb 1893)
Dickerson, Mary Alice and John H Epperson (m. 28 Oct 1894)
Dickerson, Mary E and Charles A Porter (m. 15 Feb 1880)
Dickerson, Solomon and Rachael P Hymer (m. 8 Dec 1833)
Dickey, Edna May and Lawrence Elster Hiatt (m. 29 Aug 1906)
Dickinson, Charles H and Mary B McMillan
Dickinson, Doris and Cecil Andrew Behymer
Dickson, Edgar N and Nellie (--?--)
Dickson, Loyd Clovese and Stanton Russell Wayman
Dickson, Mary Bell and Horace F Pelley
Dickson, Minnie Stella and William Jefferson Hoffman (m. circa 1886)
Dickson, Simeon Jasper and Mary E Stephens
Dickson, Simeon Lloyd and Ann Adelia Bhymer (m. 26 Dec 1858)
Dickson, Simeon Lloyd and Susan Florence Yelton (m. circa 1906)
Diehl, Clarence and Della R Smith
Dieterich, George August and Lillie Dunbar (m. 25 Feb 1902)
Dietz, Russell E and Olive Jenetta Wilson (m. 3 Dec 1927)
Difenbach, George W and Moncie M Williams (m. 2 Aug 1898)
Diffey, Frances C and Clyde Marion Behymer (m. 16 Sep 1939)
Dilks, John W and Inez Miranda Forsythe (m. 2 Jan 1873)
Dillard, Christopher L and Laura Bessie Picklesimer (m. circa 1912)
Dillion, Lura Jane and Floyd Harrison Farmer
Dillman, Herbert and Ruby M Behymer (m. 15 Feb 1928)
Dillon, Charles Ray and Edith Mae Beckelhimer (m. 29 Oct 1916)
Dillon, Emma Charlotte and Lawrence Behymer Sprong (m. 1950)
Dillon, Emma Charlotte and Roy E Zimpelmann (m. 1925)
Dillon, Ocus Wilson and Edith Mae Beckelhimer (m. May 1921)
Dillon, Sarah Clementine and James Benjamin Harper (m. 19 Dec 1877)
Dills, Carrie Alice and William Perry Pickelsimer (m. circa 1916)
Dills, Julia and Orville Hudson Picklesimer (m. 3 Nov 1935)
Dills, Noah B and Tassie Collinsworth (m. circa 1924)
Dilts, Anna L and Joseph D Wilson (m. circa 1895)
Dilts, Harry M and Carrie Schulhas (m. circa 1887)
Dilts, James Spencer and (--?--) (--?--)
Dilts, John and Rachel Moore (m. 2 Jun 1821)
Dilts, John Carr and Hannah Van Syckel Lawshe (m. 12 Jan 1848)
Dilts, John Carr and Hannah Van Syckel Lawshe (m. 12 Jan 1848)
Dilts, Robert H and Emily L (--?--) (m. circa 1862)
Dingess, Harve and Flora Bell Farley (m. 1896)
Dingman, Gussie and Harry Behymer (m. 31 Mar 1925)
Dingman, Gussie and Homer D Qualls (m. 3 Jul 1963)
Divers, Rena Frances and Ernest Otto Davis (m. circa 1908)
Dixon, Emma and Harrison VanHoose (m. 10 Dec 1911)
Dixon, Fannie and Toral Franklin
Dixon, John and Nellie B Beckelheimer (m. 30 Sep 1935)
Dixon, Laura and George Washington McKenzie (m. 25 Nov 1893)
Dixon, Laura and Rev Elijah Hamilton Prater
Dixon, Malissa and Levi Hymer (m. 29 Sep 1908)
Dixon, Mary Elizabeth and Harrison VanHoose (m. 4 Jul 1870)
Dixon, Rosa Lee and Alba Rado Stambaugh (m. 12 May 1898)
Dixon, Theresa and Ulysses S Grant Picklesimer (m. 5 Nov 1891)
Dobbins, Rachael Haselton and John Grant Pickelsimer (m. 30 Oct 1902)
Dockery, (--?--) and Mary Ann Davis
Dockery, Elmer Earnest and Anna Elizabeth Hymer (m. 6 Apr 1918)
Dodd, Elsie and Benjamin Franklin Behimer
Dodd, John P and Margaret K Beckelhimer (m. 16 Sep 1866)
Dodd, John P and Sarah Ann Barnes (m. 9 Mar 1879)
Dodd, Lorenzo Dumont and Mary L Cass (m. 1 Dec 1901)
Dodd, Lorenzo Dumont and Nancy Ann Lamb (m. 10 Apr 1947)
Dodd, Ruth M and (--?--) Bufkin
Doddridge, John and Retta Albertie Behymer (m. circa 1907)
Dodds, Daniel Marion and Armilda Millie Becklehimer (m. 10 Feb 1892)
Dodds, Daniel Marion and Esther Gowin (m. 11 Sep 1912)
Doen, Josephine and Herbert A Rice
Donahoe, Benjamin Franklin and Elizabeth Cooper (m. 12 Mar 1922)
Donham, Alverda and Nathaniel Windsor (m. 10 Jun 1873)
Donham, Mary and William J Behymer (m. 18 Sep 1823)
Donley, Julia E and Henry F Manning (m. 12 Jun 1937)
Donnelly, Mary Josephine and John Ezra Wilson (m. circa 1867)
Dooley, Cefic Ira Cleve and Lucy Fay Epperly
Dooley, Edward F and Victoria Bhymer (m. 7 Jul 1898)
Dooley, Elnora Alice and Oscar Elbert Sprong (m. 27 Mar 1907)
Dooley, Oliver Bernard and Sarah C Sprong (m. 23 Apr 1905)
Dorchester, Charles and Pearl Lucinda Good
Doris, Jessie Lee and Homer T Fitzpatrick (m. 30 May 1931)
Dorman, William and Dorothy E Zeal
Dorsey, Albert and Mary (--?--) (m. circa 1879)
Dorsey, Archibald Lincoln and Earcie J Becklehimer (m. 3 Mar 1900)
Dotson, Carnie and Goldie Lee Beckelhimer (m. 9 Oct 1940)
Doub, Itha Sedina and Delano Victor Bechtelheimer (m. 22 Nov 1899)
Doughman, Harry L and Hazel M Jones (m. 31 Mar 1917)
Douglas, Harry and Ruby Lenora Becklehimer (m. circa 1930)
Douglas, Mary Eleanor and Jennings William Carter (m. 13 Jul 1913)
Douglas, Mary Eleanor and Jennings William Carter (m. 13 Jul 1913)
Douglas, Mary Eleanor and Sardis Summerfield (m. 29 Dec 1886)
Douglas, Mary Eleanor and Sardis Summerfield (m. 29 Dec 1886)
Douglass, (--?--) and Anna Ellen Beckelhymer
Dovey, Ben E and Ethel Carlton
Dow, Ethyl and Homer Picklesimer (m. 4 Aug 1951)
Dowell, Vertie Augusta and Andrew Lile (m. circa 1904)
Dowell, Vertie Augusta and Erasmus Manford Behymer
Downing, Ethelbert Edwards and Abigail Simer (m. 15 Feb 1887)
Downing, Mary and Aaron Beckelhimer (m. 10 Jan 1833)
Downing, Mary and Asa Jones (m. 25 Jul 1816)
Downing, Ralph Rowland and Minnie Gertrude Graves (m. 6 Oct 1915)
Doyle, (--?--) and Estella Leona Beckelhymer
Doyle, Dennis G and Frances H Dickerson (m. 7 Feb 1883)
Doyle, Ida and Charles N McKinney (m. 5 Nov 1891)
Doyle, Michael and Mary Elizabeth Owens (m. 21 Mar 1861)
Doyle, Michael Cryl and Anna M Tovey (m. 7 Jun 1884)
Doyle, Rose Ella and James T Case (m. 26 Nov 1889)
Doyle, Thomas C and Pearl E Dakan (m. 27 Sep 1906)
Dozier, Oliver and Merle Behymer (m. 14 Oct 1903)
Draggo, John Anthony and Jessie May Picklesimer (m. 14 Apr 1956)
Drake, Daniel E and Linnet Mattox Behymer (m. 1 Jan 1898)
Drake, Orville G and Thelma M (--?--) (m. 25 Dec 1924)
Drake, William V and Nellie C Rittenhouse (m. 20 Oct 1885)
Draper, Richard A and Martha Q (--?--) (m. circa 1884)
Drayton, (--?--) and Mary Elizabeth Oxley
Dresslaer, Lewellyn A and Cinderella R Hymer (m. 23 Feb 1881)
Dresslaer, Lewis Eugene and Sally G Hymer (m. 5 Nov 1884)
Driever, John H and Pearl L Foster
Driffill, Harvey and Blanche Lutz
Driscoll, Mae and Benjamin Lower McKenzie
Droege, Frederick A and Ilda Brown (m. 16 Apr 1938)
Drum, Clara Netta and Joseph Lane Arthur (m. 27 Jan 1906)
Drum, Clara Netta and William J Martin
Dryden, Cecil V and Juanita B Behymer
Du Feu, Albert K and Lucy Beckelhimer (m. 14 Aug 1893)
Du Feu, Albert LeRoy and Ethel Sansom (m. 31 Aug 1922)
Du Feu, Belle Blanche and Edward H Rost (m. 1 Nov 1915)
Du Feu, Florence and David Scheiber (m. 21 Mar 1931)
Du Feu, Mae and John G Schmitt (m. 1 Sep 1915)
Du Feu, Nellie and Douglas William Good (m. 12 Apr 1921)
Duchine, Bernice A and Paul Beckelhymer (m. 7 Jun 1933)
Ducker, Harry Raymond and Maud Lenora Bonar
Ducker, Perry and Rosetta Behymer (m. circa 1875)
Duckett, Eliza Jane and Harry Donham Beckett (m. 27 Jul 1879)
Duckwall, James Polk and Olive Ray Behymer (m. 14 Sep 1887)
Duckworth, William Henry and Roxie Emlie Pickelsimer
Duddeiston, Addie L and Ora G Landis (m. 3 Sep 1898)
Dudley, James Newal and Eleanor Ruth Cox (m. 23 Mar 1946)
Duertsche, Emma and (--?--) Scholl
Duertsche, Emma and Benjamin Burns Behymer (m. 13 Jun 1918)
Duertsche, Emma and Charles Rais (m. circa 1877)
Duff, Marzella A and Joseph A Ballantyne (m. 22 Jan 1896)
Duff, Robert Joseph and Wilena Mosure (m. 1943)
Duffey, C E and Lockie Eugenia Picklesimer
Duffey, Katherine Ellen and Louis William Nichols (m. 30 Oct 1889)
Duffey, Katherine Ellen and Thomas Elburn Pickelheimer (m. 20 Jun 1902)
Dugan, John A and Ada B Hawkins (m. 12 Apr 1919)
Dugan, John A and Ada B Hawkins (m. 12 Apr 1919)
Duke, (--?--) and Mary Antonio Guthrie
Dukes, Henry and Clarinda Vancil (m. 5 Jul 1835)
Dukes, Selina and Cornelius W McGuire
Duley, Alonzo and Julia Fitzpatrick (m. 12 Mar 1871)
Duley, Alonzo and Lora Behymer (m. 15 Jan 1905)
Duley, Estella F and Edgar L Herron (m. 9 Mar 1890)
Dulin, Malinda Jane and Thomas Jefferson Suddarth (m. 28 Mar 1874)
Dull, Allen and Francis Lucille Behymer (m. 28 Jan 1928)
Dumford, Addie May and Sherman W Pierce (m. 26 Sep 1900)
Dumford, Bertha Belle and Ancel Clifton Pickelheimer (m. 25 Aug 1908)
Dunaway, Alfred R and Susannah Picklesimer (m. circa 1903)
Dunbar, Cisily and Joseph A Logsdon (m. 21 Feb 1877)
Dunbar, Daniel and Elizabeth Logsdon (m. 14 Dec 1871)
Dunbar, Emily and Elijah K Behymer (m. 28 Aug 1878)
Dunbar, Lillie and George August Dieterich (m. 25 Feb 1902)
Dunbar, Mina and John A DeWitt (m. 28 May 1891)
Dunbar, Simpson and Mary Isabelle Seahorn (m. 27 May 1874)
Dunbar, Warder and Lydia Logsdon (m. 3 Dec 1840)
Dunbar, Warder and Maria Louisa Nardin (m. 28 Nov 1856)
Dunbar, William Elmer and Grace Mae Davis (m. 24 Oct 1907)
Duncan, Andrew and Elzie America Beckleheimer (m. 21 Sep 1911)
Duncan, Bertha G and Loran Edmon Chapman
Duncan, Charles and Ethel Emma Hedderick
Duncan, Charles Roy and Minnie Brown (m. 5 Feb 1907)
Duncan, Crockett Lewis and Margaret Ellen Poole
Duncan, Elzie Gordon and Mary Elizabeth Starks (m. 25 Feb 1891)
Duncan, Lucy and (--?--) Wilson
Duncan, Lucy and (--?--) Wilson
Duncan, Lucy and Charles Dillard Picklesimer (m. 4 Sep 1920)
Duncan, Lucy and Charles Dillard Picklesimer (m. 4 Sep 1920)
Duncan, Nannie B and Elbert M Beckleheimer (m. 25 Mar 1930)
Duncan, Rolla Carl and Ethel Weir (m. 21 Nov 1942)
Duncan, Rolla Carl and Marvin E (--?--) (m. circa 1921)
Duncan, Rua Cathryn and Beaugard Nelson (m. 25 Oct 1929)
Duncan, Rua Cathryn and William Willis Suddarth (m. 12 Aug 1885)
Dunham, Ada and Birtie Vanmeter (m. 24 Dec 1901)
Dunham, Florence and Elery Braughton (m. 27 Oct 1895)
Dunham, Ira L and Josephine Renfro (m. 25 Dec 1870)
Dunham, Ira L and Josephine Renfro (m. 25 Dec 1870)
Dunham, Ira L and Phebe Ellen Renfro (m. 8 Oct 1877)
Dunham, Ira L and Phebe Ellen Renfro (m. 8 Oct 1877)
Dunham, Mary J and Enoch Lawshe Streeter (m. 14 Apr 1869)
Dunn, Helen and John Richard Lynch
Dunn, Katy and George Lovely (m. 10 Nov 1928)
Dunn, Katy and John Ted Picklesimer (m. 25 Jul 1918)
Dunn, Parcus Cora and Sarah Jane Witter (m. 14 Mar 1865)
Dunn, Sarah and Thomas Henry Truett Jr
Dunnahay, Linnie B and Phillip B Hymer (m. 27 Dec 1927)
Dunnahay, Richard S and Nellie M Hymer (m. 29 Dec 1927)
Dunnuck, May and Roy Tucker (m. circa 1900)
Dupuy, Arthur Newton and Anna Louise Behymer (m. 4 Sep 1937)
Durand, Warren L and Lucy L Logsdon (m. 6 Oct 1885)
Durbin, Mary E and (--?--) Collins
Durbin, Mary E and John Hymer (m. circa 1848)
Durbin, Sarilda and George W B Hymer (m. Nov 1877)
Durham, Charles E and Ida B Arthur (m. 25 Aug 1889)
Durham, Daniel and Fanny Robb (m. 8 Nov 1838)
Durham, Daniel and Sarah Fagan (m. 2 Nov 1865)
Durham, Ellen and William H Davis (m. 9 Sep 1869)
Durham, Harriet L and Jacob M Behymer (m. 22 Nov 1860)
Durham, Josephine and Harrison Lindsey (m. 9 Nov 1884)
Durham, Matilda A and John W Kyle (m. 23 Mar 1866)
Durham, Nancy Jane and Ferdinand Reed (m. 24 Jan 1858)
Durham, Perry and Sophia E Brooks (m. 14 Jul 1886)
Durkee, Fredrick and Letha J Bhymer
Duty, Thomas and Della Marie Picklesimer
Dyer, John and Eliza Argo (m. circa 1890)
Dyer, Nellie and Bruce Payne
Dysert, Florence Matilda and Arthur Delmore Behymer (m. 3 Sep 1889)
Eakle, Charles H and Emma Jane Lower (m. 22 Feb 1900)
Ealey, David J and Ethel Bryant (m. 26 Feb 1930)
Ealey, David J and Ethel Bryant (m. 26 Feb 1930)
Ealey, George and Sudie Trimble
Ealey, Matthew J and Martha Jane Bayes
Ealey, Matthew J and Martha Jane Bayes
Ealey, Matthew J and Martha Jane Bayes
Ealey, Samuel Powell and Araminta Hitchcock (m. 26 Dec 1904)
Ealey, Samuel Powell and Araminta Hitchcock (m. 26 Dec 1904)
Ealey, Sarah Ann and Greenville Trimble (m. 14 May 1898)
Ealey, William Henry and Sarah Caroline Caudill (m. 9 Mar 1883)
Ealey, William Henry and Sarah Caroline Caudill (m. 9 Mar 1883)
Earls, Mary Lenora and Milton Addington (m. 23 Jun 1947)
Early, Janice and J C Payne
Earwood, Nola B and Benjamin Hays Rowland
Easley, Sarah Emily and William Jackson Simer (m. 14 Mar 1872)
East, Elvira Narcissus and Alfred Thomas Ingram (m. 11 Feb 1895)
East, James Harrell and Stella Florence Todd
East, James Singleton and Mary (--?--) (m. circa 1901)
East, Jeannette Gertrude and (--?--) Reynolds
East, John Thomas and G Blanche Brown
East, Mabel Gertrude and Daniel Thomas Cummings (m. circa 1906)
East, William Thomas and Ella Margaret Campbell (m. 26 Dec 1908)
East, William Thomas and Katie Ellen Glass (m. 16 May 1916)
East, William Thomas and Lucinda Ellen Behymer (m. 23 Sep 1869)
Easter, (--?--) and Elizabeth (--?--)
Easter, (--?--) and Emma D Akers (m. circa 1895)
Easter, Barbara and Robert Stapleton
Easterm, Emma and Amaziah Clanin (m. 12 Sep 1906)
Eastes, Carrie Dell and Elias Edgar McCord (m. 4 Jul 1894)
Eastes, Edward and Cora Effie McCord (m. 7 Apr 1895)
Eastes, Emmett D and Mable Blade
Eastes, Estell Marie and Glen Gallhan
Eastes, Homer Leon and Martha Welling
Eaton, Caroline and (--?--) Burford
Eaton, Helen and Glenarvon Behymer (m. 12 Apr 1909)
Eaton, Helen and Thomas W Cochram (m. 25 Jul 1926)
Eaton, James A M and Elizabeth C Lower (m. 1 Aug 1858)
Eaton, John Presley and Carrie Catherine Behimer
Eaton, Polly Ann and Isaac Newton Lawshe (m. 26 Nov 1868)
Eaves, Mollie J and Tilden H Moon (m. circa 1898)
Ebbert, George and Chloe Marie Brown (m. 12 Oct 1912)
Ebbert, John and Mildred L Brown (m. 10 Feb 1935)
Eckenrode, (--?--) and Maude B Conroy
Eckerly, Leopold and Elizabeth E Cripe (m. 14 Aug 1894)
Eckler, Mary A and John B'Hymer (m. circa 1876)
Ecoff, Voyle David and Helen Day
Eddington, Mary Lucille and John Perry Landis (m. 14 Sep 1948)
Eddington, Mary Lucille and John Perry Landis (m. 4 Oct 1948)
Eddins, William Walker and Pandora Dicken (m. 22 Mar 1882)
Eddy, Lucinda and Samuel Beckett (m. 1853)
Edgerton, Nina M and Earl Picklesimer (m. 4 Apr 1934)
Edmonds, Harvey S and Corinth Biram
Edmonds, Jessie May and Isaac Tinsley Mark (m. 9 Jul 1919)
Edmondson, Joseph L and Laura Pickelsimer (m. 19 Dec 1901)
Edmunds, Matilda Clay and George Lawrence Beckelhymer (m. circa 1902)
Edwards, Charles Morman and Etta Mae Bouse
Edwards, Eliza J and Charlie Cox (m. 16 Apr 1910)
Edwards, Hattie Lorena and John Foster Day (m. 9 Sep 1915)
Edwards, John L and Louisa Hymer (m. 4 Nov 1888)
Edwards, John L and Louisa Hymer (m. 4 Nov 1888)
Edwards, John L and Sylvanus Hymer (m. 25 Sep 1879)
Edwards, John L and Sylvanus Hymer (m. 25 Sep 1879)
Edwards, Myrtle and Albert T Arvine (m. 12 Feb 1913)
Efaw, Addie Belle and Russell Hamilton (m. circa 1915)
Efaw, Addie Belle and Thomas Edward Mackey
Egan, Andrew and Mary Ann Vancil (m. 22 Nov 1870)
Egbert, Emeline and Andrew Streeter (m. 28 Jan 1859)
Eggert, William C and Lynn E Barnard
Eggert, William George and Mable Florence Behymer (m. 30 Apr 1921)
Eggleston, Harlan John and Clover Pauline Kimball
Eichels, Kate M and Charles Edward Behymer (m. 27 Sep 1906)
Eichels, Kate M and William H Brodet (m. 15 Nov 1883)
Eichler, William Lewis and Leota Fuller (m. 17 May 1899)
Eikenberry, Elizabeth and Daniel M Landis (m. 5 Sep 1856)
Eikenberry, Hannah Elizabeth and David Landis (m. 18 Aug 1872)
Eikenberry, Lydia C and Henry Landis (m. 13 Sep 1860)
Eikenberry, Mary Jane and Hiel Hiram Landis (m. 3 Nov 1868)
Eikenberry, Susan P and William Landis (m. 3 Dec 1864)
Elam, Earl Barrett and Minnie McRae
Elam, Fern and Edgar Picklesimer (m. circa 1922)
Elam, George Leonidas and Hattie R (--?--) (m. circa 1922)
Elam, George Leonidas and Nettie (--?--) (m. circa 1900)
Elam, George W and Amanda Lydia Hay (m. circa 1880)
Elam, Robert A and (--?--) (--?--)
Elam, Robert A and Mary Sarilda Williams (m. circa 1903)
Elder, Emma Orintha and Burton Ward Simer (m. 7 Mar 1908)
Elder, George and Mary Margaret Leedy
Elkins, Della and Hubert Haskell Picklesimer (m. 2 May 1944)
Eller, Andrew and Eliza Ann Custer (m. 12 Jun 1890)
Eller, Andrew and Elizabeth C Achenbach
Eller, Andrew and Mariah (--?--)
Elliott, Brady and Dorothy M Picklesimer
Elliott, Dora and Charles R Hymer (m. 13 Jan 1895)
Elliott, Dora and John W Endicott (m. 13 Jul 1886)
Elliott, Dorothy Marie and Albert Andrew Behymer
Elliott, Neville Adolph and Alice Rose Bechtelheimer (m. circa 1910)
Ellis, (--?--) and Sarah Lorraine Poorman
Ellis, Edith Jane and Lee Cornelius Batchelder (m. 15 Jul 1911)
Ellis, Estella and Willard Earl Patton (m. 19 Jun 1901)
Ellis, Frank W and Sophie M Kremeier (m. 28 Nov 1908)
Ellis, Fred Hickok and Ada Serepta France (m. 20 Jun 1884)
Ellis, Fred Hickok and Ada Serepta France (m. 20 Jun 1884)
Ellis, Fred Hickok and Lilly (--?--) (m. circa 1899)
Ellis, Fred Hickok and Lilly (--?--) (m. circa 1899)
Ellis, John E and Eliza J Apsley (m. 22 Jan 1865)
Ellis, Katherine and Dudley R Pickelsimer (m. circa 1914)
Ellis, Leada Bell and Frank Battles
Ellis, Leada Bell and Fred Maurice Welter
Ellis, Leada Bell and George Murray
Ellis, Louanna and Emanuel Kennedy (m. 18 Oct 1891)
Ellis, Mary and Henry Behymer (m. 30 Apr 1840)
Ellis, Minnie Chloe and Henry Peter
Ellis, Minnie Chloe and Richard Henderson
Ellis, Minnie Chloe and Walter Rafferty
Ellis, Nancy Ann and David Pickelsimer (m. circa 1878)
Ellis, Thomas and Elizabeth Landis (m. 19 Dec 1833)
Ellis, William and Norma B Rose (m. 14 Oct 1922)
Ellison, Edith May and Nathaniel L Coyle (m. 11 Jan 1888)
Ellison, Isaac Calvin and Charlotte (--?--) (m. circa 1871)
Ellison, Isaac Calvin and Sarah A Owens (m. 28 Jan 1868)
Ellmore, Benjamin Franklin and Ora D Robb (m. 18 Nov 1898)
Ellmore, Heber and Virginia Ruth Potter (m. 1 Apr 1925)
Ellmore, Lois Starks and William Railton McCubbin
Ellmore, Mark J and Beulah S (--?--)
Ellmore, Robert J and Effie Belle Robb (m. 13 Jul 1898)
Elmore, Anne and John T Whitefield (m. circa 1908)
Elmore, Anne and Thomas F Whitefield (m. 23 Dec 1893)
Elmore, Lucy Maria and Thomas David Key
Elmore, Thomas and Martha Ann Simer
Elrod, Alonzo Cornelius and Catherine Jane Key (m. 11 Jun 1903)
Elsworth, Clarence Lamar and Marinda E Pue
Elsworth, Emanuel and Minnie Fortune (m. circa 1898)
Elsworth, Freddie R and (--?--) (--?--)
Elsworth, Gladys and (--?--) Lux
Elsworth, Velma G and (--?--) Frieda
Ely, David A and Elizabeth Ann Picklesimer (m. 8 Apr 1861)
Ely, Isabel and Jasper Picklesimer
Ely, Martha Jane and William Picklesimer
Ely, Maude A and William M Beckett (m. 13 Dec 1888)
Ely, Samuel and Susan Cole (m. 15 Mar 1883)
Ely, Samuel B and Pearl (--?--)
Ely, Samuel Jackson and Mary E O'Bryan (m. 17 Nov 1885)
Ely, Samuel Jackson and Sarah Davidson (m. 8 Mar 1897)
Ely, Samuel Jackson and Sarah Davidson (m. 8 Mar 1897)
Ely, William F and Alice Jane Pickelsimer (m. circa 1878)
Emerick, Harry L and Blanche L Stroup
Emerson, Archie Allen and Ora M Pickelsimer (m. 11 Apr 1920)
Emerson, Emma and Samuel Trost Story (m. 6 Jun 1917)
Emminger, Wilma and Walter Mason Fletcher (m. 14 Dec 1916)
Emmons, Anna Rachel and Sherman DeKalb Crouch (m. 24 Jan 1885)
Emmons, Anna Rachel and Sherman DeKalb Crouch (m. 24 Jan 1885)
Emmons, Edith Marie and Otto Baudendistel (m. 30 Dec 1903)
Emmons, Elizabeth and Fletcher Streeter (m. 1 Jan 1870)
Emmons, Karl Willard and Ethel E Davis (m. 23 Jan 1913)
Emmons, Karl Willard and Mildred Kibler (m. 22 Jan 1955)
Emmons, Mary Ann and Horace Moore (m. 13 Nov 1873)
Emmons, William Thomas and Minnie Luetta Jones (m. 16 Jun 1883)
Emory, (--?--) and (--?--) (--?--)
Emory, Annie V and (--?--) Spriggs (m. circa 1908)
Emory, Byron E and Birdie Riley
Emory, Byron E and Nancy Lemming
Emory, Daniel Boone and Virginia B Riley (m. 2 Mar 1915)
Emory, Florence and (--?--) Lester (m. circa 1907)
Emory, Mary J and (--?--) Johnson
Emory, Olive L and Warren W McGown (m. 20 Sep 1904)
Emory, Rosa and (--?--) Wheeler
Emory, William Henry Harrison and Jolena Cannady (m. circa 1877)
Emrich, Helen Irene and Charles Herbert Blair (m. 1 Feb 1947)
Endicott, John W and Dora Elliott (m. 13 Jul 1886)
England, Edward Harrison and Lillie Amanda B'Hymer (m. 26 Apr 1905)
England, Mary and Dallas Thomas
Engle, Edward J and Daisy D Kehoe (m. 2 Sep 1902)
English, Amzi Lincoln and Bessie M Brown
English, Edwin Strawbridge and Leila J Pickelsimer
Engstrom, (--?--) and Lucile A Porterfield
Enid, (--?--) and Menetta Alma Sparkes
Eppard, Samuel Harlan and Nellie J Oldham (m. 11 Nov 1914)
Epperly, Benjamin Franklin and Ida Burnside
Epperly, Charles R and Emma M Burnside (m. circa 1894)
Epperly, General Grant and Alie E (--?--) (m. circa 1909)
Epperly, James Preston and Virginia A Beckelhimer (m. 6 Sep 1883)
Epperly, Lucy Fay and Cefic Ira Cleve Dooley
Epperly, Mary E and (--?--) Poff
Epperly, Mary Iris and Lloyd Benton Hamilton
Epperly, Myrtie Mae and (--?--) Lee
Epperly, Preston and Octavia Beckelhimer (m. circa 1868)
Epperly, Rhoda Elizabeth and Alonzo J Nugen (m. circa 1893)
Epperly, Sidney Lee and (--?--) (--?--)
Epperly, Virgie Alma and Hugh Laird Burger
Epperly, William Letcher and Lena Tucker
Epperson, John H and Mary Alice Dickerson (m. 28 Oct 1894)
Epperson, Louis B and Susan Loretta Colston
Epperson, Mary Ann and Isaac Bell (m. 6 Apr 1876)
Eppert, Alberta and Charles R Wolf (m. 28 Jun 1919)
Eppert, Alma Rae and (--?--) Quick
Eppert, Charles Hayes and Angie Cora Williams
Eppert, Charles Hayes and Phoebe Huling (m. 1 Sep 1909)
Eppert, Charles Hayes Jr and Margaret Fulknier
Eppert, Christiana and Cyrus E Reeves (m. 30 May 1847)
Eppert, Clarence B and Marabeth Woods (m. 19 Jul 1908)
Eppert, Clarence B and Vera L (--?--)
Eppert, Elisha B and Elizabeth M Behymer (m. 24 Dec 1871)
Eppert, Emma Mae and Wilbur Otis Mattox (m. 11 Jul 1908)
Eppert, Frederick R and Mary Ellen Gillispie (m. 10 Jun 1855)
Eppert, Frederick R and Mary Ellen Gillispie (m. 10 Jun 1855)
Eppert, Herbert Raymond and Mary Archer Tone (m. 16 Jan 1894)
Eppert, Herbert Raymond and Mary Archer Tone (m. 16 Jan 1894)
Eppert, Jacob and Elizabeth Behymer (m. 25 Oct 1829)
Eppert, Jacob and Elizabeth Behymer (m. 25 Oct 1829)
Eppert, Jacob and Margaret Beckelhymer (m. 9 Dec 1821)
Eppert, Jacob and Margaret Beckelhymer (m. 9 Dec 1821)
Eppert, Jacob O and Mary Behymer (m. 3 Feb 1861)
Eppert, Jacob O and Mary Behymer (m. 3 Feb 1861)
Eppert, Lena C and Leonard G Guild (m. 30 Dec 1901)
Eppert, Lida May and Charles W Brumagem (m. 28 Jun 1908)
Eppert, Lillie Mae and Alonzo B Cornell (m. 29 Sep 1881)
Eppert, Margaret and Robert Hays (m. 18 Jun 1848)
Eppert, Margaret and William Neel (m. 26 Oct 1854)
Eppert, Nancy and Burrel Jones (m. 19 Sep 1861)
Eppert, Nancy and Wilson Sowers (m. 26 Aug 1849)
Eppert, Sarah Ann and Samuel Hill (m. 10 Nov 1850)
Eppert, Stanley B and Betty L (--?--)
Eppert, Thomas Benton and Mary Jane West (m. 26 Nov 1891)
Eppert, William Benton and Mary Ann Watson (m. 13 Sep 1868)
Eppert, William Benton and Mary Ellen Gillispie (m. 21 Apr 1864)
Eppert, William Benton and Mary Ellen Gillispie (m. 21 Apr 1864)
Erickson, Christina Evelina and John Henry Wilson (m. 27 Sep 1897)
Ericson, Eston Everett and Ina Lavinia Kramer (m. 31 May 1911)
Ernest, Harry Wayne and Helen Leola Monroe (m. 20 Sep 1916)
Ernhart, Della and Alonzo Martin Crooks
Ernhart, William Scott and Nancy B (--?--) (m. 21 May 1900)
Ernhart, William Scott and Nancy Caroline Wilson (m. 23 Sep 1876)
Erwin, Grace and Olen Milton Carter (m. 28 Sep 1914)
Esher, (--?--) and Cloade Ellis Kennedy
Eslick, (--?--) and Bertha Lou Stroud
Essenpreis, (--?--) and Florence Hymer
Estep, Harrison W and Eliza E Smith (m. 5 Aug 1880)
Estep, Mary Belle and (--?--) Baker
Estep, Verna Evelyn and Francis Milton Picklesimer (m. 13 Oct 1945)
Estep, William G and Tabitha Cannady (m. circa 1877)
Estes, Anne Neal and William Hoke Lawshe
Estes, William Lewis and Ina G Clark (m. 22 Dec 1887)
Etchison, Bert R and Edna I Robinson
Etter, James M and Nettie Lou Conroy (m. circa 1899)
Evans, (--?--) and Sarah Jane Hoffman
Evans, Bessie A and Thomas B Thompson (m. 2 Jul 1908)
Evans, Catherine and Charles Marion Vancil (m. 9 Jan 1879)
Evans, Charles R and Rhoda Bell Hymer (m. 16 Jan 1901)
Evans, Ebon Dale and Topsy Teona Pickelheimer (m. 18 Nov 1911)
Evans, Edward and Lucinda Jane Bricker (m. circa 1916)
Evans, Florence and Arthur Wallace
Evans, Florence and Milford Hartwell (m. 30 Jun 1928)
Evans, George S and Stella Spresser (m. 18 Aug 1904)
Evans, Gertrude and Hubert P Osborn
Evans, Harry and Marie Lawshe
Evans, James Virgil and Alberta Baker (m. 1 Jul 1928)
Evans, Jennie and Robert A Behymer (m. 20 Jul 1884)
Evans, Laura Jane and Ralph Oldham (m. 22 Dec 1911)
Evans, Louisa and Jonas Gill
Evans, Louisa and Nathaniel Behymer (m. 1 Sep 1870)
Evans, Mary and Owen B Hymer (m. 11 Nov 1879)
Evans, Robert and Floy Edna Stevens (m. circa 1929)
Evans, Samantha T and Jasper Picklesimer (m. 2 Sep 1885)
Evans, Sarah Frances and Martin Luther VanHoose (m. 27 Mar 1913)
Evans, Susie Minerva and Harlan Dent Powers
Evans, Theophilus and Hannah Alice Wilson (m. 15 Mar 1883)
Evans, William John and Minnie Behymer (m. 29 Nov 1904)
Everett, Mary Ellen and William Lockwood Skelton (m. 21 Oct 1891)
Everitt, Ida and Ira M Lawshe (m. circa 1888)
Everitt, Sarah A and Abraham L Lawshe (m. circa 1878)
Evers, Lavina C and William M Woods (m. 19 Oct 1873)
Evers, Mary Julia and Henry Edward Behymer (m. 19 Apr 1911)
Evers, Mary Julia and John Horace Hudson (m. 1 Nov 1886)
Eversman, Ermgard and Estes Euin Pickelheimer (m. 3 Sep 1938)
Fagaley, Juanita A and Henderson Grover Hightower (m. circa 1919)
Fagan, Sarah and Daniel Durham (m. 2 Nov 1865)
Fagin, Joseph B and Mary Elizabeth Martin (m. 10 Jan 1865)
Fagler, Vawter J and Helen R Gardner (m. 5 May 1880)
Fahl, Amanda and John Waldo Sprong (m. 1 Nov 1923)
Fairchild, Ezra and Della Rison
Fairchild, Ezra and Doris Picklesimer (m. 12 Mar 1910)
Fairchild, Lillie May and Emerson Picklesimer (m. 9 Jun 1919)
Fairchild, Lucy Ann and John F Pickle (m. 10 Apr 1957)
Faith, Albert Lennox and Ella Gertrude Owens (m. 31 Jul 1887)
Fannin, Boone and Lucy Ferguson (m. 21 Aug 1917)
Fannin, Catherine and John David Cox
Fannin, Cordelia and John E Harrison (m. 3 Dec 1898)
Fannin, Cynthia and Peter Daniel (m. 18 May 1906)
Fannin, Elizabeth and Glen Caskey (m. 29 Dec 1935)
Fannin, Elizabeth and Oliver Wheeler (m. 6 Mar 1906)
Fannin, Fernando C and Sarah S Skaggs (m. 12 Oct 1889)
Fannin, Florence and Ben K Williams (m. 28 Jun 1911)
Fannin, Fynettie and Hubert Conley (m. 5 Feb 1919)
Fannin, Hardin Foster and Rebecca Fyffe (m. 25 Jan 1885)
Fannin, Harvey A and Alwilda Day
Fannin, Harvey A and Oma (--?--)
Fannin, Harvey A and Sarah Skaggs (m. 17 Aug 1891)
Fannin, John and Cynthia Ann Williams (m. 6 Aug 1861)
Fannin, John M and Ollie Fannin
Fannin, Laura Mildred and Henry J Conley
Fannin, Laura Virgie and George Leslie Conley
Fannin, Lynn Boyd and Wanna Ethel Gilliam (m. 14 Jul 1923)
Fannin, Malissa and Nathaniel Skaggs (m. 2 Dec 1902)
Fannin, Minnie E and Elmer Conley (m. 4 Apr 1919)
Fannin, Minnie E and Pleasant Fannin
Fannin, Nancy Jane and Ben Conley (m. 17 May 1915)
Fannin, Oka and Mollie Ferguson
Fannin, Ollie and John M Fannin
Fannin, Pleasant and Minnie E Fannin
Fannin, Rissa and Robert Oliver (m. 10 Jan 1920)
Fannin, Rosanna and Thomas Abraham Williams (m. 16 Dec 1860)
Fannin, Thomas Joseph and Ruth Leona Stapleton
Fannin, Verna and Willie Phillips (m. 30 Oct 1930)
Fannin, William A and Alice Rowena Balser (m. 10 Dec 1958)
Fannin, William Clarence and Bessie Conley (m. 6 May 1924)
Farley, (--?--) and Burtha Wilson
Farley, Flora Bell and Harve Dingess (m. 1896)
Farley, Green and Susannah Webb
Farley, Ira and Mary Ann Picklesimer (m. 25 Aug 1870)
Farley, Sarah Ann and David Alley (m. 5 Nov 1896)
Farley, Sarah Ann and Fred Simer (m. 3 Jul 1916)
Farley, Vicie and Charles Picklesimer (m. 6 Sep 1916)
Farley, Wilma and Mitchell Picklesimer (m. 23 May 1942)
Farmer, Cere Harrison and Lottie May (--?--)
Farmer, Emezetta Magoline and Essie Harrison Poole (m. 8 Jan 1919)
Farmer, Floyd Harrison and Evelena Sonora Becklehimer (m. 16 Dec 1897)
Farmer, Floyd Harrison and Lura Jane Dillion
Farmer, Henry B and Laura A Crawford
Farmer, Jessie May and Gilbert McConnell (m. 30 Jun 1912)
Farmer, John Henry and Dora B Poole (m. 10 Nov 1909)
Farmer, Mamie America and Clarence Edward Pierce
Farmer, Rhoda Elzie and Essie Harrison Poole (m. 3 Mar 1909)
Farmer, Rhoda Elzie and Essie Harrison Poole (m. 3 Mar 1909)
Farmer, Rhoda Elzie and General Washington Beckleheimer (m. 13 Mar 1890)
Farmer, Rhoda Elzie and General Washington Beckleheimer (m. 13 Mar 1890)
Farnsworth, George James and Alice Hawthorne Brooks (m. 21 Dec 1896)
Farnsworth, Marion and Fairbank Carpenter
Farquhar, Mattie Catherine and Wilbur L Behymer (m. 26 Dec 1906)
Farr, Barbara A and George Robb (m. 25 Jul 1863)
Farr, Caroline P and Lawrence E Gardner (m. 22 May 1884)
Farr, Mary Jane and Thomas B Morrow
Farr, Samuel and Susannah France (m. 28 Sep 1837)
Farr, Stephen Douglas Amen and Phranca (--?--)
Farrer, Joseph F and Carrie Marie Troy (m. 26 Sep 1921)
Farris, Mary J and Roy Behymer
Farson, Mary Alice and William Jackson Simer (m. 18 May 1893)
Fee, Viola A and John U Plackard (m. 7 Nov 1867)
Feebeck, Hilda M and Joffre McDowell B'Hymer
Feinthel, Edward George and Anna Elizabeth Behymer (m. 14 Feb 1931)
Felter, Alexander P and Sarah L Behymer (m. 2 Jun 1864)
Felter, Bertha M and (--?--) Alexander
Felter, Bertha M and Walter W Furst (m. 28 Sep 1912)
Ferguson, Anna and Joseph Allen Hanna (m. circa 1896)
Ferguson, Anna Magdalena and Nathaniel Behymer
Ferguson, Artimissa and Elijah Delony (m. circa 23 Jul 1847)
Ferguson, Artimissa and Levi Beckelhimer (m. circa 1832)
Ferguson, Hardy Jr and Lucile Pauline Ward (m. 25 Oct 1927)
Ferguson, Jane and Benjamin Beckelhymer (m. 17 Oct 1819)
Ferguson, Leonidus Landis and Emma Cavender (m. 20 Oct 1930)
Ferguson, Lucille Cindy and Azel Beckelhimer (m. 2 Dec 1935)
Ferguson, Lucy and Boone Fannin (m. 21 Aug 1917)
Ferguson, Malissa and Phillip Picklesimer (m. 4 Feb 1901)
Ferguson, Malissa and Sylvester Jones (m. 24 Apr 1921)
Ferguson, Mollie and Oka Fannin
Ferguson, Nelson D and Maxie Bailey (m. circa 1913)
Ferguson, Rebecca Belle and Hamilton Harrison Windsor (m. 23 Sep 1885)
Ferguson, Rosanna and Isaac Beckelhimer (m. 1 Apr 1812)
Ferguson, Sarah F and Alford Williams (m. 18 Feb 1893)
Ferguson, Ulala and John Tazwell Beckett (m. 10 Jul 1881)
Ferguson, William Doris and Dolores May Hansen
Fernald, Arthur T and Enid Jean Malcolm (m. Mar 1955)
Ferno, Elizabeth A and Johnson Turpin Pickelheimer (m. 6 Jun 1883)
Ferodowill, Emma Florence and Jerome Kenneth Simer (m. circa 1914)
Ferree, Edith Elma and James (--?--)
Ferree, Edith Elma and Jesse Fuller
Ferree, Edith Elma and John William Tippet (m. 22 Jun 1969)
Ferrell, Ganza Alice and Jolly Pickle (m. 26 Dec 1931)
Ferris, Emmet B and Cora A Mosteller (m. 11 Oct 1899)
Ferris, Emmet B and Mabel P'Simer
Fery, Mary A and Samuel A Richardson (m. 17 Mar 1896)
Fesler, Curtis Wade and Lillian Ophra Hoskins (m. 27 Jul 1919)
Fesler, Theodore G and Cora R Hoskins (m. 9 Oct 1887)
Fessler, Nora S and Perry Landis (m. 13 Jan 1881)
Fetzer, Frank C and Rosie Mae Abbott (m. 4 Dec 1910)
Fetzer, Frank C and Rosie Mae Abbott (m. 4 Dec 1910)
Fetzer, John L S and Kathryn Sarah Behymer (m. 8 May 1909)
Fetzer, John L S and Kathryn Sarah Behymer (m. 8 May 1909)
Fetzer, Matilda A and Archer Behymer (m. 3 Aug 1903)
Fetzer, Matilda A and Harry G Tuttle (m. 29 Mar 1910)
Field, John Breckenridge and Genetta Clift
Fields, (--?--) and Bessie Mae Clark
Fields, (--?--) and Ruth Wolf
Fields, Amanda and Francis Marion Behymer (m. circa 1885)
Fields, Annie and William Peck Lawshe
Fields, Edith May and Arva John Colston
Fields, Green R and Frances A King (m. 29 Jun 1870)
Fields, Jeremiah and Mary Simer (m. 11 Sep 1840)
Fields, Ruth and Jason Riley Simer (m. 16 Aug 1867)
Fields, Ruth and Jason Riley Simer (m. 2 May 1867)
Fields, Ruth and Thomas B Carpenter (m. 15 Dec 1859)
Figert, Jacob and Mary Bechtelheimer (m. 18 Oct 1866)
Figgins, Alpha and Hooper Francis Lindsey (m. 18 Nov 1896)
Files, James Vernon and Alberta F Behymer
Files, James Vernon and Dorothy Mae Atteberry (m. 9 May 1944)
Files, Samantha Agnes and Andrew Jackson Behymer (m. 7 Nov 1888)
Files, Samantha Agnes and Jonathan W Loy
Files, William O and Florence Behymer (m. 20 Mar 1898)
Finch, Harry E and May Behymer (m. 6 Jan 1914)
Finch, Raphael B and Edna Mae Pruett (m. circa 1926)
Fincher, Louis Austin and Kitty Clyde Lawshe (m. 19 Jan 1917)
Fine, Elbert Edward and Jimmie Elva Coleman (m. 16 Sep 1922)
Fine, Versa Marie and Earl Everett Behymer (m. 22 Mar 1944)
Fine, Versa Marie and Earl Everett Behymer (m. circa 1929)
Finley, Addie May and John Sylvester Jones (m. 3 May 1893)
Finley, Edward L and Nellie Edith Swift (m. 17 Sep 1899)
Finley, Izella and John Love Norris (m. 18 Jun 1911)
Finney, Edith M and Guy Elmer Davis (m. circa 1905)
Firsich, Joseph H and Allma M Julien
Fischer, Florence May and Grover Cleveland Troy (m. 22 Jun 1914)
Fiscus, Stanley T and Myrtle R Nelson (m. 4 Dec 1937)
Fishburn, Charles Robert and Judith Marshall
Fishburn, Elizabeth and William Henry Dent (m. circa 7 Feb 1831)
Fishburn, Elizabeth Jane and John Allen Woody (m. 24 Dec 1878)
Fishburn, Emma Elizabeth and J Harry Girvin (m. 16 Apr 1901)
Fishburn, Ernest Boone and Anne Davant
Fishburn, Harry Proctor and Frances Butterfield
Fishburn, Jacob Willis and Sarah A (--?--)
Fishburn, James Addison and Mary Louise Harriett Boone (m. 13 Sep 1864)
Fishburn, John Jacob Jr and Anna Waggoner (m. circa 6 May 1809)
Fishburn, Junius Blair and Theresa Grace Parker (m. 5 Sep 1895)
Fishburn, Mary Ann and (--?--) Stephenson
Fishburn, Minnie Tinsley and Edward L Stone (m. 10 Apr 1890)
Fishburn, Peter J and Martha Ann Hamilton (m. 10 Oct 1848)
Fishburn, Reuben Harvey and Emma V (--?--)
Fishburn, Susan Frances and Rev W J Prout
Fishburn, Susanna P and Abria Graham (m. 25 Apr 1855)
Fishburn, Tipton Lewis Tinsley and Callie L Greer (m. circa 1874)
Fishburn, Walter Deering and Lillian Rhodes Snapp
Fishburne, Louise M and Eugene Showalter
Fishburne, Peter Hopkins and Virginia H Stephens
Fishburne, Samuel and Frances J Tinsley (m. 28 Mar 1832)
Fisher, Andrew Jackson and Alice (--?--)
Fisher, Andrew Jackson and Belle Lawrey (m. circa 1909)
Fisher, Andrew Jackson and Iva Armina Hooper (m. 2 Mar 1887)
Fisher, Arthur Garfield and Ora Ellen Nash (m. 1 Nov 1899)
Fisher, Delbert Houston and Martha B Cahill (m. 6 Feb 1906)
Fisher, Elise Helena and George Alonzo Davis (m. 24 Sep 1906)
Fisher, Elmo Pearl and Dora L Hetzler (m. 29 Nov 1900)
Fisher, Elmo Pearl and Ethel C Bowen (m. 30 Jun 1921)
Fisher, Hiram L and Emma L Holcomb
Fisher, Howard and Bertha M Manning (m. 10 Nov 1928)
Fisher, Howard Clifford and Iva Francis Klinger
Fisher, Josephus Alonzo and Mary Malinda Arthur (m. 2 Aug 1874)
Fisher, Mary A and William Hammerly (m. 10 Jun 1863)
Fisher, Oscar Cleveland and Katharine Raleigh
Fisher, Sarah and Clarence L Nash (m. 1 Apr 1885)
Fisher, Sarah Elizabeth and David Lawshe (m. 10 Nov 1870)
Fisher, Virginia M and (--?--) Frye (m. circa 1927)
Fite, Mina and John Waggoner Jr (m. 7 Jan 1841)
Fitzpatrick, Amy and Samuel Beckett (m. 12 Jul 1818)
Fitzpatrick, Bertha P and Vernon Ratcliff
Fitzpatrick, Charles William and Effie Pine Massey (m. 16 Oct 1903)
Fitzpatrick, Daniel and Martha Ann Beckelhimer (m. 19 Jan 1881)
Fitzpatrick, Deedy A and John Homer Lilly (m. 21 Mar 1917)
Fitzpatrick, Edith E and (--?--) Upton
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth and Wilson T Beckelhimer (m. 9 Jun 1842)
Fitzpatrick, Eunice and Benjamin Beckelhymer (m. 12 Sep 1824)
Fitzpatrick, Eunice and Thomas Hendren (m. 21 Jul 1848)
Fitzpatrick, Homer T and Jessie Lee Doris (m. 30 May 1931)
Fitzpatrick, James and Anna Behymer (m. 4 Nov 1814)
Fitzpatrick, James Willard and Lucille Picklesimer
Fitzpatrick, John Charles and Fannie L Beckett (m. 30 Jan 1932)
Fitzpatrick, John Lee Jr and Mary Laverne Tankersley (m. 22 Jun 1922)
Fitzpatrick, John Lee Sr and Maggie M Manning (m. 20 Sep 1891)
Fitzpatrick, Julia and Alonzo Duley (m. 12 Mar 1871)
Fitzpatrick, Kelly P and Victoria Mae Lilly (m. 18 Jul 1918)
Fitzpatrick, Mary Nellie and A A Harvey (m. 24 Dec 1913)
Fitzpatrick, Nancy and Daniel Behymer (m. 29 Oct 1835)
Fitzpatrick, Reece and Callie Manning (m. 27 Apr 1890)
Fitzpatrick, Sadie E and Lewis A Upton (m. 13 Nov 1907)
Flanagan, Beecher (Dr) and Ruth Picklesimer
Flanders, Irene and Lewis Clark Hymer (m. 28 Aug 1948)
Flannery, John Patrick and June D Picklesimer (m. 1 Jan 1916)
Flannery, Maggie and Thomas Picklesimer (m. 7 Jan 1924)
Fleming, Andrew and Margaret Lawshe (m. 8 Dec 1838)
Fleming, Ann and Alonzo Batler
Fleming, Asher and Matilda Emery Haver (m. circa 1880)
Fleming, Catherine and Alfred Butler
Fleming, Celesta and William Guthrie (m. 27 Sep 1866)
Fleming, Dora Maude and Alfred Leroy Vail (m. 28 Nov 1897)
Fleming, Esther Miller and William D Graham (m. 24 Oct 1901)
Fleming, Ethel Long and Leroy Webster Windsor (m. 1 Dec 1910)
Fleming, George and Esther Ann Green (m. 1868)
Fleming, Jonathan Robbins and Josephine Elton Walton
Fleming, Levi and Mary Elizabeth Lane
Fletcher, Catherine and William H Hyres (m. 5 Nov 1910)
Fletcher, Clarinda and Asa J Picklesimer (m. 16 Apr 1894)
Fletcher, Clarinda and Burley Castle (m. 1 Jul 1921)
Fletcher, Walter Mason and Wilma Emminger (m. 14 Dec 1916)
Fletcher, William Herndon and Nettie Behymer (m. 3 Sep 1890)
Flicker, Halina Ann and John R Lawshe (m. 30 Jun 1839)
Flinchem, George and Lula Ellen Beckelhimer (m. 23 Dec 1886)
Flinchem, William and M C Linkenhoker (m. 27 May 1913)
Flinchum, Henry H and Cornelia Loretta Hudgins (m. 23 Feb 1935)
Flinchum, Susie and (--?--) Sisson
Flinchum, Susie and Anderson Holman Beckelhimer (m. circa 1914)
Flint, Joanna and (--?--) Snyder
Flint, Joanna and Claude Oscar Behymer (m. 31 Aug 1899)
Flock, Gladys Esther and (--?--) Gordon
Flock, Gordon A and Leora A Brault (m. 30 Aug 1924)
Flock, Maude Ivron and (--?--) Valliant
Flock, Maude Ivron and Oscar Bryson (m. 4 Mar 1925)
Flock, Ulric C and Claudouth D Behymer (m. 25 Dec 1895)
Floor, Lusina E and Samuel James Bechtelheimer (m. 11 Jul 1877)
Flora, Jennie and Jacob Monroe Landis (m. 5 Aug 1894)
Flora, Jonas R and Ida Rosella Landis (m. 6 Apr 1901)
Florer, Richard N and Elizabeth Manning (m. 3 Mar 1825)
Flory, Abraham P and Mary Margaret Leedy (m. 29 Feb 1872)
Flory, Fena F and (--?--) Reeder
Flory, Jesse Blain and Ella G (--?--)
Flory, Viva M and (--?--) Bailey
Flowers, Martha Savanah and William Robert Rich (m. 22 Nov 1900)
Flowers, Mary A and John A Hile
Flowers, Mary Frances and Ralph Mason Jennings (m. 30 Jan 1946)
Flowers, Rutha Melvina and Landon Arvello Rich (m. 22 Jan 1903)
Floyd, E L and Arminda Pickelsimer (m. 24 Aug 1896)
Floyd, Isaac B and Lydia Emily Pickelsimer (m. 23 Jun 1867)
Floyd, Mary Henrietta and George Pickelsimer (m. 28 Dec 1865)
Floyd, Maude and Otto Pierce (m. 11 Feb 1903)
Flynn, Catherine and Charles F Beckelhimer (m. 14 Feb 1900)
Flynn, Levi and Jane Fowler (m. 13 Jan 1826)
Flynn, Levi and Jane Fowler (m. 13 Jan 1826)
Flynn, Levi and Lucinda B Hymer (m. 6 May 1845)
Flynn, Levi and Lucinda B Hymer (m. 6 May 1845)
Flynn, Levi and Minerva Hymer
Flynn, Levi and Minerva Hymer
Flynn, Rosa Bell W and Joseph W Parsons (m. circa 1887)
Flynt, Ida and John Dempsey Conley (m. circa 1910)
Fodge, Mary Elizabeth and William Amos Snoke (m. 30 Mar 1880)
Follow, Herman and Ethel Blackburn (m. 13 Dec 1924)
Foote, Nellie H and Claiborne F Johnson (m. 30 Aug 1905)
Forbes, James Worth and Florence Jessie Sowers (m. 30 Jan 1908)
Ford, June and Edward J Picklesimer (m. 22 May 1926)
Ford, Margaret and Harry B Behymer
Ford, Robert M and Virginia Coleman (m. 3 Aug 1909)
Ford, Sarah Elizabeth and Erasmus Manford Behymer (m. circa 1894)
Fordyce, Clara Gregg and John William Bennett (m. 15 Aug 1888)
Foreman, Hallie and Bartlett Grogan
Foreman, Hallie and Francis M Hymer (m. 9 Dec 1881)
Forester, (--?--) and Margaret J Wheeler
Forester, Beulah Josephine and Preston Pettyjohn (m. 17 Feb 1929)
Forester, Glen William Noble and Clara Quinn (m. 1932)
Forester, Glen William Noble and Elsie Powell (m. 1 Jun 1955)
Forester, Mary Mahala and George McGregor (m. 3 Jul 1929)
Forester, Omer Samuel and Helen Matilda Russell (m. May 1932)
Forester, William Henry and Sarah Josephine Bechtelheimer (m. 16 Nov 1903)
Forney, Reuben S and Ida Rosella Landis (m. 14 Oct 1894)
Forney, Roscoe William and Ora Blanch Hood
Forrester, Edna E and John Wesley Brown
Forshey, (--?--) and Lucille Thompson
Forsythe, Inez Miranda and John W Dilks (m. 2 Jan 1873)
Forsythe, William and Mary Vancil (m. 25 Feb 1852)
Fortune, Alina and Emery C Berry (m. circa 1894)
Fortune, America and Jasper N Milliken (m. 3 Feb 1859)
Fortune, Eliza and David Martin (m. 21 Nov 1858)
Fortune, Eliza and Milton Battin (m. 4 Dec 1864)
Fortune, Elizabeth and Josiah McDowell (m. 19 Feb 1846)
Fortune, Jesse P and Lucy F Martin (m. 25 Feb 1851)
Fortune, John P and Sarah J Baker (m. 21 Nov 1858)
Fortune, Martha Ann and John M Holt (m. 23 Sep 1869)
Fortune, Minnie and Emanuel Elsworth (m. circa 1898)
Fortune, Sarah and John Grady (m. 25 Dec 1851)
Fortune, William and Sarah Picklehimer (m. 23 Sep 1823)
Forward, Alice May and David Lucien Behymer (m. circa 1890)
Fosher, Elmer C and Leona Pearl Boys (m. 11 Oct 1916)
Fossett, Annie Virginia and Arthur Prall Lawshe (m. 16 Jun 1870)
Fossett, Charles and Marietta L Pruett
Fossit, Betty and Harrison Herman Nagle (m. 17 Dec 1960)
Foster, (--?--) and Helen Blades Holabird
Foster, Beatrice May and John Bailey Laws
Foster, Francis Marion and Sarah A Sinclair
Foster, George W and Elizabeth Vancil (m. 1850)
Foster, Green M and Elizabeth Lawshe (m. 17 Aug 1853)
Foster, James Edward and Lilly J Behymer (m. 23 Apr 1904)
Foster, John Bruce and Susie S Rhodes
Foster, Nell and Orville Richard Fowlkes
Foster, Pearl L and John H Driever
Foster, Samuel Gideon and Lovicie (--?--)
Foster, Sarah Katherine and Joseph Behymer Windsor (m. 28 Feb 1878)
Foster, Tresa and J W Pickelsimer
Foster, William and Mary Willard (m. 22 Jan 1835)
Foster, William Henry and Ada Serepta France
Foster, William Henry and Ada Serepta France
Fotis, Gus and Stella Spresser (m. 29 May 1917)
Foust, Emma G and John Armon Behymer (m. 2 Mar 1903)
Foust, William Shelton and Dora Lee Suddarth (m. 6 May 1888)
Fowler, Artie and Walter Simer (m. circa 1928)
Fowler, Edwin Lynn and Margaret M Simer (m. 14 Aug 1909)
Fowler, Ethel Vivian and James Arthur Simer (m. 6 Jul 1909)
Fowler, Grover C and Thelma Fern Smith (m. 26 Nov 1928)
Fowler, Jane and Levi Flynn (m. 13 Jan 1826)
Fowler, Jane and Levi Flynn (m. 13 Jan 1826)
Fowler, Leander Hick and Millie May Chapman (m. 21 Feb 1897)
Fowlkes, Carey Merle and Lawrence Earl Arnold Sr (m. 27 Apr 1919)
Fowlkes, Eugene Franklin Sr and Delores Chisom (m. 12 Sep 1925)
Fowlkes, Eugene Franklin Sr and Mary Emma Harrison (m. 6 Jun 1927)
Fowlkes, Irene and Bonnie B Williams
Fowlkes, Marie Louise and Arthur William Mueller (m. 16 Oct 1935)
Fowlkes, Oleta Belle and James Malcolm Blakeley
Fowlkes, Orville Richard and Nell Foster
Fowlkes, Richard Herman and Lulu Belle Stultz (m. 1 Dec 1896)
Fowlkes, William Henry and Amelia Marie Jordan (m. 4 Jun 1944)
Fowlkes, Winston Thomas and Edna (--?--)
Fowlkes, Winston Thomas and Gladys B Hester
Fowlkes, Winston Thomas and Ruby LaVerne Willess
Fox, (--?--) and Mary B McMillan
Fox, Anna L and Edward F Carr (m. 2 Oct 1896)
Fox, Dalton B and Florence L Pickelsimer (m. 28 Aug 1923)
Fox, Frank and Myrtle Smith (m. 26 Dec 1908)
Fox, George and Sarah Belle Morris (m. 5 Aug 1911)
Fox, Laura May and Peter M Hamilton (m. 22 Aug 1880)
Fox, Raymond and Bertha Behymer (m. 14 Jun 1923)
Frakes, Floyd L and Anna A Hoffman
Fraley, Cynthia Jane and Conrad Thurman Bailey
Fraley, Delmar and Glady Ratliff (m. circa 1929)
Fraley, Ethel and McCoy Trimble
Fraley, John and Laura Picklesimer (m. 24 Dec 1908)
Fraley, Nora Mae and Redmond Wayne Picklesimer (m. circa 1919)
Fraley, Peter and Martha Picklesimer (m. 5 Sep 1907)
France, Ada Marie and James Ernest Cook (m. 10 Mar 1927)
France, Ada Serepta and Fred Hickok Ellis (m. 20 Jun 1884)
France, Ada Serepta and Fred Hickok Ellis (m. 20 Jun 1884)
France, Ada Serepta and William Henry Foster
France, Ada Serepta and William Henry Foster
France, Anna and Edward Cooper
France, Anna and Pherel Fielding Littleton (m. 5 Aug 1819)
France, Bessie Edith and (--?--) (--?--)
France, Bessie Edith and William Lewis (m. 19 May 1919)
France, Blanche Mary and Cyril Lewis Roy Middleton (m. 22 Mar 1909)
France, Blanche Mary and William Harve Leon Anderson
France, Brice H and Mary Hurd (m. 31 Dec 1868)
France, Charles Earl and Mayme Louise Kilen
France, Elizabeth and George Gore Jr (m. 21 Sep 1848)
France, Elizabeth and Hosea Parvin (m. 24 Aug 1823)
France, Elizabeth and Jacob Behymer
France, Ellen and George D Littleton (m. 6 Mar 1856)
France, Elva Lucille and Elbert O Belcher
France, Elva Lucille and William Leroy Bernard (m. 22 Nov 1929)
France, Esther and John Gray (m. 2 Mar 1820)
France, Esther and Levi Behymer (m. 23 Nov 1812)
France, Esther and Levi Behymer (m. 24 Nov 1812)
France, Eve and Joel Behymer (m. Sep 1810)
France, Floyd Kay and Bessie E Higgins (m. 1 May 1907)
France, Floyd Kay and Bessie E Higgins (m. 1 May 1907)
France, Hosea M and Juda Brown (m. 2 Jun 1864)
France, Hosea M and Juda Brown (m. 2 Jun 1864)
France, Hosea M and Juda Brown (m. 2 Jun 1864)
France, Hosea M and Rebecca Ann Snyder (m. 16 Dec 1855)
France, Hosea M and Rebecca Ann Snyder (m. 16 Dec 1855)
France, Isaac C and Harriett Warren (m. 24 Sep 1868)
France, James M and Sarah Gould (m. 24 Dec 1871)
France, Jennett and Osgood Fulton (m. 17 May 1863)
France, Jesse and Hannah Barger (m. 14 Jan 1830)
France, John and Elizabeth (--?--) (m. 20 Nov 1884)
France, John and Lucy Behymer (m. 29 Aug 1867)
France, John and Lucy Behymer (m. 29 Aug 1867)
France, John and Malinda Craigo (m. 24 Jun 1827)
France, John and Malinda Craigo (m. 24 Jun 1827)
France, John Henry and Elizabeth Pittenger (m. 28 Aug 1862)
France, John Lee and Lavinia Clanin (m. 4 Sep 1856)
France, Julian and Chloris M Toland (m. 25 Dec 1878)
France, Kersie and Amanda Loas McKinzey (m. 25 Dec 1895)
France, La Salle and Daisy May Brown (m. 10 Nov 1897)
France, Laura Aurilla and (--?--) De Moranville
France, Laura Aurilla and (--?--) De Moranville
France, Lottie May and Charles Crawford
France, Lucy Lavinia and Henry W Tomlinson (m. 5 Aug 1896)
France, Lucy Lavinia and Henry W Tomlinson (m. 5 Aug 1896)
France, Malinda J and William Battles
France, Margaret A and Dow M Crable (m. 12 Aug 1883)
France, Mary and Daniel Behymer
France, Mary Elma and Daniel C Kramer (m. 25 Dec 1890)
France, Mary Elma and Daniel C Kramer (m. 25 Dec 1890)
France, Mary Jane and Cooper Lindsey (m. 15 Mar 1846)
France, Mary Jane and James Warren Hannah (m. 20 Oct 1853)
France, Mary Jane and Pleasant Weese (m. 15 Nov 1863)
France, Michael and Margaret Beghtol (m. 10 Mar 1857)
France, Michael and Rebecca Henry (m. 6 Feb 1798)
France, Orville and Mary Ann Stoops (m. 13 Oct 1836)
France, Orville and Matilda Rutledge (m. 4 Nov 1847)
France, Orville and Rachel Glover (m. 4 Jun 1872)
France, Orville H and Langley Buckloo
France, Orville H and Margaret W Cleary (m. 22 Feb 1855)
France, Rebecca A and John Vaughn (m. 31 Dec 1857)
France, Rebecca Jane and Alexander M Brown (m. 21 Dec 1848)
France, Robert and Sarepta Harris (m. 19 Nov 1856)
France, Roxielang and Benjamin Morrow (m. 13 Mar 1854)
France, Sarah Elizabeth and Bill Wilson
France, Susannah A and Elias Denman Owens (m. 25 Dec 1876)
France, Susannah and Harmon Weaver (m. 11 May 1865)
France, Susannah and Samuel Farr (m. 28 Sep 1837)
France, Thomas Edward and Lena B (--?--) (m. circa 1889)
France, Thomas H A and Mary Lalicker (m. 20 Jan 1831)
France, Thomas H and Mary E Vaughn (m. 23 Oct 1873)
France, Thomas Henry H and Lucinda Coakley (m. 4 Jan 1849)
France, Wesley L and Sarah Robinson (m. 29 Jul 1855)
France, William Henry Robert and Lucebe Caroline Nott (m. 28 Aug 1892)
France, William Henry Robert and Lucebe Caroline Nott (m. 28 Aug 1892)
France, William Riley and Juda Brown
France, William Riley and Juda Brown
France, William Riley and Juda Brown
France, William T and Delila Kepler (m. 14 Jan 1866)
Francis, Evelyn M and Russell M Arthur
Frank, Henry and Jesse B Henderson (m. circa 1898)
Frankland, Caroline Wolff and Raymond Lemon Trump (m. 2 Sep 1902)
Franklin, Austin Walker and Bertha Osborne
Franklin, Austin Walker and Cordelia Jane Williams (m. 25 Aug 1882)
Franklin, Carrie Belle and Raleigh L Kennard (m. circa 1917)
Franklin, Dorsie D and Marie Henry
Franklin, Drexel and James Earl Wallin (m. 25 Dec 1932)
Franklin, Elizabeth and Albert Grimsley (m. 2 Jun 1893)
Franklin, Elizabeth and Oral Williams
Franklin, Ernest and Lena Belle Wickiser
Franklin, Forest Donald and Lousina Lee Williams (m. 17 Jan 1885)
Franklin, Forest Donald and Mary Holbro
Franklin, Gypsy and Robert Tschudi
Franklin, Hardy C and Hazel Williams
Franklin, Hardy C and Susannah Hill (m. circa 1895)
Franklin, Henry Benjamin and Lyda Frances Kennard
Franklin, James Lafayette and Mary Jane Holbrook (m. 22 Dec 1892)
Franklin, James Lafayette and Mary Mallisa Williams (m. 12 Feb 1873)
Franklin, John H and Edith E (--?--) (m. circa 1902)
Franklin, Laura Florence and Frank Caudell
Franklin, Laura Myrtle and Hobart Barber
Franklin, Laura Myrtle and Lindsay Burl Hardin
Franklin, O and Katie Bhymer (m. circa 1894)
Franklin, Sarah D and David Farmer Williams (m. 18 Feb 1875)
Franklin, Toral and Fannie Dixon
Franklin, Zenus and Anna Lykins (m. circa 1918)
Franz, Frank A and Maude Behymer (m. 26 Jul 1913)
Franz, George Frederick and Mollie Thornton Swem (m. 29 Sep 1907)
Frazee, Clarence and Gladys Beckelhimer (m. 24 Feb 1921)
Frazee, Sarah Jane and Abraham Blose (m. 17 Apr 1856)
Frazee, Sarah Jane and Samuel Huston (m. 21 Jan 1847)
Frazier, Annie E and George Baker Wilson (m. 20 Jul 1872)
Frazier, Ella Cora and Rexford Raymond Picklesimer (m. 1 Nov 1930)
Frazier, Ella Cora and Rexford Raymond Picklesimer (m. 1 Nov 1930)
Frazier, Lousetta Belle and Acy Alexander Simer (m. 13 Aug 1893)
Frazier, Malinda and John W Bayes (m. 11 Mar 1869)
Frazier, Martha Ellen and James A Waddell (m. 2 Jun 1930)
Frazier, Martha Ellen and Thomas Forrest Picklesimer (m. 15 Nov 1900)
Frazier, Nettie and General Logan Kimbler (m. 6 Dec 1910)
Frazier, Richard and Mary Emeline Jones (m. 31 Oct 1880)
Frazier, Russell L and Bessie Campbell
Free, Edward C and Catherine Elizabeth Wilson (m. 15 Aug 1889)
Freed, Edward Everett and (--?--) (--?--)
Freed, Edward Everett and Anne Henrietta Bowen (m. 2 Jun 1956)
Freeland, Julia Francis and James Monroe Clanin (m. 5 Nov 1876)
Freeman, Annie and Frank Sheldon (m. 30 Sep 1886)
Freeman, Iona H and Joel Daniel Milam (m. 9 Oct 1926)
Freeman, Iona H and John Bennet Bechtelheimer (m. 10 Mar 1881)
Freeman, Nancy and Robert Bruce Rardin
Frees, William Jr and Isabelle Parvin (m. 4 Sep 1906)
Frei, Katie and Edwin C Parker (m. 30 Apr 1906)
French, Donald Warren and Edna Mary Taylor (m. 5 Jun 1918)
French, Frieda Kathryn and Robert Graham Wheeler (m. 25 Dec 1940)
French, Henry Levi and Luretta Grady (m. 24 Nov 1880)
French, Inez Eleanor and Floyd Ernest Toothacre (m. 5 Feb 1917)
French, Inez Eleanor and Roy Alfred Behymer (m. 17 Nov 1945)
French, James and Margaret Campbell (m. 15 Mar 1875)
French, James and Margaret Campbell (m. 15 Mar 1875)
French, James and Mary Elizabeth Hymer (m. 3 Oct 1867)
French, Richard and Sarah Ellen Hymer (m. 1 Jun 1871)
Frieda, (--?--) and Velma G Elsworth
Friend, (--?--) and Emily P Chalfant
Frisby, Gariet and Nellie Gray Lykins
Frith, Robert R and Mary E Waggoner (m. circa 12 Mar 1850)
Frith, Sarah F and John W Oxley (m. circa 1893)
Fritzlen, Andrew R and Francis E Hymer (m. 20 Sep 1877)
Fritzlen, James Clarence and Nellie M Cockrell (m. 7 Jun 1911)
Frost, (--?--) and Eunice V Picklesimer (m. circa 1902)
Frost, Amander and Minnie M Lawson
Frost, Eunice and Ervin Schlatter (m. 14 May 1905)
Frost, Hettie and Homer Robert Behymer (m. circa 1912)
Frost, Jack and Launa Thompson
Frost, Rosa and George Benjamin Heacock (m. 18 Jul 1886)
Frost, Rosa and Isaac Yaut
Frost, Samuel Austin and Elizabeth Wilson
Frost, William Leeander and Charlotte Wilson (m. 27 Feb 1868)
Fry, Agnes and Jacob Snidow Key (m. 13 Sep 1849)
Fry, Andrew J and Mary J C Shaw (m. 15 Apr 1903)
Fry, Andrew J and Mary J McMillen (m. 25 Mar 1888)
Fry, James R M and Lulu McMillen (m. 22 Oct 1902)
Fry, Samantha A and Thomas P M Lawshe (m. 14 Mar 1877)
Fry, Stephen A and Stella M Miles (m. 30 Apr 1904)
Frye, (--?--) and Virginia M Fisher (m. circa 1927)
Frye, Clark C and Shirley Ruth Beckett (m. 22 Dec 1915)
Frye, Emma Johanna Louisa and Wayne B'Hymer (m. 3 Apr 1912)
Frysinger, Ocie May and Charles Sherman Behymer (m. 14 Sep 1904)
Fueston, Twila and Isaac Wilson
Fugitt, James Coy and Edna Pickelheimer (m. 9 Jan 1920)
Fulknier, Margaret and Charles Hayes Eppert Jr
Fuller, Dorothy and Lewis B Stephan (m. 9 Sep 1925)
Fuller, Helen E and (--?--) Melson
Fuller, Henry Clinton and Anna E Hall
Fuller, Jesse and Edith Elma Ferree
Fuller, Leota and William Lewis Eichler (m. 17 May 1899)
Fuller, Margaret Elizabeth and Joe Keller
Fuller, Robert J II and Elizabeth J Pickelheimer (m. 23 Jun 1866)
Fuller, Thomas Sherman and Ida M Von Strohe (m. circa 1894)
Fuller, Willett Omer and Ida B Stephens (m. 19 Mar 1906)
Fuller, William R and Ellise Crawford
Fulton, John and Ellen Wright (m. 17 Apr 1856)
Fulton, Osgood and Jennett France (m. 17 May 1863)
Funk, (--?--) and Mary A Lawshe
Funk, (--?--) and Myrtle J Wenger
Funkhouser, Ruth and Artie Harlan Behymer (m. 7 Sep 1924)
Funston, Anna Frances and Wilmer Clay Hamilton
Furio, Michael A and Dorothy V Story (m. circa 1928)
Furlong, Francis P and Ann E Beckett (m. 31 Aug 1873)
Furlong, Harley and Caroline Cooper (m. 1 Mar 1917)
Furlong, Harley and Ella Winkle
Furst, Walter W and Bertha M Felter (m. 28 Sep 1912)
Fussinger, Alois P and Mildred Elizabeth Behymer
Fyffe, Margaret Seattie and Paris Hendrix Skaggs (m. 26 Aug 1914)
Fyffe, Rebecca and Hardin Foster Fannin (m. 25 Jan 1885)
Gabbert, Charles Martin and Blondena Behymer
Gabbert, Eldon C and Lottie M (--?--)
Gabbert, Jesse Robert and Clara Rebecca Hymer (m. 28 Aug 1887)
Gabler, Charles Edward and Mary Louise Behymer (m. 16 Jul 1938)
Gabriel, Marguerite Sheridan and Ralph Lee Behymer (m. 15 Oct 1919)
Gaby, Thomas N and Anna Elwanda Behymer (m. 12 Jan 1938)
Gackler, Jennie Marie and Jeremiah Jesse Cass (m. Sep 1888)
Gadd, Milford M and Louanna Rouse (m. 17 Jul 1926)
Gaddis, Anna Eliza and Lewis Henry Lawshe (m. 31 Jan 1856)
Gades, Carson and Hannah Pickelsimer (m. 22 Feb 1855)
Gaffner, Zoe Ann and Ernest Clyde Cazel (m. 31 Dec 1906)
Gage, (--?--) and Mabel M Owens
Gahs, Helena and Orvil O Becklehimer (m. 11 Jan 1916)
Gaines, Curtis and Addie B Johnston
Gaines, Edwin H and Grace Battin
Gaines, Harry Hay and Mary Ellen Behimer (m. 30 Jun 1915)
Gaines, Mary Dee and Joseph Frank Pickelsimer Sr (m. circa 1920)
Gainey, Mary E and Edward M Brewer (m. 16 Aug 1870)
Galbreath, Elsie C and Charles Edward Behymer (m. 8 Aug 1932)
Galbreath, Elsie C and Ernest F Post (m. 6 Dec 1909)
Gallagher, James F and Elzira Behymer
Gallagher, Lillian and Harry Felix Zind (m. 3 Apr 1920)
Gallhan, Glen and Estell Marie Eastes
Galloway, Mary Belle and Jason Riley Simer (m. circa 1891)
Galyean, Margaret Ann and Jesse Bechtelheimer (m. 1 Apr 1846)
Gambill, (--?--) and Mary Pigg (m. circa 1882)
Gambill, Ida Lee and Fleming McClellan Williams (m. 29 Aug 1891)
Gamble, John Armstrong and Ellen Lawshe (m. 25 Sep 1827)
Ganson, Charles Milton and Elzada J Behymer (m. 24 Dec 1895)
Garbe, Clarence F and Edna Pearl Swartz (m. 23 Sep 1952)
Gardiner, Thomas and Martha K (--?--)
Gardiner, Thomas and Mary Hymer (m. 4 May 1866)
Gardner, (--?--) and Gladys R Sutherland
Gardner, (--?--) and Jane G Huntington
Gardner, Enos B and Luda (--?--) (m. circa 1922)
Gardner, George Denman and Effie M (--?--)
Gardner, George Leander and Harriet Rachel Owens (m. 14 Apr 1891)
Gardner, Helen R and Vawter J Fagler (m. 5 May 1880)
Gardner, Henry Harvey and Ida Mae Judd (m. 2 Jun 1884)
Gardner, Lawrence E and Caroline P Farr (m. 22 May 1884)
Gardner, Mary and William Waldorf George (m. 23 Oct 1871)
Gardner, N E and (--?--) (--?--)
Gardner, N E and Martha E Lawshe
Gardner, Nathan J and Eliza Summerfield (m. 17 Jan 1850)
Garnes, William Harvey and Opal Hymer (m. 8 Oct 1921)
Garnett, Ruby and Donald Ray Beckelhimer
Garrett, Francis Jane and Luther Pickelsimer (m. 16 Oct 1888)
Garrett, Mary and Jason T Pickelsimer (m. 4 Feb 1887)
Garrett, Richard and Margaret Truett
Garrison, Homer H and Mamie Sprong
Garrison, Sarah and Abraham Lawshe
Garrod, Frank and Lillian Chester Simer
Garst, Elvina Elizabeth and Thomas Jefferson Vancil (m. 25 Apr 1880)
Garvie, Velma Sadie and Carl L Hutcheson
Garvie, Velma Sadie and William W Pond (m. circa 1929)
Gaskins, Abraham and Eliza (--?--)
Gaskins, Abraham and Elizabeth Littleton (m. 20 Jun 1880)
Gaskins, Alden Lindsey and Helen Brooks
Gaskins, Alice Mary and George W Hayes (m. circa 10 Jul 1913)
Gaskins, Alice Mary and William S Christian (m. 26 Sep 1886)
Gaskins, Charles H and Elizabeth Belle Lindsey (m. 12 May 1900)
Gaskins, Clara and Joseph Allen Hanna (m. 6 Sep 1877)
Gaskins, Clayton Hatfield and Blanche Matilda Kirby
Gaskins, Clement Leslie and Eva Catherine Brondhaver (m. 16 Aug 1896)
Gaskins, Doan Carr and Grace May Troy (m. 11 Oct 1897)
Gaskins, Edward F and Mary Fitzosborn Harvey (m. 25 Apr 1870)
Gaskins, Henry A and Ruth Helen Behymer
Gaskins, Horace Leslie and Grace Bernice Rolley (m. 25 Dec 1922)
Gaskins, Huldah L and John D Cory (m. 31 Mar 1869)
Gaskins, Huldah L and William F Helms (m. 26 Nov 1912)
Gaskins, James and Elizabeth Behymer (m. 1 Jul 1847)
Gaskins, Jane and Lewis B Behymer (m. 29 Aug 1840)
Gaskins, John William and Sarah Ann Lindsey (m. 31 Dec 1890)
Gaskins, Nelson Bradley and Elizabeth H Hutchings (m. circa 10 Jun 1913)
Gaskins, Nelson Bradley and Rosetta Evaline Bills (m. 6 Nov 1879)
Gaskins, Sylvester and Elizabeth Vail (m. 25 Nov 1847)
Gaskins, Sylvester Jr and Ruth Lewis
Gaskins, Sylvester Monroe and Lucy Robb (m. 17 Nov 1865)
Gastineau, George Allen and Della Spencer (m. 26 Nov 1908)
Gaston, Parmelia and Jason Riley Simer (m. 16 Nov 1848)
Gates, (--?--) and Dorothy Humphries
Gates, Henry S and Ada Reid
Gates, Mary Ann and Simeon Vancil (m. 19 Jan 1832)
Gates, Mary I and Paul Eugene Jones (m. 24 Jun 1925)
Gats, Joseph and Hazel C Hymer
Gatton, Julia Ann and Jacob Bhymer (m. 10 Sep 1829)
Gatton, Martha Jane and James Vancil (m. 25 Dec 1840)
Gatton, Melvina and George W Vancil (m. 2 Feb 1860)
Gatton, Melvina and George W Vancil (m. 2 Feb 1860)
Gatton, Melvina and William David Hayden (m. 19 Aug 1872)
Gatton, Melvina and William David Hayden (m. 19 Aug 1872)
Gatton, Ruth and Abraham Bhymer (m. 26 Feb 1821)
Gay, Al and Beulah Pickelsimer
Gay, Margaret P and Byron Boysel Behymer (m. 7 Aug 1923)
Gayer, Evelyn Irene and Harley L Gibson (m. circa 1915)
Gayer, George Henry and Malinda Leanna Behymer (m. 19 Sep 1875)
Gayer, Roy Elmer and Minnie M (--?--) (m. circa 1905)
Gayer, Samuel Ellis and Gertrude M Post (m. circa 1917)
Gayer, Stella Mae and Lewis Charles Jeffers (m. circa 1906)
Gayer, Violet A and Freeman Stephens
Gayer, Violet A and Julius Arvle Sizemore (m. 12 May 1947)
Gayer, Willard Henry and Hattie D (--?--)
Geisenger, Christina and (--?--) Stigile
Geisenger, Christina and Samuel Beckelhymer (m. 28 Dec 1893)
George, Clyde Clagtor and Anna E Stoughton (m. 3 Jun 1905)
George, Grace E and George A Brown
George, Harrison and Edna Irene Allen (m. 28 Jun 1908)
George, Hattie and John Wiley Blair (m. 1 Nov 1901)
George, Moses and Lydia D (--?--)
George, William Waldorf and Mary Gardner (m. 23 Oct 1871)
Gephart, Melissa E and John A Butler (m. 4 Oct 1883)
Gerlig, Arnold and Ethel Blackburn
German, Edgell and William Perry Pickelsimer
Gerrard, Sarah Jane and Hamer L Arthur
Getty, Arthur and Millie Tucker
Geverts, Alvin F Jr and Lola E Behymer (m. 17 Oct 1931)
Ghormley, Kathryn and William Harvey Picklesimer
Gibbins, Henry Arthur and Mary Ann Gordon
Gibbons, Annie F and Francis Marion Gordon
Gibbons, Delaware Davis and Frank Toll Hay
Gibbons, Sarah Elizabeth and George Alexander Hay
Gibbs, (--?--) and Edna Rogers
Gibbs, Evalee and Carl Picklesimer (m. Oct 1938)
Gibbs, John Francis and Flora Ethel Shipman
Gibson, Abram Evans and Amanda Jennie Behymer (m. 6 Sep 1884)
Gibson, Alice Armada and Reuel Jackson Miller (m. 10 Feb 1904)
Gibson, Elmer Marion and Linnie L Simer (m. 1919)
Gibson, Emma E and Chapman Aimes West (m. 26 Feb 1872)
Gibson, Harley L and Evelyn Irene Gayer (m. circa 1915)
Gibson, Hulda and Delbert C Weitz (m. 7 Jun 1930)
Gibson, Mollie and Homer Riffe Kevil
Gibson, Molly and Edward P Beckelhymer
Gibson, Thalmage and Murlie Smith
Gifford, Elizabeth Hanner and Henry Harrison Clark (m. circa 1880)
Gifford, Isaac B and Louisa J Armacost
Gifford, Paul D and Grace M Arnsberger
Gilbert, (--?--) and Alice M Rardin
Gilbert, Daisy Belle and Roy Edward Behymer (m. 25 Dec 1918)
Gilbreath, Nancy Ann and Hiram L Gordon (m. 17 Jul 1867)
Gill, Georgina R and Theodore James Arthur (m. 25 Dec 1914)
Gill, Jonas and Louisa Evans
Gill, Kathleen and Charles Raymond Beckelhimer (m. 5 Jul 1945)
Gill, Sarah Eliza and Jesse P Hymer (m. 14 Mar 1831)
Gillentine, Bessie Edith and Claude Elijah Behymer
Gillentine, Bessie Edith and Claude Elijah Behymer
Gillespie, Jim and Anna Jessica Picklesimer
Gillespie, Jim and Minerva Pickelsimer (m. 19 Dec 1913)
Gillham, Amanda M and Peter Sporing (m. 14 Sep 1902)
Gilliam, Wanna Ethel and Lynn Boyd Fannin (m. 14 Jul 1923)
Gillispie, Mary Ellen and Frederick R Eppert (m. 10 Jun 1855)
Gillispie, Mary Ellen and Frederick R Eppert (m. 10 Jun 1855)
Gillispie, Mary Ellen and William Benton Eppert (m. 21 Apr 1864)
Gillispie, Mary Ellen and William Benton Eppert (m. 21 Apr 1864)
Gillman, Rhoda and Thomas Briscoe
Gilmer, Cary James and Ethel Bland Beckelhimer (m. 29 Sep 1928)
Gilmore, Isabel and Stewart H Hymer (m. 1870)
Gilmore, Mae and Henry Roscoe Lawshe (m. 26 Jul 1920)
Gilmour, Leah and James Blaine Johnson (m. 24 Dec 1919)
Gilreath, Pearl and Charles Washington Davis
Gilson, Mary E and Ernest L McKenzie (m. circa 1901)
Girard, Edith M and Elzie Lawrence Oxley (m. 17 Feb 1897)
Girton, Ada Sarah and William S Wilson (m. 18 Aug 1878)
Girton, Bertha and Allen Perkins
Girton, Elias Wakefield and Martha E Vickers (m. 31 Dec 1889)
Girton, Emma A and John N Burbank (m. 13 Nov 1884)
Girton, Mahala and Benjamin F Wright (m. 29 Jul 1866)
Girton, Mary Ellen and Willard M Pickett (m. 12 Nov 1890)
Girton, Rachel R and William R Crowder (m. 5 Apr 1893)
Girton, Sarah and Austin Bond (m. 3 Feb 1852)
Girton, William and Sarah Jane Owens (m. 18 Feb 1864)
Girvin, J Harry and Emma Elizabeth Fishburn (m. 16 Apr 1901)
Glasgow, George and Ida B Johnson (m. 23 Jun 1889)
Glasgow, John W and Catherine Robb (m. 19 Apr 1855)
Glasgow, Peter and Addrenna (--?--)
Glass, Katie Ellen and William Thomas East (m. 16 May 1916)
Glosson, Violet and Victor Hugo Biram (m. 20 Jun 1927)
Glover, Rachel and Orville France (m. 4 Jun 1872)
Glynn, Phillip and Esther Ann Behymer (m. 28 Jun 1919)
Gober, John H and Mattie Pickelsimer (m. circa 1918)
Goble, Sarah Ruby and Leroy Vance Behymer
Godby, William and Susan Behymer (m. 7 Aug 1863)
Goff, Mary Jane and William H Hyres (m. 26 May 1864)
Golden, Alda Sharlotte and Preston James Simer (m. 5 Dec 1915)
Golden, Carolyn M and (--?--) Shippen
Golden, Carolyn M and James Lawrence Silber (m. 22 Aug 1931)
Goldnamer, David B and Grace L Behymer (m. 15 Sep 1900)
Goldsworthy, George and Jessie J McKenzie (m. 23 Oct 1899)
Goldtrap, Thomas Ellsworth and Emma Johnson (m. 14 Aug 1895)
Gomien, Edna M and Thomas Rush Brewer (m. 8 Jul 1924)
Gomien, Esther M and Ray Major (m. 11 Mar 1915)
Gomien, Frances J and Carl F Brater (m. 9 Jun 1917)
Gomien, John A and Martha Jane Behymer (m. 20 Apr 1892)
Gomien, John M and (--?--) (--?--)
Good, David D and Junietta Robbins (m. 10 Jan 1888)
Good, Douglas William and Nellie Du Feu (m. 12 Apr 1921)
Good, Pearl Lucinda and Charles Dorchester
Good, Ruth Gladys and Floyd Merle Creason (m. 5 Nov 1918)
Goode, Emily E and William M Behymer (m. 8 Dec 1861)
Goodin, Ezekiel D and Doshia A Pickelsimer (m. circa 1887)
Goodin, Katie and (--?--) Wilkerson
Goodin, Lela Madeline and (--?--) Barnes
Goodin, Mary and (--?--) Henderson
Gooding, Albertus and Clellie Pierson Hymer (m. 30 Jan 1926)
Gooding, Edna Bell and Clark Hoskins
Goodman, (--?--) and Johanna Leona Dalton
Goodrich, Howard Harvey and Dollie Elizabeth Harmon (m. circa 1915)
Goodrich, Irene and Gail Beckelhymer
Goodwin, Alonzo and Lida Smith (m. 5 Nov 1899)
Gordon, (--?--) and Gladys Esther Flock
Gordon, Francis Marion and Alvietta Cornelison (m. 19 Jan 1888)
Gordon, Francis Marion and Annie F Gibbons
Gordon, George W and Effie Lee (--?--)
Gordon, Glenn G and Alice Irene Beckelhymer (m. 21 Oct 1908)
Gordon, Harriett O and Luther Jennings (m. 20 May 1880)
Gordon, Hiram L and Nancy Ann Gilbreath (m. 17 Jul 1867)
Gordon, Jewell M and John W Brummett
Gordon, John Riley and Sarah S Caton (m. 12 Dec 1883)
Gordon, Mary Ann and Henry Arthur Gibbins
Gordon, Nancy and Nathaniel Behymer (m. 24 Sep 1854)
Gordon, Nathaniel and Sarah M Wade (m. 23 Feb 1881)
Gordon, Robert and Ann Behymer (m. 4 Jun 1845)
Gordon, Robert D and Anna D (--?--)
Gordon, Sarah Jane and Abner Gedaniel Coats (m. 24 Mar 1878)
Gordon, Thomas Keen and Betty Jennings (m. 31 Aug 1882)
Gordon, William Farrah and Elizabeth Bartee (m. 5 Jan 1893)
Gordon, William Farrah and Stella (--?--)
Gore, George Jr and Elizabeth France (m. 21 Sep 1848)
Gore, Permelia and Nathan A Lindsey (m. 23 Nov 1871)
Gorham, Frank Lessley and Jennie Ellsworth McKenzie (m. 27 Dec 1888)
Gorton, Mayme Anne and Harry Allen Bechtelheimer (m. circa 1903)
Gosdin, Roy and Emma Grace Woody
Gosney, Clarence Melvin and Flossie Peck (m. 4 Aug 1909)
Gosney, Clyde and Bessie M Charles
Gosney, Harriet A and Lewis S Rardin (m. circa 31 Oct 1865)
Gosney, Missouri and Samuel Todd (m. circa 27 May 1871)
Gosney, Missouri and William Setters
Gosney, Robert Albert and Arabella Behymer (m. 23 Sep 1891)
Gosney, Robert J and Bertha Mae Cryer
Gosney, Velma C and Harry O Darlington
Gosney, William F and Lulie Ellen Bhymer (m. 22 Feb 1881)
Goss, Amanda and Charles Ellsworth Bigony (m. circa 1888)
Gotthardt, Charles John Sr and Naomi Ward (m. circa 1907)
Gottschalk, Helen Gertrude and Herbert Eugene Behymer (m. 28 Jul 1923)
Gould, Hattie C and Simeon O Swem
Gould, Hattie C and Simeon O Swem
Gould, Sarah and James M France (m. 24 Dec 1871)
Gowin, Esther and Daniel Marion Dodds (m. 11 Sep 1912)
Gowin, Jamie Lee and George Bernard Uchtman (m. 3 Oct 1934)
Grabau, David and Dorothy Picklesimer
Grady, John and Sarah Fortune (m. 25 Dec 1851)
Grady, Luretta and Henry Levi French (m. 24 Nov 1880)
Graff, James and Beatrice Jones (m. Apr 1956)
Graff, James and Beatrice Jones (m. Apr 1956)
Graff, James and Mabel Jones (m. 1 Jul 1920)
Graff, James and Mabel Jones (m. 1 Jul 1920)
Graham, Abria and Susanna P Fishburn (m. 25 Apr 1855)
Graham, Charles Woodrow and Harriet Rachel Owens (m. 28 Oct 1880)
Graham, Edith Mazo and Lewis LeRoy Jones
Graham, Elsie J and John Riley Hoosier (m. 27 Dec 1905)
Graham, Garland Iliff and Ina M Moorman
Graham, James Orr and Almina Brown (m. 6 Nov 1881)
Graham, Julia A and Perry Behymer (m. 11 Mar 1880)
Graham, Leo Minor and Florence L (--?--)
Graham, Mossie L and Henry Edward Picklesimer (m. 19 Nov 1931)
Graham, Nancy and Abraham Becklehimer (m. 10 Sep 1853)
Graham, Thomas and Nora May Behymer (m. 7 Jul 1886)
Graham, William D and Esther Miller Fleming (m. 24 Oct 1901)
Gramm, Charles Edward and Orebecca Kennedy (m. 10 Sep 1903)
Gramm, Iva D and James Garfield Kennedy (m. 10 Sep 1903)
Gramm, Ore Eloise and (--?--) Hintz
Gramm, Ruth and David Peters Sr (m. circa 1922)
Grant, Martha and Moses Smith Pickelheimer (m. 16 Nov 1837)
Grant, William B and Mary Cynthia Behymer (m. 30 Jul 1935)
Graves, Minnie Gertrude and Ralph Rowland Downing (m. 6 Oct 1915)
Graves, Myrtle and Hobert A Pickelsimer (m. 16 Nov 1934)
Gravitt, Florence Frances and Henry F Pickelheimer (m. 17 Aug 1904)
Gravitt, Sarah Katherine and James Madison Beckelhymer (m. 3 Feb 1870)
Gray, Alonzo F and Mary Celesta Churchill (m. 6 Jan 1886)
Gray, Charles C and Anna M (--?--)
Gray, Clarence Jean and Mary Susan (--?--)
Gray, Frederick and Alice M Kimes (m. 19 May 1868)
Gray, Frederick and Rebecca Ann Renfro (m. 30 Nov 1873)
Gray, Helen Mary and Clyde J Olson (m. circa 1909)
Gray, Hiram B and Alice Thompson (m. 25 Nov 1885)
Gray, John and Esther France (m. 2 Mar 1820)
Gray, Lowell H and Majorie A Hutson
Gray, Margaret May and Dr Homer C Behymer (m. 8 Jan 1896)
Gray, Marietta and Benjamin F Nash (m. 20 Apr 1865)
Gray, Robinson A and Estelle R (--?--)
Gray, Saunders and Susan Elizabeth Walters (m. circa 1865)
Gray, Timothy and Harriet Renfro (m. 7 Nov 1867)
Gray, Vera Mae and Lowell Nathan Wheeler (m. 22 May 1937)
Gray, William Thompson and Bessie Mary Holyoke (m. circa 1909)
Gray, Wilson Thompson and Malinda Behymer (m. 12 Oct 1856)
Graybill, Martha and Delbert Calvin Brooks
Green, (--?--) and Alice Starks
Green, (--?--) and Juanita Hoskins
Green, (--?--) and Lena Wilson
Green, (--?--) and Sarah Etta Sheppard
Green, Albert I and Lizzie Jane Beckelshymer (m. circa 1899)
Green, Caroline Cook and William S Lawshe (m. 6 Jan 1869)
Green, Dorothy L and William Franklin Behymer (m. 8 Jan 1950)
Green, Esther Ann and George Fleming (m. 1868)
Green, James and Celia Ayer (m. 1874)
Green, James D and Stella B Beckelheimer (m. 25 Nov 1899)
Green, John B and Hazel Behymer (m. 15 Feb 1916)
Green, Margaret Elizabeth and Thomas Wilber Picklesimer
Green, Rosa A and William M Brondhaver (m. 7 Sep 1900)
Greenawalt, Noah and Sarah E Hayden
Greenawalt, William Jasper and Elizabeth Vancil (m. 14 Feb 1861)
Greenham, Mary P and Lewis Madison Lawshe
Greenig, Minnie Viola and Lynn George Brandon (m. circa 1914)
Greenstreet, Howard Orville and Freda Mae Hymer (m. 13 Aug 1949)
Greenwalt, Sarah E and James Vancil (m. 31 Jan 1861)
Greenwood, Joseph D and Icel Lee Picklesimer (m. 7 Jul 1945)
Greenwood, Margaret Jennie and Albert Hayes Barton (m. 12 Apr 1901)
Greer, Callie L and Tipton Lewis Tinsley Fishburn (m. circa 1874)
Greer, Charles and Bernice Clare (m. 9 May 1941)
Greer, David and Lois Irene Behymer
Greer, Hattie and Charles Russell Behymer (m. Feb 1968)
Gregg, George W and Marie White (m. circa 1907)
Gregg, John W and Ida A Lawshe (m. 7 Jun 1875)
Gregg, Mary and Charles Landis (m. 10 Jun)
Gregg, Reader Wright Clarke and Clara Woodlief (m. 26 Jan 1881)
Gregg, Ruby and Charles Landis (m. 7 Sep 1899)
Gregg, William Richard and Geneva Davis (m. 1934)
Gregory, Clara A and James Marion Robbins (m. 11 Sep 1873)
Gregory, Edward Lee and Laura D Wilson (m. circa 1912)
Gregory, John W and Bonnie Hymer (m. 25 Dec 1909)
Gregory, Martha Matilda and Henry Allen Pickelsimer (m. 30 Jan 1887)
Gregory, Maud Eloise and Leroy Bhymer (m. 22 Jul 1907)
Gresso, Ellis Willard and Iva V Bechtelheimer (m. 9 Jun 1894)
Grey, Clifford and Lizzie Thomas
Grierson, Anna Ruth and Carl Glenard R Mox (m. circa 1928)
Grierson, Anna Ruth and Carl Glenard R Mox (m. circa 1928)
Griffey, Sarah Frances and Alfred VanHoose (m. 6 Apr 1904)
Griffin, Bertha May and Samuel Edward Behymer (m. 3 Mar 1906)
Griffin, Laura Belle and Elmer Ellsworth Lindsey (m. 25 May 1894)
Griffin, Mary Elizabeth and John Ayer (m. 12 May 1870)
Griffin, Mary Evelyn and Robert Dale Behymer (m. 25 Sep 1949)
Griffin, Sherman Grant and Lavinia Rosa Lee (--?--) (m. 27 Apr 1924)
Griffith, (--?--) and Cora Lea Massman
Griffith, Robert R and Madge Behymer (m. 25 Dec 1910)
Griffith, Sarah Elizabeth and John Gordon Pickelsimer (m. circa 1918)
Griggs, Marcus Ernest and Bernice Charlotte Davis (m. 11 Jul 1929)
Grim, Bessie Mae and Estill Conley Picklesimer (m. 24 Dec 1937)
Grimes, (--?--) and Edna Sowers
Grimes, Albert R and Margaret Elizabeth Trent (m. 4 May 1882)
Grimsley, Albert and Elizabeth Franklin (m. 2 Jun 1893)
Grimstead, George A and Nadine M Carson
Griswold, William Espey and Mary Rose Beckett (m. 18 Jul 1942)
Grittman, John Theodore and Enid E Behymer (m. 12 Jan 1933)
Grizzell, Jemima and William H Hoffman (m. 10 Jan 1855)
Grogan, Bartlett and Hallie Foreman
Groger, Teddy Warren and Esther Joyce B'Hymer (m. 31 Dec 1940)
Gronewoller, Joseph Henry and Maxine Ellen Behymer (m. 1937)
Grooms, Ruth E and William Arnold Behymer
Grosclaude, C C and Julia Logsdon
Gross, Lucinda Abigail and Martin Behymer (m. 29 Dec 1870)
Grossman, Joseph and Ethel A Parvin (m. 11 Mar 1908)
Grossnickle, Mary S and William R Carr (m. 13 Dec 1899)
Grove, Angelina and Milo Cornelius Stough (m. 18 Jan 1868)
Grover, Alice L and Otis Daab
Grover, Flora and Carl Hobbs
Grover, Robert Levi and Lucinda Nancy Behymer (m. 12 Sep 1895)
Grubb, Martin V and Mary Jane Behymer (m. 10 Aug 1871)
Grubbs, Joanna and Vincent S Pickelheimer (m. 24 Nov 1897)
Gruber, Al and Ada Ruth McCubbin
Gudgel, Charles H and Delila McCarter (m. 1 Mar 1874)
Gudgen, Edna and Noah Crabtree (m. 2 Jan 1918)
Gudgen, Mina and Edwin Steurer
Gudgen, Mina and John Smith
Gudgen, Norman Henry and Margaret G Stouder (m. 15 Nov 1899)
Gudgen, Silas S and Martha Missouri Pickelheimer (m. 10 Aug 1876)
Guenther, Beatrice and Russell Irick Hoskins (m. 20 Jun 1929)
Guertner, Edgar William and Clara Belle Jackson (m. 22 Feb 1915)
Guess, Eva Pearl and Walter Picklesimer
Guild, Joseph Edward and Annetta Jane Behymer (m. 5 May 1864)
Guild, Leonard G and Lena C Eppert (m. 30 Dec 1901)
Gullett, Corbett Leo and Mayme E Razor
Gullett, Dora and Burns Picklesimer (m. 14 Jan 1909)
Gullett, Goldie M and Perry S Haymaker
Gullett, Harry B and Mary Cantrell
Gullett, Nancy Belle and Paris Grant Trimble (m. 27 Sep 1908)
Gullett, Nannie Belle and J M Walters (m. 18 Jun 1918)
Gullett, Nannie Belle and Oliver Picklesimer (m. 20 Aug 1904)
Gullett, Roscoe C and Gertrude Picklesimer
Gullett, William Sherman and Mary Elizabeth Conley (m. circa 1893)
Gundy, Anna Ava and Dave Crow (m. 1 Jan 1907)
Gundy, Earl Jefferson and Hester Lemon (m. 20 Dec 1916)
Gundy, Eliza Eunice and James Crow (m. 30 Dec 1908)
Gundy, Emil Frederick and Mattie Bernice Roach (m. 13 Apr 1917)
Gundy, Harry Louis and Pearl M Bacher (m. 7 Feb 1914)
Gundy, Harry Louis and Ruby Henry (m. after 1916)
Gundy, Henry F and Mary Elizabeth Behymer (m. 25 Nov 1880)
Gundy, John Oscar and Daisy Marie Crow (m. 11 Feb 1922)
Gundy, Leroy Elmore and Julia Muzetta Grace Manze (m. 6 Apr 1913)
Gundy, Ralph Lambe Sr and Fanny Ashcraft (m. 31 Dec 1925)
Gundy, Ralph Lambe Sr and Madge Brisco
Gundy, Robert Edward and Ethel Ashley (m. 2 Feb 1914)
Gundy, Ruth Comfort and Lyle Edward Wilson (m. 22 Jun 1927)
Guthrie, (--?--) and Melvina Ann Picklesimer
Guthrie, Catharine Emeline and Paul Beezley (m. 25 Dec 1856)
Guthrie, Emily and Emory W Clark (m. 29 Jul 1869)
Guthrie, Mary and William M Woods (m. 4 Aug 1868)
Guthrie, Mary Antonio and (--?--) Duke
Guthrie, Mora J and Charles Barnett (m. 9 Sep 1900)
Guthrie, Mora J and Robert A Behymer
Guthrie, Ortha and James S Baty (m. 24 Jan 1877)
Guthrie, Rebecca and Henry Whitehead (m. 28 Dec 1854)
Guthrie, Samuel and Catherine Beckelshymer (m. 13 Aug 1829)
Guthrie, Samuel and Mary Willison (m. 1 Jan 1874)
Guthrie, William and Celesta Fleming (m. 27 Sep 1866)
Gutlett, (--?--) and June Carol Trimble
Guyot, Nellie and William J Martin (m. 4 Jan 1896)
Gwaltney, Aquilla Durham and Mary Ann Behymer (m. 21 Oct 1897)
Gwinn, Joseph and Dorothy Stone
Haake, Leonard Henry and Anne Henrietta Bowen (m. 10 Oct 1943)
Haas, Cora Louise and Perry Eugene Manning (m. 28 Sep 1935)
Hacker, Hogan and Lenora J Day (m. 1874)
Hacker, Lilly and Lee Isaac Behymer
Hager, Odella Junia and Anda Mundhenk (m. 22 Mar 1883)
Haggard, Reece and Birdie Beatrice Hooper (m. 5 Jan 1896)
Haggart, Anna Eliza and Isaiah Beckelhymer (m. 12 Nov 1889)
Haimbaugh, Fred and Lee Arnsberger
Haines, Abner E and Charlotte Beckelhymer (m. 13 Apr 1851)
Haines, Ella and Roscoe C Jessup (m. 7 Mar 1894)
Haines, Margaret Eve and Albert Bogard (m. 30 Aug 1874)
Hale, (--?--) and Leona Belle Conley
Hale, Estelle and Lester O'Banion Behymer (m. 16 Jun 1914)
Hale, Hester and Howard G Hay
Hall, Alice E and Perry E Trent (m. 9 May 1878)
Hall, Anna E and George Wellington Hoskins
Hall, Anna E and Henry Clinton Fuller
Hall, Arthur V and Pearl Gaye Picklesimer (m. 29 May 1948)
Hall, Claude H and Lizzie Baker
Hall, Edna and Herchel Rowland
Hall, Edwin G and Nannie M Ayer (m. 23 May 1905)
Hall, Elijah P and Demaris Townsley (m. 27 Nov 1853)
Hall, Ella and John M Hoffman (m. 27 Aug 1885)
Hall, Emma A and Lindsey C Beckelhymer (m. 20 Sep 1880)
Hall, James and Bertha Brown (m. 27 Sep 1952)
Hall, John and May Trimble
Hall, John Morgan and Pearl Clift
Hall, Julia and Scott Carl Wilson (m. 4 Sep 1920)
Hall, Lavina M W and James Williams (m. 4 Jul 1867)
Hall, Margaret B and John A Cass (m. circa Mar 1892)
Hall, Martha Etta and Lewis Beckelhymer (m. 10 Sep 1876)
Hall, Raymond A and Cora Lee Breeden
Hall, Rhea Mae and Omer T Behymer (m. 9 Oct 1896)
Hall, Samuel L and Luella Behymer (m. 1 Nov 1885)
Hall, Shug Elenora and John Matthew Picklesimer (m. 28 Mar 1928)
Hall, Thomas B and Martha Louella Ward (m. 17 Jun 1880)
Hall, Verna C and Lester A Hanks (m. 3 Mar 1915)
Halloway, Wilmoth Frances and James Mordicai Beckett (m. 18 Dec 1852)
Halstead, Walter McKinley and Martha Ada Sprong
Ham, Thomas B and Nina Elizabeth Krause (m. 18 Jun 1890)
Hambleton, Emma and Frank S Wheeler (m. 9 Oct 1890)
Hambleton, Rose Ann and James Gordon Carter Brooks (m. 16 Jan 1867)
Hambleton, Samuel Thomas and Ann Behymer
Hambleton, Susan C and Emanuel M Clausen (m. circa 1896)
Hamblin, Jean N and Glenn Arlan P'Simer (m. 17 Apr 1939)
Hambright, James Campbell and F Jane Picklesimer
Hamby, Curtis Nash and Vesta Payne (m. 2 Jul 1912)
Hamby, Estel Hubert and Agnes Payne (m. 23 Dec 1931)
Hamby, Lawrence B and Lula Mae Pickelsimer (m. 9 Oct 1931)
Hamby, Lenzy Carnot and Cordia Payne
Hamby, Letha R and Charley Pickelsimer (m. 21 Oct 1917)
Hamilton, (--?--) and Arlena Miranda Catherine Shoptaw
Hamilton, Anna Hannah and Abraham Lawshe (m. 1 Jul 1824)
Hamilton, Ansel Loury and Sarah J Pickelsimer
Hamilton, Charlotte and Benjamin Burns Behymer (m. 18 Jun 1891)
Hamilton, Cleveland Elmer and Blanche Hannah Morse (m. 15 Feb 1908)
Hamilton, Emmett Vernon and Minnie Minerva Lawson (m. 12 Feb 1912)
Hamilton, Erma and Ralph William Thompson (m. 20 Jun 1946)
Hamilton, Flora and Wilson Hilliard Picklesimer (m. circa 1909)
Hamilton, Hannah and Jacob B Landis (m. 23 Jan 1834)
Hamilton, Irene Anna and Bluford Cecil Lower (m. 1 Mar 1916)
Hamilton, Isaac Newton and Melissa Loella Rucker (m. 28 Dec 1875)
Hamilton, John Edward and Mary Alice McLaughlin (m. 2 Jun 1882)
Hamilton, Julia Alice and Franklin Carter Behymer (m. 10 Oct 1901)
Hamilton, Linnie Belle and George Clarence Smith
Hamilton, Lloyd Benton and Mary Iris Epperly
Hamilton, Lydia A and Daniel M Landis (m. 19 Apr 1876)
Hamilton, Martha Ann and Peter J Fishburn (m. 10 Oct 1848)
Hamilton, Mary Elizabeth and Job Lloyd Bouse (m. 18 Jan 1886)
Hamilton, Miranda J and Benjamin Sebastian Williams (m. 1896)
Hamilton, Nellie Naomi and Arthur Harrison Pickelsimer (m. circa 1915)
Hamilton, Omar C and Jessie I Leonard
Hamilton, Peter M and Laura May Fox (m. 22 Aug 1880)
Hamilton, Russell and Addie Belle Efaw (m. circa 1915)
Hamilton, Sarah Jane and Turley Watson Pickelsimer (m. 21 Feb 1869)
Hamilton, Thelma Aletha and Harry Leo Hawes
Hamilton, William B and Elizabeth Jane Beckelhymer (m. 11 Dec 1854)
Hamilton, Wilmer Clay and Anna Frances Funston
Hamlin, Garland Wood and Edith Elizabeth Leach
Hamlin, Lewis Porter and May Selestine Pickelsimer
Hammann, Herman George and Virginia Rachel Pickelheimer (m. 25 Jan 1936)
Hammann, Luella M and Norman Leroy Pickelheimer (m. 8 Apr 1936)
Hammer, Georgia C and Richard Harvey Wilson
Hammerly, William and Mary A Fisher (m. 10 Jun 1863)
Hammerly, William and Sophia Anna Richards (m. 22 Sep 1870)
Hammermiller, Anna and Earl Minear
Hammond, (--?--) and Thursa Bartram
Hammond, Grace E and Dewey Edmond Nulph (m. 10 Mar 1921)
Hampton, Allie Wilson and Ethel Winter
Hancock, Audrey M and Ralph Earl Jones (m. 7 Jan 1950)
Hancock, Eben and Anna M Wilson (m. 28 Jan 1882)
Hancock, Edward Wells and Mary Ann Behymer (m. 18 Sep 1854)
Hancock, Elizabeth Clare and Aquilla Durham Lloyd (m. 25 Mar 1885)
Hancock, Gay and Thomas Clingner
Hancock, Levias and Elizabeth Cotton (m. 6 May 1884)
Hancock, Levina F and Eben Behymer
Hancock, Lowell W and Rita Heustice
Hancock, Merle M and Homer C Johnson
Hancock, Sarah Ann and Thomas Herron (m. circa 22 May 1843)
Hancock, Stella Irene and Edgar G Daniels (m. 28 Jun 1914)
Hancock, Velva A and Alonzo William Sharp (m. 6 May 1884)
Hancock, William Roy and Elizabeth A Hopkins (m. 7 Jan 1883)
Hanebrink, John H and Lora Behymer (m. 14 Dec 1929)
Hanebrink, John H and Lucy Ruff (m. 28 Mar 1905)
Hanke, Charlotte and Gerald Jones (m. 11 Jun 1932)
Hankey, Mary Ann and Jacob Snidow (m. 13 Feb 1798)
Hankins, Benjamin Franklin and Mary Catherine Landis (m. 30 Sep 1883)
Hankins, Grace D and George Washington Tabor (m. 7 Dec 1859)
Hankins, John A and Euphenia L Heath (m. 17 Feb 1897)
Hankins, Leander and Mary Ann Robb (m. 21 Sep 1873)
Hankins, Mary and John D Tabor (m. 19 Oct 1887)
Hanks, Fred and Jessie M Vandeventer (m. 7 Mar 1906)
Hanks, Jacob Monroe and Martha Ellen Behymer (m. 17 Oct 1876)
Hanks, Lena and Foster Secrest
Hanks, Lester A and Verna C Hall (m. 3 Mar 1915)
Hanks, Margaret and Daniel Van Deventer (m. 18 Oct 1916)
Hanks, Pearl and Charles Vandeventer (m. 1907)
Hanks, Rebecca and Daniel Behymer (m. 15 Jul 1841)
Hanks, William Columbus and Eliza Jane Wykle (m. 29 Apr 1852)
Hanna, Joseph Allen and Anna Ferguson (m. circa 1896)
Hanna, Joseph Allen and Clara Gaskins (m. 6 Sep 1877)
Hannah, Grace Pearl and Walter Waldon Jones (m. 3 Oct 1900)
Hannah, Hazel and Galen Alvis Picklesimer Jr (m. 20 Jan 1926)
Hannah, James Warren and Mary Jane France (m. 20 Oct 1853)
Hannah, James Warren and Nancy (--?--)
Hannah, Manerva Jane and Asa J Picklesimer (m. 5 Sep 1877)
Hansen, Dolores May and Daniel Ernest Behymer
Hansen, Dolores May and William Doris Ferguson
Hanson, Elijah H and Almeda Unger (m. 20 Feb 1900)
Hanson, Emory C and Olive R (--?--)
Hanson, Levi and Delilah Reece (m. 22 May 1845)
Hanson, Zimri and Isabel Chamness
Hapner, Mary E and Jesse Alfred Corbin (m. 24 Jan 1927)
Harbaugh, (--?--) and Esther Nadine Behymer
Hardeman, G T Eugene and Annie E Lawshe
Hardin, Lindsay Burl and Laura Myrtle Franklin
Hardin, Samuel K and Annie (--?--)
Hardin, Samuel K and Clara Hirt (m. circa 1900)
Hardin, Samuel K and Mary (--?--)
Hardin, Silas N and Rebecca Ann Kennedy (m. 16 Nov 1852)
Hardy, (--?--) and Ellen L Meadows (m. circa 1920)
Hare, Streamer Gladhill and Bessie Margaret Young (m. 22 Jun 1910)
Harger, Charity and John Beckelshymer III (m. 8 Sep 1803)
Harkin, Lavina and Chapman A Morin (m. 8 Dec 1859)
Harkins, Nancy Havanah and Marion David Pickelsimer (m. 29 Sep 1870)
Harl, Carrie Adella and Albert Thomas Behymer (m. 29 Nov 1897)
Harl, James Alexander and Lavina Rudesill (m. 23 Nov 1898)
Harlan, Malinda Evaline and Edgar Landis (m. 21 Apr 1877)
Harless, Sarah and John Martin Key (m. 18 Aug 1846)
Harman, John Henry and Bessie Hughes
Harman, Joseph G and Susannah Picklesimer (m. 12 Aug 1848)
Harman, Mary Isabel and (--?--) Anderson
Harman, Mary Isabel and Marion L Russell (m. 30 Sep 1880)
Harman, Sanford Lewis and Martha Belle Deeter (m. 15 Jul 1891)
Harmon, Charles E and Maggie Caldwell
Harmon, Daniel S and Martha Jane Trimble (m. 16 Mar 1885)
Harmon, Dollie Elizabeth and (--?--) Wright
Harmon, Dollie Elizabeth and Howard Harvey Goodrich (m. circa 1915)
Harmon, Milton E and Sarah A Milligan (m. 14 Nov 1874)
Harmon, William Green and Delphia Blair
Harmon, William Green and Delphia Blair
Harper, Anna and Charles Howard Clark (m. 30 Sep 1890)
Harper, Connie and Webster L Norris (m. 7 Nov 1906)
Harper, Eliza and Jesse Daniel (m. 17 Apr 1873)
Harper, Hamilton and Julia Massey (m. 14 May 1896)
Harper, Hamilton and Mary Beckett
Harper, James Benjamin and Sarah Clementine Dillon (m. 19 Dec 1877)
Harper, James Benjamin and Victoria Ann Brickley (m. 6 May 1884)
Harper, Leonard Chapman and Almeda Webb Cline
Harper, Leonard Chapman and Mary Harriet Cantley (m. 10 Aug 1881)
Harper, Mary Alice and William Pembroke Wikle (m. 18 Aug 1881)
Harper, Samuel Preston and Agnes Frances Laverty (m. 19 Mar 1888)
Harper, Sarah F and John Williams (m. 14 Mar 1872)
Harper, Vena Louise and Roy Alfred Behymer (m. 9 Mar 1938)
Harpster, John Henry and Blanche Behymer (m. 2 Aug 1905)
Harrell, Mary A and William Henry Myer (m. 12 Oct 1871)
Harrington, Bert Sheffield Jr and Lunetta Simer (m. 25 Feb 1939)
Harrington, Marion A and Ruth Hoskins
Harris, (--?--) and Elmira Catherine Litton
Harris, Alice and Jasper N Beckett (m. circa 1893)
Harris, Amy Ann and David Pickelheimer (m. 26 Jan 1851)
Harris, Amy Ann and William Prickett (m. 21 May 1840)
Harris, Ellen and William Martin Scott (m. 1909)
Harris, Emily E and Chapman Aimes West (m. 24 Mar 1854)
Harris, Ethel Mae and Willie Hugh Simer (m. 9 Nov 1919)
Harris, Fred L Jr and Cecil Marie Behymer (m. 4 Jun 1932)
Harris, George Francis and Elba Eliza Silber (m. circa 1914)
Harris, Harry and Lulu Crystal Shoup
Harris, James Sanford and Alice (--?--) (m. circa 1919)
Harris, James Sanford and Elizabeth B Silber (m. 1 Nov 1903)
Harris, Laura Icaphine and Aaron Swearingen (m. 1 Sep 1872)
Harris, Lavina and Simeon S Bechtelheimer (m. 4 Nov 1869)
Harris, Lilly May and Welman Windsor
Harris, Lourena and Isaac Newton Simer (m. 1 Apr 1883)
Harris, Mary E and Roy Albert McWilliams
Harris, Mary L and Michael Allen Arthur
Harris, Raymond F and Kathryn E Landis (m. 7 Sep 1912)
Harris, Sarah and William Henry Pickelheimer (m. 10 Dec 1859)
Harris, Sarepta and Robert France (m. 19 Nov 1856)
Harris, Viola L and Earl Forest Kitchel
Harris, William Henry and Elizabeth Reid (m. 23 Jan 1951)
Harris, William Riley and Jane A Litton (m. 22 Mar 1874)
Harrison, John E and Cordelia Fannin (m. 3 Dec 1898)
Harrison, Mary Emma and Eugene Franklin Fowlkes Sr (m. 6 Jun 1927)
Harrison, Rosanna A B and Hugh B Tabor (m. 14 Sep 1887)
Harrison, Warren L and Murl Etta Oglesby
Harrow, Babe and Anna Lee Beckelhimer (m. circa 1904)
Harshman, Tippie Belinda and Franklin Pierce Behymer (m. 3 Apr 1895)
Hart, Dixie Larue and Ervin Eugene Richardson (m. 24 Nov 1933)
Hart, Dixie Larue and John Workman Picklesimer Jr (m. circa 1960)
Hart, Dixie Larue and William P Tribble (m. circa 1950)
Hart, Nancy Ann and James Albert Vancil (m. 3 Apr 1879)
Harter, Diana and Lewis Shideler (m. 14 Sep 1848)
Harter, Lena T and Carl William Lower (m. 25 Nov 1911)
Hartford, Charles L and Dora May Clanin (m. 9 Oct 1887)
Hartman, Cora M and Walter Sylvester Day (m. 25 Nov 1896)
Hartshorn, Francis Bert and Nona Estelle Beckett (m. 18 Jun 1890)
Hartwell, Milford and Florence Evans (m. 30 Jun 1928)
Hartwig, Oscar Christian and Edna Elizabeth King (m. 13 Aug 1938)
Hartzler, Clarence Samuel and Garnet May Starks (m. 19 Jul 1919)
Hartzler, Gladys Maude and Lorenz Powers Starks (m. 17 Mar 1917)
Harvey, A A and Mary Nellie Fitzpatrick (m. 24 Dec 1913)
Harvey, James W Jr and Delphina Perilee Smith (m. 30 Dec 1886)
Harvey, Kelly and Bertha Picklesimer (m. 17 Feb 1916)
Harvey, Laren and Emma Gail Crouch (m. 12 Aug 1948)
Harvey, Mary Fitzosborn and Edward F Gaskins (m. 25 Apr 1870)
Hasket, Wayne Edward and Willie Picklesimer
Haskins, William H and Elizabeth Lambert (m. circa 1907)
Haskins, William H and Mary E Massie (m. 29 May 1871)
Hass, Ralph Elbert and Mabel Blanche Barnett (m. Jan 1906)
Hatch, Benjamin W and Julia Marie Frances Pickelheimer
Hatch, Benjamin W and Julia Marie Frances Pickelheimer
Hatcher, Benjamin F and Lora Behymer (m. 25 Oct 1896)
Hatfield, Almeda Minnie and Frederick G Behymer (m. 3 Oct 1901)
Hatfield, Anna L and William J Behymer (m. 5 Oct 1865)
Hatfield, Charlotte Jane and James Elmer Behymer (m. 12 Jan 1892)
Hatfield, Rebecca Annie and William Henry Lawshe (m. 27 Sep 1882)
Hatfield, Vada and (--?--) (--?--)
Hatfield, Vada and (--?--) Rucker
Hatfield, Vada and Galen Alvis Picklesimer Jr (m. 4 Jan 1970)
Hathaway, (--?--) and Florence Carlton
Hathaway, William L and Ida May Darnall (m. 5 Aug 1891)
Hatton, Ova and Opal Picklesimer (m. 16 Jul 1929)
Hauldren, Clemence Mahala Sue and (--?--) Maupin
Hauldren, Clemence Mahala Sue and Howard James Edwin Behymer (m. 8 May 1940)
Hauldren, Laura and Basil Beckelheimer (m. 26 Jan 1916)
Haupt, Darwin E and Evelyn Mae Behymer
Hauser, Amelia F and Sephus Keys (m. 17 Oct 1897)
Hauser, Amelia F and Sephus Keys (m. circa 1898)
Haver, Matilda Emery and Asher Fleming (m. circa 1880)
Havermale, Percy Ward and Dora Behymer (m. 1 Mar 1893)
Havey, Stella and Ernest Reid
Hawes, Harry Leo and Thelma Aletha Hamilton
Hawker, Cassius Adams and Elizabeth Della Behymer
Hawkins, Ada B and (--?--) Adcock
Hawkins, Ada B and (--?--) Adcock
Hawkins, Ada B and Franklin P Behymer (m. 23 Oct 1950)
Hawkins, Ada B and Franklin P Behymer (m. 23 Oct 1950)
Hawkins, Ada B and Harry Lee Smith (m. 19 Aug 1925)
Hawkins, Ada B and Harry Lee Smith (m. 19 Aug 1925)
Hawkins, Ada B and John A Dugan (m. 12 Apr 1919)
Hawkins, Ada B and John A Dugan (m. 12 Apr 1919)
Hawkins, Armintie Sarah and George Topping (m. 21 Oct 1884)
Hawkins, Armintie Sarah and John Baugher (m. 14 Sep 1891)
Hawkins, Cherokee and Lewis Lawshe (m. 10 Aug 1819)
Hawkins, Estella Jenettie and (--?--) Webb
Hawkins, Estella Jenettie and Clark W Collver (m. 7 Jun 1919)
Hawkins, Estella Jenettie and David Halver Mercer (m. 18 Nov 1887)
Hawkins, Estella Jenettie and Joseph O Ohley (m. 2 Apr 1926)
Hawkins, Hattie Lee and Buster Leo Simer (m. 21 Aug 1924)
Hawkins, Mary Alice and Oral Clarence Behymer (m. 21 Sep 1928)
Hawkins, Myrtie Judith and Albert A Stiles (m. 21 Mar 1919)
Hawkins, Myrtie Judith and Amos Kincade (m. 15 Sep 1881)
Hawkins, Rex A and Lura M Simer (m. 26 Oct 1919)
Hawkins, Thomas R and Hester Jane Burdsal (m. 11 Feb 1847)
Hawkins, Thomas R and Laura Vail (m. 31 Aug 1854)
Hawkins, William Jasper and Emma P (--?--) (m. circa 1892)
Hawley, Dorothy and Chalmer Dewey Day (m. 19 Mar 1954)
Hawley, Dorothy and Milford Myron Hurford (m. 20 Sep 1921)
Haws, Roy Emanuel and Julia Mae Behymer (m. 15 Jan 1923)
Hay, Amanda Lydia and George W Elam (m. circa 1880)
Hay, Douglas George and Rosa Mae Porter
Hay, Emory V and Martha A (--?--) (m. circa 1918)
Hay, Frank Toll and Delaware Davis Gibbons
Hay, Garland Winlow and (--?--) (--?--)
Hay, George Alexander and Amanda Minear (m. 31 Dec 1858)
Hay, George Alexander and Amanda Minear (m. 31 Dec 1858)
Hay, George Alexander and Sarah Elizabeth Gibbons
Hay, George Alexander and Virginia Elva Minear (m. 4 Jul 1865)
Hay, George Alexander and Virginia Elva Minear (m. 4 Jul 1865)
Hay, George Jr and (--?--) (--?--)
Hay, Georgiana Jesse and David Lee Risinger (m. circa 1884)
Hay, Gilbert R and (--?--) (--?--)
Hay, Howard G and Hester Hale
Hay, John Steven and (--?--) (--?--)
Hay, Joseph A M and Etta (--?--) (m. circa 1897)
Hay, Mary Emma and Frank Benjamin Langford (m. circa 1900)
Hay, Maude D and Robert Lee de Montel
Hay, Myrtle Ada and (--?--) Skinner
Hay, Ola and Morris A Croisdale
Hay, Ora and (--?--) Hollaway (m. circa 1909)
Hay, Samuel and Marandy Dora Moore
Hayden, Abner and (--?--) (--?--)
Hayden, Abner and Elizabeth Vancil (m. 27 Apr 1846)
Hayden, Emily E and Francis Marion Cross (m. 16 Nov 1870)
Hayden, Mary Jane and Francis Marion Rape (m. 8 Oct 1868)
Hayden, Nancy J and James E Cruise (m. 26 Mar 1865)
Hayden, Sarah E and Noah Greenawalt
Hayden, William David and Melvina Gatton (m. 19 Aug 1872)
Hayden, William David and Melvina Gatton (m. 19 Aug 1872)
Hayden, William Wayne and Nina Evelyn Manning (m. 24 Apr 1929)
Hayes, (--?--) and Anna A Hoffman
Hayes, Clarence Leroy and Thelma Robinson (m. 22 Mar 1919)
Hayes, George W and Alice Mary Gaskins (m. circa 10 Jul 1913)
Hayes, Sandra Sue and Fred L Behymer (m. 1996)
Hayes, William Kermit and Edith B Bechtelheimer
Haymaker, Perry S and Goldie M Gullett
Haymond, Gladys and Garald Garner Robbins (m. 20 Apr 1922)
Haynes, Agnes and Buster Leo Simer (m. 30 Jan 1970)
Haynes, Benjamin Lane Dodge and Hattie Sparks (m. 31 May 1869)
Haynes, Benjamin Lane Dodge and Julia Marie Frances Pickelheimer (m. 24 Jun 1890)
Haynes, Benjamin Lane Dodge and Julia Marie Frances Pickelheimer (m. 24 Jun 1890)
Haynes, Emily Jane and Wiley Pope Dent (m. 15 Nov 1867)
Haynes, Merza and Leslie J Picklesimer
Haynes, Oscar E and Amanda A Minnick (m. 8 Aug 1894)
Hays, Dora D and James Edward Custer (m. circa 1885)
Hays, Osie M and (--?--) Collins
Hays, Osie M and Millard Filmore Caudill (m. circa 1910)
Hays, Robert and Margaret Eppert (m. 18 Jun 1848)
Hays, Walter M and Trella A Phillips (m. 20 Mar 1907)
Haywood, Austin and Martha Naoma Ash
Haywood, Darb L and Aline Picklesimer (m. 9 Apr 1919)
Hayworth, (--?--) and Marietta Lutz
Hayzlett, Jessie L and George W Bechtelheimer (m. 24 Sep 1884)
Hazelrigg, (--?--) and Susannah Picklesimer (m. circa 1897)
Hazlett, Cynthia A and Shockley Johnson (m. 1 Aug 1833)
Hazlett, Ruby and John F Pickle (m. 20 Mar 1948)
Hazlewood, Charles Howell and Harriet Lillie Behymer (m. 24 Jun 1909)
Heacock, George Benjamin and Rosa Frost (m. 18 Jul 1886)
Head, Jefferson W and Adeline Alice Beckelhymer (m. 17 Sep 1874)
Heard, Mary Jane and Lewis Madison Lawshe (m. 2 Oct 1845)
Hearl, William S and Esther Ann Clendenen (m. 1 Mar 1864)
Hearne, Grace M and Claude M Robison (m. 7 Apr 1917)
Hearne, Grace M and Jesse H Behymer (m. circa 3 Jul 1951)
Heath, Euphenia L and John A Hankins (m. 17 Feb 1897)
Heathly, Jessie and Corbit A Crawford
Heaton, Doris Faith and Dale Henry Tippet (m. 26 Dec 1938)
Heaton, Verna and David C Pickelsimer
Heberlee, Warren and Medora M Lawshe (m. 3 Dec 1881)
Hedden, D Benjamin and Nelly Mahalia Picklesimer (m. 31 Aug 1909)
Hedden, D Benjamin and Nelly Mahalia Picklesimer (m. 31 Aug 1909)
Hedden, D Benjamin and Salina Angeline Pickelsimer (m. 14 Jul 1866)
Hedden, D Benjamin and Salina Angeline Pickelsimer (m. 14 Jul 1866)
Hedderick, Ethel Emma and Charles Duncan
Hedderick, Ethel Emma and William Everett Behymer (m. 15 Dec 1910)
Hedrick, Sevier and Lucy Angelina Parke (m. 13 Jan 1870)
Heeg, Harold Joseph and Anna Loraine Uchtman (m. 15 Jun 1940)
Heflin, (--?--) and Georgia Anna Martin
Heider, Sylvia Jean and Ralph Dale Picklesimer (m. 22 Jul 1961)
Heiler, Lawrence J and Addie M Bhymer (m. 20 Aug 1911)
Heiler, Vada and Walter C Cornell
Heilman, Ellen and William Henry Johnson (m. 11 Jun 1899)
Heintzman, (--?--) and Dorothy M Simonson
Heiny, Leo and Helen Marie Behymer (m. 27 Aug 1921)
Heitman, Charles H and Alice Blythe (m. 2 Jun 1927)
Heizenbuttel, William L and Emma E Beckelhymer (m. circa 1901)
Hellyer, Nancy Emily and William Brown (m. 27 Feb 1866)
Helmick, Jesse Grant and Isa Vera Robb (m. 18 Dec 1907)
Helms, Celia Isabell and Isaac Redmon Picklesimer (m. 3 Nov 1906)
Helms, Mary Ella and Aaron Vail (m. 4 Jun 1857)
Helms, William F and Huldah L Gaskins (m. 26 Nov 1912)
Helton, O Berchal and Waunenia Picklesimer
Helvey, (--?--) and Emma Bachman
Henderson, (--?--) and Mary Goodin
Henderson, Albert and Mary Vancil (m. 28 May 1846)
Henderson, Alice and George W Cox (m. 17 Oct 1912)
Henderson, Amanda and Perry C Henderson (m. circa 1883)
Henderson, Amon and Clara Emma Newkirk (m. 26 Sep 1878)
Henderson, Annie B and (--?--) (--?--)
Henderson, Douglas Wiley and Jesse Grace Clift (m. circa 1889)
Henderson, Elizabeth and Peter Sporing (m. circa 26 Apr 1871)
Henderson, Etta and George Washington Miller (m. 25 Feb 1879)
Henderson, Florence and Benjamin W Clift (m. circa 1867)
Henderson, Frank C and Bertha Lee Moore (m. 6 Jul 1895)
Henderson, George Washington and Mary Jane Carmack (m. circa 1875)
Henderson, Gertrude and Chanbos Frank Swem (m. 9 Dec 1909)
Henderson, Gertrude and George Bennett Carberry
Henderson, Helen and Robert Brown (m. 1873)
Henderson, James and Jennette Behymer (m. circa 14 Oct 1845)
Henderson, James Will and Laura Mayida Picklesimer
Henderson, Jesse B and Henry Frank (m. circa 1898)
Henderson, Jessie May and Clyde Wilfert (m. circa 1915)
Henderson, John and Amelia Martin (m. 9 Sep 1882)
Henderson, John and Amelia Martin (m. 9 Sep 1882)
Henderson, John and Hester Behymer (m. 20 Sep 1851)
Henderson, John and Hester Behymer (m. 20 Sep 1851)
Henderson, John and Mildred Augusta Clift
Henderson, John and Mildred Augusta Clift
Henderson, John C and Victoria Ayer (m. 28 Dec 1886)
Henderson, Josephine and Orville D Botts (m. circa 1879)
Henderson, Mary Etta and Edward B Hymer Jr (m. 7 Dec 1887)
Henderson, Perry C and Amanda Henderson (m. circa 1883)
Henderson, Perry Gaines and Grace F Picklesimer (m. circa 1899)
Henderson, Perry Gaines and Grace F Picklesimer (m. circa 1899)
Henderson, Richard and Minnie Chloe Ellis
Henderson, William Grant and Bertha P Thalman (m. 27 Sep 1919)
Henderson, William Grant and Nancy Lucinda Clift (m. circa 1886)
Hendren, Amanda Jane and Jacob Snidow Johnston (m. 9 Feb 1853)
Hendren, Emily Jane and Walter Harvey Snidow (m. 8 Jan 1880)
Hendren, Thomas and Eunice Fitzpatrick (m. 21 Jul 1848)
Hendricks, (--?--) and Mary Elizabeth Lawshe
Hendricks, Arlee Matlida and Raymond Claude Behymer Sr (m. circa 1915)
Hendricks, G J and Stella Ann Walker
Hendrix, Mary Ann and Edward B Hymer
Henley, Frances and Charles Walter Riggs
Henn, John Mathews and Oria B Parker (m. circa 1901)
Henninger, Nora Angeline and Samuel Elbert Kennedy (m. 23 Dec 1905)
Henry, (--?--) and Lucy H Smith
Henry, Anna and John Beckelshymer III (m. 12 Aug 1806)
Henry, David Elmer and Weltha May Behymer (m. 14 Jan 1891)
Henry, John and Elizabeth Beckelhymer
Henry, Leo Ernest and Ethel Laura St Clair
Henry, Levi and Penelope B Alexander (m. 25 Feb 1869)
Henry, Marie and Dorsie D Franklin
Henry, Maude Elizabeth and Robert Elwood Iredale (m. circa 1900)
Henry, Rebecca and Michael France (m. 6 Feb 1798)
Henry, Ruby and Harry Louis Gundy (m. after 1916)
Henschel, Hattie C and Frank John Hymer (m. 30 Apr 1907)
Henson, (--?--) and Ora Frances Burges
Henson, (--?--) and Rose Mae Manning
Henzel, Helen Elizabeth and Arthur Joseph Pick (m. circa 1925)
Hepling, Herman Alexander and Opal Vivian Moore (m. 23 Oct 1934)
Herbert, (--?--) and Allene Thelma Poe
Heringer, (--?--) and Carolina Belle Darlington
Hermes, Harry H and Minnie Buchtmann (m. 24 Jun 1911)
Hermetett, James F and Mary Ellen Logsdon (m. 1 May 1867)
Herndon, Fletcher and Helen Marr Rardin (m. circa 20 Sep 1858)
Herr, Ralph Z and Helen Rachel Pickelheimer (m. 10 Oct 1925)
Herrell, Ann Eliza and William Beckelhymer (m. 31 Dec 1873)
Herrin, (--?--) and Nettie Mae Woody
Herrin, Levi and Cloey Ann Pickelsimer (m. 14 Aug 1844)
Herrington, Ethel and Homer Picklesimer (m. 26 Sep 1958)
Herrlinger, (--?--) and Katharine Spielman
Herron, Alden Duley and Mary Caroline Smith (m. 28 Oct 1909)
Herron, Edgar L and Estella F Duley (m. 9 Mar 1890)
Herron, Edgar Roland and Myrtle M (--?--)
Herron, Eugene Thomas and Louise B (--?--)
Herron, Eugene Thomas and Margie F Walcutt (m. 14 Aug 1929)
Herron, Francis S and Ruth Ramsey (m. 14 Oct 1919)
Herron, Hasselteen V and Henry Herman Reed (m. 4 Jun 1910)
Herron, Laura Belle and (--?--) Hunt
Herron, Laura Belle and Winfield Scott Kimbler (m. 28 Sep 1891)
Herron, Olive and Charles Edwin Lynch (m. 19 Oct 1893)
Herron, Thomas and Lydia Behymer (m. 15 Feb 1857)
Herron, Thomas and Sarah Ann Hancock (m. circa 22 May 1843)
Hersberger, Aris Dale and Elizabeth Vail
Herskner, Hazel and Willard T Jones
Hessler, Earl William and Jessie May Picklesimer (m. 13 Mar 1937)
Hester, Gladys B and Winston Thomas Fowlkes
Hettesheimer, Ada and Fred C Short (m. 12 Oct 1899)
Hetzler, Dora L and Elmo Pearl Fisher (m. 29 Nov 1900)
Heustice, Rita and Lowell W Hancock
Hewes, Bert and Della Schlatter (m. 3 Jun 1906)
Hiatt, Anne L and (--?--) Hilligoss
Hiatt, Anne L and Wayman S Casey (m. 17 Apr 1939)
Hiatt, Charles Edward and Jessie Ellen Jarvis (m. 10 Sep 1904)
Hiatt, Dorothy Ellen and Vern Thomas Moore (m. 23 Oct 1906)
Hiatt, Esther and Frederick W Bayless
Hiatt, Florence L and Edward A Delhanty (m. 23 Jun 1934)
Hiatt, Florence L and Ernest Evan Pickelheimer (m. 8 Oct 1919)
Hiatt, Franklin Elbert and Cecil Wann (m. 6 Aug 1904)
Hiatt, Giles S and Agnes B Keyser (m. 28 Jun 1946)
Hiatt, Herbert Oscar and Effie Grace Shaffer (m. 16 Aug 1905)
Hiatt, Jacob and Mary Jane Behymer (m. 16 Oct 1870)
Hiatt, Lawrence Elster and Edna May Dickey (m. 29 Aug 1906)
Hiatt, Lawrence Elster and Sarah E Huston (m. 14 Feb 1901)
Hiatt, Leona B and William Earl Pickelheimer (m. 24 Dec 1925)
Hiatt, Martha Emaline and William Otis Miller (m. 21 Dec 1905)
Hiatt, Millia Edith and Amos Brattain (m. 24 Feb 1900)
Hiatt, Nora Alice and Algia Elvin Hollowell (m. 25 Dec 1892)
Hiatt, Roy Everett and Clovilla Maxine Arthur (m. 21 Aug 1934)
Hiatt, William Leroy and Delphia M (--?--) (m. 23 Jan 1915)
Hice, Elizabeth Ann and Cyrus Vandolah (m. 17 Feb 1864)
Hice, Elizabeth Ann and Cyrus Vandolah (m. 17 Feb 1864)
Hice, Elizabeth Ann and David Lawshe (m. 23 Feb 1830)
Hice, Sarah and William Moore Parks (m. circa 1853)
Hickman, Mary Elaine and Clifford Leo McAuliffe (m. 23 Oct 1927)
Hickman, Terry Edwin and Nellie Ethel Thing (m. circa 1904)
Hicks, (--?--) and Mary A Platt
Hicks, Virgie and Carl Washington Hymer (m. circa 1900)
Hicks, Virgie and Georgie Cobb
Hiday, Benjamin Harrison and Blanche Lutz
Hiet, Rhoda and John J Hymer (m. 2 Aug 1931)
Higdon, Mary Margaret Vennie Ann and Jason Pickelsimer (m. 5 May 1850)
Higdon, Susan W and Charles E Monjar (m. 26 Jun 1892)
Higginbotham, David Henry and Dainty Ellen Picklesimer
Higgins, (--?--) and Maggie Sellards
Higgins, Bessie E and Floyd Kay France (m. 1 May 1907)
Higgins, Bessie E and Floyd Kay France (m. 1 May 1907)
Higgins, James Luke and Ida Rose Behymer (m. 26 Dec 1886)
Higgins, James Luke and Mary E Snowhill (m. 30 Dec 1896)
Higgins, Ralph and Marie Washburn
Higgins, Ray and Mary Lettie Jordan (m. 11 Jun 1949)
Higgins, Ray and May Elizabeth Washburn (m. 29 Jul 1914)
High, Alvie A and Dorothy Delores Cates (m. 9 Oct 1993)
High, Lucille and Lowell West (m. 4 Apr 1927)
Higham, Theda Vivian and Asa Elmo Kinnaman (m. 6 Nov 1944)
Highley, Ottis Euin and Rusha Elenora Moon (m. 24 Jun 1903)
Hightower, Harrison Crockett and Marietta Bhymer (m. circa 1884)
Hightower, Harrison Crockett and Sarah A Loomis (m. 12 Feb 1857)
Hightower, Henderson Grover and Juanita A Fagaley (m. circa 1919)
Hildinger, Mary Elizabeth and Clark L Nash (m. 14 Mar 1881)
Hildinger, Mary Elizabeth and Martin L Bechtelheimer
Hildreth, Lollie and Clay Alexander Simer (m. circa 1910)
Hile, Arretta and John Collier
Hile, Elsie and John Bilderbock (m. circa 1908)
Hile, George M and Mariah Richardson (m. 6 Dec 1866)
Hile, John A and Mary A Flowers
Hile, John A and Nancy Pickelheimer
Hile, John Aaron and Mary Virginia Spriggs (m. 22 Dec 1870)
Hiler, David and Lola Fern Jones
Hiley, Fay Dana and Robert Moses Hoskins
Hill, (--?--) and Arletha Mildred Langston
Hill, (--?--) and Mabel Vern Bechtelheimer
Hill, Cecil Alsie and May Christie (m. 23 Dec 1903)
Hill, Charles and Edith M Cox
Hill, Charles E and Margaret (--?--)
Hill, Charles E and Martha Ann Wilson (m. 26 Sep 1880)
Hill, Clifton G and Harriett Hymer (m. 12 Dec 1867)
Hill, Dorothy and (--?--) Mullins
Hill, Dorothy and Joseph Picklesimer (m. Jun 1942)
Hill, Edward P Sr and Ollie P Conley
Hill, Effie and Charles Hugo Williams (m. 9 Feb 1909)
Hill, Etta A and Levi Carpenter (m. 20 Jan 1897)
Hill, Euphemia Ann and Joseph Arthur (m. 9 Nov 1865)
Hill, Glynn and Freddie Don Hymer
Hill, Joseph Wilbert and Minnie May Bills (m. 25 Dec 1897)
Hill, Lee F and Ellen Behymer
Hill, Loretta F and Court Walter Windsor
Hill, Marshall and Mary Pickelheimer (m. 6 Dec 1904)
Hill, Mary Frances and Frances Edward Hymer
Hill, Nancy and William R Pickelheimer (m. 19 Feb 1818)
Hill, Otto S and Ella Ashby (m. 11 Jan 1899)
Hill, Rena and Samuel James Bechtelheimer
Hill, Samuel and Sarah Ann Eppert (m. 10 Nov 1850)
Hill, Susannah and Hardy C Franklin (m. circa 1895)
Hill, Thomas and Ollie P Conley (m. circa 1912)
Hill, Wayne B and Matilda Evelyn Skaggs (m. 3 Feb 1921)
HIll, William G and Frances Van Syckel Lawshe (m. 6 Oct 1875)
Hilligoss, (--?--) and Anne L Hiatt
Hilton, Edith and Percy Stroud Jackson
Hilton, Sydney S and Lorena F Coleman (m. 8 Sep 1915)
Himes, Margaret and Jacob A Bechtelheimer (m. 12 Jan 1873)
Hinds, Alice A and Edward Perry Cass (m. 8 Dec 1884)
Hines, Katie and Robert Alexander Behymer (m. 20 Feb 1892)
Hininger, Carl and Inez Opal Hymer (m. 25 Nov 1917)
Hinman, Ford B and Alice Jane Behymer (m. 1936)
Hinshaw, Lulu Pearl and Martin Jones (m. 10 Mar 1915)
Hinthorn, Alberta and R Murray Johnson
Hinton, Henry Daniel and Reeta May Wilhelm
Hintz, (--?--) and Ore Eloise Gramm
Hirschbach, Rose and Owen Lindsey (m. 23 Nov 1892)
Hirt, Clara and (--?--) Wolf
Hirt, Clara and Samuel K Hardin (m. circa 1900)
Hisle, Bessie and Millard Hymer (m. circa 1922)
Hitchcock, Araminta and Samuel Powell Ealey (m. 26 Dec 1904)
Hitchcock, Araminta and Samuel Powell Ealey (m. 26 Dec 1904)
Hitchcock, Audrey and Walter Lane Picklesimer (m. 25 Jun 1938)
Hitchcock, Estill and Lillie Pelphrey (m. 12 Sep 1913)
Hitchcock, Fanny and Charles Wayne Picklesimer (m. 26 Oct 1928)
Hitchcock, George Sr and Lottie Picklesimer (m. 22 Sep 1914)
Hitchcock, Jesse and Dessie Blevins (m. 12 Feb 1914)
Hitchcock, Mallie and Oakley Picklesimer (m. 27 May 1921)
Hitchcock, Roy and Addie Cantrell
Hitchcock, Temperance and Matthew James Caudill (m. Aug 1842)
Hitchcock, Wayne and Tassie Irene Picklesimer (m. 2 May 1923)
Hixson, Helena and Alonzo Lee Sowers (m. 30 Jul 1874)
Hoagland, Peter Robert and Anna P Lawshe
Hoagland, Peter Robert and Mary E Lambert (m. 26 Feb 1861)
Hobbs, Carl and Flora Grover
Hobbs, Lancelot L and Elizabeth Behymer (m. 27 Jul 1863)
Hobbs, Mary Ellen and Earl Latham
Hobbs, Mary Ellen and George Morris Sachs (m. 6 Feb 1900)
Hobbs, Mary Ellen and Robert Elwood Iredale
Hobbs, Vincent Theodore and (--?--) (--?--)
Hobbs, William D and Margaret (--?--)
Hobbs, William L and Keturah Tibbatts (m. circa 1891)
Hobson, Sarah A and Carl Norwood Pickle (m. 2 Aug 1946)
Hockaday, Elizabeth Lila and J E Robinson
Hockaday, Georgia Irene and Harry Sparks
Hockaday, Georgia Irene and L H Atwell
Hockaday, Richard Harold and Evelyn Gertrude Skelton
Hockaday, William Michael and Rebecca Delila Hymer (m. 15 Apr 1891)
Hockett, Isaac Newton and (--?--) (--?--)
Hockett, Isaac Newton and Mary V Behymer (m. circa 1888)
Hockett, Silas S and Diadama Behymer (m. 14 Nov 1875)
Hockstok, Andrew and Annabelle Crouch
Hodges, Frank T and Alice Beckelhimer (m. 16 Oct 1895)
Hodges, George Thomas and Genevieve Jones (m. 27 Oct 1917)
Hodges, Walter A and Stella M Pickelsimer (m. circa 1918)
Hodgson, Jasper and Nancy Elizabeth Shannon (m. 30 Sep 1886)
Hodgson, John and Ella Maddux (m. 26 Nov 1891)
Hodgson, Jonathan and Elizabeth Robb (m. 6 Sep 1857)
Hodson, Cary and Irene B Behymer (m. 15 Sep 1920)
Hodson, Cary and Mae Kingery (m. 17 Jan 1904)
Hoerner, Fred and Eva Jane Beckelshymer (m. 11 Mar 1920)
Hoff, Florence E and Ervin Owen Behymer (m. 15 Apr 1920)
Hoff, Rebecca and William Lawshe (m. 17 Nov 1852)
Hoff, Vernon L and Elsie May Stevens (m. 24 Dec 1925)
Hoffman, Addie Eliza and George A Ballinger
Hoffman, Albert and Sallie E (--?--) (m. circa 1889)
Hoffman, Anna A and (--?--) Hayes
Hoffman, Anna A and Floyd L Frakes
Hoffman, Clementine C and Arthur L Behymer (m. 31 Aug 1893)
Hoffman, Darthula and Clinton C Riggs (m. 11 Jan 1855)
Hoffman, Franklin and Lillie (--?--) (m. circa 1906)
Hoffman, Harvey and Hercilia A (--?--) (m. circa 1900)
Hoffman, Harvey and Jessie May Yelton (m. 6 Jul 1910)
Hoffman, James Madison and Emma D Morgan
Hoffman, James Madison and Flora May (--?--)
Hoffman, James Morgan and Frances Bhymer
Hoffman, James Morgan and Frances Bhymer (m. 16 Apr 1829)
Hoffman, James Vicrous and Nancy Ann Marshall (m. 27 Nov 1856)
Hoffman, Jesse B and Bessie Bryan
Hoffman, John M and Ella Hall (m. 27 Aug 1885)
Hoffman, Lafayette and Rhoda (--?--) (m. circa 1881)
Hoffman, Louis N and Ida A Riggs
Hoffman, Mary Frances and Ransom C Pruett (m. 6 Apr 1865)
Hoffman, Minerva Frances and Madison Cram
Hoffman, Robert L and Mary E Wright
Hoffman, Samantha and Pendleton Marshall
Hoffman, Sarah Jane and (--?--) Evans
Hoffman, William Atwood and Mary E (--?--)
Hoffman, William H and Jemima Grizzell (m. 10 Jan 1855)
Hoffman, William Jefferson and Minnie Stella Dickson (m. circa 1886)
Hoffman, William John and Mary Elizabeth Larkin
Hoffman, Willie Bryan and Adah Merrell (m. circa 1928)
Hogsdon, Mary Janice and Charles Daniel Behymer (m. 12 Aug 1939)
Hogue, Martha E and Isaac Allen Becklehimer (m. 6 Jan 1859)
Hogwood, Pearl Mae and Leroy Kenneth Leach
Hoisington, Goldie G and George B Powell (m. 3 Aug 1922)
Hoisington, Goldie G and Olney C Simers (m. 22 Sep 1956)
Hoke, Mary Bell and Lewis Lawshe (m. 22 Sep 1875)
Holabird, Eugene Oliver and Mary Osburn
Holabird, Helen Blades and (--?--) Foster
Holabird, James Sidney and Vernita Blades (m. circa 1894)
Holbro, Mary and Forest Donald Franklin
Holbrook, Charles and Callie Williams
Holbrook, Lacy and Annabelle Bishop
Holbrook, Malissa and Henderson Allison Williams (m. circa 1869)
Holbrook, Mary Jane and James Lafayette Franklin (m. 22 Dec 1892)
Holbrooks, Nannie Mae and William Earl Pickelheimer (m. 6 Jun 1947)
Holcomb, Benjamin Anderson and Lydia Lawshe (m. 4 Mar 1854)
Holcomb, Bertha and Edgar Cregor
Holcomb, David L and Mary E Rittenhouse
Holcomb, Emma L and Hiram L Fisher
Holcomb, Hervey Studdiford and Addie R Johnson
Holcomb, Hervey Studdiford and Lillian (--?--)
Holcomb, Jacob Hice and Ada Montgomery
Holcomb, Katie and Edgar Magill
Holden, Adgie Caroline and Melvin Benjamin Clanin (m. 30 Jul 1885)
Holden, Ida and (--?--) Wilson
Holden, Ida and Lambert J Pickelsimer (m. circa 1928)
Holden, Warren and Hester Josephine Bickel
Holdren, Delila Peradine and Hines Beckelhimer (m. 13 Jul 1902)
Holeton, Undine Hattie and LeeRoy Dick Young (m. 20 Nov 1907)
Holguin, Anita and Charles S Behymer (m. circa 1929)
Hollada, Bucher and L May Behymer (m. 11 Mar 1914)
Holland, Homer Basil and Mabel Beckelhimer (m. 11 Dec 1935)
Hollandsworth, Esther A and William A Beckelhimer (m. 9 Jun 1869)
Hollar, Mary Samantha and James William Taylor
Hollaway, (--?--) and Ora Hay (m. circa 1909)
Holler, George Washington and Nancy A Martin (m. 26 Aug 1885)
Hollett, Ica Dean and Franklin Pierce Sprong (m. 24 Dec 1904)
Holley, Mary and Frederick Picklesimer (m. 11 Jan 1883)
Holley, Susannah Frances and James Buchanan Picklesimer (m. 7 Aug 1879)
Holliday, Olive M and Charles Fred Beckett (m. 9 Sep 1903)
Hollingshead, Luther E and Jane Pickelsimer (m. 11 Aug 1889)
Hollis, Dora Jane and George Washington Pickelsimer (m. 20 Nov 1891)
Hollis, Robert Barclay and Salina Bhymer (m. 11 Nov 1867)
Holloway, (--?--) and Mary E Newell
Holloway, Hilliard C and Sadie Jane Cisco
Hollowell, Algia Elvin and Nora Alice Hiatt (m. 25 Dec 1892)
Hollowell, Merle Wayne and (--?--) (--?--) (m. 19 Oct 1934)
Holman, Eliza Ann and Noah Kendall Travis (m. 16 Mar 1869)
Holman, Robert Henry and Mariah E Tate (m. 13 Jul 1879)
Holmes, Ernest R and Kathryn Shackelton (m. 22 Jul 1896)
Holmes, Maggie Vivian and Edwin Earl Humphreys
Holmes, Margaret E and John Behymer (m. 15 Nov 1852)
Holmes, Mary Ann and Benjamin W Beckelshymer (m. 14 Jan 1838)
Holmes, Rachel Lavina and Charles R Beckelshymer (m. 16 Feb 1860)
Holt, Clarissa C and William Daniel Pickelheimer (m. 1 Aug 1891)
Holt, John M and Martha Ann Fortune (m. 23 Sep 1869)
Holton, Mary Arvilla and James William Wharton (m. 4 Oct 1882)
Holyoke, Bessie Mary and William Thompson Gray (m. circa 1909)
Homer, Arthur John Ivor and Ruby Olive Davis (m. 4 May 1911)
Honey, Nona L and Eugene J Addington (m. 31 Oct 1931)
Hood, Dora J and Cordes Allen Myers
Hood, Eleanor Kendrick and Fred Cramton Broadway (m. 14 Jun 1933)
Hood, Elzey Andrew and Vida Bessie Simer
Hood, George W Jr and Launa Wikle (m. 3 Jun 1908)
Hood, Ora Blanch and Roscoe William Forney
Hook, Islea Margaret and James Milton Bennett
Hooper, (--?--) and Mary A Watson
Hooper, Birdie Beatrice and Reece Haggard (m. 5 Jan 1896)
Hooper, Charles Earnest and Mildred A Marshall (m. 12 Sep 1910)
Hooper, Clayton Brown and Missouri Armina Behymer (m. 12 Oct 1865)
Hooper, Eleanor and Abraham Pickelsimer (m. circa 1808)
Hooper, Elmer Clayton and Dovie Jane Aldridge (m. 12 Sep 1900)
Hooper, Emma May and Jerome B Van Horne (m. circa 1890)
Hooper, Iva Armina and Andrew Jackson Fisher (m. 2 Mar 1887)
Hooper, Louise Barnes and Robert Lester Renno (m. 18 Oct 1902)
Hooper, Louise Barnes and Samuel Rennison (m. 21 Sep 1895)
Hooper, Mary E and Henry Pickelsimer
Hooper, Myrtle Adilla and William Henry Smith (m. 24 May 1897)
Hoopingarner, Perry C and Lucy A Owens (m. 15 Oct 1901)
Hoosier, John Riley and Elsie J Graham (m. 27 Dec 1905)
Hoover, Lucille and Dorse Kennedy
Hoover, Myra Tamar and Thomas L Pickelsimer (m. circa 1901)
Hoover, Samuel and Elizabeth Daniels (m. 30 Nov 1854)
Hopkins, Anna Maria and John Luther Pickelsimer Jr (m. 11 Aug 1905)
Hopkins, Desmond Pulinski and (--?--) (--?--)
Hopkins, Desmond Pulinski and Mary C Lavinia Lawshe (m. 19 Dec 1866)
Hopkins, Effie and Edward J Rardin
Hopkins, Elizabeth A and William Roy Hancock (m. 7 Jan 1883)
Hopkins, Lewis Evans and Lydia A Morgan (m. 1 Jan 1854)
Hopkins, Lewis Evans and Margaret F Yokum
Hopkins, Mary and Isaac P Hymer (m. circa 11 Oct 1814)
Hopkins, Mary Jane and William A Willey (m. 12 Sep 1853)
Hoppe, Geraldine and Cecil Andrew Behymer
Hopper, Charles L and Ida M Behymer (m. 24 Aug 1884)
Hopper, Henry and Eva May Hymer
Hopperton, Ruby M and Roy Behymer (m. Apr 1968)
Hoppock, Hiram D and Sarah C (--?--) (m. circa 1886)
Hoppock, John D and Ann Moore
Horan, Frank J and Alma Bochkar
Horan, Frank J and Margaret A Behymer (m. 7 Dec 1921)
Horde, George B and Myrna B Behymer (m. 5 Mar 1925)
Horn, (--?--) and Fanny Jordon
Horn, Harriet Ann and Francis Marion Simer (m. circa 1874)
Hornbarger, Lafayette and Frances E Tabor (m. 8 Apr 1894)
Horne, (--?--) and Willie E Allen
Hortle, (--?--) and Florence Cecgis Boor
Hortle, Maude Gertrude and Gehard T Lundh (m. circa 1905)
Hoskins, Anna Morris and Norman Jack Maynard
Hoskins, Bessie Lee and Otis Luther Mullikin
Hoskins, Christina and Larkin D Myers
Hoskins, Clark and Edna Bell Gooding
Hoskins, Cora E and James Verner Kelley (m. 25 Sep 1906)
Hoskins, Cora R and Theodore G Fesler (m. 9 Oct 1887)
Hoskins, Donald Millard and Lydia Jane Combs (m. 3 Apr 1948)
Hoskins, Ella and Samuel Behymer
Hoskins, Emery and Anna Elizabeth Irick (m. 25 Jul 1898)
Hoskins, Erma V and (--?--) Burrows
Hoskins, George Wellington and Anna E Hall
Hoskins, Harry Morris and Viola H Shackelford
Hoskins, James Ellis and Jennette I Brewer
Hoskins, John and Emaline Behymer (m. 1 Nov 1868)
Hoskins, Juanita and (--?--) Green
Hoskins, Kearney S and Lula F Craft (m. 27 Nov 1900)
Hoskins, Kearney S and Pearlie Prater (m. 14 Dec 1892)
Hoskins, Laura L and Samuel Washington Prater (m. 29 Dec 1887)
Hoskins, Lillian Ophra and Curtis Wade Fesler (m. 27 Jul 1919)
Hoskins, Mary and Robert Sanford Williams
Hoskins, Melvin Andrew and Olive Mae Kenyon (m. 18 Feb 1925)
Hoskins, Miles Robert and Florence Picklesimer (m. 14 Jul 1904)
Hoskins, Miles Robert and Mandy Arnett
Hoskins, Minnie Beatrice and James Gordon Davis (m. 6 Sep 1903)
Hoskins, Moses and Polly Ann Picklesimer (m. 13 Dec 1866)
Hoskins, Robert Moses and Fay Dana Hiley
Hoskins, Rosa M and Dennis Ledley Moorhead
Hoskins, Rosa M and James D Moorhead (m. 22 Sep 1889)
Hoskins, Rosa M and Joseph Warren Moorhead
Hoskins, Russell Irick and Beatrice Guenther (m. 20 Jun 1929)
Hoskins, Ruth and Marion A Harrington
Hostetler, Laura and Virgil O Trent (m. 21 Mar 1888)
Hostetter, Pearl and Abbie Kemp (m. 15 Jan 1927)
Hostettler, Neva Fern and (--?--) (--?--) (m. 1924)
Hostettler, Neva Fern and Ivan Bechtelheimer (m. 27 Apr 1918)
Hotchkiss, Klealand and Sarah Jane McDowell (m. 2 Feb 1871)
Houchins, (--?--) and Clara Perry
Houdeschell, Alma Rhae and Roy Dale Boys (m. 29 Oct 1912)
House, Lorena and Jay Webster (m. circa 1924)
House, Virginia and Jack Reo Kennedy
Houston, Mamie and Lorain J Behymer (m. 20 Mar 1877)
Hovenden, Martha Cecelia Annette and George Washington Alexander (m. 8 Oct 1885)
Howard, Bert and Goldie Picklesimer (m. circa 1926)
Howard, Cynthia Ida and Alonzo W Witten (m. 28 Feb 1951)
Howard, Cynthia Ida and William Ransom Picklesimer (m. 17 Oct 1906)
Howard, Eloise and Farmer Picklesimer (m. 15 Sep 1950)
Howard, Joseph and Paulina Sturgill (m. 27 May 1916)
Howard, Ruth E and (--?--) Madden
Howard, Ruth E and Omer Charles Robinson (m. 12 Sep 1927)
Howard, Tressie and Lloyd Allen Hughes (m. 27 Nov 1923)
Howard, William Garrett Jr and Dorothy Delores Cates (m. 27 Apr 1946)
Howell, Alice and Albert Leslie Brown (m. 1911)
Howell, George and Julia Logsdon (m. 21 Nov 1901)
Howell, Harry and Judith A Behymer (m. 17 Jun 1899)
Howell, Laverna and Oscar Hughes (m. 26 Feb 1924)
Howell, Laverna and Webb Picklesimer (m. 20 Sep 1916)
Howell, Mary M and Christian F Snoke (m. 18 Jul 1875)
Howell, McKinley and Wilna Adrian Simer
Howell, Miles Harry Halstead and Ary Moore (m. 15 Mar 1893)
Howell, Myrtle D and Denver Braxton Johnston
Howery, Alma and Alfred A Beckelheimer
Howes, Jeremiah and Lulu Mae Salt (m. circa 1896)
Howes, Josephine J and Noah Kendrick Williams (m. 22 Oct 1878)
Howley, Mary and Meacham Curtis
Hoyle, Lucinda and William L Bechtelheimer (m. circa 1878)
Hoyt, Enos Rowley and Ella Morris Pittman (m. 1929)
Hubbard, Jessie Agnes and Alvin Behymer (m. 1 Nov 1888)
Hubbard, Jessie Agnes and John William Bayse (m. 1 Sep 1896)
Hubbard, Newton and Nancy Jane Terrell
Hubble, Bessie M and Elmer McConnell (m. 24 Nov 1903)
Hubble, Martha M and Albert F Clark (m. 28 Feb 1930)
Hubble, Mary Ann and Daniel Sharp (m. 24 May 1869)
Hubble, Mary Ann and Lafayette Behymer (m. 8 Mar 1882)
Huber, Martin and Frances M Behymer (m. 21 Jun 1906)
Huber, Minnie E and Thomas Everett Abbott (m. 21 Nov 1921)
Huddleston, William Carroll and Catherine Jane Key
Hudgen, Robert and Perlina A Vancil (m. 8 Sep 1864)
Hudgins, Annie Elizabeth and Henry Lee Lawshe (m. 4 Nov 1925)
Hudgins, Cornelia Loretta and Henry H Flinchum (m. 23 Feb 1935)
Hudgins, Helen N and Louis Thaddeus Lawshe (m. 6 Jun 1925)
Hudley, Albert Rathburn and Mabel Tumbleson (m. 22 Aug 1922)
Hudson, Elias and Cordelia Belle Pierce (m. 18 Apr 1892)
Hudson, Henry Guy and Emma Mae Prather
Hudson, John Horace and Mary Julia Evers (m. 1 Nov 1886)
Hudson, Ruth Vivian and Theodore Callup
Hudson, Susan and Elijah Behymer (m. 9 Sep 1835)
Huffer, Claude Augustus and Sarah Anna Phillips
Huffer, Lawrence and Ida Tucker
Huffman, (--?--) and Ellen Moore
Huffman, Isaac T and Harriet E Pease (m. 16 Jan 1870)
Huggins, John H and Mandy Octavie Walker (m. 14 Nov 1923)
Hughes, (--?--) and Eva May Hymer
Hughes, Allen and Matilda Monjar (m. 1 Jan 1897)
Hughes, Benjamin B and Emma Margaret Kline (m. circa 1891)
Hughes, Bessie and John Henry Harman
Hughes, Bessie and Marion Francis Bagby (m. 22 Aug 1900)
Hughes, Edith and Fred Alvin Rich
Hughes, Edward and Edna Carlton (m. 18 May 1932)
Hughes, Elmer Bruce and Viola M Abbott (m. 4 Jul 1912)
Hughes, Ernest Calvin and Ella Perrin (m. 5 Mar 1893)
Hughes, Ernestine and Delbert Morford (m. 25 Nov 1922)
Hughes, Evan and Sarah Robb (m. 9 Oct 1862)
Hughes, Glen Gordon and Geraldine Frieda Sprong (m. 23 Jun 1938)
Hughes, Hallie Moore and Forney Littleton Behymer (m. 27 Dec 1905)
Hughes, Kizzie and Perry Aldon Monjar (m. 1 Jan 1897)
Hughes, Kizzie and Perry Aldon Monjar (m. 1 Jan 1897)
Hughes, Lloyd Allen and Tressie Howard (m. 27 Nov 1923)
Hughes, Margaret S and Claude Edwin Arthur (m. 26 Mar 1921)
Hughes, Margaret Virginia and Henry Jefferson Smith (m. 2 Feb 1878)
Hughes, Mary Elizabeth and William Joshua Julien (m. 28 Feb 1886)
Hughes, Milton and Lelia M Beckett (m. 8 Aug 1915)
Hughes, Naomi Lee and Charles E Rohman
Hughes, Naomi Lee and Howard James Edwin Behymer (m. 24 Aug 1974)
Hughes, Oscar and Laverna Howell (m. 26 Feb 1924)
Hughes, Prudence M and Joseph Landis (m. 19 Oct 1871)
Hughey, John Isaac and Eula Blanche Leech
Hughson, Mordice and Faye Lucille Hymer
Huisinga, Anna Marie and Dorr Miller Simer (m. circa 1925)
Huling, Phoebe and Charles Hayes Eppert (m. 1 Sep 1909)
Hull, Fred Asberry and Lora (--?--) (m. circa 1920)
Hull, Henry Ashton and Thelma (--?--) (m. circa 1930)
Hull, Lyda Marion and Lloyd Earl Slawson
Hull, Marshal and Laura Gertrude Williams (m. circa 1909)
Hull, Ralph S and (--?--) (--?--)
Hull, William Asbury and Nellie Elizabeth Behymer (m. 3 Mar 1897)
Hull, William Henry and Bertha R Snoke (m. 25 Feb 1889)
Hulse, Amanda Lusina and James Madison Behymer (m. 4 Jul 1871)
Hults, Amy and Charles Woodson Simer (m. circa 1906)
Hults, Amy and Francis M Sipes
Hults, Loda B and Lewis Cleveland Monjar (m. circa 1923)
Hults, Loda B and Lewis Cleveland Monjar (m. circa 1923)
Hultz, Rebecca A and Benjamin F Robb (m. 25 Mar 1866)
Humble, Helen Rose and Charles Wilson Jackson (m. Jul 1937)
Humphrey, Gladys Emma and Orville Picklesimer (m. 4 Sep 1935)
Humphreys, Edwin Earl and Allene Thelma Poe (m. 10 Jan 1953)
Humphreys, Edwin Earl and Maggie Vivian Holmes
Humphreys, Gladys Vivian and Earl Kenneth Kelch
Humphreys, Phyllis May and Blaine W Huston
Humphreys, Phyllis May and Edward John Neidhard (m. 15 Dec 1945)
Humphries, Arthur William and Julia A Kemper (m. 9 Aug 1905)
Humphries, Dorothy and (--?--) Gates
Humphries, George Charles and Esther Amelia Aden (m. 31 Oct 1930)
Humphries, Grace and Edward Schumacher
Humphries, Jennie Mae and Frank P Conyers (m. 7 Jul 1926)
Humphries, Jennie Mae and George K Pendery (m. 25 Sep 1907)
Humphries, Jesse E and Leo V Kiester
Humphries, Mary Bertha and William Carroll Witham (m. 19 Jul 1920)
Humphries, Ralph W and Edna Schutte
Humphries, William Silas and Elizabeth Arthur (m. 13 May 1880)
Hundley, Elizabeth and Samuel H Waggoner (m. circa 24 Jun 1845)
Hunley, Susan Frances and John Behymer (m. 20 Mar 1880)
Hunnicutt, Eva and William Henry Behymer (m. 26 May 1890)
Hunnicutt, Thomas Walter and Algia Nevada Wooddall (m. 11 Oct 1885)
Hunt, (--?--) and Laura Belle Herron
Hunt, Besie May and Harry L Crane (m. 30 Jun 1898)
Hunt, Cora Jane and Leonidas K Behymer (m. 6 Jul 1890)
Hunt, David and Martha Robb (m. 25 Dec 1859)
Hunt, Everett Sanford and Reeta May Wilhelm
Hunt, Horatio S and Jane (--?--)
Hunt, Horatio S and Jennie (--?--) (m. 8 Oct 1913)
Hunt, Horatio S and Mary May Lindsey (m. 10 Aug 1892)
Hunt, Iowa Elizabeth and Joseph Andrew Walker (m. 4 Mar 1904)
Hunt, James M and Clara B Monjar (m. 12 Apr 1874)
Hunt, James Sylvester and Nettie J Robertson (m. circa 1894)
Hunt, Lawrence Hartwell and Elva Mary (--?--)
Hunt, William Melvin and Mandy Octavie Walker (m. 10 Nov 1907)
Hunt, Zachariah and Catherine B Murray (m. 19 Oct 1858)
Hunt, Zachariah and Sylvania Kester (m. 10 Apr 1856)
Hunter, (--?--) and Lora Elizabeth Langford
Hunter, Maud Marguerite and (--?--) Lloyd
Hunter, Maud Marguerite and John Creasman (m. 8 Feb 1919)
Hunter, Robert Y and Mary Ella Chamberlain (m. 28 Feb 1878)
Huntington, George Bertram and Alma R Robertson (m. 16 Jan 1902)
Huntington, George Washington and Celia A Behymer (m. 7 May 1873)
Huntington, James Alvin and Ida Mae Judd (m. circa 1904)
Huntington, Jane G and (--?--) Gardner
Huntington, John A and Cora Lee Rader (m. 16 Aug 1910)
Hurd, Mary and Brice H France (m. 31 Dec 1868)
Hurd, Susan Francis and Walker Wilson Ward (m. 17 Jun 1883)
Hurford, Milford Myron and Dorothy Hawley (m. 20 Sep 1921)
Hurlbert, Earl Wesley and Hazel Laura Bunker (m. 25 Aug 1944)
Hurley, Lena Fay and Clay Alexander Simer (m. 3 Oct 1920)
Hurt, (--?--) and Anna (--?--)
Hurt, Louise and Jack Roxford Nelson
Hurt, Reuben and Elizabeth Briney (m. 1 Feb 1844)
Hurtienne, (--?--) and Emma S Bowen
Husted, Maude and Irvin Bertran Vail (m. 17 Jul 1898)
Huston, Blaine W and Phyllis May Humphreys
Huston, Elizabeth and Penrod Vancil (m. 19 Aug 1819)
Huston, Helen Mary and Alonzo R Lindsey (m. circa 1910)
Huston, James and Nancy Miller (m. 1844)
Huston, John and Sarah Vancil (m. 17 Nov 1817)
Huston, Mary and Daniel Leedy (m. 7 Nov 1840)
Huston, Samuel and Caroline Reffer (m. 26 May 1841)
Huston, Samuel and Sarah Jane Frazee (m. 21 Jan 1847)
Huston, Sarah and Willis McKimmey (m. 22 Aug 1844)
Huston, Sarah E and Lawrence Elster Hiatt (m. 14 Feb 1901)
Hutcheson, (--?--) and Rachel Ann Wilson
Hutcheson, Carl L and Velma Sadie Garvie
Hutchings, Elizabeth H and (--?--) Dehart
Hutchings, Elizabeth H and Nelson Bradley Gaskins (m. circa 10 Jun 1913)
Hutchings, Nellie and James Henry Billingsley (m. 29 Dec 1886)
Hutchinson, Marinda Alice and David Armstrong Rowland (m. circa 1901)
Hutchison, Charles and Edith Ashton
Huts, Nancy and John Becklehimer (m. 24 Apr 1835)
Hutson, Gilbert Roy and Sarah M Bennett
Hutson, Gladys E and Clifford B Myrick (m. circa 1913)
Hutson, Majorie A and (--?--) Waters
Hutson, Majorie A and Lowell H Gray
Huwel, John and Lois Pickelheimer (m. 21 Jan 1950)
Hyde, Dixie D and Frank Kemper Westfall (m. 15 Sep 1904)
Hylton, William C and Anna G Beasley (m. circa 1906)
Hymer, (--?--) and Hattie (--?--) (m. circa 1926)
Hymer, Alexander Campbell and Isabella McAfee (m. 12 May 1856)
Hymer, Alma J and Charles B Bridges (m. 31 Mar 1875)
Hymer, Alma J and George F Carver (m. 15 Oct 1912)
Hymer, Amanda C and James W Darnall (m. 30 Oct 1856)
Hymer, Amanda Harrison and William Charles Clark (m. 4 Feb 1854)
Hymer, Ancil and Parrot Logsdon (m. circa 1902)
Hymer, Andrew P and Elizabeth (--?--)
Hymer, Andrew P and Matilda Bibb (m. 1 Sep 1834)
Hymer, Anna and Dudley Park Richardson
Hymer, Anna Elizabeth and Elmer Earnest Dockery (m. 6 Apr 1918)
Hymer, Anna Mary and Henry Erskin Ligon (m. 26 Nov 1890)
Hymer, Anpha and (--?--) Winkler (m. circa 1920)
Hymer, Armarinda and George Cup (m. 18 May 1845)
Hymer, Arnold and Martha E (--?--)
Hymer, Asa Lewis and Catherine Sadler (m. 14 Apr 1848)
Hymer, Beulah and Bertram M Klais (m. 21 Mar 1907)
Hymer, Bonnie and John W Gregory (m. 25 Dec 1909)
Hymer, Caleb and Elizabeth Wright (m. circa 6 Dec 1854)
Hymer, Caleb and Sarah Clifton (m. 4 Jan 1872)
Hymer, Carl Washington and Virgie Hicks (m. circa 1900)
Hymer, Caroline P and Curtis R Crouch (m. 5 Apr 1843)
Hymer, Cecilia and Elias D Logsdon (m. 6 Feb 1839)
Hymer, Charles R and Dora Elliott (m. 13 Jan 1895)
Hymer, Charles Sidney and Sallie (--?--) (m. circa 1919)
Hymer, Charles Warren and Florence V O'Hair (m. 18 Oct 1905)
Hymer, Cinderella R and Lewellyn A Dresslaer (m. 23 Feb 1881)
Hymer, Clara Lucina and Thomas Jefferson Cochran (m. 18 Sep 1912)
Hymer, Clara Rebecca and Jesse Robert Gabbert (m. 28 Aug 1887)
Hymer, Clarence and Nina M Cogan
Hymer, Claude Lenier and Betty H Siediel (m. circa 1927)
Hymer, Clay Sumner and Sylvia Grace Richardson (m. 27 Aug 1904)
Hymer, Clellie Pierson and Albertus Gooding (m. 30 Jan 1926)
Hymer, Cleora Blanche and Cliff C Revis
Hymer, Cleora Blanche and Homer Corwin Pudicell (m. 23 May 1911)
Hymer, Clifford James and Ethel Lee Bowden (m. circa 1916)
Hymer, Clyde Sr and Chrystal Lorraine (--?--)
Hymer, Curtis W and May Cassandra St Clair (m. 10 Aug 1898)
Hymer, David Franklin and Amanda Jane Alfrey (m. 11 Dec 1870)
Hymer, Dee Roy and Frances Evelyn Weddell
Hymer, Dee Roy and Margaret M Stephenson (m. circa 1926)
Hymer, Delia E and Joseph Harvey Wren (m. circa 1893)
Hymer, Dicie and William Baker (m. circa 1880)
Hymer, Dittie B and Andrew J Pence
Hymer, Dora Ellen and Asa Ammon Brothers (m. circa 1899)
Hymer, Eady and Aaron Richardson (m. 30 Jan 1840)
Hymer, Edward B and Mary Ann Hendrix
Hymer, Edward B Jr and Mary Etta Henderson (m. 7 Dec 1887)
Hymer, Elijah Bequel and Sadie Elmina Wright (m. 3 May 1891)
Hymer, Elizabeth and Benjamin Warner (m. 25 Jul 1825)
Hymer, Elizabeth E and John James Warren Billingsley (m. 23 Dec 1852)
Hymer, Elva Temple and Jesse Winkle
Hymer, Estella Catherine and (--?--) Lawrence
Hymer, Estella Catherine and Lawrence Smith (m. 31 Mar 1934)
Hymer, Ethel and Carl Herbert Wilson (m. 22 Jan 1916)
Hymer, Ethel and James Allen Kincaid (m. 23 Feb 1908)
Hymer, Ethel and William J Stamper (m. 8 Apr 1921)
Hymer, Etta E and Thomas E Winstead (m. 22 May 1902)
Hymer, Ettie Jessie and Mathias G Ogden (m. 11 Jul 1888)
Hymer, Eugene H and Olive V Lindley
Hymer, Eva May and (--?--) Hughes
Hymer, Eva May and Henry Hopper
Hymer, Evaline and Richard Waters (m. 2 Oct 1863)
Hymer, Faye Lucille and Harold Clinger
Hymer, Faye Lucille and Mordice Hughson
Hymer, Florence and (--?--) Essenpreis
Hymer, Frances Edward and Mary Frances Hill
Hymer, Francis E and Andrew R Fritzlen (m. 20 Sep 1877)
Hymer, Francis M and Agnes Ellen Akers (m. 24 Oct 1870)
Hymer, Francis M and Hallie Foreman (m. 9 Dec 1881)
Hymer, Frank John and Hattie C Henschel (m. 30 Apr 1907)
Hymer, Franklin W and Cordelia Jane Naylor (m. 15 Jun 1890)
Hymer, Fred G and Minerva M Bowdish (m. circa 1900)
Hymer, Freda Mae and Howard Orville Greenstreet (m. 13 Aug 1949)
Hymer, Freddie Don and Glynn Hill
Hymer, George Arilton and Matilda V Major (m. 12 Jul 1896)
Hymer, George Eugene and Cynthia May Adams (m. 6 Nov 1890)
Hymer, George Meritt and Edith Myrtle Andrers (m. 25 Feb 1900)
Hymer, George W B and Sarilda Durbin (m. Nov 1877)
Hymer, Georgia Ann and James H C Nelson (m. 16 Oct 1860)
Hymer, Gertrude Maud and Griff Miller
Hymer, Glenn L and Mildred M (--?--)
Hymer, Goldie Ruth and Orville R Lynch
Hymer, Grace and (--?--) Rogers
Hymer, Graceline and (--?--) Kesterson
Hymer, Harlan and Dorothy Richardson (m. 14 Jul 1928)
Hymer, Harold Jefferson and Maggie E Dewalde
Hymer, Harriett and Clifton G Hill (m. 12 Dec 1867)
Hymer, Hazel C and Joseph Gats
Hymer, Hazel C and William Beyers
Hymer, Henry and Missouri Ann Pearce (m. 17 Feb 1846)
Hymer, Henry Chilton and Maxine (--?--) (m. 28 Dec 1928)
Hymer, Henry H and Mary S Powell (m. circa 1905)
Hymer, Henry L and Ruth Jenkins (m. 16 Sep 1891)
Hymer, Henry Luther and Myrtle Beale (m. 16 May 1920)
Hymer, Henry P and Sarah Renfro (m. 23 Jan 1793)
Hymer, Herbert C and Edna F Bean (m. 7 Jan 1924)
Hymer, Herman and Ann Winkle (m. 15 Jun 1915)
Hymer, Horace S and Georgia Anna Martin
Hymer, Horace S and Georgia Anna Martin (m. 2 Mar 1910)
Hymer, Howell Lee and Emma Lena Morris (m. 27 Dec 1898)
Hymer, Hugh Clinton and Ruby (--?--) (m. circa 1903)
Hymer, Inez Opal and Carl Hininger (m. 25 Nov 1917)
Hymer, Isaac B and Caroline Bussard (m. 18 Dec 1866)
Hymer, Isaac B and Lucy A (--?--) (m. circa 1840)
Hymer, Isaac B and Mary E (--?--)
Hymer, Isaac B and Permilia S Spooner (m. 19 Apr 1857)
Hymer, Isaac P and Mary Hopkins (m. circa 11 Oct 1814)
Hymer, Isaac Wesley and Leah Wanetta Smith
Hymer, Jack Lee Sr and Evelyn A (--?--) (m. circa 1929)
Hymer, Jacob Arthur and Mabel Hulda Shoup
Hymer, Jacob H and Anna B Vandyke (m. 19 Sep 1877)
Hymer, Jacob P and Mary H Willis (m. 18 Feb 1864)
Hymer, Jacob P and Sarah Willis (m. 20 Oct 1819)
Hymer, James A and Margaret Campbell
Hymer, James A and Ollie May McConnell (m. 16 Dec 1907)
Hymer, James and Amanda Martin (m. 8 Oct 1835)
Hymer, James and Debora Jane Van Vranken (m. 20 Mar 1884)
Hymer, James and Sarah Elizabeth Cassidy (m. 5 Sep 1844)
Hymer, James Gilbert and Alice (--?--)
Hymer, James Gilbert and Helen Bennett
Hymer, James Isaac and Attie B King (m. 15 Feb 1893)
Hymer, James M and Nancy Rogers (m. 29 Feb 1852)
Hymer, James Sterling and Della Thouse (m. circa 1889)
Hymer, James Vernon and Bennie Estelle Davenport (m. circa 1893)
Hymer, James Watson and Ella M King (m. 14 Mar 1893)
Hymer, Jennetta and Samuel L Orr (m. 28 Feb 1878)
Hymer, Jesse H and Henrietta A Biggerstaff (m. 26 Mar 1868)
Hymer, Jesse P and Sarah Eliza Gill (m. 14 Mar 1831)
Hymer, Jessie Delila and W F Wright (m. 20 Jan 1907)
Hymer, Jessie Otis and Maud M LaFallette (m. 3 Aug 1890)
Hymer, Jessie Otis and Nina Elizabeth Krause (m. 25 Jan 1900)
Hymer, John A and Minnie R Woods (m. 17 Jul 1890)
Hymer, John and Almeda Coyle (m. 14 Apr 1892)
Hymer, John and Mary E Durbin (m. circa 1848)
Hymer, John and Mary Jane Carroll (m. 4 Jul 1882)
Hymer, John Biggs and Eliza (--?--)
Hymer, John Biggs and Elizabeth (--?--)
Hymer, John Biggs and Sophia Melissa Allison (m. 16 Jul 1874)
Hymer, John D and Elizabeth Alfrey (m. 22 Mar 1846)
Hymer, John Francis and Milly F Collins (m. 7 Sep 1907)
Hymer, John Henry and Bertha Viola Precilla Thrapp (m. 20 Mar 1912)
Hymer, John Henry and Ethel Caroline Shaffer (m. 31 Mar 1921)
Hymer, John J and Rhoda Hiet (m. 2 Aug 1931)
Hymer, John Jackson and Mary Melinda Moore
Hymer, John William and Laura Willetta Pearson (m. 16 Oct 1882)
Hymer, Joseph Edmond and Zelma E Wade (m. circa 1910)
Hymer, Josephine and John L Talbott (m. 26 Dec 1878)
Hymer, Josephine Edna and Charles Max Sparrow (m. 9 Mar 1940)
Hymer, Julia Fannie and John William Shelton (m. 24 Feb 1906)
Hymer, Julian B and Rhoda M Smith (m. 16 May 1905)
Hymer, Katie P and Jacob Pence
Hymer, Laura and Jarvis E Colston (m. circa 1892)
Hymer, Laura Belle and Carl A Adams
Hymer, Laura M and Edward M Brewer (m. 8 May 1878)
Hymer, Leah and Francis Marion Nulph (m. 25 Jan 1891)
Hymer, Leah and Robert S Anthony (m. circa 1879)
Hymer, Leonard Royce and Peggy O'Hare
Hymer, Levi and Anna J (--?--)
Hymer, Levi and Malissa Dixon (m. 29 Sep 1908)
Hymer, Lewis and Candice Murphy (m. 1 Jun 1892)
Hymer, Lewis Clark and Irene Flanders (m. 28 Aug 1948)
Hymer, Lewis Clark and Lucille M Dale (m. circa 1928)
Hymer, Lieurany and Nicodemus Charles Lilly (m. 27 Sep 1877)
Hymer, Lilly Lee and Albert H Williams (m. 3 Sep 1885)
Hymer, Lola Syville and Floyd R Crane
Hymer, Louisa and John L Edwards (m. 4 Nov 1888)
Hymer, Louisa and John L Edwards (m. 4 Nov 1888)
Hymer, Louise and (--?--) Troutman
Hymer, Lucinda and Elihu Cox (m. Jun 1870)
Hymer, Lucinda and William R Miller (m. 17 Jan 1884)
Hymer, Lucinda and William S Parsons (m. 25 Nov 1886)
Hymer, Lucinda B and Levi Flynn (m. 6 May 1845)
Hymer, Lucinda B and Levi Flynn (m. 6 May 1845)
Hymer, Lulu R and Andrew Kurz (m. 8 Feb 1905)
Hymer, Luna and Clarence E Long (m. 23 Oct 1911)
Hymer, Luna and W H McNeely (m. 7 May 1929)
Hymer, Lydia and Silas Taylor Rice (m. 19 Oct 1893)
Hymer, Lydia K and James Norton Todd (m. 29 Jun 1893)
Hymer, Malinda and Elias Tunget (m. circa 1910)
Hymer, Margaret A and David Marcum (m. 8 Sep 1890)
Hymer, Margaret Edith and John Wilson Richardson (m. 18 Aug 1880)
Hymer, Margaret Jane and John William Colston
Hymer, Margaret Jane and John William Colston
Hymer, Marvin W and Mary Lou Lane (m. 4 Jun 1949)
Hymer, Mary and David Willis (m. 14 Jun 1860)
Hymer, Mary and Doniphan Poteet (m. 30 Sep 1870)
Hymer, Mary and Doniphan Poteet (m. 30 Sep 1870)
Hymer, Mary and Emmet S Murphy (m. 6 Apr 1889)
Hymer, Mary and Richard Willis (m. 28 Mar 1843)
Hymer, Mary and Thomas Gardiner (m. 4 May 1866)
Hymer, Mary E and Christopher Columbus Rice (m. 2 Nov 1882)
Hymer, Mary E and James G Blankenship (m. 14 Feb 1902)
Hymer, Mary E and John Thomas Wright
Hymer, Mary E P and Thomas B Rogers (m. 31 Jul 1860)
Hymer, Mary Elizabeth and James French (m. 3 Oct 1867)
Hymer, Mary Elizabeth and Thomas Benton Quinn (m. 19 Sep 1888)
Hymer, Maud Alice and Alvin Nier (m. 15 Aug 1903)
Hymer, McKinley Sr and Margaret Isaacs (m. 15 Oct 1925)
Hymer, Merrit and Martha Frances Trail (m. 18 Nov 1875)
Hymer, Mildred G and Edward M Kamine (m. circa 1920)
Hymer, Millard and Bessie Hisle (m. circa 1922)
Hymer, Minerva and Levi Flynn
Hymer, Minerva and Levi Flynn
Hymer, Minerva Jane and Ira Suddarth (m. 30 Dec 1847)
Hymer, Miranda and Charles Rice (m. 23 Jan 1896)
Hymer, Montgomery Vernon and Henrietta Mabel Manuel (m. 10 Mar 1936)
Hymer, Montgomery Vernon and Ruth Elaine Warren (m. 17 Nov 1928)
Hymer, Myrtle Dorothy and Andrew Wright (m. circa 1917)
Hymer, Nancy and Samuel Poteet
Hymer, Nancy and Samuel White Malott (m. 26 Sep 1852)
Hymer, Nancy and Samuel White Malott (m. 26 Sep 1852)
Hymer, Nellie M and Richard S Dunnahay (m. 29 Dec 1927)
Hymer, Newton Simrall and Mary S Kennan (m. 15 Sep 1914)
Hymer, Oliver Perry and Frances Eugenia Wilkerson (m. 11 Jan 1881)
Hymer, Oliver Wesley and Letha Nibeck (m. circa 1925)
Hymer, Opal and William Harvey Garnes (m. 8 Oct 1921)
Hymer, Orvis and Nora B Begley (m. 25 Feb 1915)
Hymer, Owen B and (--?--) (--?--)
Hymer, Owen B and Mary Evans (m. 11 Nov 1879)
Hymer, Owen B and Retha Cox (m. circa 1919)
Hymer, Parmelia and Peyton W Marlow (m. 2 Apr 1848)
Hymer, Phillip B and Linnie B Dunnahay (m. 27 Dec 1927)
Hymer, Provy and Manker Spaulding (m. 10 Nov 1909)
Hymer, Rachael P and Solomon Dickerson (m. 8 Dec 1833)
Hymer, Ralph Lindberg and Zona Joy Roberts
Hymer, Raymond and Anna E (--?--) (m. circa 1920)
Hymer, Raymond and Ethel Winkle (m. 15 Dec 1924)
Hymer, Rebecca Delila and William Michael Hockaday (m. 15 Apr 1891)
Hymer, Rebecca P and George W Swank (m. 13 Oct 1831)
Hymer, Rebecca P and Samuel Kennedy (m. 6 Jan 1814)
Hymer, Rex Ray and Marjorie (--?--) (m. 30 Nov 1939)
Hymer, Rhoda Ann and Samuel White Malott (m. 15 Sep 1846)
Hymer, Rhoda Ann and Samuel White Malott (m. 15 Sep 1846)
Hymer, Rhoda Bell and Charles R Evans (m. 16 Jan 1901)
Hymer, Richard and Cynthia Louise West (m. 8 Jan 1888)
Hymer, Richard and Lenora (--?--)
Hymer, Robert Luther and Lorena America Collins (m. 7 Mar 1900)
Hymer, Roxie Vesta and Rex Rathbun
Hymer, Roy Earl and Lessie L Jamison (m. 16 May 1924)
Hymer, Roy John and Nellie May Smith (m. 14 Jun 1904)
Hymer, Ruth L and (--?--) Rodgers
Hymer, Sallie and James M Prather (m. 25 Dec 1910)
Hymer, Sally G and Lewis Eugene Dresslaer (m. 5 Nov 1884)
Hymer, Samantha and Franklin Midyett
Hymer, Samantha and William F Taylor (m. 18 May 1877)
Hymer, Samuel and Tabitha Ann Murphy (m. 20 Apr 1912)
Hymer, Samuel B and Lydia Logsdon (m. 17 Jan 1811)
Hymer, Samuel H and Sarah Lucetta LaFollett (m. 8 Nov 1864)
Hymer, Sarah B and James M Wilson (m. 23 Apr 1833)
Hymer, Sarah Belle and Daniel A McDowell (m. 23 Nov 1898)
Hymer, Sarah Ellen and Fredric Ely Willis (m. Nov 1887)
Hymer, Sarah Ellen and Henry W Sturdivant (m. 25 Dec 1882)
Hymer, Sarah Ellen and Joseph Lucien Thing (m. circa 1885)
Hymer, Sarah Ellen and Richard French (m. 1 Jun 1871)
Hymer, Sarah Frances and Daniel Shaver (m. 10 Jul 1851)
Hymer, Sarah Gertrude and Richard C Willis (m. 24 Nov 1897)
Hymer, Stewart H and Isabel Gilmore (m. 1870)
Hymer, Sylvanus and John L Edwards (m. 25 Sep 1879)
Hymer, Sylvanus and John L Edwards (m. 25 Sep 1879)
Hymer, Theodore Arthur and Nellie Alvira Van Pelt (m. 30 Mar 1926)
Hymer, Theodore Floyd and Bernice L Pearson (m. 9 Oct 1938)
Hymer, Thomas and Della Lovella Akins (m. 8 Jan 1905)
Hymer, Thomas G and Maude Mary Prutzman (m. 23 Mar 1892)
Hymer, Thomas J and Ann A Wright (m. 19 Mar 1885)
Hymer, Walter and Carrie Belle Woolums
Hymer, Walter Gresham and Mary Mable Mattox (m. 24 Dec 1913)
Hymer, Wiley Emmett and Grace (--?--)
Hymer, Wiley Emmett and Lydia Janette Olenhouse (m. 4 Dec 1937)
Hymer, Willard and Delma Plowman (m. circa 1925)
Hymer, William B and Ann Cox (m. 1 Sep 1849)
Hymer, William B and Mary Catherine Adams (m. 30 Aug 1886)
Hymer, William Beckel and Malissa F Rose (m. 12 Feb 1891)
Hymer, William Benson and Frieda (--?--)
Hymer, William Benson and Goldie O'Bryant
Hymer, William Dean and Carolyn F McGhee
Hymer, William Dean and Patricia Joan Roots
Hymer, William Henry and Dulcena A Pence (m. 6 Dec 1855)
Hymer, William Otto and Esther (--?--)
Hymer, William Spencer and (--?--) (--?--)
Hymer, William Spencer and Bertha Mast
Hymer, William Woodrow Wilson and Loreen (--?--)
Hymer, Willie B and Sterling Price Switzer
Hymer, Willie Whitfield and Estelle (--?--)
Hymer, Willis Pierson and Ida May O'Bryant (m. 18 Oct 1881)
Hymer, Willis R and Gertrude R (--?--)
Hymer, Willis S and Elizabeth Searcy (m. 21 Dec 1848)
Hymer, Zoe Constance and (--?--) Littleton
Hynes, Margaret Cecelia and Ray Carter Beckelheimer (m. 10 Aug 1918)
Hyres, William H and Catherine Fletcher (m. 5 Nov 1910)
Hyres, William H and Lavina Bechtelheimer (m. 13 Sep 1860)
Hyres, William H and Mary Jane Goff (m. 26 May 1864)
Hyres, William H and Sarah Ellen Clark (m. 9 Oct 1866)
Icenogle, Emmet P and Eva Jane Beckelshymer
Idlet, Hester and Aaron Beckelhimer (m. 11 Feb 1841)
Ihler, Myrtle and Nicodemus Charles Lilly (m. 1 Sep 1891)
Iles, Evelyn S and (--?--) Sparks
Iles, Oscar Fernand and Lula Ellen Behymer (m. 24 Feb 1920)
Imholte, Ruth and Charles Marion Behymer (m. 31 Dec 1923)
Imholte, Ruth and David S O'Connell (m. 18 Nov 1926)
Inaffet, Sarah Ann and Isaac Grantham Lawshe
Ingram, Alfred H and Thelma Saul (m. 27 Nov 1936)
Ingram, Alfred Thomas and Elvira Narcissus East (m. 11 Feb 1895)
Ingram, Eli and Clara Belle Behymer (m. 14 Nov 1888)
Ingram, Martha Dell and Jack McCanless
Ingram, Martha Dell and Laurin McKnight
Ingram, Mary Elizabeth and William Robert Linn (m. 2 May 1931)
Inhofer, Anna and Milo Jay Current
Inizley, Mary I and John Wesley A Bird
Inman, Lawrence and Naomi Faye Lutz (m. circa 28 Sep 1932)
Insley, Birdie and Thomas Virgil P Simer (m. 6 Aug 1899)
Iredale, Robert Elwood and Mary Ellen Hobbs
Iredale, Robert Elwood and Maude Elizabeth Henry (m. circa 1900)
Ireton, Harriet and Allen Johnson (m. 24 Jan 1892)
Irick, Anna Elizabeth and Emery Hoskins (m. 25 Jul 1898)
Irland, Margaret Latimer and Robert Alter Lawshe
Irland, T Edwin and Emma P McCurdy
Irvin, Lillian Georgia and Manfred Nathaniel Picklesimer (m. 29 Nov 1901)
Irvin, Lillian Georgia and Manfred Nathaniel Picklesimer (m. 29 Nov 1901)
Irvin, Mary Louise and David Sherman Picklesimer (m. 30 Jul 1904)
Irvin, Mary Louise and David Sherman Picklesimer (m. 30 Jul 1904)
Isaac, Beulah and Charles Dillard Picklesimer (m. 2 Jul 1928)
Isaac, Beulah and Charles Dillard Picklesimer (m. 2 Jul 1928)
Isaacs, Margaret and McKinley Hymer Sr (m. 15 Oct 1925)
Jackson, Ambrose C and Minnie Middaugh
Jackson, Arthur Delzell and Maude Miller
Jackson, Charles E and Elizabeth I Biram (m. 1958)
Jackson, Charles Fremont and Anmary Coats (m. 7 Jan 1897)
Jackson, Charles Wilson and Helen Rose Humble (m. Jul 1937)
Jackson, Clara Belle and Edgar William Guertner (m. 22 Feb 1915)
Jackson, Clara Belle and George Daniels (m. circa 1950)
Jackson, Darius and Belle (--?--)
Jackson, Dorman William and Iva Mae White (m. 2 Apr 1932)
Jackson, Dorothy Harriet and Melvin Bryon Savage
Jackson, Everett and Jessie (--?--) (m. circa 1909)
Jackson, Frances and Thomas A Carter (m. 22 Sep 1909)
Jackson, Francis Marion and Dorcas Ann Delzel (m. 28 Oct 1875)
Jackson, Frankie Barnes and Fred W Roach
Jackson, Hattie L and Russell E Stranathan
Jackson, Ida May and William Wallace Baldwin (m. 25 Sep 1890)
Jackson, Inez and Charles C Davis
Jackson, Isadora J and Thomas D Rogers (m. 2 Nov 1884)
Jackson, Jacob Preston Young and Carrie Marie Stroud (m. 25 Dec 1872)
Jackson, James Clarence and Grace Corello Lucas (m. 31 Jan 1912)
Jackson, James Harvey (Dr) DDS and Jennieve Kellogg
Jackson, James Wellington and Retta Albertie Behymer (m. 20 Apr 1916)
Jackson, Jane and Elias Owens (m. 8 Mar 1852)
Jackson, Jane and Jacob Carr (m. 13 Dec 1827)
Jackson, Jessie Belle and William Earl Thompson (m. 5 Aug 1909)
Jackson, Joan Ellen and George Arthur Oglesby
Jackson, John Henry and Emily Jane Brooks (m. 17 Mar 1876)
Jackson, Keziah Alta M and John Alva Lloyd (m. 18 Jun 1891)
Jackson, Letha and Ray Wilson McKie (m. 6 Jul 1921)
Jackson, Louisa and Elijah M Bayes (m. 9 Dec 1880)
Jackson, Lozier T and Effie McDole (m. 25 Dec 1905)
Jackson, Lozier T and Sarah Belle Wood (m. 28 Jun 1885)
Jackson, Mabel Ida and Harley Nathan Andrews
Jackson, Mary Etta and Norris Lee Shook (m. 11 Jun 1939)
Jackson, Mary Louise and Harry Raymond Beckelhimer (m. 6 Apr 1940)
Jackson, Mary Louise and Lucien Mansfield Chandler B'Hymer
Jackson, Mary Louise and Robert Driver Cribbet (m. circa 3 Dec 1942)
Jackson, Narvin Raymond and Margaret Catherine Bricker (m. 12 Dec 1917)
Jackson, Narvin Raymond and Neva Ula Roach (m. 23 Dec 1925)
Jackson, Nellie M and Victor Cox
Jackson, Nora Mae and Lloyd Young
Jackson, Nora Mae and William H Cheairs (m. circa 1896)
Jackson, Oliver Perry Martin and Lucy Mendenhall (m. 9 Nov 1890)
Jackson, Oliver W and Mattie C Jones (m. 12 Oct 1935)
Jackson, Percy Stroud and Edith Hilton
Jackson, Sarah Ann and Mahlon R Blystone (m. 16 Dec 1876)
Jackson, Sarah Elizabeth and John Vail (m. 8 Feb 1872)
Jackson, Sylvia Evageline and Robert Henry Shook (m. 6 Jun 1934)
Jackson, William L and Harriett Jane Behymer (m. 14 Nov 1846)
Jacobs, Alice and G Raymond Nash (m. 13 May 1912)
Jacobs, Ethel B and Harold Todd Powers (m. 24 Dec 1912)
Jacobs, Nancy C and (--?--) McDonald
Jacobs, Nancy C and Benjamin Behymer (m. 13 Mar 1867)
Jaeger, Christina E F and George Francis Behimer (m. 9 Mar 1891)
James, Earl and Opal P'Simer (m. 1 Nov 1930)
James, Lawton Pinkney and Irene Picklesimer
Jameson, Ciseline and Williamson Jones (m. 13 Nov 1882)
Jameson, John and Dicia (--?--)
Jameson, Julietta Matilda and Franklin Brown
Jameson, Mary Catherine and Solomon J Rich (m. 12 Aug 1868)
Jameson, William and Amanda Bersheba Rich (m. 3 Dec 1869)
Jameson, William and Mary Nancy Pickelsimer
Jameson, William M and Mary E (--?--)
Jameson, Zenos Alexander and Lucinda Caroline (--?--) (m. circa 1876)
Jamieson, Jane and William A Stapleton (m. 27 Oct 1887)
Jamison, Lessie L and Roy Earl Hymer (m. 16 May 1924)
Janz, Selma and Raymond W Behymer (m. 28 Aug 1933)
Jarman, Edmund Pattison and Nina Evelyn Manning (m. 11 Feb 1950)
Jarrell, Charlotte and Alfred Bhymer (m. 20 Dec 1849)
Jarrell, Mary Jane and Columbus Bhymer (m. 31 Dec 1850)
Jarrett, Daisy Ethel and Isaac Hollingsworth Day (m. 25 Dec 1898)
Jarrett, Harry C and Edna M Davis (m. circa 1908)
Jarvis, Jessie Ellen and Charles Edward Hiatt (m. 10 Sep 1904)
Jayne, Louisa and William Albert Lemaster (m. 9 Feb 1892)
Jech, Fred and Ida Eller Morris
Jeffers, Gladys Lorraine and Harold C John (m. 29 Apr 1936)
Jeffers, Lewis Charles and Stella Mae Gayer (m. circa 1906)
Jeffries, Jess and Mindy J Biram
Jeffries, Levi Pierce and Margaret Catharine Bechtelheimer (m. 18 Jun 1876)
Jeffries, Maude C and Irvin C Snyder (m. circa 1900)
Jeffries, Robert and Nettie Behymer
Jenkins, (--?--) and Garnett June Prather
Jenkins, Belva M and Alva W Neilson
Jenkins, Belva M and Frank Parker Arthur (m. 22 May 1918)
Jenkins, Esta and Harry Mahan
Jenkins, Junior C and Minerva Caroline Vancil
Jenkins, Ruth and Henry L Hymer (m. 16 Sep 1891)
Jennings, Algela Paralee and Charles Grant Beckelhimer (m. 27 Dec 1888)
Jennings, Betty and Thomas Keen Gordon (m. 31 Aug 1882)
Jennings, John A Jr and Bercha Beckelhimer (m. 21 Feb 1909)
Jennings, John B and Mabel Mullen
Jennings, Luther and Harriett O Gordon (m. 20 May 1880)
Jennings, Minnie and Hugh N Simer (m. circa 1905)
Jennings, Ralph Mason and Mary Frances Flowers (m. 30 Jan 1946)
Jesberg, Edward G and Beulah Pickelsimer
Jessie, Ella and James Harvey P'Simer (m. circa 1885)
Jessup, Roscoe C and Ella Haines (m. 7 Mar 1894)
Jessup, Roscoe C and Wilma Josephine (--?--) (m. circa 1907)
Jett, James Lee and Constance Elaine Behymer
Jett, Russell Earl and Lola Fern Jones (m. Jul 1940)
Jobe, Elizabeth Pearl and (--?--) Thompson
Jobe, Elizabeth Pearl and Oliver Perry Manning (m. 6 Mar 1915)
Johanning, Flo and William E Schwey (m. 3 Dec 1927)
John, Harold C and Gladys Lorraine Jeffers (m. 29 Apr 1936)
John, Hester Ann and Solomon Behymer (m. 22 Jun 1865)
John, Hester Ann and Solomon Behymer (m. 28 Dec 1889)
John, Martha P and James Franklin Sollenberger (m. 21 Aug 1888)
John, Martha P and William C Beckett (m. 26 Sep 1875)
John, Maude May and Claude Elijah Behymer (m. 15 Dec 1904)
John, Maude May and Claude Elijah Behymer (m. 15 Dec 1904)
John, Sarah A and John Windsor (m. 19 Dec 1850)
John, Sarah A and Sylvester F Townsley (m. 30 May 1854)
John, Sarah and John Behymer 1st (m. 22 Oct 1835)
John, Sarah Eliza and James Perry Robb (m. 3 Jul 1873)
Johns, Irene H and Herbert E Wilson (m. 28 May 1917)
Johns, Mary Margurite and Frank L Pickle Jr (m. 9 Jan 1943)
Johns, Wesley and Lulu Belle Ward
Johnson, (--?--) and Arminda J Padgett
Johnson, (--?--) and Elizabeth Bennett
Johnson, (--?--) and Linda M Roseberry
Johnson, (--?--) and Mary J Emory
Johnson, Ada Mabel and Milton Estes Shriner (m. circa 1902)
Johnson, Addie R and Hervey Studdiford Holcomb
Johnson, Albert Leroy and Lilly May Davis
Johnson, Alexander Wayland and Olive Kerr
Johnson, Allen and Elizabeth Behymer (m. 14 Aug 1859)
Johnson, Allen and Harriet Ireton (m. 24 Jan 1892)
Johnson, Archibald and Olive Owens (m. 1851)
Johnson, Bernard Thomas and Edith Lillian Behimer (m. Jun 1924)
Johnson, Charles and Nancy Catherine Atteberry
Johnson, Charles E and Irena Reed (m. 11 Oct 1905)
Johnson, Charles L and Minnie Leona Cary (m. 28 Feb 1914)
Johnson, Charles T and Sarah Jane Davis (m. 19 Aug 1917)
Johnson, Cindy M and John Ayer Jr (m. 7 May 1904)
Johnson, Claiborne F and Minnie Johnson (m. 9 Mar 1882)
Johnson, Claiborne F and Nellie H Foote (m. 30 Aug 1905)
Johnson, Clifford E and LaVerne A Brethorst
Johnson, Cora and Andrew J M Stapleton (m. 26 Jan 1894)
Johnson, Cora E and Clifford Reed (m. 18 Dec 1895)
Johnson, Daniel and Beatrice Jones
Johnson, Effie Margarete and Harry Valintine Stevens (m. 14 Feb 1901)
Johnson, Elizabeth and William Logsdon (m. 29 Oct 1851)
Johnson, Elmer W and Florence B Ulm (m. 27 Nov 1908)
Johnson, Elsa M and Samuel Ross Young
Johnson, Elva and William Madison Beckelheimer (m. 31 Jul 1915)
Johnson, Elva E and Roy N Ayer (m. 25 Jun 1913)
Johnson, Emaline Dalbey and Paul Custer (m. 4 Nov 1856)
Johnson, Emily Ann and Solomon Beckett (m. 22 Oct 1843)
Johnson, Emma and Thomas Ellsworth Goldtrap (m. 14 Aug 1895)
Johnson, George O and Gertrude Stevens (m. 28 Dec 1899)
Johnson, Hannah E and John William Blair (m. 13 Aug 1882)
Johnson, Harlan D and Leota A Oxley (m. 13 Oct 1894)
Johnson, Harvey and Nellie Pickelsimer (m. 13 Mar 1851)
Johnson, Hester E and Henry T McIntire
Johnson, Homer C and Merle M Hancock
Johnson, Ida B and George Glasgow (m. 23 Jun 1889)
Johnson, Ida Ione and Perry Calvin Clift
Johnson, Ival Dean and Noritta May Towner (m. 31 Dec 1955)
Johnson, James Blaine and Blanche M Beckett (m. 20 May 1908)
Johnson, James Blaine and Leah Gilmour (m. 24 Dec 1919)
Johnson, James Harvey and Alvanetta M McCoid (m. 26 Sep 1888)
Johnson, Jennette Delilah and Clifford Behymer (m. 26 Aug 1888)
Johnson, Jennette Delilah and George Ballback (m. 16 Mar 1907)
Johnson, Jennie E and Jesse T Beckelhymer (m. circa 1907)
Johnson, Jennie M and William Colbert (m. circa 1889)
Johnson, Jewell and Thomas Peter Burks
Johnson, John Abe and Cora M Clinkenbeard
Johnson, Josephine and Jackson C Beckelhimer (m. 25 Dec 1861)
Johnson, Leatha Jane and Granville Samuel Beckelhymer (m. 4 May 1894)
Johnson, Leland Robert and Anna K (--?--)
Johnson, Lena and William Jasper Corbin (m. 16 Apr 1914)
Johnson, Margaret Ellen and George Henry Longman (m. 8 Dec 1881)
Johnson, Mary F and Harvey Ashton (m. 9 Mar 1884)
Johnson, Minnie and Claiborne F Johnson (m. 9 Mar 1882)
Johnson, Nora Lee and Frederick Behymer (m. 6 Sep 1909)
Johnson, Nora Lee and Thomas Henry Pickelsimer
Johnson, Otis L and Lorene Behymer
Johnson, Priscilla and Francis Marion Behymer (m. 13 Dec 1877)
Johnson, Priscilla and George Pike (m. 30 Oct 1875)
Johnson, R Murray and Alberta Hinthorn
Johnson, Robert Carl and Martha Ann Caudill
Johnson, Rosa and George B McClellan Picklesimer (m. circa 1902)
Johnson, Russell Oliver and Estella Blanche Ayer (m. 18 Feb 1911)
Johnson, Sarah C and Marshall Pierce Litton (m. 12 Oct 1881)
Johnson, Sarah E and M H Montan (m. 1908)
Johnson, Shockley and Adeline Becklehimer
Johnson, Shockley and Cynthia A Hazlett (m. 1 Aug 1833)
Johnson, Thomas Jefferson and Mary Elizabeth Pickelsimer
Johnson, William A and Isaphine Ashton (m. 13 Feb 1889)
Johnson, William Henry and Ellen Heilman (m. 11 Jun 1899)
Johnson, William Oliver and Anna R Behymer (m. 28 Jun 1924)
Johnston, (--?--) and Alena Phillips (m. circa 1900)
Johnston, Addie B and Curtis Gaines
Johnston, Andrew L and Leora Pence (m. 22 Aug 1897)
Johnston, Andrew Lewis and Elizabeth E Key (m. 31 Jul 1851)
Johnston, Andrew Lewis and Elizabeth E Key (m. 31 Jul 1851)
Johnston, Augustus H and Mary Ann Atterberry (m. 13 Jul 1855)
Johnston, Brook Sterling and Julia Alice Blackwell (m. circa 1891)
Johnston, Brook Sterling and Mary E Burton (m. circa 1904)
Johnston, Catherine and Henry H Landis (m. 6 Oct 1831)
Johnston, Denver Braxton and Myrtle D Howell
Johnston, Elmira Catharine and Orville Pembroke Snidow (m. 23 Jul 1857)
Johnston, Emily Elvina and James Henry Roberson (m. circa 1884)
Johnston, George Lewis and Josie Anna Marion Pitts (m. 13 Dec 1885)
Johnston, Jacob Mead and Willie Tom Walters (m. circa 1886)
Johnston, Jacob Snidow and Amanda Jane Hendren (m. 9 Feb 1853)
Johnston, James H and Anna Maude Mallory
Johnston, James Oscar and Mary Ellen Medley (m. 6 Apr 1882)
Johnston, James Robert and Anna Sidner (m. circa 1899)
Johnston, James Robert and Mary Elizabeth Atterberry (m. 12 Feb 1858)
Johnston, John Anderson and Margaret S Nichols (m. 15 Jul 1866)
Johnston, John Anderson and Nancy M Link (m. 13 Mar 1849)
Johnston, John Holman and Annie Mabel Quinlisk (m. circa 1899)
Johnston, John Robert and Exan Tippie Lambert (m. 28 Mar 1883)
Johnston, Mary Belle and Charles Davis (m. 3 Aug 1910)
Johnston, Mary Isabelle and William Butner (m. 29 Jan 1880)
Johnston, Nancy Evaline and James D Key (m. Nov 1857)
Johnston, Nancy Evaline and James D Key (m. Nov 1857)
Johnston, Robert and Sarah Snidow (m. 7 Aug 1821)
Johnston, Sarah Ann and Daniel J Swinney (m. 15 Feb 1868)
Johnston, William A and Isabelle Jane Alexander (m. 13 May 1879)
Johnston, William A and Laura (--?--)
Johnston, William A and Stella Lee Traughber (m. circa 1892)
Johnston, William Otis and Helen Jennet Carver
Johnston, William Robert and Julie A (--?--) (m. circa 1883)
Johnston, William Robert and Sarah Ann Atterberry (m. 28 Nov 1872)
Jonas, John and Cleo Behymer (m. 9 Nov 1918)
Jones, (--?--) and Flossie Van Horne (m. circa 1925)
Jones, Asa and Mary Downing (m. 25 Jul 1816)
Jones, Augusta Amanda and Alexander Jan Brown (m. 17 Mar 1892)
Jones, B Frank and Elizabeth Almira Cann (m. 20 Feb 1890)
Jones, Beatrice and Daniel Johnson
Jones, Beatrice and James Graff (m. Apr 1956)
Jones, Beatrice and James Graff (m. Apr 1956)
Jones, Billie and Katie (--?--)
Jones, Burrel and Nancy Eppert (m. 19 Sep 1861)
Jones, Charles S and Eva (--?--)
Jones, Charles S and Johanna Leona Dalton (m. 10 Oct 1910)
Jones, Clifford Van and Oda May Reynolds (m. 3 Jan 1901)
Jones, Corda and (--?--) Osborne
Jones, Corda and Bert Larn McKenzie
Jones, Daphne Mamie and Charles Busby (m. 2 Jul 1917)
Jones, Earl Edgar and Clarinda Cornwell (m. 14 Apr 1923)
Jones, Earl Edgar and Mina B Shoemaker
Jones, Ethel Grace and Calvin Beckelhimer (m. 11 Jun 1910)
Jones, Ethel Luella and Charles Black (m. 20 Feb 1932)
Jones, Frances C and Theodore Elliot Behymer (m. circa 1929)
Jones, Frances M and Edward Bascom Picklesimer (m. circa 1912)
Jones, Freddie and Cassie Myers
Jones, Gaylord T and Clarice Shaw (m. 9 Mar 1929)
Jones, Genevieve and George Thomas Hodges (m. 27 Oct 1917)
Jones, George Harvey and Mary L McQuitty (m. 21 Feb 1886)
Jones, Gerald and Charlotte Hanke (m. 11 Jun 1932)
Jones, Harry and Minnie A Modlin
Jones, Hazel M and Harry L Doughman (m. 31 Mar 1917)
Jones, Ida I and David J Pickelsimer (m. circa Jan 1910)
Jones, Ida I and Eugene W Watts (m. circa 1921)
Jones, Isaac N and Maude H (--?--)
Jones, James Edward and Mary Parker (m. 24 Sep 1887)
Jones, James I and Emily Renfro (m. 15 Oct 1876)
Jones, Jane and James Ernest Picklesimer
Jones, Jesse and Jessie Pearl Jones (m. Jun 1919)
Jones, Jessie Pearl and Jesse Jones (m. Jun 1919)
Jones, John Jr and Virginia Ann Beckelhimer (m. 6 Apr 1856)
Jones, John Sylvester and Addie May Finley (m. 3 May 1893)
Jones, John William and Leota May Anderson (m. 2 Jun 1914)
Jones, Joseph and Anna Littleton (m. 15 Dec 1856)
Jones, Joseph Wesley and Florence Kyle
Jones, L T and Lena Fern Picklesimer (m. 12 Nov 1921)
Jones, Lavinia and Nipper Adams (m. 20 Nov 1890)
Jones, Leander and Martha Melvina Behymer (m. 1 Jun 1891)
Jones, LeRoy Maxwell and Delia Clark (m. 18 Nov 1950)
Jones, LeRoy Maxwell and Lena Dameral (m. 17 Oct 1936)
Jones, Levi and Mary Jane Becklehimer (m. 15 Jan 1869)
Jones, Lewis Albert and Forest Rosa Davis (m. 15 May 1890)
Jones, Lewis LeRoy and Edith Mazo Graham
Jones, Lloyd and Hazel M Roach
Jones, Lola Fern and David Hiler
Jones, Lola Fern and Russell Earl Jett (m. Jul 1940)
Jones, Lucinda and Harding A Key
Jones, Mabel and James Graff (m. 1 Jul 1920)
Jones, Mabel and James Graff (m. 1 Jul 1920)
Jones, Maggie Perdida and (--?--) Marshall
Jones, Marshall Wiley and Roxie I Blore (m. 27 Aug 1928)
Jones, Martin and Lulu Pearl Hinshaw (m. 10 Mar 1915)
Jones, Mary A and Sylvester Behymer (m. 26 Dec 1875)
Jones, Mary and Alexander Beckelshymer (m. 28 Jan 1872)
Jones, Mary Belle and Clinton Nash (m. 2 Aug 1891)
Jones, Mary Ellen and Christopher Behymer (m. 1 Sep 1928)
Jones, Mary Emeline and Richard Frazier (m. 31 Oct 1880)
Jones, Mattie C and Frank Schnell (m. 24 Sep 1912)
Jones, Mattie C and Oliver W Jackson (m. 12 Oct 1935)
Jones, Minnie Luetta and William Thomas Emmons (m. 16 Jun 1883)
Jones, Nancy Ann and Samuel Arfaxed Key
Jones, Nancy Caroline and Ernest Albert Tumbleson (m. 6 Feb 1900)
Jones, Nancy Caroline and John Wesley Davis (m. 15 Feb 1908)
Jones, Nancy M and Henry Markeley Behymer (m. 1 May 1859)
Jones, Nellie and (--?--) Cantwell
Jones, Nellie and Roy Warman (m. 1 Mar 1902)
Jones, Nellie May and Carl W Lawrence (m. 28 Aug 1928)
Jones, Paul Eugene and Mary I Gates (m. 24 Jun 1925)
Jones, Rachel Virginia and Jesse W Weatherspoon (m. 3 Dec 1913)
Jones, Ralph Earl and Audrey M Hancock (m. 7 Jan 1950)
Jones, Ralph Earl and Margaret Macko (m. 6 Nov 1937)
Jones, Robert Donald and Ruth Weller (m. 15 Sep 1924)
Jones, Robert Leo and Evelyn Imogene Beckelhimer (m. 26 Jul 1940)
Jones, Rosa Bell and Russell Beall
Jones, Roy Blake and Elizabeth J Coleman
Jones, Ruth May and George M Channell
Jones, Sam G and Rosa E Coleman (m. circa 1914)
Jones, Samuel Birch and Cornelia M McQuitty (m. 25 Feb 1892)
Jones, Samuel Birch and Lona I Bauer (m. 29 Apr 1911)
Jones, Sarah E and Thomas F Beckett (m. 14 Oct 1841)
Jones, Sarah Frances and James Luther Key (m. 1874)
Jones, Sarah Francis and Ivan Douglas Behymer (m. 30 Apr 1938)
Jones, Sue Ann and Jasper Newton Simer (m. 30 Jun 1927)
Jones, Sue Ann and Thomas Wiley Buck (m. 8 Aug 1936)
Jones, Sylvester and Malissa Ferguson (m. 24 Apr 1921)
Jones, Walter Waldon and Grace Pearl Hannah (m. 3 Oct 1900)
Jones, Willard T and Hazel Herskner
Jones, William Thomas and Phrenia E Riley (m. circa 17 Nov 1885)
Jones, Williamson and Ciseline Jameson (m. 13 Nov 1882)
Jones, Wilmer and Edna Wilson
Jontz, Benjamin D and Susie Meloy (m. 1914)
Jontz, Benjamin D and Zula N Bechtelheimer (m. 1 Dec 1910)
Jopp, Helen and Jacob Lawshe
Jordan, Amelia Marie and William Henry Fowlkes (m. 4 Jun 1944)
Jordan, Della Maude and Charles Augustus Behymer (m. 27 Oct 1891)
Jordan, Elizabeth and William Daniel Pickelheimer (m. 15 Jul 1848)
Jordan, Florence Edna and Peter Lowell Smith (m. 28 Sep 1929)
Jordan, Mabel Anna and Robert Louis Braly (m. 4 Nov 1927)
Jordan, Mabel Anna and Vincent Andrew Behymer (m. 13 Oct 1935)
Jordan, Mary Lettie and Ray Higgins (m. 11 Jun 1949)
Jordan, Sanday and (--?--) (--?--)
Jordan, Sanday and Grace Mae Beckelhimer (m. 13 Aug 1934)
Jordan, Volney N and Tolleda Bird
Jorden, Clabern F and Georgia A Mollenhour (m. 1 May 1905)
Jordon, Fanny and (--?--) Horn
Jordon, Fanny and Sherman W Pierce
Jose, Thomas H Jr and Olive Marian Lynch
Joslin, Frank Lewis and Lora Mattox (m. 27 Aug 1883)
Joyce, Lula Virginia and James Marshall Dent (m. 29 Nov 1899)
Judd, Frank E and Orella C Behymer (m. 15 Jul 1926)
Judd, Ida Mae and Henry Harvey Gardner (m. 2 Jun 1884)
Judd, Ida Mae and James Alvin Huntington (m. circa 1904)
Judd, Raymond C and Doloreta V Wilson
Juergens, Antonette Hinrietta Gesina and Leonard Lawshe Skelton (m. 1 Jun 1893)
Julien, Allma M and Joseph H Firsich
Julien, William Joshua and Mary Elizabeth Hughes (m. 28 Feb 1886)
Jump, Julia Minerva and John W Ballantyne (m. 11 Jun 1880)
Junca, Dewey Paul and Neoma Sutherland (m. 26 Jan 1921)
Jureczki, (--?--) and Mary Josephine Kalka
Justice, Margaret and Nathaniel Livingston Bays
Justis, Joseph C and Stella Ann Walker (m. 15 Mar 1903)
Justus, K J and Rhoda Jane Pickelsimer (m. 15 May 1877)
Justus, William Allison and Caledonia Josephine Smith
Kalby, Charles and Treasure L Simer
Kaliher, Margaret M and John Walter Blades
Kalka, Anthony Bernard Sr and (--?--) (--?--)
Kalka, August Samuel and (--?--) (--?--)
Kalka, Clements Joseph and Alice Mary Pue
Kalka, Henry Paul and Susan Mary Anderwald (m. circa 1913)
Kalka, Mary Josephine and (--?--) Jureczki
Kalp, James Lloyd and Martha Wolfe (m. 14 Sep 1905)
Kaltenbach, Joseph L and Lillian Pickelsimer (m. circa 1920)
Kamine, Edward M and Mildred G Hymer (m. circa 1920)
Kands, James and Nelly Mahalia Picklesimer
Kassen, Albert C and Carrie L Wilson
Kassen, William A and Della L Wilson (m. 29 Nov 1905)
Kaufman, Margaret and Clinton W Akers (m. 17 Mar 1892)
Kautz, Cayle and Mae G Smith
Kautz, Cayle and Mae G Smith
Kaylor, Bonnie M and Garrett Eugene Mosure Sr (m. 26 Mar 1924)
Kaysinger, Irene and Robert Royce Ballantyne
Kaysinger, Irene and Robert Royce Ballantyne
Kazee, Lottie Marie and Alfred Church (m. 24 Dec 1916)
Kazee, Lottie Marie and Thomas Grant Picklesimer (m. 3 Apr 1901)
Kearney, (--?--) and Emeline Morgan
Kearns, (--?--) and Cecil Marie Behymer
Keasler, (--?--) and Lavinia Rosa Lee (--?--)
Keasler, Bradley D and Mary Jane (--?--)
Keasler, Bradley D and Tryphenia Harriet Simpson (m. 17 Apr 1875)
Keasler, David Columbus and Mary Elizabeth Pickelsimer (m. 6 Aug 1897)
Keasler, George Winslow and Martha Alice Pickelsimer (m. 1 Sep 1904)
Keaton, Elizabeth and Matthew James Caudill (m. circa 1887)
Keaton, Frederick Alfred and Mary Magdalene Beckett (m. 19 Mar 1901)
Keaton, John W and Martha Picklesimer
Keck, Evan C and Henrietta D Becklehimer (m. 24 Dec 1885)
Keener, James Chatman and Sarah Deliva Picklesimer (m. 23 Sep 1875)
Keener, Maybelle Carolina and John Henry Picklesimer (m. circa 1920)
Keeney, Charles E and Fannie Elizabeth Pruett
Keeney, Harold C and Daisy Behymer
Keever, John Elsworth and Meda Walker (m. 19 Jun 1937)
Keever, Robertson Watson and Elizabeth Bechtelheimer (m. 19 Apr 1866)
Kegg, Harriet Marie and Charles R Young
Kegg, Harry C and Vernita Blades
Kehoe, Bessie V and William H Rozelle (m. 14 Dec 1907)
Kehoe, Daisy D and Edward J Engle (m. 2 Sep 1902)
Kehoe, Patrick William and Laura Vail (m. 6 Apr 1876)
Keister, Hannah Eveline and George Washington Key (m. 15 Apr 1841)
Keith, Oliver Ray and Beatrice Mildred Beckelhimer
Keith, Wayne Joseph and Dora Beckelhimer (m. Jan 1946)
Kelch, Earl Kenneth and Gladys Vivian Humphreys
Keller, Burkhard J and Harriet C Behymer (m. 8 Apr 1875)
Keller, Joe and Margaret Elizabeth Fuller
Keller, Phoebe Elizabeth and Benjamin F Beckelhymer (m. 20 Dec 1865)
Kelley, James Verner and Cora E Hoskins (m. 25 Sep 1906)
Kelley, James Verner and Nellie Powers (m. 13 Aug 1954)
Kelley, Mary Louise and Franklin Brown
Kelley, Myrtle Mae and Clay Burdette Simer (m. circa 1929)
Kelley, Nina Deane and Gladstone E Brown (m. 25 Aug 1930)
Kelley, Nora Drusella and Fred Claudius Burkett (m. circa 1897)
Kellis, Leon O and Sarah Jane Davis (m. circa 1895)
Kellogg, Florena O and Michael Harvey McMillen (m. 15 Feb 1891)
Kellogg, Jennieve and Dr James Harvey Jackson DDS
Kelly, Ida Sidney and George W Simer (m. circa 1897)
Kelly, Mary Louise and (--?--) Abrams
Kelly, Mary Louise and (--?--) Wilcox
Kelly, Mary Louise and Walter Vincent Atkins
Kelly, Robert J and Ines Runyan
Kemberling, Duane and Wilma Caudill
Kemp, Abbie and Beverly Bhymer (m. 20 Jan 1917)
Kemp, Abbie and Frank Lampkin (m. 26 Nov 1906)
Kemp, Abbie and Pearl Hostetter (m. 15 Jan 1927)
Kemp, Dorthy Mae and Arthur Kenneth Lutz
Kemper, Julia A and Arthur William Humphries (m. 9 Aug 1905)
Kempton, John and Grace Mae Beckelhimer
Kendall, Mary J and Lewis Windsor (m. 12 Jul 1857)
Kenker, Christine W and Adolph Behymer (m. 30 Apr 1913)
Kenker, Christine W and Charles E Stisser (m. 20 Jun 1907)
Kennan, Mary S and Newton Simrall Hymer (m. 15 Sep 1914)
Kennard, Lyda Frances and Henry Benjamin Franklin
Kennard, Raleigh L and Carrie Belle Franklin (m. circa 1917)
Kennedy, (--?--) and Dorothy M Picklesimer
Kennedy, Alyce Blanche and Charles Martin
Kennedy, Arthusa and Abraham Peters (m. 11 May 1856)
Kennedy, Burgess and Sara Belle Calico (m. 16 Jun 1884)
Kennedy, Cloade Ellis and (--?--) Esher
Kennedy, Dorse and Lucille Hoover
Kennedy, Elizabeth and James H Martin (m. 13 Nov 1888)
Kennedy, Emanuel and Louanna Ellis (m. 18 Oct 1891)
Kennedy, Eugene Elijah and Alice Carnahan
Kennedy, Evelyn Ora and John Wood
Kennedy, Ida May and Delbert Songer (m. 6 Jan 1888)
Kennedy, Ira See and Iva Lee (--?--)
Kennedy, Jack Reo and Virginia House
Kennedy, James Garfield and Iva D Gramm (m. 10 Sep 1903)
Kennedy, James Mason and Mary Ann Oglesby (m. 13 Sep 1844)
Kennedy, John Mason and Nora Mae Pollan
Kennedy, Katherine Nigel and Daniel Shutter
Kennedy, Martha Jane and Walter Austin (m. 15 Nov 1837)
Kennedy, Mary Etta and Jacob Kyler Rhoads (m. 5 Nov 1893)
Kennedy, Orebecca and Charles Edward Gramm (m. 10 Sep 1903)
Kennedy, Rebecca Ann and Silas N Hardin (m. 16 Nov 1852)
Kennedy, Royal Mason and Molly Edna Pope (m. 9 Sep 1911)
Kennedy, Samuel and Rebecca P Hymer (m. 6 Jan 1814)
Kennedy, Samuel Anderson and Henrietta Modlin (m. 12 Mar 1866)
Kennedy, Samuel Austin and Annie J Parks (m. 20 Apr 1886)
Kennedy, Samuel B and Carra Leona (--?--)
Kennedy, Samuel Elbert and Nora Angeline Henninger (m. 23 Dec 1905)
Kennedy, Samuel Francis and Mary Sullivan
Kennedy, Sarah J and James L Long (m. circa 1872)
Kennedy, Sarah M and John Oglesby (m. 15 Apr 1841)
Kennedy, Susan and (--?--) Crope
Kennedy, Trixie Eileen and Orland Wolf
Kennedy, William Henry and Mary Ann Adams (m. 27 Nov 1853)
Kenworthy, Lillian Zella and David Cooper
Kenyon, Olive Mae and Eugene Dannatt
Kenyon, Olive Mae and Melvin Andrew Hoskins (m. 18 Feb 1925)
Kepler, Delila and William T France (m. 14 Jan 1866)
Kepley, Carrie Belle and Clemard Behymer (m. 26 Dec 1897)
Kepley, Carrie Belle and Millard Fillmore Dew (m. 1928)
Kepley, Clarence D and Vera Mae Bechtelheimer (m. circa 1910)
Kerby, Florida Davis and Drewy Meeks Smith (m. 7 Oct 1886)
Kerby, Martha Jane and George Washington Allison (m. 9 Oct 1893)
Kerby, Martha Jane and William Dyas Wall (m. 13 Jun 1915)
Kerby, Mary Elizabeth and Jourdan Jasper Wooddall (m. 28 May 1865)
Kerby, Thurzia Leonora and Henry Williams
Kerby, William Rufus and Fannie Pickelsimer (m. 19 Oct 1841)
Kerby, Wilson Hamilton and Betty Jane Lowry
Kercher, Helen Rosalie and Earl Clifton Lawshe (m. 1 Mar 1916)
Kerchner, Mary and William Louis Behymer (m. circa 1900)
Kerr, Olive and Alexander Wayland Johnson
Kessinger, Bessie E and George Anthony Sowers
Kessler, Rachel and Samuel Housting Bechtelheimer Sr (m. 30 Oct 1817)
Kester, Bonham and Priscilla Stapleton (m. 17 Aug 1827)
Kester, James and Emily Susan Leedy (m. Mar 1876)
Kester, Sylvania and Zachariah Hunt (m. 10 Apr 1856)
Kesterson, (--?--) and Graceline Hymer
Kestle, Mary Louise and Lloyd A Behymer (m. 10 May 1941)
Ketron, Lonnie May and William Thomas Malott (m. 12 Feb 1895)
Kevil, Homer Riffe and Mollie Gibson
Key, Arphaxed and Elizabeth Peck Snidow (m. 6 Apr 1815)
Key, Catherine Jane and Alexander Simer (m. 23 Jun 1895)
Key, Catherine Jane and Alonzo Cornelius Elrod (m. 11 Jun 1903)
Key, Catherine Jane and William Carroll Huddleston
Key, Charles Robert and Rebecca C Davis (m. circa 1881)
Key, Elizabeth E and Andrew Lewis Johnston (m. 31 Jul 1851)
Key, Elizabeth E and Andrew Lewis Johnston (m. 31 Jul 1851)
Key, Elmer Anderson and Georgia Fern (--?--)
Key, Evaline Jennie and (--?--) (--?--)
Key, George Allen and Annie Elizabeth Mayer (m. 14 Feb 1884)
Key, George Washington and Hannah Eveline Keister (m. 15 Apr 1841)
Key, Harding A and Elizabeth (--?--)
Key, Harding A and Lucinda Jones
Key, Jacob Snidow and Agnes Fry (m. 13 Sep 1849)
Key, James D and Nancy Evaline Johnston (m. Nov 1857)
Key, James D and Nancy Evaline Johnston (m. Nov 1857)
Key, James Luther and Sarah Frances Jones (m. 1874)
Key, James S and (--?--) (--?--)
Key, John French and Fannie P Smith (m. 7 Sep 1879)
Key, John Martin and Sarah Harless (m. 18 Aug 1846)
Key, Martin Edward and Octavia Gertrude Spyker (m. 6 Feb 1883)
Key, Nancy Ellen and Jacob Price (m. 24 May 1842)
Key, Samuel Arfaxed and Nancy Ann Jones
Key, Samuel Arfaxed and Sarah Catherine Dailey (m. 14 Jan 1887)
Key, Sarah L and James T Meadows (m. 26 Sep 1842)
Key, Thomas David and Lucy Maria Elmore
Keys, Sephus and Amelia F Hauser (m. 17 Oct 1897)
Keys, Sephus and Amelia F Hauser (m. circa 1898)
Keys, Sephus and Lulu Myrtle McKenzie (m. 11 Sep 1890)
Keyser, Agnes B and Giles S Hiatt (m. 28 Jun 1946)
Keyzers, Ferman Antone and Ica Ivy Lower (m. circa 1925)
Kibler, Mildred and (--?--) Roush
Kibler, Mildred and Karl Willard Emmons (m. 22 Jan 1955)
Kiesler, Catharine and Abraham Leonard Pickelsimer
Kiester, Leo V and Jesse E Humphries
Kiistner, Birdie Elizabeth and Russell Roy Bechtelheimer (m. 6 May 1912)
Kilen, Mayme Louise and Charles Earl France
Killen, Joseph H and Bessie Nash (m. 7 Jun 1909)
Killinger, William and Augusta W Rardin (m. circa 21 Jun 1866)
Kilpatrick, Mary Ellen and Sidney G Shearer (m. 12 Dec 1889)
Kilpatrick, Mary Ellen and Steven Thomas Pickelsimer (m. 12 Feb 1893)
Kimball, Amy Rhea and Code Stoner (m. 13 Jan 1917)
Kimball, Clover Pauline and Harlan John Eggleston
Kimball, John Irvin and Jennie Lenora Behymer (m. 4 Apr 1894)
Kimbler, Anderson and (--?--) (--?--)
Kimbler, Andrew Jackson and Janice Leach (m. 10 Mar 1872)
Kimbler, Clotine and Oliver Barrett (m. 26 Jul 1919)
Kimbler, Cynthia Ann and Abraham William Stapleton (m. 27 Dec 1886)
Kimbler, Dorothy and Robert Browning (m. 21 Jan 1960)
Kimbler, General Logan and Nettie Frazier (m. 6 Dec 1910)
Kimbler, Harrison Nathaniel and Elizabeth (--?--)
Kimbler, Jackson Taylor and Elizabeth Salyer (m. 1 Jun 1872)
Kimbler, Jackson Taylor and Kizzie Clark (m. circa 1904)
Kimbler, John Wesley and Elizabeth Yates (m. 2 Nov 1912)
Kimbler, Joseph and Lourania Frances Kimbler (m. Apr 1862)
Kimbler, Joseph and Sarah Alice Rigsby (m. 27 Feb 1891)
Kimbler, Lourania Frances and Joseph Kimbler (m. Apr 1862)
Kimbler, Manerva Belle and James William Stapleton (m. 26 Mar 1886)
Kimbler, Nathaniel Green and Martha Melvina Collins (m. 1 Jan 1907)
Kimbler, Nathaniel Green and Martha Melvina Collins (m. 1 May 1869)
Kimbler, Solomon S and Loucinda Picklesimer (m. 24 Dec 1846)
Kimbler, Susanna J and William Adkins
Kimbler, Thomas Abraham and Susannah Damron
Kimbler, Walter and Rosa Lee Turner (m. 28 Nov 1929)
Kimbler, William H and Minnie (--?--) (m. circa 1895)
Kimbler, William H and Nancy Picklesimer (m. 2 Mar 1844)
Kimbler, William Henry and Rosey (--?--)
Kimbler, Winfield Scott and Laura Belle Herron (m. 28 Sep 1891)
Kimbler, Winfield Scott and Malinda F Salyer (m. 1 Aug 1878)
Kimes, Alice M and Frederick Gray (m. 19 May 1868)
Kimmel, Lawrence David and Inez Edith Starks
Kincade, Amos and Myrtie Judith Hawkins (m. 15 Sep 1881)
Kincade, Amos and Nellie (--?--)
Kincade, Hazel E and Ernest Edward Bechtelheimer (m. 26 May 1915)
Kincaid, (--?--) and Ollie B Addington
Kincaid, James Allen and Ethel Hymer (m. 23 Feb 1908)
Kincaid, Sarah H and John Behymer (m. 24 Dec 1891)
Kincaid, William H and Elizabeth Stevens
Kincheloe, Emma Ethel and Lucien Syress Behymer (m. 2 Sep 1903)
Kindall, Walter and Fannie Crawford
King, (--?--) and Eliza J (--?--)
King, (--?--) and Louise Cates
King, (--?--) and Nancy Ann Newman
King, (--?--) and Sarah L Pickelsimer
King, Albin Eugene and Flora Derose Clanin (m. 28 Feb 1877)
King, Angenette Smith and Alfred Wilson Lawshe (m. 11 Oct 1871)
King, Attie B and James Isaac Hymer (m. 15 Feb 1893)
King, Bud and Ethel Stopher
King, Edna Elizabeth and Ivan Eugene Behymer (m. 8 Jun 1904)
King, Edna Elizabeth and Oscar Christian Hartwig (m. 13 Aug 1938)
King, Edna Elizabeth and Pleasant Gwine Milliorn
King, Ella M and James Watson Hymer (m. 14 Mar 1893)
King, Frances A and Green R Fields (m. 29 Jun 1870)
King, George Gilford and Evelyn Elsie Behymer (m. 20 Oct 1906)
King, George Gilford and Glenn Marilyn Brewer (m. 30 Sep 1961)
King, George Hegler and Effie Mae Behymer (m. 1 Apr 1919)
King, Harriet Calvert and Homer Ellsworth B'Hymer (m. circa 1907)
King, Jefferson and Josephine Cooper
King, John Jr and Sarah Beckelhimer (m. 31 Aug 1815)
King, Leo Conrad and Maymie M Vail
King, Lewis and Thelma Ruth Reed (m. 21 Nov 1931)
King, Lura M and John Mark Quinlisk (m. circa 1906)
King, Mary Elizabeth and John Milton Cooper (m. 19 Sep 1894)
King, Rachael and Joseph W S Owens (m. 21 Aug 1868)
King, Susan and (--?--) Short
King, Susan and David Pickelheimer (m. circa 20 Jan 1846)
King, Wayne and Stella Crawford
Kingery, Mae and Cary Hodson (m. 17 Jan 1904)
Kingery, Mary and Abraham Becklehimer Jr (m. 28 Oct 1790)
Kingery, Mary and Jacob B Landis (m. 13 Nov 1830)
Kingston, (--?--) and Mable Mae Ninegar
Kinnaman, Asa Elmo and Theda Vivian Higham (m. 6 Nov 1944)
Kinnaman, Curtis A and Rose C Behymer
Kinner, Ruie E and Joseph H Bradbury
Kinner, Ruie E and Marion Christian Ward (m. 2 Sep 1906)
Kinney, Lou Emma and Alvin Clarence Moorman (m. 4 Feb 1936)
Kinney, Mary Read and Clarence Edgar Brown (m. 14 Sep 1932)
Kinnick, James Thomas and Catharine Robb (m. 10 Oct 1917)
Kinnick, James Thomas and Martha Ellen Tildon (m. 6 Sep 1869)
Kinnison, Grace Miriam and Walter Scott McGrew (m. 28 Mar 1911)
Kinsey, Aaron and Elizabeth Bhymer (m. 28 Sep 1847)
Kinsey, Sarah and Abraham Stoner (m. 21 Mar 1822)
Kinsey, Sarah and Enoch Beckelhymer
Kinsey, Susanna and Jonathan Beckelhymer
Kinster, Sabra Stella and Rufus A P'Simer (m. 23 Oct 1900)
Kirby, Aubrey R and Irene Castle
Kirby, Blanche Matilda and Clayton Hatfield Gaskins
Kirby, John Fletcher and Stella Mae Redrow (m. 25 Dec 1899)
Kirby, Thomas and Elizabeth Parke (m. 22 Jun 1865)
Kirgan, Coffman Lorain and Mary Alice Nordyke (m. 27 Jul 1873)
Kirgan, David E and (--?--) (--?--)
Kirgan, Ella M and Edgar L Manning (m. 5 Nov 1878)
Kirgan, Harriet L and William Lindsey Behymer (m. 17 Feb 1860)
Kirgan, John and Mary Ann Custer (m. 10 Nov 1853)
Kirgan, Lida Mary and John Louis Zugg (m. 20 Mar 1887)
Kirgan, Lida Mary and John Louis Zugg (m. 20 Mar 1887)
Kirgan, Lida Mary and William M Ward
Kirgan, Lida Mary and William M Ward
Kirgan, R Wellington and Harriett Beckett (m. 29 Apr 1877)
Kirkham, Margaret Jane and George William Logsdon
Kirkham, Ozro A and Frances L Newkirk (m. 19 Dec 1906)
Kirkland, William R and Haseltine Pickelsimer (m. 10 Apr 1881)
Kirkpatrick, Floreta and Virgil Edgar Bowman (m. 24 Nov 1939)
Kirtly, Edna and Jesse L Beckelhymer (m. 5 Jul 1924)
Kiser, (--?--) and Hazel Blanche Barnhart
Kitchel, Earl Forest and Viola L Harris
Kitchel, Edgar Arthur and Mary Bechtelheimer (m. 30 Nov 1905)
Kitchens, Arminda Evaline and Robert H Smith
Kitchens, Clarinda Indiana and John Dailey (m. 12 Oct 1884)
Kitchens, David and Jane Pickelsimer (m. circa 16 Nov 1836)
Kitchens, Elizabeth Jane and James Mosteller (m. 15 Apr 1887)
Kitchens, Ephraim W and Lillie Alice Spivey
Kitchens, Jason McAul and Louisa Clementine Reynolds (m. circa 1878)
Kitchens, Nancy J and Jehu Montgomery Brown
Kitchens, Rose and (--?--) Ledford
Kitchens, Stephen and Artemissa Burch
Kitchens, Thomas Clayborne and Iowa Ledford (m. 24 Mar 1889)
Klais, Bertram M and Beulah Hymer (m. 21 Mar 1907)
Klamer, F A and Emily Susan Leedy
Kleete, Addie May and Louis Emanuel Bhymer (m. 9 Sep 1891)
Kleiber, Victor A and Grace Barr (m. circa 1909)
Klein, Mary Matilda and Wilber Oliver Smith (m. 16 Apr 1907)
Kline, Carrie Belle and Thomas J Monjar (m. 4 Feb 1894)
Kline, Emma Margaret and Benjamin B Hughes (m. circa 1891)
Klinger, Iva Francis and Howard Clifford Fisher
Knab, Edith and Scott Carl Wilson (m. 18 Apr 1914)
Knabb, Melinda and George Alvin Barton (m. 20 Feb 1895)
Knapp, Hubert Jesse and Mamie M B'Hymer (m. 27 Mar 1907)
Knigge, Sadie C and Granville Picklesimer (m. 15 May 1907)
Knowles, Adam Taylor and Mabel Gertrude B Behymer (m. circa 1915)
Knox, Edward E and Della D Behymer (m. 14 Dec 1910)
Knox, Theodore White and Marian Elise Lamb (m. circa 1917)
Koch, Clyde and Lena V Reatherford (m. 1905)
Koch, Erma M and Benjamin Franklin Behymer (m. 12 May 1920)
Koeppen, William F and Alice Mildred Beckett (m. 14 Apr 1926)
Koester, Anna F and William Jasper Corbin (m. 9 Jan 1887)
Kohl, Bertha and Charles Hayman Pickelheimer (m. 30 Dec 1908)
Kohle, Chris H and Agnes L Thompson (m. 2 Mar 1911)
Koll, Herbert J and Grace Steele (m. 7 Jun 1916)
Koonen, Ethel May and Albert Newton Tumbleson (m. 23 Dec 1919)
Kopp, Louis C and Helen Louise Short
Kopp, Margaret M and Roy L Stankorb (m. 1 Nov 1922)
Kornmann, Daisy T and Walter Earl Arthur (m. 5 Sep 1903)
Kost, Wayne and Marilyn Eileen Lower
Kountz, William Rowan and Annie Lawshe
Koweles, Iva May and Henry Logsdon (m. 1 Jan 1902)
Kramer, Daniel C and Mary Elma France (m. 25 Dec 1890)
Kramer, Daniel C and Mary Elma France (m. 25 Dec 1890)
Kramer, Ina Lavinia and Eston Everett Ericson (m. 31 May 1911)
Kramer, John and Olive F Blystone (m. 22 Dec 1908)
Krause, Nina Elizabeth and Jessie Otis Hymer (m. 25 Jan 1900)
Krause, Nina Elizabeth and Thomas B Ham (m. 18 Jun 1890)
Krell, Chester and Vernita Blades
Kremeier, Sophie M and Frank W Ellis (m. 28 Nov 1908)
Kresse, Louise and William P Cazel
Krewson, Zelpha Leota and John Waldo Sprong
Krick, Fred A and Marguerite Caecilia Behymer (m. 10 Nov 1939)
Krogh, N C and Charity Clanin (m. 12 May 1882)
Krohe, Johanna Amelia Christiana and Jacob Logsdon (m. 17 Oct 1888)
Krout, Mary and Moses A Powers (m. 18 Mar 1889)
Krueger, Carolyn C and Clement Forrest Behymer (m. 3 Jun 1918)
Kruger, Ivan and Dorothy Stone
Kryger, John Pedar and Daisy Belle Pond (m. 2 Jan 1912)
Kuehle, Amelia Katherine and Robert Perry Martin (m. 25 Sep 1897)
Kuhl, William J and Elizabeth C Buchanan (m. 23 Nov 1859)
Kuhn, Frank J and Georgia Cannady
Kunkle, Duane John and Lenoria Picklesimer (m. 21 Dec 1946)
Kuntz, John Clinton and Louie A Post (m. circa 1906)
Kuntz, Karl William and Kathleen Sims
Kuntz, Martha Marie and Clarence S Windsor (m. 7 Dec 1904)
Kuntzman, Francis Archie Clayton and Hattie M Barrow (m. 29 Oct 1904)
Kurz, Andrew and Lulu R Hymer (m. 8 Feb 1905)
Kyle, Edith B and Raymond Charles Stankorb Sr
Kyle, Florence and Joseph Wesley Jones
Kyle, Jane and Orville Myrl Botts
Kyle, John W and Matilda A Durham (m. 23 Mar 1866)
Kyle, Julia Ruth and Perry Wesley Vandervoort (m. 9 Jul 1905)
Kyle, Mary Belle and Charles H Ludlow
Labory, Phoebe and Johnson Wyatt Summerfield Jr (m. 5 Dec 1908)
Lacy, Elsworth E and Alma Bird
LaFallette, Maud M and Jessie Otis Hymer (m. 3 Aug 1890)
LaFollett, Sarah Lucetta and Samuel H Hymer (m. 8 Nov 1864)
Lalicker, Mary and Thomas H A France (m. 20 Jan 1831)
Lamb, Arch M and Marietta L Pruett (m. circa 1893)
Lamb, Audrie Elizabeth and Alvis Tilden Moorman
Lamb, Marian Elise and Theodore White Knox (m. circa 1917)
Lamb, Marian Elise and Wayne Ellsworth Bechtelheimer
Lamb, Nancy Ann and Lorenzo Dumont Dodd (m. 10 Apr 1947)
Lambert, Anna Mae and Buster Leo Simer
Lambert, Benjamin Franklin and Rebecca Jane Becklehimer (m. 1 Jan 1858)
Lambert, Elizabeth and William H Haskins (m. circa 1907)
Lambert, Elizabeth and William Taylor (m. Oct 1878)
Lambert, Exan Tippie and John Robert Johnston (m. 28 Mar 1883)
Lambert, Mary E and Peter Robert Hoagland (m. 26 Feb 1861)
Lamp, Earl W Jr and Ann Louise Behymer (m. 12 Oct 1957)
Lampkin, Frank and Abbie Kemp (m. 26 Nov 1906)
Land, William Thomas and Martha Adeline Simer (m. 19 Feb 1888)
Landis, Albert Morris and Ella Elizabeth Sink (m. 5 Mar 1902)
Landis, Albert Morris and Pristella Jane Winch (m. 14 Nov 1914)
Landis, Catherine and Samuel Witter (m. 14 Mar 1826)
Landis, Charles and Mary Gregg (m. 10 Jun)
Landis, Charles and Ruby Gregg (m. 7 Sep 1899)
Landis, Daniel M and Elizabeth Eikenberry (m. 5 Sep 1856)
Landis, Daniel M and Lydia A Hamilton (m. 19 Apr 1876)
Landis, David and Elizabeth Picklesimer (m. circa 31 May 1800)
Landis, David and Hannah Elizabeth Eikenberry (m. 18 Aug 1872)
Landis, David Franklin and Mary Christian Lesh
Landis, Edgar and Malinda Evaline Harlan (m. 21 Apr 1877)
Landis, Elizabeth and Samuel H McWhorter (m. 7 Mar 1852)
Landis, Elizabeth and Thomas Ellis (m. 19 Dec 1833)
Landis, Elmer and Elma O Moore (m. 13 Feb 1907)
Landis, Emily and Amos R Woods (m. 17 Dec 1882)
Landis, Franklin and Emma Danser (m. 1 Jan 1880)
Landis, Golda F and William G Renicker (m. 24 Jun 1905)
Landis, Henry and Lydia C Eikenberry (m. 13 Sep 1860)
Landis, Henry and Rebecca Vancil (m. 13 Jan 1826)
Landis, Henry and Sarah Ann Beckelhymer (m. 18 Apr 1830)
Landis, Henry H and Catherine Johnston (m. 6 Oct 1831)
Landis, Hiel Hiram and Mary Jane Eikenberry (m. 3 Nov 1868)
Landis, Ida Rosella and Jonas R Flora (m. 6 Apr 1901)
Landis, Ida Rosella and Reuben S Forney (m. 14 Oct 1894)
Landis, Ira and Sarah Elizabeth Wyatt (m. 13 Oct 1872)
Landis, Jacob and Fannie E Russell (m. 7 Oct 1875)
Landis, Jacob B and Hannah Hamilton (m. 23 Jan 1834)
Landis, Jacob B and Mary Kingery (m. 13 Nov 1830)
Landis, Jacob Monroe and Jennie Flora (m. 5 Aug 1894)
Landis, Jennie Luella and Ross Noakes (m. 10 Mar 1911)
Landis, Jesse Lawrence and Josie May Almack (m. 28 Sep 1901)
Landis, John A and Caroline Thompson (m. Feb 1863)
Landis, John A and Clara Louise Trundy (m. 5 Apr 1906)
Landis, John Perry and Mary Lucille Eddington (m. 14 Sep 1948)
Landis, John Perry and Mary Lucille Eddington (m. 4 Oct 1948)
Landis, Joseph and Prudence M Hughes (m. 19 Oct 1871)
Landis, Joseph Franklin and Donna Wilkerson
Landis, Joseph Riley and Martha Alice Brimm (m. 18 Feb 1888)
Landis, Kathryn E and Raymond F Harris (m. 7 Sep 1912)
Landis, Lorella and William Henry Marsh (m. 17 Jan 1891)
Landis, Lydia M and Benjamin J Butler (m. 26 Feb 1857)
Landis, Mary and Robert A Marshall (m. 15 Sep 1853)
Landis, Mary Catherine and Benjamin Franklin Hankins (m. 30 Sep 1883)
Landis, Minnie Elizabeth and George Butler Asbury
Landis, Ora G and Addie L Duddeiston (m. 3 Sep 1898)
Landis, Perry and Nora S Fessler (m. 13 Jan 1881)
Landis, Perry Arthur and Ina C Woodington (m. 13 Dec 1906)
Landis, Perry Lester and Jessie R (--?--)
Landis, Rebecca and John Albaugh (m. 30 Mar 1852)
Landis, Rebecca and William David Shideler (m. 10 Feb 1820)
Landis, Rosella and Franklin P Zinn (m. 25 Dec 1890)
Landis, Sarah and Jacob Myer (m. 15 Mar 1829)
Landis, William and Susan P Eikenberry (m. 3 Dec 1864)
Landis, William Oscar and Minnie M Peters (m. 26 Nov 1898)
Landis, William Rufus and Verna Beryl Cook (m. 10 Oct 1907)
Landon, Joseph William and Gennie B Pence (m. circa 1907)
Landrum, Oley R and Missouri Ann Bhymer (m. circa 7 Oct 1863)
Landry, John and Mary Jane Spalding
Lane, Hannah B and James Eliga Starks (m. circa 1891)
Lane, Hannah B and John M Pordell (m. 9 Sep 1885)
Lane, James Otis and Carnie Grace Chittick
Lane, Mary Elizabeth and Levi Fleming
Lane, Mary Lou and Marvin W Hymer (m. 4 Jun 1949)
Lane, Miller W and Martha Jane Lester
Lang, Marion W and Nellie M Bennett (m. 12 Aug 1930)
Lang, Sharon and Gerald W Behymer (m. 23 Apr 1984)
Langford, Frank Benjamin and Mary Emma Hay (m. circa 1900)
Langford, Lora Elizabeth and (--?--) Hunter
Langford, Lydie Lundie and Judson Lagrant Pickelsimer (m. circa 1894)
Langhauser, Barbara J and Oscar L Behymer (m. 22 Aug 1927)
Langston, Albert Waters and Martha D Simers (m. 13 Feb 1910)
Langston, Arletha Mildred and (--?--) Hill
Langston, Carl David and Bertha Avis Lower (m. circa 1907)
Lanham, Ruth E and Emerson Harry Swem (m. 17 Jan 1910)
Lanham, Ruth E and Glenn Sigler (m. 20 Nov 1920)
Lantz, Henry and Caroline Bussard (m. 8 Apr 1841)
Lapham, Robert A and Elma L Vancil (m. 24 Jun 1895)
Larimore, Nellie and Fay Orr Behymer (m. 15 Oct 1893)
Larkin, Mary Elizabeth and William John Hoffman
Larson, (--?--) and Bertha C Pease
Latham, Earl and Mary Ellen Hobbs
Latta, Clifford and Rosa Schlatter (m. 10 Aug 1913)
Laubernds, George H and Mary Lima Behymer (m. circa 1921)
Laudahn, Zender and Lucy O Behymer
Lauderman, Florence and Joseph Beckelhimer Rice (m. Feb 1935)
Lauderman, Ida L and Bernard J Warman (m. 16 Dec 1931)
Launius, Margaret E and Jesse Cletus Bechtelheimer (m. circa 1918)
Laurence, Edith and Ira R Bowen (m. 24 Feb 1900)
Laurence, Ralph and Cecelia F Lawshe (m. 13 May 1872)
Lavender, John W and Teresa Susan Castle (m. 24 Jun 1883)
Laverty, Agnes Frances and Samuel Preston Harper (m. 19 Mar 1888)
Lavery, Emma and Walter Clay Barnett (m. Sep 1904)
Lawless, Ansel E and Lillian M Davis (m. 30 Apr 1910)
Lawrence, (--?--) and Estella Catherine Hymer
Lawrence, (--?--) and Sarah I McDaniel (m. circa 1898)
Lawrence, Carl W and Nellie May Jones (m. 28 Aug 1928)
Lawrence, Edith and James Grover Poole (m. 10 Jul 1921)
Lawrence, Helen Louise and Raymond Woodlief Behymer (m. 7 Jun 1923)
Lawrence, John F and Nancy Powers (m. 27 Oct 1897)
Lawrence, Rebecca and John Jay Lower (m. 4 Sep 1861)
Lawrey, Belle and Andrew Jackson Fisher (m. circa 1909)
Lawry, Nellie Myrtle and Jerome Lee Carothers (m. circa 18 Oct 1938)
Lawry, Nellie Myrtle and Taylor Behymer
Laws, John Bailey and Beatrice May Foster
Lawshe, Aaron and Samantha (--?--)
Lawshe, Abner M and Margaret Murray
Lawshe, Abraham and Anna Hannah Hamilton (m. 1 Jul 1824)
Lawshe, Abraham and Elizabeth Bailey (m. 20 Nov 1806)
Lawshe, Abraham and Hannah Parks (m. 12 Apr 1831)
Lawshe, Abraham and Margaret Bechtelsheimer
Lawshe, Abraham and Sarah Garrison
Lawshe, Abraham and Sarah Stout (m. 24 Sep 1829)
Lawshe, Abraham and Susanna Moore
Lawshe, Abraham L and Sarah A Everitt (m. circa 1878)
Lawshe, Abraham Lincoln and Anna Sweetser (m. 18 Oct 1882)
Lawshe, Abraham Lincoln and Margaret Delight Sweetser (m. 26 Mar 1917)
Lawshe, Alfred Wilson and Angenette Smith King (m. 11 Oct 1871)
Lawshe, Amos Hoagland and Ruth Ann McNeal (m. 21 May 1854)
Lawshe, Anna Amanda and Thomas McCurdy (m. 27 Apr 1854)
Lawshe, Anna and Abraham Moore (m. 24 May 1783)
Lawshe, Anna P and Peter Robert Hoagland
Lawshe, Annie and William Rowan Kountz
Lawshe, Annie E and G T Eugene Hardeman
Lawshe, Arthur G and Laura E Solomon (m. 21 Dec 1894)
Lawshe, Arthur G and Nora A Bryan (m. 5 Dec 1898)
Lawshe, Arthur Prall and Annie Virginia Fossett (m. 16 Jun 1870)
Lawshe, Caroline V and William Rick (m. 20 Apr 1899)
Lawshe, Carrie and Amos Blanchard (m. 1 Mar 1891)
Lawshe, Catherine and Samuel Wolfe (m. 8 May 1832)
Lawshe, Cecelia F and Ralph Laurence (m. 13 May 1872)
Lawshe, Charles H and Lusetta E Bryan (m. 6 Aug 1889)
Lawshe, Charles S and Maude Riggs (m. 5 Apr 1898)
Lawshe, Cherokee Margaret and Hobart Brainard Crofts (m. 14 Feb 1860)
Lawshe, David and Elizabeth Ann Hice (m. 23 Feb 1830)
Lawshe, David and Lillian Lewis (m. circa 1898)
Lawshe, David and Mary H (--?--)
Lawshe, David and Sarah Elizabeth Fisher (m. 10 Nov 1870)
Lawshe, David R and Rose M (--?--)
Lawshe, Earl Clifton and Helen Rosalie Kercher (m. 1 Mar 1916)
Lawshe, Edward Bates and Mary Frances Stinson
Lawshe, Effie and John W Peck (m. 4 Sep 1877)
Lawshe, Eleanor Lydia and William Drake Skelton (m. 21 Sep 1858)
Lawshe, Elizabeth and Arthur H Lealand
Lawshe, Elizabeth and Green M Foster (m. 17 Aug 1853)
Lawshe, Elizabeth E and Isaac Bodine (m. 1 Feb 1838)
Lawshe, Elizabeth Ellen and Ben Alvis
Lawshe, Elizabeth Josephine and (--?--) Chronister
Lawshe, Elizabeth Josephine and Andrew W Bergren (m. 20 Dec 1911)
Lawshe, Elizabeth W and John Wimmer (m. 29 Aug 1844)
Lawshe, Ellen and Abner Metzgar (m. 23 May 1828)
Lawshe, Ellen and John Armstrong Gamble (m. 25 Sep 1827)
Lawshe, Emaline and John Mathew Wilson (m. circa 1866)
Lawshe, Emma and Sherman Taylor (m. 2 Feb 1887)
Lawshe, Er and Sarah Winifred Peck (m. 8 Aug 1854)
Lawshe, Er Jr and Emily V Murphy
Lawshe, Fannie and Erastus E Rockafellow (m. circa 1900)
Lawshe, Frances Van Syckel and George H Armsbury (m. 12 Aug 1858)
Lawshe, Frances Van Syckel and William G HIll (m. 6 Oct 1875)
Lawshe, George and Fransena (--?--)
Lawshe, George and Jane Van Deripe (m. 22 Jan 1845)
Lawshe, George and Mary Etta Daniels
Lawshe, George K G W and (--?--) (--?--) (m. circa 1884)
Lawshe, Georgia Ann Virginia and Peter Cavanaugh Woods
Lawshe, Hannah and Charles W Davis (m. 27 Mar 1851)
Lawshe, Hannah Elizabeth and Charles W Alling (m. 1 Jan 1872)
Lawshe, Hannah Van Syckel and John Carr Dilts (m. 12 Jan 1848)
Lawshe, Hannah Van Syckel and John Carr Dilts (m. 12 Jan 1848)
Lawshe, Henrietta Cherokee and Edward F Crisp
Lawshe, Henry and Mary Moore (m. 6 Feb 1803)
Lawshe, Henry and Rachel Allen (m. 27 Apr 1780)
Lawshe, Henry and Sarah Hoff Carter
Lawshe, Henry Daniel and Hester Ann Richmond (m. 11 May 1844)
Lawshe, Henry K and Hilda Esther Bunce (m. 9 Apr 1878)
Lawshe, Henry Lee and Annie Elizabeth Hudgins (m. 4 Nov 1925)
Lawshe, Henry Lee and Mattie May Phillips
Lawshe, Henry Roscoe and Mae Gilmore (m. 26 Jul 1920)
Lawshe, Ida A and John W Gregg (m. 7 Jun 1875)
Lawshe, Ira M and Ida Everitt (m. circa 1888)
Lawshe, Isaac and Nancy Rockefeller (m. 8 Nov 1825)
Lawshe, Isaac Franklin and Sarah Fannie McConn (m. 17 Nov 1881)
Lawshe, Isaac Grantham and Mary R (--?--)
Lawshe, Isaac Grantham and Sarah Ann Inaffet
Lawshe, Isaac Newton and Polly Ann Eaton (m. 26 Nov 1868)
Lawshe, Jacob and Hannah Van Syckle (m. 11 Mar 1790)
Lawshe, Jacob and Helen Jopp
Lawshe, Jacob and Lynna Elizabeth Bell
Lawshe, Jacob G and Phoebe Ann Bennett (m. 24 Mar 1853)
Lawshe, Jacob Rynier and Harriet F Thatcher (m. circa 1859)
Lawshe, James Emmett and Mary Mae (--?--)
Lawshe, Jane Elizabeth and Henry Smith (m. 28 Jun 1854)
Lawshe, Jeffersonia Elizabeth and Thomas Jefferson Davidson
Lawshe, John and Charity Lomping (m. 22 Jan 1814)
Lawshe, John and Charlotte H Bailey (m. 23 Oct 1866)
Lawshe, John and Julia P Bailey
Lawshe, John and Penelope Chamberlain (m. 3 Sep 1779)
Lawshe, John B and Mary Anna Warner (m. 27 Nov 1846)
Lawshe, John B and Mary Seitz (m. 8 Sep 1805)
Lawshe, John Garrison and Elizabeth C Buchanan (m. 20 May 1849)
Lawshe, John Garrison and Mary Emma Pierson (m. 25 Oct 1899)
Lawshe, John M and Kate McKee
Lawshe, John R and Halina Ann Flicker (m. 30 Jun 1839)
Lawshe, Jonathan Robinson and Mary W (--?--)
Lawshe, Joseph Franklin and Dora Lucritia Thompson (m. 1919)
Lawshe, Joseph Harrison and (--?--) (--?--) (m. circa 1897)
Lawshe, Joseph Harrison and Loubelle (--?--) (m. circa 1909)
Lawshe, Joseph Hawkins and Emily Mitchell (m. 30 Oct 1853)
Lawshe, Joseph Hawkins Jr and Sarah Frances Winborn (m. circa 1892)
Lawshe, Joseph L and (--?--) (--?--)
Lawshe, Joseph W and Elizabeth (--?--)
Lawshe, Joseph W and Martha A Dalrymple (m. circa 1873)
Lawshe, Kitty Clyde and Louis Austin Fincher (m. 19 Jan 1917)
Lawshe, Letitia M and (--?--) Atwood
Lawshe, Levi Hice and Mary Rittenhouse (m. 5 Oct 1853)
Lawshe, Lewis and Adaline Macapis (m. 23 Feb 1851)
Lawshe, Lewis and Cherokee Hawkins (m. 10 Aug 1819)
Lawshe, Lewis and Eliza Atkinson (m. 7 Dec 1843)
Lawshe, Lewis and Mary Bell Hoke (m. 22 Sep 1875)
Lawshe, Lewis Henry and Anna Eliza Gaddis (m. 31 Jan 1856)
Lawshe, Lewis Madison and Elizabeth Jane Bankhead (m. 23 Aug 1859)
Lawshe, Lewis Madison and Mary Jane Heard (m. 2 Oct 1845)
Lawshe, Lewis Madison and Mary P Greenham
Lawshe, Linnie B and Luther S Bevell (m. 18 Aug 1884)
Lawshe, Louis Thaddeus and Helen N Hudgins (m. 6 Jun 1925)
Lawshe, Lucretia A and George A Quiggle (m. 8 Sep 1833)
Lawshe, Lydia and Benjamin Anderson Holcomb (m. 4 Mar 1854)
Lawshe, Malinda Elcy and William Robert Wilson (m. 3 Nov 1859)
Lawshe, Margaret and Andrew Fleming (m. 8 Dec 1838)
Lawshe, Margaret and William Moore (m. 26 May 1786)
Lawshe, Margaret B and Townson W Artman (m. circa 1880)
Lawshe, Margaret E and (--?--) Watson
Lawshe, Margaret E and John R Ruthrauff
Lawshe, Marie and Harry Evans
Lawshe, Martha E and N E Gardner
Lawshe, Mary A and (--?--) Funk
Lawshe, Mary C Lavinia and Desmond Pulinski Hopkins (m. 19 Dec 1866)
Lawshe, Mary Elizabeth and (--?--) Hendricks
Lawshe, Mary Elizabeth and Cyrus Vandolah (m. 18 Jun 1836)
Lawshe, Mary Elizabeth and Isaac Cramer (m. 19 Sep 1852)
Lawshe, Mary Elizabeth and John Trout
Lawshe, Mary J and (--?--) Muddell (m. circa 1893)
Lawshe, Mary Louise and Leo J Dagley (m. 9 Apr 1919)
Lawshe, Medora M and Warren Heberlee (m. 3 Dec 1881)
Lawshe, Minnie Lenore and Edward Smith (m. 23 May 1907)
Lawshe, Minnie S and (--?--) Steele
Lawshe, Oliver P and Marion M Bryan (m. 4 Jul 1889)
Lawshe, Oscar and Sarah C Smith (m. 14 Aug 1880)
Lawshe, Peter Freeland and Julia Ann Cotton (m. 23 Mar 1851)
Lawshe, Priscilla Hanna and James Appleton Wilson (m. 17 Aug 1855)
Lawshe, Rachael Garrison and James Joseph Summerbell (m. 1 Nov 1845)
Lawshe, Rachel and (--?--) Croft
Lawshe, Rachel Ann and Hosea Smith (m. 30 Apr 1838)
Lawshe, Rebecca and George G Lunger (m. 8 Sep 1838)
Lawshe, Rebecca B and John Christ (m. 8 Mar 1838)
Lawshe, Rhoda and William Anderson (m. 17 Feb 1861)
Lawshe, Robert Alter and Margaret Latimer Irland
Lawshe, Robert Hamilton and Margaret P Bennett (m. 21 Oct 1852)
Lawshe, Robert M and Mary J Bigsby (m. 9 Jun 1859)
Lawshe, Robert Stout and Annie B Cree (m. 28 Sep 1876)
Lawshe, Ruth Ann and Lemuel Young
Lawshe, Sarah and David Slifer
Lawshe, Sarah C and Allison White (m. 22 Sep 1841)
Lawshe, Sarah Gordon and Jacob Minnick (m. 6 May 1852)
Lawshe, Sarah P and James M Stover
Lawshe, Sidney Johnson and Frances L Lyon (m. 5 Nov 1912)
Lawshe, Spencer and Rachel Tomlinson (m. 19 Jan 1853)
Lawshe, Spencer and Ruby A Rogers (m. 20 Mar 1864)
Lawshe, Susan and Aaron Streeter (m. 7 Jan 1826)
Lawshe, Theodore Thatcher and Mary Aurela Van Ness (m. 8 Nov 1886)
Lawshe, Theodore Thatcher Jr and Kathrine Betts
Lawshe, Thomas P M and Samantha A Fry (m. 14 Mar 1877)
Lawshe, William and Caroline E (--?--)
Lawshe, William and Eliza P (--?--)
Lawshe, William and Rebecca Hoff (m. 17 Nov 1852)
Lawshe, William C and Mary (--?--)
Lawshe, William C and Mary A Newsom (m. 19 Dec 1833)
Lawshe, William C and Sarah (--?--)
Lawshe, William C and Sarah D (--?--)
Lawshe, William Chamberlain and Sarah E Winkler (m. 9 Mar 1858)
Lawshe, William Emory and Mary Caroline Markette (m. 8 Apr 1855)
Lawshe, William Henry and Rebecca Annie Hatfield (m. 27 Sep 1882)
Lawshe, William Hoke and Anne Neal Estes
Lawshe, William Peck and Annie Fields
Lawshe, William S and Caroline Cook Green (m. 6 Jan 1869)
Lawshe, William Stevenson and Elizabeth A West
Lawshe, Willie Henrietta and John L Malone (m. 20 Dec 1906)
Lawson, Jesse and Christina Ann Beckelhymer (m. 8 Apr 1866)
Lawson, John Onas and Elsie M Oglesby (m. 25 Dec 1914)
Lawson, Minnie M and Amander Frost
Lawson, Minnie Minerva and Emmett Vernon Hamilton (m. 12 Feb 1912)
Lay, Nellie and Harold B Spooner (m. 1 Dec 1926)
Lay, Nellie and Jasper Newton Simer
Laycock, Martha Ann and Oliver Perry Behymer (m. 17 Sep 1848)
Laycock, Nancy Belle and Hamer T Swem (m. 29 Jan 1874)
Layman, Phillip and Rebecca E Smith
Laymon, Hazel Clara and Bennett Allen Behymer (m. Oct 1932)
Lazena, Christina and Joseph Bechtelheimer (m. 21 Mar 1793)
Leach, Alonzo Benjamin and Lena Shelley (m. 14 May 1884)
Leach, Alonzo Benjamin Jr and Beatrice I Reed (m. 26 May 1917)
Leach, Andrew and Julia Ann West (m. 9 Dec 1860)
Leach, Anna and William M Behymer (m. 19 Jun 1845)
Leach, Charlotte and Aaron Sargent Behymer (m. 22 Feb 1855)
Leach, Edith Elizabeth and Garland Wood Hamlin
Leach, Edna P and William Wood
Leach, Elizabeth Ann and Samuel Jefferson Behymer (m. 12 Dec 1839)
Leach, Janice and Andrew Jackson Kimbler (m. 10 Mar 1872)
Leach, John Reuben and Lizzie Jane Beckelshymer
Leach, John W and Stella Tatman (m. 17 Oct 1891)
Leach, Leroy Kenneth and Pearl Mae Hogwood
Leach, Nancy and John Behymer 3rd (m. 31 Oct 1830)
Leach, Phillip and Melissa Behymer (m. 3 Jul 1859)
Leach, Susannah Ann and Findley Behymer (m. 27 Dec 1854)
Leach, Susannah Ann and John Ashcraft (m. 7 Oct 1847)
Leahey, Margaret E and Charles Orien Abbott (m. 29 Dec 1927)
Leake, Alonzo White and Lillie May Brownfield (m. 7 Dec 1918)
Leake, Alonzo White and Lillie May Brownfield (m. 7 Dec 1918)
Lealand, Arthur H and Elizabeth Lawshe
Leas, Daniel and Adaline Littleton (m. 3 Oct 1889)
Leatherman, (--?--) and Florence M Mickel (m. circa 1928)
Leatherwood, Ellen Elvira and (--?--) Bryson
Leatherwood, Ellen Elvira and Thomas Garrison Picklesimer (m. circa 1903)
Leazenby, Earl Luther and Evelyn Mae Behymer (m. 17 Jul 1938)
Leckrone, William Earl and Letha J Bhymer (m. 12 Jan 1925)
Ledford, (--?--) and Rose Kitchens
Ledford, Iowa and Thomas Clayborne Kitchens (m. 24 Mar 1889)
Lee, (--?--) and Myrtie Mae Epperly
Lee, Elijah and Cora Henretty Payne (m. 14 Nov 1907)
Lee, Lawrence Ernest and Madge Pennington (m. 6 Jan 1917)
Lee, Sarah Jane and John Oglesby (m. 5 Jul 1864)
Lee, Ulysses G and Mahala H Parks (m. circa 1893)
Lee, Wesley and Fannie Wilson Smith
Leech, Eula Blanche and Henry L Blystone
Leech, Eula Blanche and John Isaac Hughey
Leedy, Abraham Daniel and Alice Martha Ramsey (m. 30 Jun 1882)
Leedy, America Alice and William Harrison Reeder (m. 19 Sep 1879)
Leedy, Barbara Ann and George Hester Bland (m. 15 Mar 1862)
Leedy, Daniel and Isabella C (--?--) (m. 29 May 1879)
Leedy, Daniel and Mary Huston (m. 7 Nov 1840)
Leedy, Elizabeth and Cyrus F Backus (m. 16 Apr 1868)
Leedy, Emily Susan and F A Klamer
Leedy, Emily Susan and James Kester (m. Mar 1876)
Leedy, Frances Adaline and John Riley Baltimore (m. 26 Feb 1871)
Leedy, John and Margaretta Ritter (m. 25 Aug 1860)
Leedy, John and Mary Ellen Ritter (m. 19 Nov 1873)
Leedy, Mary Margaret and Abraham P Flory (m. 29 Feb 1872)
Leedy, Mary Margaret and George Elder
Leedy, Sarah Jane and Alfred Baltimore (m. 23 Mar 1865)
Leek, Eunice and Grover Cleveland Smith
Leek, Eunice and Grover Cleveland Smith
Leek, Syrilda and Harrison Smith (m. 4 Jul 1910)
Leek, Syrilda and Harrison Smith (m. 4 Jul 1910)
Leeper, Aida M and Peter Willis Delle (m. 24 Mar 1904)
Leeper, Charles E and Annie E Beckelhymer (m. 15 Sep 1870)
Leeper, Elizabeth A and William R Runyon (m. 8 Nov 1877)
Leeper, Minnie Charlotte and Albert Elvin Bechtelheimer (m. 15 Aug 1908)
Leever, Elizabeth and Thomas J Aiken (m. 28 Mar 1897)
Leever, Elizabeth and Thomas Jackson Pickelheimer (m. 1 Jan 1861)
Legan, Julia F and James William Martin (m. 18 Mar 1884)
Legg, Henry Vincent and Cora Lee Aliff (m. 18 Aug 1937)
Legg, Mary Elizabeth and Perry Behymer (m. 24 Mar 1872)
Leggett, Annie E and Almorene Richardson (m. 3 Jul 1890)
Legler, Henry M and (--?--) (--?--)
Legler, Henry M and Frances L Tyler (m. circa 1939)
Leininger, Ray and Florence Behymer (m. 18 May 1935)
LeMaster, Alabama and Greenville Trimble (m. 5 Mar 1887)
LeMaster, Alabama and Greenville Trimble (m. 5 Mar 1887)
LeMaster, Alabama and Hamilton Picklesimer (m. 8 Mar 1881)
LeMaster, Alabama and Hamilton Picklesimer (m. 8 Mar 1881)
Lemaster, Celia Flora and David Sherman Picklesimer (m. 27 Feb 1908)
Lemaster, Celia Flora and David Sherman Picklesimer (m. 27 Feb 1908)
Lemaster, Daniel and Phoebe Ann Rice (m. 16 Dec 1899)
Lemaster, James L and Martha Jane Picklesimer (m. 25 Jul 1907)
Lemaster, James Lewis and Mary Malissa Picklesimer (m. 30 Jan 1884)
Lemaster, Judith and David Picklesimer Jr
Lemaster, Leva Ann and Nathaniel Lindsey Picklesimer (m. 25 Sep 1883)
Lemaster, Manford and Ora Lemaster (m. Jan 1899)
Lemaster, Ora and Manford Lemaster (m. Jan 1899)
Lemaster, Sarah and Francis Marion McKenzie (m. 28 Jun 1875)
Lemaster, Suna May and Challie Nathaniel Picklesimer (m. 16 Jan 1924)
Lemaster, Victoria Alice and John Henry Picklesimer (m. 6 Apr 1905)
Lemaster, William Albert and Louisa Jayne (m. 9 Feb 1892)
Lemaster, William Fleming and Mary E (--?--)
Lemaster, William Fleming and Nancy Elizabeth Picklesimer (m. 12 Jan 1870)
Lemaster, William Wallace and Amanda Jane Spradlin (m. 6 Jun 1892)
Lemaster, William Wallace and Amanda Jane Spradlin (m. 6 Jun 1892)
LeMay, William E and Olive Caroline Martin (m. 21 Dec 1898)
Lemberg, Frances A and Alfred Behimer (m. 24 Sep 1919)
Leming, Paris E H and Lura D Taylor (m. circa 1918)
Leming, Paris E H and Lura D Taylor (m. circa 1918)
Lemming, Nancy and Byron E Emory
Lemmon, (--?--) and Lula M Way
Lemmon, Eliza Ellen and Leonard Bhymer (m. 15 Oct 1863)
Lemon, Hester and Earl Jefferson Gundy (m. 20 Dec 1916)
Leonard, James B W and Arthusa A Rowley (m. 7 Nov 1888)
Leonard, James B W and Rose Belle Williams (m. 15 Jun 1900)
Leonard, Jessie I and Omar C Hamilton
Leonard, Mabel and Martin L Wilson (m. 14 Jan 1907)
Leonard, Mary J and Thomas Beckelshymer (m. 11 Sep 1884)
Leonard, Mary J and William Locke (m. 26 Nov 1895)
Leonard, Willis S and Cora Gladys Bechtelheimer (m. circa 1889)
Lesh, Mary Christian and David Franklin Landis
Lesseur, Lucy and William M Beckett (m. circa 20 Apr 1827)
Lester, (--?--) and Florence Emory (m. circa 1907)
Lester, Abner Hulon and Mariah Elizabeth Wolf (m. 9 May 1850)
Lester, Martha Jane and John O'Neal
Lester, Martha Jane and Miller W Lane
Lester, Matilda and David Bishop (m. 1889)
Lester, Ralph B and Sarah Alafair Bishop (m. 25 Sep 1880)
Letot, Mattie and Isaac Redmon Picklesimer (m. circa 1893)
Lett, Isabel and George W Cannady (m. 25 May 1881)
Leverenz, Emma A and John William Robb
Levey, (--?--) and Clara Trimble
Levy, Durant and Lera A Powell
Lewis, Archie Mathias and Dorothy Hattan Williams (m. 20 Aug 1898)
Lewis, Charles Manning and Elsa M Wills (m. 1 Oct 1927)
Lewis, Edna and George Francis Smith (m. 19 Dec 1900)
Lewis, Elizabeth and Edward Morin (m. 3 Jul 1842)
Lewis, Ethel and Henry Evan McReynolds (m. 25 Nov 1914)
Lewis, Ezekiel and Charity Archer (m. 19 Jul 1821)
Lewis, F Glenn and Ruth A Simmons
Lewis, Harry Eugene and Ruth Ann Morrison (m. 15 Oct 1919)
Lewis, James Oliver and Angie Della Manning (m. 15 Sep 1892)
Lewis, Julia Ann and Asa J Picklesimer (m. 9 Feb 1863)
Lewis, Keith and Edna Marie Nagle (m. 24 Dec 1941)
Lewis, Laura Bessie and Dennis Tilford Picklesimer (m. 14 Nov 1919)
Lewis, Ledra and Alvin Munroe Davis (m. 22 Dec 1919)
Lewis, Lillian and David Lawshe (m. circa 1898)
Lewis, Minerva and Jacob Holen Swearingen (m. 26 Nov 1865)
Lewis, Myrtle and James R Picklesimer (m. 4 Mar 1922)
Lewis, Oliver M and Louie A Post (m. 25 Jun 1936)
Lewis, Ruth and Sylvester Gaskins Jr
Lewis, Sidney M and William Henry Bayes (m. 23 Nov 1874)
Lewis, William and Bessie Edith France (m. 19 May 1919)
Ley, Robert John Jr and Helen Irene Blades
Liggett, Cleo Mildred and Charles Crawford (m. 25 Aug 1951)
Liggett, Cleo Mildred and Raymond Jackson Behymer (m. 5 Apr 1924)
Liggett, Ruth O and Fronde E Tone (m. 19 Jun 1912)
Light, Alma Bell and Raymond Harvey Cornell
Lightell, Viola and Edward E Maundrell (m. circa 1917)
Lightell, Viola and Harry B Behymer (m. 15 Sep 1951)
Lightfoot, Ida Mae and Homer Edward Beckelheimer (m. 9 Jan 1930)
Ligon, Henry Erskin and Anna Mary Hymer (m. 26 Nov 1890)
Lile, Andrew and Vertie Augusta Dowell (m. circa 1904)
Liller, M Rose and Henry Pillen
Lilly, John Homer and Deedy A Fitzpatrick (m. 21 Mar 1917)
Lilly, Nicodemus Charles and Lieurany Hymer (m. 27 Sep 1877)
Lilly, Nicodemus Charles and Myrtle Ihler (m. 1 Sep 1891)
Lilly, Victoria Mae and Kelly P Fitzpatrick (m. 18 Jul 1918)
Limbert, Willis Oscar and Estella Wilson
Limbert, Willis Oscar and Mary Elizabeth Oakes (m. 14 Jan 1893)
Linch, Lavina M and Daniel Jackson Bell (m. circa 1884)
Lindamood, Marvin Talmadge and Catharine Elizabeth Stott (m. 12 Jan 1931)
Lindley, Olive V and Eugene H Hymer
Lindsay, (--?--) and Jacob Rardin
Lindsay, David Russell and Francis Matilda Veal (m. 19 Jun 1902)
Lindsey, Alonzo R and Helen Mary Huston (m. circa 1910)
Lindsey, Amanda Jane and William A Littleton (m. 9 Mar 1848)
Lindsey, Celia Myrtle and Elton Smith (m. 4 Mar 1900)
Lindsey, Charles Oscar and Rebecca R Danner (m. 24 Jun 1890)
Lindsey, Cooper and Mary Jane France (m. 15 Mar 1846)
Lindsey, Edmond C and Ellen J Clark (m. 1 May 1919)
Lindsey, Edmond C and Sarah A Windsor (m. 7 Apr 1870)
Lindsey, Edmund and Edna N Lindsey
Lindsey, Edna N and Edmund Lindsey
Lindsey, Elijah and Elizabeth Ann Behymer (m. 3 Mar 1861)
Lindsey, Elizabeth and Martin Behymer (m. 11 May 1827)
Lindsey, Elizabeth Belle and Charles H Gaskins (m. 12 May 1900)
Lindsey, Elizabeth Pearl and Adolph I Myrick (m. 30 Jan 1898)
Lindsey, Elmer Ellsworth and Laura Belle Griffin (m. 25 May 1894)
Lindsey, Florence A and Charles E Patterson (m. 28 May 1905)
Lindsey, Fred C and Kate (--?--) (m. circa 1897)
Lindsey, Harrison and Josephine Durham (m. 9 Nov 1884)
Lindsey, Henry Wilson and Louise Jane Swise (m. 30 Dec 1900)
Lindsey, Hooper Francis and Alpha Figgins (m. 18 Nov 1896)
Lindsey, Hosea and Susie (--?--)
Lindsey, Huston J and Marjorie Belden (m. 2 Aug 1957)
Lindsey, James and Hiley Ann Parvin (m. 26 Dec 1844)
Lindsey, James and Hiley Ann Parvin (m. 26 Dec 1844)
Lindsey, James and Sarah Jane Brown (m. 21 Jun 1867)
Lindsey, James and Sarah Jane Brown (m. 21 Jun 1867)
Lindsey, Kenneth Harold and Olive (--?--)
Lindsey, Lavone A and (--?--) Burrows
Lindsey, Lee Omer and Cora Elizabeth Barbro (m. 8 Feb 1899)
Lindsey, Louis Behymer and Mary Frances McGuire (m. 23 Jul 1899)
Lindsey, Martha Hortense and Philip Noble
Lindsey, Mary May and Horatio S Hunt (m. 10 Aug 1892)
Lindsey, Nathan A and Permelia Gore (m. 23 Nov 1871)
Lindsey, Oliver P and Lulu B (--?--)
Lindsey, Owen and Rose Hirschbach (m. 23 Nov 1892)
Lindsey, Roy E and Ruth (--?--) (m. circa 1929)
Lindsey, Sarah Ann and John William Gaskins (m. 31 Dec 1890)
Lindsey, Sarah Elizabeth and Moses A J Pickelheimer (m. 9 Jan 1860)
Lindsey, Viola E and Howard H Wilson (m. 18 Nov 1894)
Line, Pearl and Charles Alvin Shoup
Lineberry, John O and Nannie (--?--) (m. circa 1902)
Link, Edna Juanita and Arthur Beckelhimer (m. 18 Oct 1941)
Link, Harriet and John Littleton (m. 15 May 1839)
Link, Nancy M and John Anderson Johnston (m. 13 Mar 1849)
Linkenhoker, M C and William Flinchem (m. 27 May 1913)
Linn, William Robert and Mary Elizabeth Ingram (m. 2 May 1931)
Linth, (--?--) and Clarice Pearl Travis
Linville, Samuel C and Mary Chalfant (m. 1 Feb 1906)
Lipscomb, George R and Francis Irene Pope
Lister, Eliza and Solomon Barnett (m. 28 Jul 1836)
Littell, Kathryn Malinda and Alonzo Lee Sowers (m. 12 Jan 1884)
Litteral, Ida and Marvin Mayo Picklesimer (m. circa 1927)
Litteral, Ida and Marvin Mayo Picklesimer (m. circa 1927)
Litteral, Mary M and Archibald Prater Cooper
Little, Albert H and Charlotte L Parker (m. 1900)
Little, Isabelle and Stephen A Vancil (m. 14 Feb 1875)
Little, Leander and Amanda A Preston (m. 14 Oct 1876)
Little, Mary E and Escom Preston (m. 1902)
Littleton, (--?--) and Zoe Constance Hymer
Littleton, Aaron S and Mary E McCord (m. 10 Sep 1863)
Littleton, Aaron V and Almeda J Rodgers (m. 28 May 1857)
Littleton, Adaline and Daniel Leas (m. 3 Oct 1889)
Littleton, Adaline and Samuel Hereford Brown (m. 19 Apr 1846)
Littleton, Adaline and William B Shelton (m. 19 Mar 1894)
Littleton, Anna and Joseph Jones (m. 15 Dec 1856)
Littleton, Artha Idris and Marcellus T Cooper (m. 28 Oct 1869)
Littleton, Barbara and Isaac Bartlow Armacost (m. circa 27 Jul 1860)
Littleton, Barbara and John Sarver (m. 14 Nov 1850)
Littleton, Elias and Sarah Beckelhimer (m. 19 Nov 1840)
Littleton, Elias and Sarah Beckelhimer (m. 19 Nov 1840)
Littleton, Elizabeth and Abraham Gaskins (m. 20 Jun 1880)
Littleton, Elizabeth Ann and Isaac Beckley Clanin (m. 16 Dec 1841)
Littleton, Ella and Samuel Bassford
Littleton, George D and Ellen France (m. 6 Mar 1856)
Littleton, Hannah Maria and Albert W Bantz
Littleton, Isaac and Permelia Smith (m. 4 Jul 1867)
Littleton, Jane and Albert Welch (m. 28 May 1844)
Littleton, John and Harriet Link (m. 15 May 1839)
Littleton, John and Nancy (--?--) (m. circa 1890)
Littleton, Leona and Jacob Plackard (m. 19 Feb 1829)
Littleton, Leyannor and Alfred Clanin (m. 22 Dec 1844)
Littleton, Lucius A and Emma K Miller (m. 8 Feb 1906)
Littleton, Lucius A and Mary Josephine Reber (m. 15 Aug 1896)
Littleton, Luella D and Frank A Semple (m. 28 Oct 1879)
Littleton, Martha and William Behymer (m. 3 Apr 1845)
Littleton, Martin Van Buren and Mary E Orork (m. 10 Feb 1854)
Littleton, Martin Van Buren and Sarah (--?--) (m. 13 Apr 1884)
Littleton, Mary Ann and Josephus S Reed (m. 9 Nov 1853)
Littleton, Mary Susanna and Robert Ezra Brown (m. 7 Jan 1849)
Littleton, Michael and Mary Ann Butler (m. 27 Apr 1843)
Littleton, Nancy and John Waggoner Sr (m. 15 Mar 1817)
Littleton, Orville and Elizabeth Jane McCartney (m. 12 Feb 1863)
Littleton, Orville and Henrietta Robb
Littleton, Pherel Fielding and Anna France (m. 5 Aug 1819)
Littleton, Thomas and Catharine Behymer (m. 23 Mar 1813)
Littleton, Thomas and Mary M Parvin (m. 3 Jul 1856)
Littleton, William A and Amanda Jane Lindsey (m. 9 Mar 1848)
Littleton, William S and (--?--) (--?--)
Litton, Elmira Catherine and (--?--) Harris
Litton, Elmira Catherine and Marcus Aurelius Swing (m. 1 Jan 1884)
Litton, Fulton Riley and Charlotte Beckelshymer (m. 10 Aug 1851)
Litton, Fulton Riley Jr and Clementine M Swing (m. 11 Sep 1887)
Litton, James and Ann Briney (m. 22 Nov 1835)
Litton, Jane A and William Riley Harris (m. 22 Mar 1874)
Litton, Marshall Pierce and Sarah C Johnson (m. 12 Oct 1881)
Lively, Martha and Luther Pickelsimer (m. circa 1892)
Livingston, George A and Lennie Behymer (m. 29 Dec 1901)
Lloyd, (--?--) and Maud Marguerite Hunter
Lloyd, Ada Clare and Charles Roy Williams (m. 21 Aug 1910)
Lloyd, Aquilla Durham and Elizabeth Clare Hancock (m. 25 Mar 1885)
Lloyd, Eva Mae and Frank Taylor
Lloyd, John Alva and Keziah Alta M Jackson (m. 18 Jun 1891)
Lloyd, John Alva and Lettie (--?--)
Locke, William and Mary J Leonard (m. 26 Nov 1895)
Lockman, Dorothy and Robert Lowell Bowman
Lockner, Caroline and George Allen Boor
Lockner, Charles Robert and Sarah Ann Boor (m. 31 Jan 1901)
Logan, Catharine and Samuel Behymer (m. 20 Mar 1793)
Logan, Charlotte Mae and Estil Franklin Bowman
Logsdon, Andrew J and Rohamah Gaddis Terrill (m. 21 Sep 1877)
Logsdon, Armilda E and Joel Francis Summy (m. 21 Mar 1877)
Logsdon, Charles and Grace Cox (m. 18 Feb 1903)
Logsdon, Charles and Irene Elizabeth Orr (m. 14 Jun 1874)
Logsdon, Elias D and Cecilia Hymer (m. 6 Feb 1839)
Logsdon, Elizabeth and Daniel Dunbar (m. 14 Dec 1871)
Logsdon, Elizabeth and Ezekiel Rose Jr (m. 30 Sep 1858)
Logsdon, Frederick and Elizabeth Parke (m. 1 Jan 1905)
Logsdon, Frederick and Elizabeth Parke (m. 1 Jan 1905)
Logsdon, Frederick and Huldah A Seckman (m. 8 Jul 1896)
Logsdon, Frederick and Huldah A Seckman (m. 8 Jul 1896)
Logsdon, George Edward and Bertha Morris (m. 24 Apr 1898)
Logsdon, George Edward and Minnie Estella Logsdon (m. 24 Dec 1890)
Logsdon, George Richard and Martha Rose (m. 9 Sep 1849)
Logsdon, George W and Susan McPherson (m. 22 Jul 1885)
Logsdon, George William and Margaret Jane Kirkham
Logsdon, Henry and Iva May Koweles (m. 1 Jan 1902)
Logsdon, Henry and Susan Luella Behymer (m. 7 Mar 1893)
Logsdon, Hugh Henry and Mary Magdalene Rittenhouse (m. 24 Jan 1906)
Logsdon, Jacob and Johanna Amelia Christiana Krohe (m. 17 Oct 1888)
Logsdon, Joseph A and Cisily Dunbar (m. 21 Feb 1877)
Logsdon, Joseph and Lucy Elizabeth Parker (m. 14 Mar 1837)
Logsdon, Julia and C C Grosclaude
Logsdon, Julia and George Howell (m. 21 Nov 1901)
Logsdon, Lucinda and Elihu Alexander (m. 5 Nov 1846)
Logsdon, Lucinda and William M Behymer (m. 21 May 1874)
Logsdon, Lucy L and Warren L Durand (m. 6 Oct 1885)
Logsdon, Lydia and Samuel B Hymer (m. 17 Jan 1811)
Logsdon, Lydia and Warder Dunbar (m. 3 Dec 1840)
Logsdon, Lydia J and James H Collins
Logsdon, Martha Ellen and Samuel Edward Bradbury (m. 30 Sep 1887)
Logsdon, Mary and Oliver H Perry Parke (m. 24 Oct 1838)
Logsdon, Mary Ellen and James F Hermetett (m. 1 May 1867)
Logsdon, Minerva and George Cain
Logsdon, Minnie Estella and George Edward Logsdon (m. 24 Dec 1890)
Logsdon, Parrot and Ancil Hymer (m. circa 1902)
Logsdon, Perry and Sarah Elizabeth Byers (m. 5 Sep 1867)
Logsdon, Rebecca and James W Ritchey (m. 20 Mar 1879)
Logsdon, Rebecca Jane and Henry Hardin Behymer (m. 6 Feb 1871)
Logsdon, Sarah Ann and Francis Robbins (m. 6 Sep 1866)
Logsdon, Squire and Mary Ann Mobley (m. 24 Apr 1856)
Logsdon, William and Damarius C Wilson (m. 27 Nov 1873)
Logsdon, William and Elizabeth (--?--)
Logsdon, William and Elizabeth Beckelhymer (m. 21 May 1807)
Logsdon, William and Elizabeth Clark (m. 7 Feb 1884)
Logsdon, William and Elizabeth Johnson (m. 29 Oct 1851)
Logsdon, William Ellis and Sarah (--?--)
Lohrum, Vera Anna and Herbert James Pickelheimer (m. 11 Apr 1959)
Lomping, Charity and John Lawshe (m. 22 Jan 1814)
Lomping, Charity and Jonathan Robbins (m. 20 Mar 1823)
Long, Charles and Lory Leota D Showalter (m. 16 Mar 1904)
Long, Clara E and (--?--) Barrow
Long, Clara E and Frederick S Brose (m. 23 May 1885)
Long, Clarence E and Luna Hymer (m. 23 Oct 1911)
Long, Claudia Ethel and Mason Conley
Long, Cynthia L and John Milton Picklesimer (m. 8 May 1873)
Long, Frances Ruth and Paul Crumpton Lustig
Long, Harry Emmet and Irma F Schmidt
Long, Henry J and Hester Ann Windsor (m. 11 Jun 1854)
Long, Hess Estella and George L Behymer (m. 10 Feb 1892)
Long, James Harvey and Flossie Van Horne
Long, James L and Sarah J Kennedy (m. circa 1872)
Long, John Wesley and Sarah Alice Monjar (m. 4 Sep 1870)
Long, Madiera Millard and Vernita Blades
Long, Mandy E and (--?--) (--?--) (m. 1895)
Long, Margaret L and William P Bickel (m. 10 Sep 1892)
Long, Ora Verda and James T Cooper
Long, Samuel L Jr and Ophelia Jane Moon
Long, Samuel Marion and Martha Jane Picklesimer (m. 19 Oct 1875)
Long, Sarah M and Hamilton Picklesimer (m. 18 Sep 1883)
Long, Thomas Edwin and Cantrille J Brower (m. 14 Dec 1879)
Long, Warren Milton and Dora Cooper
Longfellow, Virgil T and Lillie M Newkirk (m. 20 Dec 1901)
Longman, Alfred Michael and Florence Ethel Mallery (m. 30 Nov 1904)
Longman, Arthur G and Edna (--?--) (m. 1923)
Longman, Claybourne Willis and Blanche Secor (m. 5 Sep 1928)
Longman, Earnest Clare and Lulu Myrtin (m. 31 Dec 1902)
Longman, Edward H and Maybelle (--?--)
Longman, George Henry and Margaret Ellen Johnson (m. 8 Dec 1881)
Longman, Helen Maurine and Rodney L McQuary (m. 31 Dec 1918)
Longman, William C and Margaret Eleanor Owens (m. 25 Dec 1873)
Loomis, Albert E and Beulah J Oglesby
Loomis, Sarah A and Harrison Crockett Hightower (m. 12 Feb 1857)
Loper, Mary and William Henry Myer (m. 25 Sep 1900)
Lorch, (--?--) and Mary Alberta Behymer
Lorraine, (--?--) and Otto Behimer
Losh, Elizabeth and Samuel C Bechtelheimer (m. 28 Dec 1866)
Love, Elizabeth and John P Simer
Lovely, George and Katy Dunn (m. 10 Nov 1928)
Lovette, Kitty and John Milton Picklesimer (m. circa 1894)
Low, Joyce A and Olney C Simers (m. circa 1924)
Lowe, Charles Edward and Caroline Renfro (m. 4 Jul 1880)
Lower, (--?--) and (--?--) Beckelhymer
Lower, Bertha Avis and Carl David Langston (m. circa 1907)
Lower, Bluford Cecil and Irene Anna Hamilton (m. 1 Mar 1916)
Lower, Carl William and Lena T Harter (m. 25 Nov 1911)
Lower, Elizabeth C and James A M Eaton (m. 1 Aug 1858)
Lower, Elvira Adaline and George Post (m. 12 Apr 1864)
Lower, Elvira Adaline and Richard Parke Smith (m. 3 Dec 1879)
Lower, Emma Jane and Charles H Eakle (m. 22 Feb 1900)
Lower, Emma Jane and James Stott (m. circa 1902)
Lower, Floyd Boyd and Chrystelle H (--?--)
Lower, Gayle Nell and Lynn George Brandon (m. 3 Jan 1904)
Lower, Gertrude Alice and Charles Ernest Bly (m. 1930)
Lower, Gertrude Alice and Ralph Oldham (m. 18 Feb 1896)
Lower, Gertrude Alice and William Colbert
Lower, Ica Ivy and Ferman Antone Keyzers (m. circa 1925)
Lower, James Henry and Ella Morris Pittman (m. 23 Aug 1873)
Lower, John Burris and Rena Mae Nelson (m. 8 Jun 1905)
Lower, John Jay and Elizabeth Bechtelheimer (m. 9 Dec 1824)
Lower, John Jay and Rebecca Lawrence (m. 4 Sep 1861)
Lower, John Nelson and Rachel Elizabeth Whetstone (m. 6 Mar 1881)
Lower, Leah Blanche and John Tippet (m. 1 Feb 1906)
Lower, Marilyn Eileen and Wayne Kost
Lower, Martha Ellen and James Chamberlain (m. 20 Nov 1845)
Lower, Mary Malina and Charles Stewart McKenzie (m. 2 Oct 1862)
Lower, Nancy Jane and Martin Canote (m. 14 Nov 1860)
Lower, Sarah Emma and Charles H Parent (m. 5 May 1870)
Lower, William Edward and Lessie Boyd (m. 28 Nov 1907)
Lowrey, Daniel Webster and Nancy Jane Terrell
Lowry, Betty Jane and Wilson Hamilton Kerby
Loy, Jonathan W and Samantha Agnes Files
Lucas, Charles G and Anna Belle Brunk (m. 20 Oct 1898)
Lucas, Dave and Marjorie Beckelhimer (m. 15 Apr 1916)
Lucas, Grace Corello and Herman E Cary (m. 22 Dec 1946)
Lucas, Grace Corello and James Clarence Jackson (m. 31 Jan 1912)
Lucas, Mary Catherine and Raymond Sylvester Behymer (m. 26 Jun 1925)
Lucas, Mary R and (--?--) Berwanger
Lucas, Robert E and Thelma Florence Davis
Lucas, Walter E and Edna R Walker (m. 4 Dec 1904)